Chapter 480: Elegant X Body X ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The color of her face was the same as everyone else upon first learning that Su Xing was capable of unlimited contracts with Star Maidens. Hua Wanyue unavoidably had a sort of feeling of absurdity. What was different was that the Hero Star was never fond of showing her true feelings. This type of inconceivable surprise was hidden, and she immediately was full of doubt.

With the remaining time, all of Hua Wanyue’s thoughts were on this matter.

Have Efficacious Star An Suwen refine the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill, Tang Lianxin refine the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak that Zhang Yuqi picked up, Tangtang is about to start brewing a new kind of wine, wait until Wu XInjie comes back before preparing to go to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. Hua Wanyue is staying in the Immortal’s Abode tonight? Wait a moment…And the sort; towards these conversations, Hua Wanyue did not pay attention to at all.

By the time the curtain of night fell, everyone returned to their respective rooms to rest.

Time in the Void Immortal’s Abode could run parallel to the outside world. Even the most brilliant of Star Generals required rest to recover their energy, and Su Xing had also built a structure the size of several palaces, arranged for the other girls to live inside, and the result was that Hua Wanyua walked in, still in a confused daze.

By the time she sat on a bed, only then did Hua Wanyue notice a question – She still did not know why Lin Yingmei would sign a contract with Su Xing. However, this question had presently turned into how Su Xing was capable of contracting so many Star Generals.

Hua Wanyue tossed and turned in the bed, deciding then that she had better still go ask.

Draping herself in a simple and elegant palace dress, she brushed the streams of hair that fell in front of her chest, slightly made herself up, and then Hua Wanyue walked out of her room. She vaguely remembered the position of Lin Yingmei’s room. It seemed to be called the First Wife’s Area. 

First Wife?

Truly a baffling address.

The Immortal’s Abode Palace personally designed by Su Xing was built entirely from his imagination. The style was extremely strange, unlike the fashionable elegance in Liangshan Continent, but with a sort of unconventional beauty. Each brick, each detail was rectangular, very meticulous.

Due to everyone toiling arduously the whole day, they were all tired. THe palace was very quiet, and only the sounds of Hua Wanyue’s shuffling footsteps were heard. Hua Wanyue’s brows wrinkled. She probably did not like to hear herself let out any sounds. Her pace gradually became more nimble, like a graceful cat.

After several turns.

She caught sight of a room of icy and snowy stars. This place was Lin Yingmei’s room.

Weak moans suddenly entered Hua Wanyue’s ear.1

Delicate as a reed.

Hua Wanyue was startled. She felt that these sounds were quite abnormal. Listening closely, they surprisingly were Lin Yingmei’s groans. Those cries were extremely weak yet could not escape Hua Wanyue’s ears. This voice contained something odd.

She could faintly hear the sound of a man laughing.

What is happening?

Hua Wanyue worried Lin Yingmei was being bullied by Su Xing. She immediately tensed her body and rushed several steps into the room.

And then.

Hua Wanyue’s heart completely stopped.

The Hero Star was like her Star Name. Every one of her movements carried a knightly and heroic air, and her womanly qualities of nobility and grandeur made her appear like a princess, too high to reach. If it had to be said who among Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens was most entitled to the elegance of royalty, this was not Lu Junyi or Wu Song, but the “delicate fingers pluck bowstring, mind bright as arrows” Hero Star Hua Wanyue fully deserved it.

But even so, the scene her eyes saw before her made Hua Wanyue dumbstruck.

This indeed was Lin Yingmei’s quarters, no mistake. There was a large velvet and ivory bed, but this bed was not the important thing.

She saw a man and woman currently use a shameless position to embrace each other. This pair’s bodies were absolutely threadbare, shamelessly naked. The flickering lights of the night lanterns adorning the room danced on their tightly embraced bodies. Hua Wanyue would never have seen such a passionate scene even in her dreams.

This pair naturally was Su Xing and Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei currently was being held by Su Xing from the front. Those slender jade thighs were clamped around his waist, her jade arms wrapped around Su Xing’s neck, making her body completely stick to Su Xing’s body. Lin Yingmei’s gaze was unfocused. Those red lips let out repressed yet happy pants. Her soft as a reed moans originated from here, and Su Xing’s hands currently kneaded Lin Yingmei’s full and round butt, shaking her up and down, entering and leaving the most beautiful hidden valley in this world, her erotic scene completely visible.2

Just as Su Xing lowered his head to whisper into Lin Yingmei’s ear the pining for her he held this month, Lin Yingmei went limp.

Suddenly, Su Xing stopped his waist’s assault. The Lin Yingmei who was intoxicated on boundless emotions automatically shook her hips herself, “Dear Husband…” Lin Yingmei’s unfocused gaze saw Su Xing’s wide-eyed speechlessness, his surprise.

Lin YIngmei felt Su Xing’s whole body begin to stiffen, his posture as if trouble loomed. Suddenly, she was about to reach her climax.

Lin Yingmei was a top-notch martial general. She very quickly roused from her lust and noticed something wrong with Su Xing. This excitement came unavoidably too intensely. She forcibly suppressed her soft moans, and out of the corner of her eye, Lin Yingmei suddenly caught sight of a graceful figure.

Lin Yingmei had never thought even in her dreams that anyone would be so brazen in the Void Immortal’s Abode. She turned her head to look and nearly screamed. A bucket of ice water was poured on her, completely extinguishing the fiery passion she had. Numbly flashing away, she left Su Xing, flashing onto the bed and using the silk covers to conceal her immaculate body. 

“Wifey, don’t go.”

The moment Lin Yingmei left, Su Xing was done for.

Just then, he exploded. The little Su Xing down there immediately was exposed to icy cold air after emerging from a hot and tight orifice. The two types of stimulus made Su Xing quiver. Unable to control his own body, a white light shot out like an arrow directly towards Hua Wanyue.

Hua Wanyue stared dumbfounded at the naked Su Xing, in particular at that sinister weapon that was like a sword unsheathed. After Hua Wanyue’s heart stopped, her brain also stopped thinking.


A white ray of light flew through the air.

Hua Wanyue subconsciously raised her hand to block, to catch this paste.

Hua Wanyue immediately realized what this was. Her face changed, but the first time she saw Lin Yingmei’s naked intimacy seemed to have struck Hua Wanyue dumb. The Hero Star completely lost her normal swiftness and reactions.

Spurt after white spurt flashed by in succession, like a surging waterfall.

Just like a tidal wave, how could her fingers block this.

Hua Wanyue wrinkled her brows and shut her eyes. Her satiny cheeks were immediately moistened by this sticky stuff. When each thread of the liquid drifted across her face that was akin to a work of art, Hua Wanyue’s mind short-circuited.

Her fine black hairs that were somewhat in a mess met with a perfectly infuriating blasphemy.

The entire explosion sequence was a lengthy narration, but it occurred in the blink of an eye. A hundred billion little Su Xings4 were on Hua Wanyue’s lips, cheeks, hair and body, making intimate contact.

Even the always brazen Su Xing was tempted to go find some rope to hang himself with when he saw this scene.

“Wanyue.” Lin Yingmei panicked as well.

Hua Wanyue fell onto the ground like a statue, surprisingly fainting.5

“Ah.” In spite of Lin Yingmei’s erotic appearance, she dashed forward. 

The Su Xing who finished firing had a sort of unprecedented calm. He sat paralyzed on the bed, panting. Lin Yingmei turned her head back to look at Su Xing sitting with his spear still erect. Her face turned even redder.

“Wifey, I’m screwed.” Su Xing was grim.

“Your Servant shall accompany Young Master.” Lin Yingmei was also embarrassed to death.

“Maybe it’d be better if I signed a contract with Hua Wanyue right now? This way it won’t be as awkward…” Su Xing could imagine the scene of Hua Wanyue waking up, which perhaps would be the end of the world.


Lin Yingmei nodded.

This perhaps was the best solution.

Seeing that milky white filth on Hua Wanyue’s face, Lin Yingmei carefully wiped her clean. Recalling that her own shameless actions had been completely seen…Lin Yingmei was embarrassed enough to die. In her heart, she hoped even more that Hua Wanyue could sign a contract with Su Xing and become her Sister.2

Author’s Note:

Don’t censor this, ahhhh!

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  1. Wait, does Su Xing’s little brother have the power of a fire hose? For it to fly from the bed to the entrance of the room sure is something.

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  2. Wait, how many zhang exactly did that jizz fly? I was under the impression that Wanyue was next to the door, and Su Xing was way over the bed… The geometry doesn’t seem to check out completely.

    Of course, we may just call it that Euclidean dimensions do not necessarily apply in pocket dimensions like the Void Abode, but it does leave one wondering… 😯

    1. I’d say it’s one of the funnier ones. Really needed some comic relief after all the drama with Guan Ying.

  3. Thank you for the chapter!
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    They will contract, but much later probably…

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    I hope she doesn’t make too much of a fuss about this and distance her from him, tho. She’d be a nice addition for the upcoming trials.

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