Chapter 481: Disciples Dressed In Blue

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It was said that Star Maidens do not dream. Beginning the very moment they descended from Maiden Mountain, they were existences whose whole lives were solely for the Star Duels, and superfluous things like dreams were indeed meaningless in regards to the Star Duels. However, Hero Star Hua Wanyue had never hoped so much to get through her own dream just now.

In her dream, the Lin Yingmei she admired was using a shameful position to be pandered upon by Su Xing, their nakedness making Hua Wanyue’s heart and world crumble together.

In her dream, an indescribably dubious and vile fluid hit her in the face.

In her dream, her shattered system of values was unable to withstand this.

In her dream…She finally awoke.

Hua Wanyue slowly opened her eyes. Her head hurt terribly, so painfully she wanted to die. In her muddleheaded state, her recollection slowly cleared. Hua Wanyue subconsciously felt her face, which was glossy without foreign objects.

A dream?

Hua Wanyue lowered head and looked. She was completely laying on a bed. It appeared that she was safe and sound, as if everything just now had been just a dream.

“Was that a dream?” Hua Wanyue looked at her pure white palm, suddenly clenching it tightly. She coldly grunted, and she aggressively got off the bed. Did that man think he could pretend everything was a vulgar dream and that nothing had ever happened? This was practically insulting her as the Hero Star.

“Wanyue, are you up?”

She had just arrived at the living room when Hua Wanyue stopped. 

In the living room, Su Xing and Lin Yingmei were currently sitting upright. Seeing Hua Wanyue had awoken, Su Xing had steeped a kettle of red robe tea. Hua Wanyue’s gaze practically wanted to kill someone. The Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear appeared in her hand, and Lin Yingmei immediately stood up, pointing the Arctic Star Serpent Star Spear straight at Hua Wanyue.

Mercilessly yet without any killing intent.

Su Xing pushed aside the spear in front of him, casting an easy glance at Lin Yingmei.

“You defiled me!!!! What should I do with you, what say you?” Hua Wanyue coldly said, her attitude very unyielding. However, in Su Xing’s eyes, this appeared even more like she was concealing her embarrassment.

“How about we sign a contract?” Su Xing thickened his skin and raised a suggestion.

“In all the world, is there such a good thing?” Hua Wanyue’s short spear drew slightly closer, emitting a bubbling bloody light, somewhat dreadful.

Su Xing was helpless: “Of course there isn’t.”

“And that is why Young Master did not forcibly sign a contract with you while you were dazed, Wanyue.” Lin Yingmei interjected.

Hua Wanyue was taken aback. She stared at Su Xing, and then she suddenly remembered the scene inside Evil Smiting Hall. At that time, although this man took advantage of when she was weak, he indeed did not force a contract. At that time, Hua Wanyue thought that Su Xing somewhat could not. His energy was practically vigorous like a beast’s…no, unlike a beast’s.

Her heart made an assertion. Hua Wanyue’s killing intent abated slightly, yet the Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear did not relax.

“Yingmei, what were you doing with him just now?1 Is this really you? Or is he forcing you.” Hua Wanyue could not believe even her own words. No one in the world could coerce the Majestic Star.

Su Xing chuckled.

“What are you laughing at?”

Su Xing remembered that Wu Siyou seemed to have originally said something similar: “Wifey, you have so much charm.”

Lin Yingmei was bewildered at Su Xing’s words. She looked at Hua Wanyue’s menacing short spear, furrowing her brow. “Wanyue, can you set your weapon down.”

“You have made Me very disappointed, that you surprisingly would do that sort of shameless thing.” Hua Wanyue was slightly indignant.

“How can this be called shameless between a husband and wife. This is only natural.” Su Xing retorted. 

“If you care about Yingmei, then you should know what the Star Nest means.” Hua Wanyue shouted. 

These words left Su Xing speechless. In fact, Su Xing had thought about this already, but at that time, they were passionate to the depths, which was not something a Star Nest could put an end to, “I won’t let anything happen to Yingmei.” Su Xing heroically said.

“Wanyue, please put down the short spear.” Lin Yingmei’s tone was upset, unable to put up with Hua Wanyue pointing her weapon at her master.

Hua Wanyue hesitated before still putting away her short spear.

“Alright, sorry, that thing just now was very offensive, but I am indeed shameless.” Su Xing put his palms together and prudently apologized.

It was fine if he did not mention this. The moment he did, Hua Wanyue’s shoulders trembled in fury.

“Shut up, I really want to kill you right now!” Hua Wanyue’s eyes were enraged.

“As you should be.” Su Xing nodded.

“Because this matter was caused by Your Servant, Your Servant is very sorry to have allowed Wanyue to be injured, but even if Your Servant must sacrifice her life, she will protect Young Master.” Lin Yingmei’s words left no room.

Hua Wanyue glanced profoundly at Lin Yingmei but did not respond to her determination. However, she then said to Su Xing: “I am not one who forgets favors and violates justice. I owe you a favor. I hear that you want to go to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. After the Longevity Palace, you and I will make a clean break. The Star Duels are life and death.” Every word the Hero Star said was more firm than steel, also leaving no leeway.

“I actually would rather those feelings make this thing end.” Su Xing muttered.

Hua Wanyue’s face turned a thorough red, and she trembled in anger: “Shameless!!”

She resentfully flung open the doors of the palace.

“Wanyue, this is your room.”

“I will not stay in this disgusting place.” To stay a moment longer, Hua Wanyue wanted to vomit.

Su Xing felt the space of the Void Immortal’s Abode distort. Hero Star Hua Wanyue clearly already left.

“Oh, no.” Lin Yingmei’s tenacious appearance immediately sighed in regret. She remorsefully looked at Su Xing: “Apologies, Young Master. Your Servant admires Wanyue very much and had hoped she could lend Young Master a helping hand. Your Servant never thought this would happen.”

“It’s not your fault.” Su Xing smiled. He stepped forward and brought Lin Yingmei in against his chest. “Actually, things aren’t so bad.”

“Does Young Master have a solution?” Lin Yingmei asked.

“Not for the time being. Everything will be alright…” Su Xings’ hands hugged Lin Yingmei’s supple butt, again beginning his misbehaving restlessness.2

“Young Master.” A flush of red flew across Lin Yingmei’s face.

“Wifey, you still haven’t cummed yet.” Su Xing chuckled. With a bit of strength, he carried Lin Yingmei onto the table.

Lin Yingmei stifled her breathing, and her clothes flew off in succession.

Su Xing snapped his fingers. The doors shut tightly, and an array activated. The pair had not been passionate for a very long time, and the feelings they held deep in their hearts had been contained for so long. Having been interrupted by Hua Wanyue just now, they had not enjoyed themselves to the fullest extent, and now that Hua Wanyue’s matters were settled more peacefully than he had imagined, Su Xing was inevitably drawn in. He untied her Snow Winged Cicada Bodice, kissed those perfect mountains.


Lin Yingmei very quickly moaned, forgetting everything.

The candle flames died out.

Tonight, they were inseparable in love. 

Hua Wanyue did not stray too far from the Immortal’s Abode at all when she left. She sat directly on a mountaintop nearby and stared at the bright moon above her. She took out a painting and looked at it, spellbound.

Compared to the profaneness that she met just now, Hua Wanyue actually was more reluctant to accept Lin Yingmei and Su Xing’s relationship. She truly was unable to accept it… “That is a very beautiful portrait…” A voice suddenly appeared beside her.

Hua Wanyue knew who it was without even looking.

“Wu Siyou.”

“Hua Wanyue, you appear to be unhappy.” Wu Siyou stand not too faraway, gazing at the moonlight.

“You already knew about Yingmei and Su Xing’s relationship?”

Wu Siyou confirmed, “En.”

“I truly do not understand why you all would renounce your reputations as Thousand Year Star Generals.” Hua Wanyue coldly said.

“Renounce, we do not need a reason why.” Wu Siyou indifferently answered.

“Truly very good logic.” Hua Wanyue stood up. She looked at the painting in her hands. Killing intent directly shredded this painting.

Everything was shredded.

“What a pity.” Wu Siyou said.

“Yes, what a pity…”

Hua Wanyue softly muttered to herself.

White Tiger Territory.

Two bolts of escape light quickly flew past, startling countless beasts into panicked cries. The White Tiger Territory was increasingly dangerous the deeper one probed into the territory, and flight in the White Tiger Territory was practically the same as bringing about one’s own doom. However, those two escape lights were completely ignored, and they flew in a straight line unopposed.

In the center of the White Tiger Territory was a giant triangular palace.3 Its surroundings were full of countless Demon Beast statues.

The escape light descended.

Two figures were revealed.

They were none other than Cang Feng and Shijiu Ying.

Continuously flying made the two appear to have very sorry figures and be very downcast.


On the highest platform of the palace, Cang Feng and Shijiu Ying respectfully called out.

The gates opened, and an old man walked out. That old man’s back was stooped. He narrowed his eyes, his face full of wrinkles. In his hand was a paper fan. Although he appeared very aged, Cang Feng and Shijiu Ying did not dare slight him.

A calm woman lent her arm to support the old man, slowly walking forth. That woman appeared very beautiful, wearing a blue and white robe. Her long hair fell freely over her shoulders. What was particularly noteworthy was a blue birthmark over the area of her left eye. This blue birthmark appeared to be like a beautiful butterfly, not only not making the woman appear ugly, but on the contrary, she brimmed even more with a sort of unusual beauty.

The woman had a beautiful name, Zijin.5

The Zijin of “disciples dressed in blue.”6

Upon seeing her, the pupils of Cang Feng and Shijiu Ying contracted.

“You have returned? And Mie Shangqing?”

The old man spoke, his voice very aged yet full of a certain heaviness.

“Li Taigong,7 Mie Shangqing has died.”

This old man was precisely the most powerful of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars, Grandfather Li. “Eh?” His eyes narrowed even more: “Tell everything.”

“As you wish.”

After hearing the entire sequence of events, Grandfather Li chuckled, waving the fan. “The Majestic Star and Hero Star working together. You were too rash. These types of Star Generals perhaps would fight to the death without signing contracts.”

“Grandfather, what do we do next? Without ‘Fire,’ our Seven Spirit Stars is not complete. The Treasure Banquet is on the verge of beginning, and it seems we will be unable to reach it in time.” Cang Feng deferentially inquired. Just as Shi Xiuxiu said, the White Tiger Territory’s Seven Spirit Stars formed an alliance to summit Maiden Mountain with metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder. 

These Seven Spirits complemented each other with wonderful effect.

But Mie Shangqing had died, and now they lacked fire.

“We must take revenge for Brother Shangqing, kill the Hero Star and Majestic Star.” Shijiu Ying coldly said.

“His personality was arrogant. Death cannot wipe out his crimes.” The woman faintly said. 

“What Zijin said is very true. Mie Shangqing was too impatient. In the Star Duels, he could only have ever become a pedestal for others. Dying is fine.” Li Taigong chuckled. “Blame Mie Shangqing’s stupidity. After he killed Touching the Sky Du Qian, falling like this, he has only himself to blame.”

The pair could not easily refute him and could only nod.

“But what about Fire?”

“We shall find some other Fire Spirit companion.” Li Taigong was amiably looking.

“Then the final Star General? Does Taigong have an idea?” Cang Fang deferentially asked.

“This actually will not do. Does the White Tiger Territory not also have a Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother?” Shijiu Ying sneered. “She has run rampant in the White Tiger Territory for so long, we ought to make her pay a little bit of something as compensation.”

“Zijin, your thoughts?” Li Taigong asked, intentionally or otherwise.

“Senior can decide. Zjin will naturally strive to the utmost of her capabilities.” The woman calmly replied.

Li Taigong smiled, saying nothing more.

Author’s Note:

…Because last chapter I wanted to give Hua Wanyue’s plot a great push, that’s why I did something that evil. However, in order to avoid censorship, I was a bit regretful after that impulse. I’ll probably edit or maybe simply leave it.

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  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It’s time for round 2
  3. Not a pyramid.
  4. 太公, so very ambiguous translation here. Taigong can be a name, but it can also mean “Grandfather.”
  5. 子衿
  6. 青青子衿 a phrase from a classical poem famously quoted by Cao Cao
  7. 厲太公


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