Chapter 482: Drunken Vexations

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Hua Wanyue looked at the pile of scraps in her hand, lost in thought.

Blaming herself for being too impulsive last night, the painting that Sacred Handed Scholar Xiao Qingyan had painted of her and Lin Yingmei was shredded to pieces. Now that she had calmed down, she felt a bit vexed. 

Any way it was put, this painting the Literature Star personally drafted was quite valuable.

Hua Wanyue tried to glue the pieces together, but upon seeing that white sticky fluid, her heart was ineffably disgusted. Flinging away these vile thoughts, Hua Wanyue gazed at the pieces in her hands unable to find a solution. Even if the Hero Star saw things clearly, she was at wit’s end against these tiny shreds.

“Want a drink?”

A jade bottle was placed in front of her.

Hua Wanyue raised her head. When she saw it was Su Xing, her expression turned disgusted.

“This is the Worry-free Without A Care that Tangtang brewed.” Su Xing smiled.

Hua Wanyue bluntly drank, not wanting to waste even a word on this man.

Su Xing did not take offense to her attitude at all. On the contrary, he already quite admired her for being able to recover from such a censored scene. “A painting of Yingmei? Why’s it in pieces.” Su Xing looked at the debris on the table, and he regretfully sighed.

“How did you know?” Hua Wanyue was astonished. That pile was in complete disarray. Even she could not begin to tell what it would have been at first glance.

What were this man’s eyes?

“I’m too familiar with Yingmei. It’s painted so wonderfully, why’s it torn up.” Su Xing sized up these scraps, “Do you mind if I piece them together?”

Su Xing’s answer of “too familiar” made Hua Wanyue very easily recall last night’s erotic scene. She coldly snorted. Originally, she wanted to refuse, but indeed, she was curious about Su Xing’s words. She icily said: “Try if you so wish.”

Su Xing first arranged all of the pieces. Although they were very shredded, the skill of the painter was extremely profound. Just several of the details he saw could have come to life at any moment. In his mind, Su Xing immediately opened a picture. When he was in the army, Su Xing often played with picture puzzles in his free time. From jigsaw puzzles to firearms, even to his airplanes, he had practiced assembling them.

He was not called a trump card for nothing.

Su Xing had used several dozen minutes to finish a five thousand piece puzzle, so these pieces were well within his grasp.

Seeing Su Xing assemble the pieces with great familiarity, Hua Wanyue was still disdainful. She looked around at the surroundings. Not seeing Lin Yingmei, she then asked: “Why has Lin Yingmei not come out?” 

“She’s too tired from last night. Right now, she’s still resting.” Su Xing pondered as he put the pieces together.

“Too tired?” Hua Wanyue suddenly understood his meaning. Her face flushed, but her words cooled: “What, could it be that you two joined together again last night…”

“Yingmei and I have been apart for more than a month. Can’t I have even just one night with her?” Su Xing stroked his chin, replying as he wished. His mind was completely on these shreds.

This bastard, he is surprisingly not ashamed that he blasphemed Me last night, and he surprisingly fooled around again afterwards.

Hua Wanyue’s heart was somewhat indignant. “How many times have you done it?”

“Oh…More than a dozen…”

Only after Su Xing finished answering did he feel that the atmosphere was awkward. The person in front of him was Hua Wanyue, not his wife Wu Xinjie.

“Ahem.” Su Xing awkwardly grinned, then lowered his head to play with the jigsaw puzzle.

“Filthy beast.” Hua Wanyue cursed him.

Su Xing was somewhat innocent, for he had trained in Dual Cultivation. In the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lantern, he comprehended even more of the “Happiness Wonderful Chan Sutra,”1 and after a few improvements, each of their Dual Cultivations were even more beneficial. However, this led to Su Xing’s inherent lust becoming inflamed, burning his body. Back on topic, if it was not for Lin Yingmei being extremely delighted to pander to him, he probably would need more than double a dozen times. From one aspect, Su Xing indeed was a beast.

“Wanyue, thinking like this is wrong.” Su Xing felt the need to correct Hua Wanyue’s naive notions.

Hua Wanyue did not say anything. She had an expression that said, “what kind of fangs can you produce.”

Su Xing thickened his skin and said: “Because you feel this is a Star Duel Covenant, you feel this is improper. However, as far as Yingmei and I are concerned, things haven’t been as simple as a contract for a long time.”

“Hmph.” Hua Wanyue refused to comment.

“I see Yingmei as my wife, and Yingmei sees me as her husband. Wanyue, if you can find such a man one day, you’ll understand.”

“Dream on, no man should ever think of touching Me.”

Su Xing shrugged his shoulders, focusing on piecing together the painting. 

After a long while, the design was already taking shape.

“How many Sisters have you Dual Cultivated with?” Hua Wanyue was like a curious cat, noble yet intrigued by this.

“Yingmei, Xinjie, and Wife.” He did not mention his escapades with the other girls.

Hua Wanyue was shocked. This bastard unexpectedly bedded three of the Sisters. The girl’s heart was thoroughly flustered, but this type of mutual consent affair was not so easy to criticize. She could only keep this to herself and not say anything more to Su Xing, so as to avoid being unable to hold back wanting to kill him.

After a while, Hua Wanyue’s ice-cold expression slowly melted like snow after the first spring. She could not help but be drawn in by Su Xing’s face concentrating on the puzzle. If she were to abandon prejudice, Hua Wanyue acknowledged this man was not really so loathsome.

Back then at Evil Smiting Hall, he had the chance and the qualifications to become Hua Wanyue’s master.

Thinking carefully, Hua Wanyue could not possibly sign a contract with any other man… “Wanyue, your portrait with Yingmei is pretty good.” Su Xing’s voice interrupted Hua Wanyue’s imagination.


Hua Wanyue did not come to her senses. Her red lips slightly parted, and she showed astonishment. That originally terrible mess of paper had unbelievably been restored to its original picture under Su Xing’s hand.

The portrait of her and Lin Yingmei appeared in completeness.

Su Xing praised it. “Who drew it, the skill is so amazing.”

“You surprisingly put it together so quickly?”

“En.” Su Xing’s finger tapped it, manifesting a golden light that wove in between the cracks, erasing the adhesive. The portrait was perfectly restored, “Take it, this is the proof of your friendship with Yingmei. If you destroyed it because of me, that’s too pitiful.” Su Xing’s words had a double meaning.

“I will not thank you.” Hua Wanyue put on a poker face. No matter what, it was all because of this man that she would destroy the painting.

“And I don’t want you to thank me.”

“Now that you’re done being impulsive when talking, then let’s forget about the life and death Star Duels you mentioned last night.” Su Xing said in passing. “In the future, if you truly Star Duel against me, you will completely lack any chance of victory, and you will hurt Yingmei’s heart, which also hurts Your Servant.”

Hua Wanyue’s brows knit tightly together. Just as she was about to reply, the Immortal’s Abode shifted with ripples. Two charming beauties walked in.

“Xinjie, Yuan’er.”

The moment Su Xing saw them, he happily threw himself over.

The Hua Wanyue who had been so nonchalantly ditched was very angry. She saw Su Xing and Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan embrace and kiss passionately in front of everyone, very, very sweet to one another. Hua Wanyue watched Su Xing introduce Zhang Yuqi and the other two ladies to them.

Then, Su Xing walked towards her again.

“This is Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue.” Su Xing introduced.

Wu Xinjie covered her mouth in surprise: “Young Lord, you surprisingly even took Little Sister Hero Star into your harem?”

“How could I possibly be so frivolous, to become a member of his harem.” Hua Wanyue coldly made the facts clear: “I received Yingmei’s invitation to come, and I owe him a favor for Evil Smiting Hall. I will Star Duel with him after the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.”


Wu Xinjie blinked, perceptively sensing something subtle about their atmosphere.

“It’s a long story, a tiny, little misunderstanding.” Su Xing diffidently said.

Little misunderstanding?

Spraying that filthy thing onto her face was only a tiny, little misunderstanding? If it was not for Hua Wanyue having already recovered, she would have become hostile on the spot. How would she have pretended nothing had happened.

Wu Xinjie profoundly smiled.

“Since the Knowledge Star has already returned, ought not we go to the Longevity Palace right now?” Hua Wanyue gracefully drank the wine.

“No rush, no rush. Xinjie and Yuan’er are worn out from so many days, they need at least one night of rest.” Su Xing said.

“Is it actually rest? Will she not be too tired? Like Yingmei is?” Hua Wanyue sneered.

“What’s the matter with Sister Yingmei?” Shi Yuan was curious.

Wu Xinjie whispered into her ear. The Thief Star’s face was red as a tomato, her heart squirming.

“Wanyue, there is no need to worry about this one day.” Wu Xinjie wrapped herself around Su Xing’s arm, her position intimate. She moved close to Su Xing’s ear and softly whispered a few words. Wu Xinjie’s cheeks were rouge. Clearly, she was amorous.2

Wu Xinjie and Su Xing then walked into their room, talking and laughing along the way.

Even from far away, Hua Wanyue seemed to hear them.

“Young Lord, tonight, Xinjie will pull in Yingmei and Niangzi to service Young Lord together.”3

This man, sure enough was guilty of terrible crimes, full of extreme evil. He must die.

Hua Wanyue drank down another cup, lost in drunken vexation.

Azure Dragon Territory, Jade Clarity Main Hall.

At this moment, there were secret negotiations that could not be divulged. The one in charge of this conference was none other than the Clear Void Most High Path’s Four Great Supervoid Ancestral Master Nangong Xing. The ones sitting were the headmasters of each of the Alliance of Ten.

The scene was a little familiar, as if Enviless of the East had once presided over this meeting, but afterwards, Enviless of the East had thoroughly disappeared.

But Nangong Xing nevertheless did not care.

“Headmasters, you all ought to know the Purple Thunder Monster. Now that the Fourth Phase Three Heavenly Books is already about to begin, we will find it difficult to contend against the Purple Thunder Monster in the future. Could it be said that the Azure Dragon Territory’s grand Ten Great Sects are to become jokes to that Purple Thunder Monster that came from who knows where? Are you capable of accepting this?”

Despite that Nangong Xing was a woman, every word she spoke pierced their hearts. Combined with her Supervoid Cultivator dignity, the other headmasters each were more docile than a lamb.

“Jade Qilin has said, the Purple Thunder Monster has possibly contracted Wu Song, Lin Chong, Gongsun Sheng and other first-rate Star Generals…” The one who spoke was Ancestor Longevity.

A hubbub of comments resounded in the chamber.

“Just what is the background of that Purple Thunder Monster. Could it be not one of us Fellows knows the details?” This time, the headmaster of the Blooming Water Sword Sect spoke.

“Yes, could he have so many Star Generals? And they are all first-rate Star Generals.”

“En, en. This matter cannot be neglected.”

Nangong Xing sneered. She stuck out four fingers, “There are four points to kill the Purple Thunder Monster.”

“Senior, please speak.”

“Regardless of fact or fiction, the Purple Thunder Monster has already incurred the vengeance of our Alliance of Ten. If it is true, then this is indeed problematic, but it is perfect for our disciples to obtain fame and prestige. Otherwise, Fellows can imagine, for one who possesses so many Star Generals, do the Star Masters we nurtured have any room in the Seven Stars Assembly? This is the first…”

“The Three Heavenly Books is the final stage for Star Generals. Before this, even if they are first-rate Star Generals, if we can bring out all our power, we can still go into battle. We absolutely cannot miss this chance. This is the second.”

“The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet is about to begin. That Purple Thunder Monster has killed our sect’s elders and masters, obtained countless treasures. He even has the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. If we can kill him, everyone will get a share. At that time, we can be both impressive and celebrated at the banquet. Why not be merry, then. This is the third.”

“Fourth, he must die!!”

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