Chapter 483: Bright Moon’s Inviting Cup Intoxicates A Night (Former)

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He must die!!

Nangong Xing mercilessly said.

All of the Ten Great Sect Headmasters present stared at one another in dismay, not daring to utter a word. They could discern that the Most High Path already could not coexist with the Purple Thunder Monster. However, back to the topic at hand, Nangong Xing’s four reasons characterized all of their feelings.

Regardless of the perspective, this Purple Thunder Monster from-who-knows-where was the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one scourge.

“The Alliance of Ten has not been convened for too long. If this Monster is not destroyed, what face dor our Azure Dragon Ten Great Sects even have.” Ancestor Longevity saw an opportunity to speak.

“But the whereabouts of the Purple Thunder Monster are a mystery?”

“There is no need to ponder. The reason why all Headmasters were summoned here was because there is credible information that the Purple Thunder Monster will appear at the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s ruins.”

“Will we not provoke Maiden Mountain by confronting the Purple Thunder Monster?”

“The Purple Thunder Monster offended us first. He has only himself to blame.” 

“Now, This Ancestor asks that everyone decide the Purple Thunder Monster’s fate.” Nangong Xing carefreely toasted a glass, leisurely drinking.

With the conversation at this point, all of the Headmasters naturally knew what decision to make. Let alone that although what Nangong Xing said was extreme, it was nevertheless true. The Purple Thunder Monster already made the Alliance of Ten lose much face. If they shrunk back now, they would be ridiculed.

“But the Heavenly Ice Holy Palace and he have no enmity.” The Heavenly Ice Holy Palace’s Headmaster wrinkled her brow, as if she did not want to wade into these murky waters.

“For Headmaster Heavenly Ice to say this is a mistake. We already are not under a situation of every sect for itself. Rather, the Alliance of Ten must unite all of the Azure Dragon Territory. Could it be that just because of one person’s wish that we must cower, are you not afraid of suffering ridicule.” Ancestor Longevity smiled.

“En.” As with before, Headmaster Heavenly Ice could not so easily disagree.

“Good, then it is settled.” Nangong Xing nodded, “However, This Ancestor shall still remind everyone to be extremely careful when facing the Purple Thunder Monster. He possesses multiple first-rate Star Generals. This time, we must stake all of our power. If each of the Sects can dispatch a Supervoid Cultivator, that would be excellent. The stronger we are, the greater our chance of success. Do not be on the contrary when the time comes, or the gains will not make up for the losses.”

Her voice passed through the entire place, “Fairy Nangong, as you say.” Everyone wiped their sweat, their hearts secretly disparaging her. To each send a Supervoid Cultivator, was this even possible? Their Great Sects had one top-notch Ancestral Master in seclusion, and for something as mundane as this, why would a Supervoid Ancestral Master even bother.

“At that time, everyone that can kill a first-rate Star General can spread their fame far and wide, leave a reputation that lasts hundreds of lifetimes. Fellows, a drink first then.” Nangong Xing recovered her dignified smile.

All of the Headmasters grasped a goblet and toasted their alliance.

Great Liang Dynasty.

Zhao Hanyan put away the Purple Smoke Confusing Sky Lantern, ending a day of cultivation. Now, her cultivation was already stuck at the Supercluster peak bottleneck. She was only a step away from Supervoid, but this one step was so difficult. Zhao Hanyan several times had returned with no success. It seemed she could only rely on the Thousand Year Tears.

“Junqing, has the appointed time with Su Xing come?” Zhao Hanyan asked the female general laying on the bed.

“In two days.” Dong Junqing answered.

“This Princess Wonders if the Bright Moon Longevity Palace contains the Tears of Vega or not. If it does not, what do we do then?” Zhao Hanyan propped her cheeks against her hands.

“Princess Highness had best look forward to that place containing some, otherwise, Princess and he will only destroy each other in the future.” Dong Junqing warned.

Zhao Hanyan nodded. What she said was true.

“However, on the other hand, the Bright Moon Palace has never had anyone decipher its theory. Princess Highness, are you so confident he can?” Dong Junqing asked.

“He is the man This Princess fancies. Despite Su Xing’s conduct, even you should know, Junqing.

“If only.” Dong Junqing had long itched to undo that Thousand Year Intertwined Branch.

Zhao Hanyan chose her clothes for the day when at this moment, she received the report of a maid. Emperor Liang was requesting for her. 

Zhao Hanyan felt this was odd and felt it best to make her way to his study together with Dong Junqing.

Emperor Liang’s back was turned towards the door. He was currently looking out the window at the sky-supporting pillar on the horizon, Maiden Mountain. That wide back seemed tiny, and the face of this man who aspired for the throne of the Azure Dragon faced the giant mountain. His ambitions also seemed so powerless.

“Father Emperor!!”

“You have come, Hanyan.” Emperor Liang turned around, “Father Emperor, what is the matter?” Zhao Hanyan asked. “Are the Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa finished?”

“I have already made the medicine master refine the Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa. Now, it seems that the perfectly refined Thousand Year Tears are not something so simple, as expected.” Emperor Liang wore a careful expression.

Zhao Hanyan was not surprised at all.

“Are you preparing to go to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace?” Emperor Liang asked her.


The Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s enormous ruins were under the imperial family’s jurisdiction. Zhao Hanyan knew that she could not hide from her father. “Hanyan is prepared to go with the man she mentioned to Father Emperor.”

“The Purple Thunder Monster.” Emperor Liang warmly said: “We now have an urgent matter that requires you to go settle. Is it possible to temporarily set aside your prior appointment with the Purple Thunder Monster?”

“Eh? At this time? What can Daughter do?” Zhao Hanyan was confused.

“Your cultivation should be at the Supercluster Peak bottleneck. Father Emperor wants you to go to the Kunlun Immortal Mountains to see one of Father Emperor’s old friends, ‘Queen Mother of West Lun.’1 She is a medicine refinement sect master. The Immortal Tears of Kunlun were refined by her, and only she can help you with the Thousand Year Tears now.”

“Huh? Can Daughter not change the time? Daughter has already agreed to Su Xing.” Zhao Hanyan was in a difficult situation.

“Queen Mother of West Lun has always been in seclusion. Very rarely does she see guests. It was very difficult for Us to convince her this time. Hanyan, could it be that you would miss this chance for an appointment?” Emperor Liang very confidently smiled.

Zhao Hanyan still hesitated.

“Do not delay. Go now. If you are late by a second, she will seclude herself and not see you.” Emperor Liang did not allow her to think. “As for your appointment with Su Xing, We will dispatch someone to inform him. If he truly loves you, he will understand.”

“Princess HIghness, do not think anymore about this.” Dong Junqing advised her.

She completely should not have had to think to decide about such a good thing. She had time to go see the Bright Moon Longevity Palace with Su Xing, but to receive the refined medicine of Queen Mother of West Lun was to be conferred, not sought.

“Hanyan obeys.”

Emperor Liang slightly smiled.

“For these Star Duels, you must not make Us disappointed. Out of all your siblings, there is only you, Hanyan.” Emperor Liang showed great expectations.2

“Daughter understands.”

There was no time to lose. Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing took their leave of Emperor Liang and flew directly towards the Azure Dragon Territory’s southwest.

“Dispatch a messenger to inform Su Xing. Just say that the Ling Yan Princess has matters to attend to that she cannot free herself of, a change in date is needed.” Emperor Liang ordered. Immediately afterwards, he strode to the window, gazed at that distant mountain and muttered to himself: “Are you sent by Maiden Mountain, or aren’t you. Just let Us see then. Su Xing.”3

Su Xing sneezed. It seems that someone was thinking about him.

“Young Lord, did you catch a cold from last night?” Wu Xinjie asked with concern.

“Maybe.” It was somewhat unavoidable for peculiarities after an entire night of nakedness.

“Big Brother, for you.” Efficacious Star An Suwen poured a cup of medicine.

“Thanks, Little Sister.” Su Xing drank it in a gulp, and his heart greatly calmed.

At this moment, everyone was currently on the Earthly Fiend Astral Treasure “Heavenly River Star Riding Boat”4 that Tang Lianxin specially refined. The scale at which Su Xing was weighed down by mouths to feed was absolutely jaw-dropping.

The Star Boat had all kinds of cool and elegant Sisters to the innocent lolis, all sorts, all kinds, and carefully counting, there were surprisingly more than fourteen people other than Su Xing. Fortunately, they were currently high in the sky, otherwise, anyone who saw these fourteen, minus Xi Yue, were entirely Liangshan Continent’s renowned Star Generals would be perhaps scared witless.

Great Circle Castle.

When Chai Ling saw such a huge formation, the high and mighty Her Majesty the Queen was dumbstruck. Noble Star Little Whirlwind regained her senses with much difficulty, one hand hugging her cat, the other opening her fan to cover her red lips. 

“Xing’er, you truly make This Palace surprised.”

“Ha, ha.” Su Xing smiled.

All of the girls greeted her. Seeing Hero Star Little Li Guang, Chai Ling was somewhat astonished. “Hua Wanyue, when did you enter this man’s harem?”

“I owe him a favor. After this Bright Moon Longevity Palace, he and I will not stand together.” As if making clear her position, that phrase of not standing together was particularly heavy.

Chai Ling gently laughed. She was like Lin Yingmei and the rest, completely only feeling that Hua Wanyue could not besmirch the face of the Hero Star.5

Entering the Great Circle Castle, the beauties were like clouds.

This was the first time since the beginning of the Great Circle Castle that it welcomed thirteen Sisters. Any way it was put, Chai Ling was to prepare a lavish feast.

At the banquet, everyone chatted. The meaning of Sister Star Maidens gushed forth, each recounting their own events in the Star Duels, but as they spoke, the girls very quickly fell silent. Because they only had records of the Star Duels from the moment of their birth, they did not know a single thing before this, which made the banquet’s atmosphere a bit somber.

“You’ll understand when we ascend Maiden Mountain.” Su Xing smiled. The girls received his influence and were all smiles.

“Truly, you have self-confidence.” Chai Ling muttered.

“Right, Chai Ling, Xinjie has a question to ask you.” Wu Xinjie put down the utensils in her hands.

“What can This Palace help you with?” Chai Ling smiled.

“Chai Ling, you are known as the Little Whirlwind, the one positioned outside of the Star Duels. In Liangshan, your influence is widespread. Xinjie wishes to know, if Maiden Mountain wants to test Young Lord Su Xing, what do you feel this trial would be, Chai Ling?”

“Trial?” Hua Wanyue wrinkled her brow. She had never heard of this matter, but seeing the faces of each of Su Xing’s Sisters turn grim, that abnormality of Maiden Mountain’s clearly was related to him. However, it should have been obvious. Even Hua Wanyue thought it was very abnormal to have more than ten Sisters.

No wonder Lin Yingmei was so worried.

Hua Wanyue was lost in thought.

Chai Ling reclined on her couch, exposing a snow-white thigh from under her skirt. The Noble Star pondered for a while, completely unable to surmise a trial. She charmingly looked at Su Xing: “Perhaps it will be Maiden Mountain sending down other Star Maidens.”

“Other Star Maidens? Can there be any other Star Maidens?” Zhang Yuqi drank soup.

How could the Chai Ling outside of the Star Duels have known, but if Star Generals were born within Maiden Mountain, then it would not be strange for Maiden Mountain to dispatch Star Generals “Perhaps the tenth, the eleventh…” The queen randomly guessed.

“Could it be previous overlords?” Wu Siyou’s utterance made everyone fall silent.

“A thousand years have already passed, they shouldn’t be so powerful, right?” Zhang Yuqi nearly choked. For past6 overlords to appear, not even the entirety of Liangshan was their opponent.

“Even so, should we Sisters of the same mind fear her?” Shi Yuan did not concede defeat, “Right, Su Xing.”

“En, even better if an overlord comes. I can ask them what Maiden Mountain is.” Su Xing sneered.

All of the girls smiled.

Chai Ling only felt this man truly was too optimistic, but she liked that.

“Chai Ling, you have not heard even a bit of information?” Wu Xinjie sighed.

“No, but This Palace actually has some other information.” Chai Ling put away the fan, a wave of light flowing. “This Palace fears you will not like to hear it.”

“What information?”

“The Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Sects are preparing to surround and annihilate Xing’er…”

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  1. 西崙王母
  2. One son had turned to using demons and ghosts, losing an arm. The other son is also a Star Master, but his talent is far too lacking. Emperor Liang’s other children are too young to be in the Star Duels, it seems.
  3. Aww, he’s worried about his daughter. Until he can ascertain Su Xing’s true nature, he doesn’t want Hanyan anywhere near him. But he knows that telling Hanyan to not associate with him would have little to no effect, so he distracts her with an errand instead.
  4. 天河乘星舟
  5. But that face has already been ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Raws say “future”


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