Chapter 484: Bright Moon’s Inviting Cup Intoxicates A Night (Latter)

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Because they had misgivings about the ridicule of outsiders, the Alliance of Ten Sects hid matters about the Purple Thunder Monster extremely well. But even so, they did not expect that the Purple Thunder Monster and the powerful Chai Ling would have a relationship.

Hearing Chai Ling’s information, Su Xing did not mind at all; he even felt this was funny. Now, with his current strength, he did not need to fear the encirclement of the Alliance of Ten.

“You can still smile?” Chai Ling rolled her eyes at him. “This time, This Palace fears that the Sects’ Ancestral Masters will be dispatched. They are putting in all their effort.”

“They shouldn’t be this exaggerated?” Su Xing thought. He genuinely did feud several times with the Ten Great Sects, but he did not believe the other sects would dispatch Supervoid Cultivators. It was known that Supervoid Cultivators were the central pillars of a sect. They would not stake all of their luck for something as insignificant as himself. To battle against Su Xing’s top-notch Star Generals, death and injury were inevitable. If a Supervoid Cultivator died, the Sect would thoroughly decline.

“Heh, heh. Send someone a pillow if they are sleepy. If only those Supervoid Ancestral Masters would not be so stupid.” Wu Xinjie covered her mouth.

“It seems the Sisters are finished preparing?” Chai Ling found that she had been worried for nothing.

“Of course, in this month apart from Young Master, we were not sightseeing.” Lin Yingmei was stern. Her Arctic Star Serpent Spear already possessed Five Stars. Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus also had Four Stars, and in addition to the materials that Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan found in every sort of ruin, all of Su Xing’s beauties could reach at least Three Star Level for their Star Weapons.

Among them, the Majestic Star’s Five Star Destined Weapon was completely fearless for a confrontation with Supervoid Cultivators. At the current phase, she was probably a top-notch Star General.

“Yuan’er and Xinjie even found lots of good things at the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb.” Wu Xinjie smiled. At the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb, they collected a Three Realms Immortal Movement Pendant and a seemingly precious “Connecting Heaven Treasure Box…” Furthermore, Wu Xinjie comprehended her Dark Rank Technique. If the Ten Great Sects actually encircled him, the Knowledge Star did not believe this was worth fearing.

By the time An Suwen refined the Thousand Year Tears, at that time, even Su Xing could approach Supervoid Cultivation.

Chai Ling said that since this was the case, she did not need to worry.

The banquet lasted until very late, and even Lin Yingmei was somewhat drunk. “Sisters, please rest for now. There will be exhaustion in the days to come.” Chai Ling’s fan hid her red lips, and she softly laughed. She rose from her couch, her white muslin sliding down as she glanced at Su Xing, as if she was smiling.

Deep night.

Su Xing opened his eyes. He carefully placed the Tangtang sleeping on his chest onto the bed. Bai Yutang’s sleeping posture was very adorable, like a kitten’s.

“Your Highness?” The other little loli opened her eyes.

“Little Huang, I’m stepping out for a moment. Watch over Tangtang.” Su Xing whispered.

Gongsun Huang shut her eyes, but she still nodded.

Su Xing walked through the corridors, arriving at the top floor of the Great Circle Castle.

Under the moonlight, he saw a Divine Wood Pearl Flower Table and a charming queen sipping a drink. To the side, her hand pet a cat as she pondered over her worries.

“Chai Ling, you seem to be very fond of hiding our meetings from Xinjie and the others.” Su Xing teased as he stepped forward.

“Xing’er, you speak of This Palace as if we are having an affair.” Chai Ling returned to her senses, a lovely curve raising the corner of her lips.

Su Xing sat down silently in front of her. Thinking carefully, this was the first time he had seen Chai Ling was under a similar scenario.

“What is it this time?” Su Xing asked her.

Chai Ling stared at Su Xing. She recalled the “bright moon’s inviting cup intoxicates a night” that Konghou had spoke of. Naturally, she would not say it clearly. “You are preparing to go to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. This Palace has sought you out at this time to speak of this.”

“Relax, if the Bright Moon Longevity Palace truly has the Tears of Vega, I will definitely bring them to you.” Su Xing thought she was worried about this.

Chai Ling looked at Su Xing: “However, This Palace wishes to come with you this time.”

“You know that the Ten Great Sects will surround and kill me. You going will contrarily be somewhat troublesome.” Su Xing shook his head, not recommending this.

“What, could it be that Xing’er thinks This Palace is a burden?” Chai Ling was charming, provocatively enticing him.

Su Xing said nothing. To get to the heart of the matter, he still was thinking about Chai Ling. If he let the Ten Great Sects realize they had a relationship, this clearly did not bode well for Chai Ling’s influence. Let alone that Chai Ling could do nothing herself, besides waving flags and shouting in support, for she who had placed herself outside of the Star Duels to watch a battle had no meaning at all. It would be better for her to continue staying at home. Perhaps one day there would be an unexpected usefulness.

“There is another thing This Palace must inform you. Great Saint Starkiller is dead.”

“Dead?” Su Xing was shocked. He drank some wine, confused: “How can he be dead?” Great Saint Starkiller was at the peak of Supercluster. With so many magic weapons, even without a Star General he could not have possibly died so quickly. This information indeed was outside of Su Xing’s expectations.

“Was it Nine Tattooed Dragons or Ruan Jin’er?” Su Xing furrowed his brow.

“Nay. The reported information This Palace received indicates that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon did it.” Chai Ling gave an enchanting smile. Her arm moved towards the Bright Moon Invitation Cup, extremely gracefully taking a sip.

This was even further outside of Su Xing’s expectations. 

“What the hell is this?”

“Xing’er, you are so smart, so take a guess. If you guess correctly, perhaps This Palace will be relieved about you, or perhaps This Palace can consider handing the Tears of Vega to you.” Chai Ling’s snow-white shoulders were exposed, retaining a smile that made all living things go wild.

Even Su Xing felt that Queen Chai Ling was practically ecstasy.

Su Xing muttered to himself. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon killing Great Saint Starkiller was honestly somewhat bizarre. If it was a Star General like the Sword Star, it would have been possible. With Great Saint Starkiller’s intelligence, there was no reason that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon could have killed him at all. Otherwise, the Devil Star Palace would have been for naught.

“Did Great Saint Starkiller die at Devil Star Palace?” Su Xing suddenly thought of something.

“Smart.” Chai Ling nodded.

“Could it be that Great Saint Starkiller had been abandoned by the Devil Star Palace?” A clear trail immediately appeared in Su Xing’s mind.

Great Saint Starkiller had been routed back to the Devil Star Palace in defeat, and because he had lost Brave Star Guan Ying, he inevitably would have been met with the renunciation of the Devil Star Palace’s master. Perhaps when they summoned Great Saint Starkiller, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sneak attacked him. Perhaps because of some other reason, he had taken action. In short, the Star Master who had been abandoned by the Devil Star Palace was inevitably dead.

As for the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, perhaps he was inducted into the Devil Star Palace.

“Xing’er, you truly are intelligent. However, you unexpectedly analyzed with hardly any discrepancy using only a few words.” Chai Ling praised. Su Xing’s conjecture was about the same as Little Whirlwind’s investigation. For the sake of these Star Duels, the Devil Star Palace had expended much effort to raise Great Saint Starkiller into the premier Star Master of the Black Turtle Territory, but who would have thought that Great Saint Starkiller would have lost the qualifications to Star Duel before the Fourth Phase began.

As far as the Devil Ancestor Dark Nether of the Devil Star Palace was concerned, this was not worth getting angry over. Therefore, they turned to seeking out other Star Masters. This person naturally was the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon that could contract two Stars.

Although the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was nurtured by the Underworld Heavenly Sect, the Devil Star Palace was the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Devil Palace. The Four Great Devil Sects were no more than subordinates. Even the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon himself who had received the praise of the Devil Star Palace would be pleased beyond expectations with himself. 


Great Saint Starkiller’s death was only to be expected.

“But really, I can’t get over this. As a Star Cultivator, Great Saint Starkiller is still a genius, near Supervoid. He was killed just like that?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow, feeling that things were somewhat fishy. “Did anyone see his corpse?”1

“Great Saint Starkiller’s corpse was consumed as food by the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Devil Swords.” Chai Ling changed the topic: “Regardless of whether he is dead or alive, Great Saint Starkiller has already retreated from the Star Duels and is completely harmless. Now, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon is the problem.”

“He is not worthy of our fear.” Su Xing disapproved. Though the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had contracted two Stars, he himself had eleven Stars. Their differences were clear. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon as a person was somewhat irritable, which, in terms of the Star Duels, was a personality that did not have any benefits. 

“He indeed is not worth a mention, but the Black Turtle Territory is now full of hostility towards you, Purple Thunder Monster.” Chai Ling cheerfully laughed: “The man This Palace fancies honestly is exceptional, to have offended both the Azure Dragon Territory and the Black Turtle Territory.”

“Fortunately, I haven’t offended you, Ling’er.” Su Xing laughed.

Red clouds flew across Chai Ling’s face, and she fanned herself.

The two of them drank cup after cup of wine, chatted word after word. After three rounds of drinks, the topic again returned to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

Su Xing still maintained his opinion. He did not want to let Chai Ling wade into the waters he had stirred.

Chai Ling brought out several prepared wine jugs, “Since the Tears of Vega concern This Palace, This Palace will not sit idly by unconcerned. However, This Palace agrees with your conjecture just now about Great Saint Starkiller. How about this, then, Xing’er, we drink?”


“This wine is known as Orange Jasmine. Whoever is drunk first will listen to the other.”

Su Xing felt that Chai Ling’s gaze was more charming  than normal. He naturally did not know Chai Ling took enormous pains to prepare this “bright moon’s inviting cup intoxicates a night,” “Can you do it?” Su Xing said skeptically.

“Are you underestimating This Palace?”

Chai Ling’s thin finger poked, her red lips inhaled, and the wine jug opened. The scent of alcohol poured into his nose. With only several breaths, the wine in the jug was already half-gone, yet the slight red on Chai Ling’s cheeks did not have any intoxication.

“Then good.” Su Xing directly took a jug of Orange Jasmine and chugged it.

Having once drank several jugs back at the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, Su Xing knew the might of the Orange Jasmine. He already had resistance, and drinking mouthfuls in succession, he was still composed.

Not a moment later, out of six jugs of Orange Jasmine, Su Xing and Chai Ling had each drank three.

“Xing’er, your capacity for alcohol actually makes This Palace somewhat surprised.” Chai Ling was already somewhat drunk. Her face was bright red, the light gleaming off her pupils full of charm. Chai Ling had ingested a “Wine Immortal Pill” beforehand. Thus, three jugs of Orange Jasmine not only did not intoxicate her, that alcohol was converted into a scorching Star Energy surging inside her body.

“You don’t look like it either.” Su Xing praised.

Chai Ling furrowed her beautiful brow. She did not expect Su Xing to be such a good drinker, “If This Palace had known before, she would have already prepared the legendary Drunk For a Thousand Years.”

“Drunk For A Thousand Years, I actually have that.” Su Xing’s eyes gleamed.


Su Xing snapped his fingers. A green wine jug flew onto the table.

This jug’s appearance was out of the ordinary. It released a serene green light. Uncorking it, a rich alcoholic scent intoxicated the air. Just sniffing it made Chai Ling feel this alcohol. For a time, she felt her limbs go limp, her body grow hot. In her mind, she muttered that this was a very strong wine. Her Wine Immortal Pill unexpectedly could not resist it. Perhaps those supreme numbing poisons would pale in comparison. 

Su Xing’s body also numbed, nearly falling under this alcoholic fragrance.

“This is the Drunk For A Thousand Years? You surprisingly had such a good wine?” Just that numbing fragrance was enough for Chai Ling to already believe that what Su Xing said was true, but this Drunk For A Thousand Years flavor would somewhat make one feverish from head to toe. Chai Ling’s heart truly was both nervous and expectant.

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  1. 1. [“The man This Palace fancies honestly is exceptional, to have offended both the Azure Dragon Territory and the Black Turtle Territory.”
    “Fortunately, I haven’t offended you, Ling’er.” Su Xing laughed.
    Red clouds flew across Chai Ling’s face, and she fanned herself.]
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