Chapter 485: This Dream Is Drunken For A Thousand Years

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“This is something that Tangtang’s mother sent.” Su Xing licked his lips, swallowing back his saliva. 

“Tangtang’s mother?”

“En.” When he contracted with Bai Yutang, the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion sent this as a dowry. Su Xing did not care much about it at the time, and it was only later that he realized the true worth of this dowry.

Besides the two jugs of Drunk For A Thousand Years, there was also Li Yun’s Black Wind Slashing Ring Saber and many wine brewing ingredients.

“Xing’er, you honestly have found a good daughter.” Chai Ling licked her dry, red lips. Her face showed a seductive smile. This Drunk For A Thousand Years was extremely rare, and even the Great Circle Castle did not have any. She never thought the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion would gift it to him.

Su Xing thought so as well.

Bright moon’s inviting cup intoxicates a night. 

So this intoxicates a night referred to Bai Yutang?

Chai Ling pondered.

“Chai Ling, what’s the matter, dare to drink some more?” Su Xing earnestly asked. The Drunk For A Thousand Years’ alcoholic scent was so powerful that after it entered his throat, Su Xing did not dare imagine what would happen afterward.

“Xing’er, This Palace shall accompany you to the end of tonight.” CHai Ling hooked a finger around Su Xing’s chin, her expression extremely alluring.

Su Xing was somewhat unable to bear it.

“Okay.” Su Xing opened his mouth and sucked in the Drunk For A Thousand Years. This flavor was indescribably wonderful. He merely felt refreshed and elegant the moment it entered his mouth. It churned down his esophagus, immediately fiercer than fire.

All of the cells in his body activated in that moment, his pores opened, a kind of extremely ecstatic feeling made Su Xing unexpectedly groan.

It was just a mouthful, but it was as if he had ascended to ecstasy. Su Xing immediately panted, simply feeling disbelief. The legendary Drunk For A Thousand Years was not only an absolutely excellent wine, but it also had a cleansing power. It seemed real, for just a mouthful had entered his belly, which made his body feel light as a feather, nearly losing his bearings.

Chai Ling felt this was amusing. She supported her chin, and her alluring red lips slightly parted.


Chai Ling let out a seductive moan, nearly intoxicated.

“Truly, This Palace can die drunk without any regrets.” Chai Ling sighed, her eyes immediately unfocused. The Little Whirlwind once again drank a mouthful. Seeing Chai Ling’s effort, Su Xing was unwilling to admit defeat. They sat facing each other, their eyes glued on one another. The graceful wine seemed to stick into their mouths like sharp swords.

Serene green light gradually fluttered about on Su XIng and Chai Ling’s bodies like fireflies. White mist was emitted from their skin, enveloping the surroundings.

Chai Ling’s face turned increasingly red, and her snow-white skin was already a flaming red. The Little Whirlwind only felt from head to toe, all the meridians and organs in her body were unbearably hot. Extreme pleasure made Chai Ling begin to pant, and her snow-white peaks heaved up and down.

Her bright eyes seemed to become a pool of spring water rippling with waves.

And at this moment, Su Xing also felt that he had been wrapped in supreme drunkenness.

Seeing the enchanting posture of the Chai Ling in front of him, she was even more attractive.

“This Palace cannot bear it.”

Chai Ling moaned. She powerlessly collapsed against the bench, her whole body already uncontrollably hot.

“Then you can obediently not go to the Longevity Palace.” Su Xing was very drunk, but he generally still had a bit of clarity. 

“Where is This Palace unable to keep up with you?” Chai Ling was dissatisfied. She tore apart her muslin top garment, leaving only a white bodice, “Other men long for This Palace to accompany them.” Chai Ling flirtatiously groaned, and then her bodice immediately left her torso.

“Could it be that you are not a man?” Chai Ling made a hook gesture with her finger. Her slender and beautiful legs extended from underneath her lotus leaf skirt.

His final bit of reason promptly collapsed. Su Xing drunkenly climbed up onto Chai Ling’s body as a complete mess. His tongue glided down the queen’s swan-like neck. “Today, I shall have you experience what a man is.”

Chai Ling moaned, her hands randomly grabbing all over Su Xing’s body.

Her body was squeezed into an even more painful fire.

Su Xing kissed Chai Ling, the two of them connecting their lips together, going passionately back and forth.

The man and woman rolled along the bench, shreds of their clothes becoming butterflies that flew off in succession.


The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast hopped onto the table, miserably looking at this couple – Mistress, you have lost control of yourself.

Feels so good.

Chai Ling slowly opened her eyes, feeling as if her whole body had undergone rebirth. Her mind had an unprecedented clarity. She raised her head to look at the sky, at that sky that was seemingly right in front of her. The Chai Ling of trash-level martial force had never had this sort of urge to not shrink back.

Suddenly, Chai Ling felt her breast get grabbed. SHe lowered her head, and her face was suddenly crimson.

She saw Su Xing currently embraced her from behind, a pair of hands wrapped around her chest. Chai Ling was bashful, for she was unexpectedly laying naked against Su Xing’s chest. Chai Ling’s face was red enough to leak blood.

She recalled last night, but the Drunk For A Thousand Years was too fierce. Whatever had happened, she had completely forgotten. Could it be…Chai Ling was both embarrassed and angry.

“It seems nothing happened. Truly regretful.”

A mocking voice suddenly sounded out.

Chai Ling was startled.

Konghou held a book and sat facing her on a chair, “The Drunk For A Thousand Years? Truly a fine wine. Your Servant could die without regrets.”

“Ah, Konghou.” Chai Ling wished she could find a hole to drill herself into, for her embarrassing scene had unexpectedly been seen by Konghou.

“Your Servant has been here for a long while.” Konghou indolently picked up a wine cup and took a sip. “In Your Servant’s eyes, Chai Ling, you still have not lost your virginity.”

These words brought Chai Ling some distress, “Elder Sister, do not assail Little Sister obscenely.”

“What Your Servant said is true. The Drunk For A Thousand Years made you drunk for a night, but to have sex is nevertheless impossible.” Konghou’s gaze was on Chai Ling’s body. Currently, Chai Ling’s calves still hung her underwear that had not been completely taken off, and this was seen entirely by Konghou.

Konghou was considerably interested by the enchanting Chai Ling she saw in front of her, focusing only on her own analysis: “Since you are unable to accompany him to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, after this trip, you will annul the Together To Hell With Him. At that time, you will not have a chance to form a contract. Chai Ling, you really will not consider it? Last night was a bright moon’s inviting cup intoxicating you for the night anyways, did you plan on this?” 

What Konghou said was true, but Chai Ling had wanted to exploit the confusion of inebriation. If she had presented her virginity when she was lucid, particularly without a contract, how could the Noble Star be so willing.

Chai Ling’s face was a soft red. She wanted to break free, but Su Xing hugged even tighter. If Konghou was not present, this tightness actually would have been comfortable. However, Konghou watched, and Chai Ling only felt that she had been restrained. Fearing that she would rouse Su Xing and be seen by him, Chai Ling endured the feelings on her body, pleading with Konghou.

“As a woman, you are a Star General second. Chai Ling, actually, Your Servant is very envious of you.” Konghou smiled, breathing out worthless words.

Su Xing’s hands loosened, and Chai Ling broke free. Before she had even dressed herself, “However, as a woman, you have been sacrificed like this. If that man does not realize your feelings, then he is too lacking.” Konghou mischievously laughed.


Chai Ling was startled. She turned her head around. Su Xing was already awake, and Konghou had already vanished from sight.

“Chai Ling.”

Su Xing merely felt a clear breeze strike him in the face. Instantly, he was lucid, and when he saw Chai Ling’s spotlessly white naked body, he was flabbergasted.

“Seen enough yet?” Chai Ling forced composure, silk shielding her body.

“Could it be, we, last night?” Su Xing was wide-eyed.

“What do you say.” Chai Ling seemed to smile. Her eyes rolled, her thoughts suddenly not so clear and innocent.

Su Xing thought carefully but was completely without any impression. The Drunk For A Thousand Years was too powerful, for he was completely unable to remember what had happened last night. However, he had the prior incident of engaging sex with Hu Niangzi after he was intoxicated. Su Xing seriously was nearly convinced.

This Drunk For A Thousand Years was unexpectedly this formidable. Originally, Su Xing had thought he had the capability to resist.

“Say it, Xing’er. You wanted This Palace’s purity, what should we do then?” Chai Ling charmingly said. Her beautiful leg was revealed outside of the muslin.

“If you aren’t offended, then become my wife.” Su Xing scratched his head.

Chai Ling’s face blushed. This was the first time she had been proposed to by a man, and this feeling truly was very good, “You have so many wives. Is there a place for This Palace?” Chai Ling asked back.

“You’re Sisters anyways. In the future, we can all go to Maiden Mountain together.” Su Xing seriously pondered.

Chai Ling snickered, “Xing’er, you are indeed a beast. We are Sisters, so we must serve you together?”


“But it truly is regrettable. Xing’er, you were too drunk last night and lost the opportunity to want This Palace’s body. There will not be such a good thing in the future.” Chai Ling pursed her full lips.

“Chai Ling, are you consoling me or yourself?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow, not too convinced by Chai Ling’s words. He got up this morning with a full view of her body, which was not very convincing for her words. Let alone that Su Xing still remembered a wet dream, he was very skeptical that wet dream was the affair he had with Chai Ling.

“Xing’er, what do you say.”

The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast hopped into Chai Ling’s bosom. Chai Ling caressed the cat, asking with a mysterious smile.


Su Xing was helpless. Filled with doubt, he put on his clothes, and seeing Chai Ling’s muslin, her faintly discernible figure, his qi and blood bubbled.

“In accordance with our agreement, you’re not going to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.” Su Xing calmed down.

“Since Xing’er cares so much for This Palace, This Palace shall acquiesce this time.” Chai Ling stuck her beautiful leg high up.

“Chai Ling, just marry me. Xinjie and the others won’t mind.” Su Xing always felt that Chai Ling was preoccupied, and before he left, he still could not help but say this.

“Xing’er, if you continue to not leave, This Palace shall have Jinzhi and Yuye satisfy you?” Chai Ling alluringly smiled.

“Alright, we’ll discuss this another time…”

Su Xing nodded and descended.

“Such a good opportunity, why did you not sign a contract? He even wants to marry you?” Konghou appeared again.

“To think of having This Palace as his woman, is This Palace so whimsical as to agree with just one or two words?” Chai Ling answered.

“Chai Ling, Your Servant feels that you…” With a look, Konghou saw through Chai Ling’s apprehension, that uncrossable span in her heart: “But to not set aside face and become his twelfth woman, and to have misgivings about your own contract, the advantages the current you has are completely gone.”

“This Palace certainly does not wish to become a trophy to him. Isn’t that so, Xing’er?”

Chai Ling stroked the cat, tenderly smiling.

“For the Noble Star to participate in the Star Duels, this dream is drunken for a thousand years.” Konghou sighed.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Perhaps she’s considering his limit? After all she doesn’t have anything to offer as a contracted Star General that she can’t already give now. I’d assume with her information network she’s also reached the conclusion that he does in fact have a contract limit.

    1. I think she is worried about being a deadweight general that is occupying one of his 15 slots. She offers no battle power and is actually a pretty big liability.

      1. Too bad the ‘limit’ is total bullshit.
        Actually, does anyone in story even know how contracts ‘ACTUALLY’ work?

        Well, think there should be one, not counting MAYBE Chao Gai, but the walking rulebook should know better than anyone that Kiss Contracts have no limit… Not that she’d admit it.

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  3. “As a woman, you are a Star General second. Chai Ling, actually, Your Servant is very envious of you.” Konghou smiled, breathing out worthless words.

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