Chapter 486: Bright Moon Longevity Palace

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Eastwards eight thousand kilometers from the Four Styles School towards the Great Liang Dynasty’s central regions, there was a Lily Mountain.

This mountain received its name from its appearance that was like a blossoming lily.

However, what made Lily Mountain famous in Liangshan Continent nevertheless was an enormous cluster of palaces.

There were nine palaces altogether arranged into three rows. They were situated at the middle of the mountain, elegantly constructed multi-storey pagodas, with carved red pillars and rafters, absolutely beautiful. Even the Great Liang Imperial City was unable to compare, or perhaps it could be said that there was nothing in the world that could be mentioned in the same sentence as those palaces. These nine halls silently lay there, draped in splendor, making the valley pale in comparison. 

A seemingly unreal appearance.

That made people restless.

This was the Bright Moon Longevity Palace!!

As one of the famous Seven Great Ruins, the Longevity Palace was clearly somewhat special. This palace’s origins already was unable to be investigated. Reportedly, it descended from the Bright Moon, falling into the mundane world. Legend said it possessed the Longevity Immortal Pill and the Tears of Vega, thus it was called the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

This palace existed before the Great Liang Dynasty was born. At that time, it was under the control of a coalition of cultivators. Up until Emperor Liang united the country, this Bright Moon Longevity Palace then become the imperial family’s property. This Longevity Palace incorporated an innate forbiddance that even Liangshan’s countless cultivators were unable to break through, and on the outside, Emperor Liang had assigned Prince Feng Wu1 to manage it. There were a hundred thousand elite troops standing guard, with even more first-rate puppets and cultivators keeping watch. Ordinary cultivators were basically unable to leave or enter.

This made the Great Liang’s countless cultivators detest him to no end. Begrudgingly, Emperor Liang showed his authority, and everyone was left without a choice. However, it was fortunate that the Ten Great Sects’ Great Cultivators could still travel as they pleased. This greatly satisfied these sects.

Su Xing guided the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat to the Bright Moon Palace. This place had a double layer forbiddance that required one to enter from the front gate. Su Xing had Zhao Hanyan’s invitation as well as Chai Ling’s powerful influence, so entering the Bright Moon Longevity Palace naturally was not a problem.

The soldiers standing guard immediately cupped their fists when they spotted Su Xing.

“Your Highness must be Brother Su Xing?”


“Because Her Highness the Princess had matters she was unable to free herself from, she is unable to come to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. She asks that Brother Su Xing understand.” The officer in charge said casually, incomparably forthright. Su Xing very much liked this personality.

“Many thanks for the heads-up, I alone am perfect this time around.” Su Xing responded in kind. He originally did not want to involve Zhao Hanyan with the Alliance of Ten’s encirclement. That she did not come was good, for it allowed Su Xing a measure of relief, so as to avoid things becoming difficult at that time.

“Brother, also please be careful inside.”

The officer ordered some other soldiers.

“Thanks.” Su Xing took a token. The Heavenly River Riding Star Boat transformed into a rainbow, split space apart and immediately vanished.

After they passed through a white mist, the scene before their eyes suddenly became clear.

Nine giant and beautiful palaces appeared in their lines of sight, made of precious materials, crafted with the finest skill.

Wu Siyou could not help but show astonishment.

“What are those?” Xi Yue pointed at many cracks in the sky above the palaces. Those cracks seemed to tear at space, changing constantly.

“Legend says the Bright Moon Longevity Palace fell to the mundane world from Star World. The process of its fall gave rise to countless fragments in space, and this only became increasingly formidable with myriad evolutions. Those should be spatial fragments.” Wu Xinjie said.

“Just be careful, and you’ll be fine.” Su Xing comforted her.

“However, is the Bright Moon Longevity Palace like this?” Zhang Yuqi curiously gazed into the distance. The nine palaces were indeed fine and beautiful, but they appeared very ordinary, peaceful enough to make people feel soothed. There were no major differences, and it was very difficult to imagine this was in the style of the Seven Great Ruins.

“Yuqi can’t see any mechanisms, any traps. If it’s a ruin, shouldn’t we be spending a lot of energy?” Zhang Yuqi felt this Bright Moon Longevity Palace in front of her actually was oddly easy.

“In actuality, the Longevity Palace has been this way ever since its creation.” Wu Xinjie also felt this was strange, but the books said that the Bright Moon Longevity Palace had some Demon Beasts and Demon Spirits from the very start. Afterwards, following the entrance of cultivators, they naturally were exterminated. Now, the only things left are these palaces, towering and lonely.”

“I have a question I want to ask.” Shi Yuan raised her hands. “Since so much time has passed, what are we doing going there now? All the good things definitely would have already been completely ransacked.”

“True, and this palace is under the imperial family’s management. Perhaps even the floorboards have been flipped over.” Zhang Feiyu pursed her lips. “Aren’t we just picking leftovers, wasting time, stepping into the trap of those sects for no reason?”

Wu Siyou calmly said: “Your Servant has actually heard that the Bright Moon Longevity Palace has another forbiddance that is unable to be broken. Because of this, the Bright Moon Longevity Palace has always been around.”

“Precisely, so that is our objective coming here. Xinjie wants to see whether or not we can break this forbiddance and unravel the secret mysteries of this Longevity Palace.” Wu Xinjie nodded her head.

“Let us take a look first.” Lin Yingmei’s keen gaze penetrated the skies.

Regardless, these huge palaces were still considerably stunning.

Su Xing nodded, and then he descended towards the Longevity Palace.

Not long after Su Xing and the others entered, several escape lights arrived outside the Longevity Palace in succession. The hundred thousand soldiers standing guard were each frightened into quaking with their whole bodies, dripping cold sweat.

A powerful domineering aura pressed down, just like the Five Sacred Mountains, and the hundred thousand troops could not budge.


A sneer. 

The escape light subsided, revealing a graceful woman, hovering in the air.

Supervoid Cultivator.

The officer was stunned. He promptly saluted respectfully. Supercluster Stage cultivators had the privilege of entering the Longevity Palace, to say nothing of Supervoid. “Senior, This General salutes you.”

“Did someone enter just now?” Nangong Xing coldly asked.

The general did not dare hide anything.

“En, if you so much as leak a single word about today, not even Emperor Liang can save all of you.” Nangong Xing disdainfully said.

“This General does not dare.”

After he said so, the officer waved his hand and hastily withdrew a hundred meters, not daring to look any further at these Supervoid Cultivators.

“For that Purple Thunder Monster to be able to obtain the cooperation of the Ten Great Sects for an encirclement campaign, he is as good as dead, is he not, Sister Xing.” A giddy voice said. A frivolous female cultivator dressed very scantily showed a very lascivious smile.

Who could have imagined that she unexpectedly had Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation, one of the Most High Path’s Four Great Supervoid Ancestral Masters.

Ximen Jinlian.2

“I shall have him die here without burial.” Nangong Xing was ice-cold.

“Enviless of the East dying was indeed regrettable, so for Sister Xing to hate him like this is normal. After we kill the Purple Thunder Monster, how about you Dual Cultivate together with Elder Sister?” Ximen Jinlian licked her lips, always fond of not sticking to one man or woman.

“If you are not helping, then I am leaving.”

“Jinlian is kidding. We cannot kid around when this concerns the safety of the Most High Path. If it was not for Senior Brother North Underworld3 being occupied, the three of us together would have no need for those cultivators.” Ximen Jinlian smiled.

As she said this, several more escape lights flew over from the horizon.

“Ah, Fairy Nangong, Fairy Ximen.”

Ancestor Longevity and Xuan Zhenzi cupped their fists, the both of them showing overwhelmed expressions. They did not expect that the Most High Path would surprisingly dispatch two Supervoid Ancestral Masters. It seemed this Clear Void Most High Path indeed was putting forth the resources.

“Why are there only you two old farts from the Lifeless Hall and True Immortal Hall?” Ximen Jinlian charmingly said: “Where are the Lifeless Hall’s Wu Tiandao4 and the True Immortal Hall’s Perfected Lord Floating Wave?5 Jinlian rather misses them.”

Wu Tiandao and Perfected Lord Floating Wave referred to the one of the Supervoid Ancestral Masters from each of those two Great Sects. They each once had a sexual relationship with Ximen Jinlian.

Xuan Zhenzi forced a smile: “The Perfected Lord and other Ancestral Masters have been in seclusion for fifty years, their deadline has not yet come. They will not leave seclusion unless the sect’s existence is in danger.”

“Senior Tiandao is also unable to free himself.” Ancestor Longevity said.

“You truly are disappointing. Next time, Jinlian will go pay a visit.” Ximen Jinlian fondled her jade breasts, her posture extremely erotic. Xuan Zhenzi and Ancestor Longevity knew that what she cultivated was the “Reversing All Living Things Confusing Passion Heart Sutra.”6 They could not be careless, otherwise their Essence Energy would be completely absorbed.

A moment later, the other sects arrived in succession.

The Heavenly Ice Holy Palace’s Queen Lady of Ice, the Taiyi Sword Sect’s Great Master Kong Buyu,7 the Divine Flame Sword Sect’s Flame Yan Cao,8 the Shifting Flower Sword Sect’s Fairy Yingsu.9

But as the Lifeless Hall had considered, none of the top-notch Supervoid Cultivators within their schools were willing to actually intervene. After all, Supervoid Cultivators for sects like these honestly were precious. Exactly as Su Xing had foreseen, they had all used secluded cultivation as an excuse to not appear. However, for the sake of showing good faith, they dispatched peak Superclusters like Xuan Zhenzi.

Nangong Xing was inwardly infuriated.

Fortunately, the Blooming Water Sword Sect surprisingly sent Ancestor Wanli, a Supervoid Middle Stage Great Cultivator, which finally let Nangong Xing alleviate her fury.

“Are the Crystal Dragon Palace and Purple Firmament Immortal Palace spectating again?” Ancestor Wanli was an extremely aged old man. Every word he said seemed to be a blade cutting upon their bodies. The Supercluster peak cultivators each seemed to be drilled into.

The Blooming Water Sword Sect and the Purple Thunder Monster had the greatest enmity. Just for Ancestor Baili dying at his hands, Ancestor Wanli also leaving seclusion was enormously surprising for everyone.

“Because the Crystal Dragon Palace is considering the Treasure Banquet, they are maintaining a neutral stance, but Senior Long Wanxin still agreed to introduce a Leisurer willing to join the campaign. And as for the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace, I have already issued a message. Hmph. We will have to see what they think.” Nangong Xing said.

“What use is trash like a Leisurer.” Ancestor Wanli sneered.

“Has Your Servant been called trash?”

The horizon sang, and a Leisurer stepped on the wind, appearing faraway on the horizon.

Everyone looked, and their expressions changed.

The newcomer flew without a Flying Sword. Unexpectedly, he was Supervoid level, and this person very quickly appeared in front of them. He was an elegant man, carrying a sword on his back, wearing a faint grin.

“Long Wanxin actually is very sincere.” Ancestor Wanli was expressionless, nodding.

“What is this Fellow called?” Nangong Xing asked.

“Your Servant is Leisurer Xiaoyao,10 a sword cultivator.” The man courteously introduced himself.

“What? Sword cultivator?”

This time, even Ancestor Wanli was interested.

This meant he was a Supervoid Sword Saint????

“Leisurer, Jinlian wishes to discuss life with Leisurer after this. Jinlian wonders if this is alright?” Ximen Jinlian was very curious.

Leisurer Xiaoyao maintained his warm smile. He bowed, “Your Servant deeply appreciates your concern, but the target of that concern does not wish to degrade himself at all.”

“What did you say!!” Ximen Jinlian was gloomy, initiating killing intent.

The other party was neither overbearing nor servile. A Supervoid Sword Saint absolutely was a powerful cultivator, and a Supervoid Middle Stage was not necessarily an opponent.

“Jinlian.” Nangong Xing intervened between them. Now that they had a Supervoid Sword Saint, they had an even greater advantage facing a Star General.

“Elder Sister will discuss something with you after this.” Ximen Jinlian sneered.

A little while afterwards, there was still no sign of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace in the end.

“It seems the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace will not come.” Nangong Xing said unhappily.

“The Alliance of Ten ought to allow the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace become history.” Ximen Jinlian indifferently said. “A sect that shows no effort honestly does not have the qualifications to be one of the Alliance. What does everyone say.”



Just at this moment, a purple light flew over in the sky. Everyone looked and immediately held their breath. Even the Supervoid Cultivators were watching with rapt attention.

Has the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace finally appeared on the scene?

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  1. Gong Caiwei’s father.
  2. 西門金蓮
  3. 北冥師兄
  4. 吳天道
  5. 浮波真君
  6. 顛倒眾生迷情心經
  7. 孔不語大師, lit. Kong who does not speak.
  8. 焱艹
  9. 罌粟仙子
  10. 逍遙, lit. free and unfettered


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