Chapter 487: Murderous Intent Lurks Everywhere

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Was the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s veil of mystery finally about to be lifted? No wonder even the Supervoid Cultivators were all curious. In these decades, the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace of the Three Palaces could be said to be extremely mysterious. The Purple Firmament Immortal Mountain Array was tightly sealed, refusing all requests for audience. Even when the Star Duels began, there was no sign of activity. Even when something like the Birth Treasure Outline, they did not waver in the slightest.

If it was not for the activity of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s disciples, everyone would have thought the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace had suffered a catastrophe. After all, the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace was the sect that had nurtured a past overlord. In actuality, some sects had raised one, but those Star Masters broke free of their sects in the end. It was very rare for a Star Master to remain as loyal as the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s had.

From the very beginning of these Star Duels, the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace showed no movement, which made people feel extremely curious.

Were they hiding their strength? Or was there some other variable?

At one point in time, some people were skeptical over whether or not the Purple Thunder Monster was from the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace. However, the history of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace was that it had only female cultivators since ancient times, thus dispelling this doubt.

The purple cloud sparkled. The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace had unexpectedly sent a Supervoid Cultivator, which made everyone show astonishment.

Comparing the two palaces, the Supervoid Cultivator that the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace which showed its face for the first time had dispatched gave Nangong Xing quite some face.

The purple light flashed before them. As expected, she was an absolute beauty. Light pink beautiful clothes wrapped around her. On the outside, she was draped in purple cloth, gracefully outlining her beautiful neck and visible collarbone. Her pleated skirt moved along the ground as easily as flowing snowy moonlight, dragging behind her at least three chi. This made her gait increasingly poised and beautiful. Her head full of fine black hair was tied with a ribbon, and a butterfly hairpin was stuck within. A stray strand of hair lay across her chest. She had slight makeup that only served to increase her beauty. A slight blush on her cheeks created a sort of flower petal-like loveliness. Her entire person seemed to be a butterfly swirling freely in the wind yet also like the clear spirit of penetrating snow and ice. 

Suddenly, she made people feel as if she was a Star General.

“How shall this lady be addressed?”

Nangong Xing and the rest were taken aback. They noticed they had never seen this Supervoid Female Cultivator before, a new face. 

“Little Sister is surname Hu,1 given name Mi,2 just the one character. The Sisters inside the palace address Little Sister as the Fox of Voracious Admiration.”3 Hu Mi smiled, lovely and noble at the same time, even bewitching. 

“So you are Fairy Hu Mi. We have never seen you before.” Nangong Xing asked cautiously.

“Hu Mi was a Scattered Cultivator. Afterwards, opportunities developed that admitted Hu Mi into the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace for seclusion. This is the order of the Ancestral Master, my first time leaving the mountain.” Hu Mi took out a Purple Immortal Jade Token. Indeed, this was the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s, no mistake.

Everyone saluted her.

This girl was the Fox of Voracious Admiration not just in name but also in reality. Her cultivation was Supervoid yet she appeared no more than a young lady of seventeen or eighteen years of age. She seemed to have used very few age-halting magics. They did not dare be careless, each one addressing her as Senior.

“Saying Senior makes Hu Mi sound so old. Say Little Mi instead.” The girl’s smile was a hundred blossoming flowers. She could be compared to Nangong Xing.

For a Supervoid Cultivator to be so amiable actually made the Supervoid Ancestors feel overwhelmed.

“Five Supervoid Cultivators. Today, the Purple Thunder Monster will find it difficult to escape from disaster.” Nangong Xing thought victory was certain.

“Then let us go kill him now.” Ancestor Wanli was already impatient.

“Little Sister proposes we still wait a little longer.” Hu Mi suddenly spoke, her voice melodious as a bird’s. 

“Why? What brilliant idea does Little Sister Hu Mi have?” Ximen Jinlian’s eyes sparkled. 

“If everyone wants to know the secret of the Longevity Palace, then you had best wait.” Hu Mi was very tender.


Everyone heard the meaning in her words and looked at each other.

“What has the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace prognosticated?” Nangong Xing was stunned.

The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace had very famous Purple Rose Astrology arts, methods to deduce the mysteries of the Heavens. As a Supervoid Ancestral Master of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace, Hu Mi should not be stalling for no reason.

“Could it be that the Knowledge Star will unlock the Thousand Year Riddle of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace?” Ancestor Longevity’s tone was serious.

“Not her…But the Purple Thunder Monster can.”

Hu Mi slightly smiled.


The Ten Great Sects accepted Hu Mi’s suggestion and prepared to wait until the Purple Thunder Monster solved the Bright Moon Longevity Palace before catching everything in one go. To be able to unlock this thousand year old ruin, no wonder the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace could not resist sending someone out this time. Xuan Zhenzi and Ancestor Longevity’s hearts had regret. If they had known before that the Bright Moon Longevity Palace was to be unlocked, they would have made their Supervoid Ancestral Masters come to contest. Perhaps they could obtain a share. Now that there were five Supercluster Cultivators, they could only rely on luck. 

Just as the Ten Great Sects were still doubting each other’s motives, playing a sinister mood, there was a man and woman staring intently at them from one of the barracks towers on Lily Mountain.

The man was elegant and refined, the woman styled magnificently.

“Xia Chen,4 it seems that the man who broke Maiden Mountain’s rules has also broken the rules of Liangshan Continent.” The corner of the woman’s lips slightly curled. Her expression was severe, more fierce than a lion or tiger.

The man known as Xia Chen grunted.

“We had better go kill that man right now…”

“We had best first watch until the end of the show. I want to know just what skill that man who can break the rules had, to surprisingly release us from the mountain.”5 Xia Chen said softly, a face of eternally seeming tranquility, but his considerations were completely thorough.

“The Ninth Generation Star Duels, huh. Nearly a thousand years have already passed…” The woman nodded, her voice unhurried, full of an unclear age and reminiscence. “The cycle still continues…”

At the moment, Su Xing currently was spinning around with the dozen beauties in the Longevity Palace. There was supposed to be a mystery, but they still did not knew where it was. It could not be helped. Everyone had decided to first split up and first explore each of the palaces, to see whether or not they could find a trail. 

The Longevity Palace was very large, but if danger occurred, they still had time to react. There was no need to worry about the Ten Great Sect’s encirclement. After giving his orders, Su Xing teamed up with Hu Niangzi and Lin Yingmei, entering the ninth palace’s central hall.

This hall was green and red, adorned with paintings and sculptures, and even shining golden jade. Pushing open the gate, everything appeared to be so ancient and quiet. As if the time of ten thousand years had frozen eternally here, the splendor of the olden days was still visible.

Having gone through the pilfering of a thousand years, everything inside the palace that could be taken had already all been taken away. Even the carved dragons and phoenixes on the pillars had been dug out. It was completely empty save for a few bare pillars. Some statues were even completely broken, appearing very cold and cheerless. No wonder Emperor Liang wanted to govern the Longevity Palace. He feared that before it could be solved, the Longevity Palace would have already been completely cleaned up by avaricious cultivator.

However, it was precisely because of this thousand years’ worth of looting that the Longevity Palace was missing much of its original appearance, so some people guessed the Longevity Palace was unsolvable mostly due to it already being completely damaged. To speak of solving its mystery, it basically was a difficulty upon more difficulties.

Their shuffling footsteps past a spacious hall.

The two girls flanked him on his left and right.

“Do you two have any impressions?” Su Xing asked. Star Maidens fell from Star World, and the Bright Moon Longevity Palace was also said to have fallen from Star World. He wondered if there was a connection.

Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi shook their heads.

Su Xing smiled. Wandering some more, they walked up another flight of stairs.

In the end, this reached directly to the top of the hall.

The top-most floor was a several dozen meter wide room. The surroundings had several tables, and nine lamps hung on the walls. The ceiling above was a translucent glass. Raising their heads, they could see the starry skies outside the room.

Su Xing could not see any place special. He walked into the room.

Walking several steps, his leg suddenly stepped onto a square board. The room suddenly rumbled, and the floor immediately descended.

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  1. 貪慕狐
  2. 夏臣
  3. There you have it. Seven lights for seven generations of overlords, with the eighth still in this world.


  1. So by chance MC will solve the riddle? Why looters didn’t steal the nine laps (correct it into lamps translator-San)?

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  2. 1. [“Not her…But the Purple Thunder Monster can.”]
    Remember. Puzzles and dungeon d8ving are among Su Xing’s specialties.

    2. Keep Hu Mi in mind. My plot senses are a tingle.

    3. Who the hell is the mystery pair? Nob9dy good I’d imagine.

    1. Clearly they’re the overlord Star Master and Star General of one of the past editions of the contest, maybe even the first edition. We’ll see.

      1. …You… might actually be right about that.

        1. Konghou is still alive, and she’s the 8th Wu Song.
        2. Chao Gai said the new traial would be pretty brutal–> cue ominous rainbow.
        3. It would constitute a durect test from Maiden Mountain by Maiden Mountain after Evil Smiting Hall.

        Conclusion? It is EXTREMELY likely for past Overlords and their Star Masters to be used to test Su Xing. Like… the last third of event bosses in an RPG

          1. I include a link to the Novel Updates discussion forums at the end of most chapters because most spoilers are located there.

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    Perhaps this palace needs nine contracts or just cooperation between nine Star Maidens to open?
    And previous overlords for a trial? Its going to be very hard. Chao Gai warning was spot on, Su Xing currently don’t have the strength to go against them. For the very least he needs Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation to have a chance, i think.

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