Chapter 488: The Nine Palaces Mechanism

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“Young Master.”

“Dear Husband.”

Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi had thought Su Xing had stepped on a mechanism, were about to protect him, but Su Xing shook his head. He watched one of the lamps suddenly ignite. 

“Eh?” Su Xing curiously looked at the floor, using his Divine Intent to probe. As expected, he found numerous hidden switches in the floor. After being pressed, the nine lamps on the three walls would light then extinguish. This was a somewhat interesting opening mechanism.

“Could this be related to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s mechanism?” Hu Niangzi asked.

Su Xing meticulously experimented. Other than controlling the lanterns, there were no other special characteristics. However, Su Xing was fully aware that the so-called labyrinth mechanisms were mostly existences that were different from their appearances. “Let’s take a look first.” Su Xing decided to search.

Wu Xinjie and Hua Wanyue roamed the fifth palace.

“Little Sister Wanyue, Xinjie hears that you want a Star Duel with Young Lord after this?” Wu Xinjie cast a sidelong glance at the upright and graceful woman next to her.

Hua Wanyue grunted.

“Little Sister Wanyue, this truly hurts Yingmei.” Wu Xinjie gracefully rambled, heedlessly saying.

“I do not understand. What is so good about that man that you would give your virginities to him. Forgive Me for speaking so bluntly, but this is honestly stupid to the extreme.” Hua Wanyue wrinkled her brows, asking on the contrary.

Wu Xinjie smiled. “If Young Lord truly was not good, then what need is there for Wanyue to owe a favor.”

Hua Wanyue could not easily retort.

Wu Xinjie drew close to her side, her tone like silk: “Could it be that Little Sister Wanyue does not wish to join hands with us? Xinjie, Siyou, and Yingmei are all very eager and expectant of you. Furthermore, Wanyue, do you not have a very good relationship with Yingmei? Could it be that all of us ascending Maiden Mountain together is not good?”

Hua Wanyue was taken aback for a moment, but she instantly remembered that man surprisingly using that filthy thing to sully her, and what was even more filthy was seeing Lin Yingmei and Su Xing’s intimate position. Her heart rushed with an indescribable fury. The Hero Star maintained her elegance, resolutely saying: “To sign a contract with him, I would rather join the Uprising. Back on topic, you must have considered this man’s identity? Is he worthy of your trust? It would be better to…”

“Little Sister truly can speak very well, to surprisingly counter-advise Xinjie.” Wu Xinjie broke into laughter. It seemed that she had underestimated Hua Wanyue, “However, Little Sister Wanyue, so long as you know Young Lord Su Xing long enough, you naturally will be drawn in by Young Lord…”

“…” After hearing this, the corner of Hua Wanyue’s lips could not help but twitch.

“Little Sister does not believe Xinjie?”

“No, I am very certain.” Hua Wanyue did not hesitate. Her tone had an unspeakable hatred, The first time she had stayed, her body was sullied by this man. The previous time was even more outrageous. In short, she absolutely could not associate with this beastly man for too long, otherwise, the Harm Star would be her example.

“Back on topic, why would Wu Siyou serve that man?” Hua Wanyue could not understand.

“Does Little Sister Wanyue truly wish to know?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“En, just now, you also said that Wu Siyou had come along for Yingmei, and she even thought of killing Su Xing. Why would they be acknowledged as husband and wife in the end?”

“She is the same as Little Sister Wanyue. Siyou originally was here to seize Yingmei, but she agreed that she owed Young Lord Su Xing a favor. The result was that this favor became love…”


Outside the palace.

The Ten Great Sects’ top-notch cultivators were still calm and unruffled, sitting crosslegged in meditation, respectfully chanting.

A long time had passed, and everyone was unavoidable somewhat uneasy.

“Little Sister Hu Mi, can this Purple Thunder Monster truly solve the Bright Moon Longevity Palace?” Nangong Xing wrinkled her brow and asked.

“Headmaster has ordered Little Mi as such.” The girl slightly smiled.

“The Bright Moon Longevity Palace has never been broken in a thousand years. Can he truly do it?” Ximen Jinlian snorted.

“Do not forget, Senior Ximen, are the Thousand Year Star Generals Lin Chong and Wu Song not his Star Generals?” Hu Mi faintly smiled, her expression tender, which actually made them unable to fuss. 

Ancestor Wanli grew impatient: “Just how long must we wait? Killing the Purple Thunder Monster will make This Old Man feel much more refreshed than the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.”

“Senior Wanli is too irritable. The Bright Moon Longevity Palace reportedly has a top-notch treasure.” The Divine Flame Sword Sect’s Yan Cao could not help but sneer. “This One is confident if we can kill the Purple Thunder Monster, we can also obtain the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s thousand year treasure. This is even more interesting.”

“What treasure?” Fairy Yingsu asked with a somewhat sinister face. The Shifting Flower Sword Sect was extremely understanding of the Azure Dragon Territory’s matters.

Yan Cao said: “Legend says that when the Longevity Palace fell from Star World, witnesses say the palace appeared like a moon, scattering moonlight everywhere. The moonlight’s quintessence spread over a thousand li without stop, thus, it was called Bright Moon. Also, some people when people saw the ‘Longevity Cassia Tree’ from the Bright Moon Palace’s fall, they comprehended some minor longevity cultivation methods and rose to fame, thus it earned the name ‘Longevity.’ This is the history of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. This palace is far from its original appearance. Legend says that it was an extremely spectacular palace once, and none of the Liangshan Continent’s Immortal’s Abodes or imperial halls were able to match its beauty. After it fell to the Continent, it only looks this way due to the opening of its forbiddance. If we can truly break that forbiddance, the palace will not amount to much, but as for that ‘Longevity Secret Technique,’ if everyone here is truly uninterested, This One would not believe you.”

He wore a slight sneer.

These words made everyone shudder. Although Star Cultivators were preeminent in Liangshan Continent, they nevertheless had limits on their life span. Even for a Supervoid Cultivator, to live to age two hundred was considered long. Consequently, Liangshan Continent’s life-extending holy fruits have always been extremely valuable. Every market that had one often could raise a terrible carnage, so the results of the Longevity Secret Technique could be easily imagined.

Any cultivator would give everything in pursuit of it. Everyone wanted to train themselves to world-shattering cultivations, yet in the end, they nevertheless became a ridiculous pile of bones. As a result, many top-notch cultivators would go to the White Tiger Territory to find life-extending fruits in desperation.

The “Longevity Secret Technique” that Yan Cao mentioned had once caused a sensation several thousand years ago. That unknown Star Cultivator had walked upon unexpected success as he was cultivating on the ocean, witnessing the fall of the Longevity Palace into Liangshan Continent. Reportedly, the person himself comprehended from a flower on a tree a cultivation method that had never before been seen in Liangshan Continent. This cultivation could allow cultivators to stay young forever, to have excellent life force. Any cultivator of superb cultivation in Liangshan Continent could comprehend this with they abilities. Everyone named this cultivation method “Stellar Transformation,” and that Star Cultivator was revered as the “Holy Lord of Bright Moon.” He himself gave it the name “Longevity’s Secret.”

In the end, this Holy Lord of Bright Moon cultivated it to the extreme, reportedly entering Transforming Star of Annihilation and going on to Star World. Afterwards, this Longevity’s Secret disappeared, making people sigh in regret.

“But we cannot keep on waiting for him.” Ancestor Wanli snorted coldly.

Nangong Xing asked Hu Mi: “Sister Little Mi, can you estimate when he will solve it.”

“Headmaster did not inform Hu Mi.” Hu Mi smiled and shook her head.

Nangong Xing muttered to herself. Although Longevity’s Secret was enticing, she did not truly believe the Purple Thunder Monster could solve it. “How about this, we give the Purple Thunder Monster one day’s time. After tonight, we go take his damned life tomorrow morning. Does everyone acquiesce?”

The other cultivators naturally would not oppose.

After meditating, Nangong Xing and the other Supervoid Cultivators turned their gaze back to Hu Mi. They were quite curious about this cultivator of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace. “Little Sister Hu Mi, if This Ancestor may be so bold as to ask, what has your esteemed palace been doing these past few years? You showed no activity during the Birth Treasure Outline.”

This question made all of the ancestors listen intently.

“After Little Mi entered the palace, she was in seclusion. Headmaster has never mentioned it, so Little Mi is very unaware.” Hu Mi apologetically said.

“That truly is a pity. Someday we must pay the Purple Cloud Imperial Empress a proper visit.” Ximen Jinlian showed a charming expression, her tone ill.1

“Headmaster looks forward to Seniors’ presence.” Hu Mi slightly smiled. “Little Mi actually has one thing she does not understand.” 


“Are the Star Masters of Everyone’s sects not participating in this encirclement? If you have Star Masters, a Star General to face a Star General, then the Purple Thunder Monster is even closer to our grasp.”

“Regardless, the Star Duels cannot have sects and Star Masters uniting to face other Star Masters.” Nangong Xing answered. Immediately, she sneered: “However, our Ten Great Sects are enough. That Purple Thunder Monster does not have these qualifications.”

“If only.” Hu Mi smiled.

This “if only” sounded somewhat ambiguous in meaning. Everyone suddenly understood clearly and immediately devoted all their intention to practicing their cultivation and meditation, wholeheartedly concentrating on the Longevity Palace.

Just when everyone put their minds wholly on the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, no one noticed that they always warm Hu Mi’s eyes flickered with slight mockery.

“Little Mi, then Your Servant cannot take action this time?”

A gentle voice sounded in Hu Mi’s mind.

“Of course. Little Mi only came here to see the Purple Thunder Monster’s capabilities. If the Ten Great Sects cannot dispatch him, Jingshu,2 then there is no usefulness in you also taking action. If they can get rid of him, then there is naturally no need for you to make a move.”

“Little Mi, look out for yourself.”

“Little Mi has been quiet for many years and will not likely suffer a setback here.” The girl gently smiled, just like a spring wind blowing against one’s face, carrying the scent of a spring bath breeze.

Inside the Longevity Palace.

How could Su Xing have ever imagine that that a Supervoid Star Master would surprisingly be hidden among the Star Cultivators in this encirclement. At this time, Su Xing and the others currently were on the Star Riding Boat discussing matters of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

Perspicacious and impartial in judgment, the moonlight was like water. 

Cycling through the Longevity Palace, Su Xing practically did not see any other places with mysteries. Other than the magnificent nine palaces that were crafted by heaven, there were nothing else unusual.

Other than those nine lamps that could be ignited.

Su Xing stood on the boat, sinking into contemplation. Xi Yue, Zhang Yuqi and the others reported their findings to Su Xing.

“This means that the top floor of each of the palaces has an illumination mechanism?” Su Xing stroked his chin. At this time, the nine palaces below were very worldly, a wonderland obscured by mist, leaving even Bai Yutang stunned.

“What is so special about these lantern mechanisms?” Wu Siyou muttered.

Everyone’s gazes looked to the Knowledge Star.

The Resourceful Star’s reputation was even more experienced regarding mechanisms.

Wu Xinjie shook her head: “Those nine palace lanterns are very strange indeed, but a thousand years’ worth of the things that were thought of to solve this have practically all been done, yet no differences were found.”

“Would it be the nine halls?” Su Xing suddenly asked.

“Nine halls, Young Lord has also thought of it.” Wu Xinjie was somewhat surprised and giggled.

All of the girls blankly inquired as to what the nine palaces meant.

“The nine halls of the Lo Shu Square.”3

Using the numbers 1 – 9.

Arrange 4, 9, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 1 and 6 into rows from left to right, up to down. Any one of the rows added to 15. Su Xing explained that this nine halls diagram was too well-known, and seeing the nine palaces, particularly the moonlight that was like the sea, he then thought of this.

“Young Lord, someone had once tried the nine halls, yet it was useless.” Wu Xinjie said.

“Xinjie, I’m afraid you’re wrong this time.” Su Xing looked at the beauties present and suddenly grinned.

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  1. She’s pissed that the Purple Cloud Imperial Empress would send a proxy to tell them of this convoluted plot to exploit the Purple Thunder Monster without any details at all to the plan.
  2. 靜淑
  3. 河圖洛書, see wikipedia


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