Chapter 497: Fish Intestine Sword And Blood Spider Seal

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The Pouring Calamity Bottle Gourd sprayed multi-colored poison fog. The thick and seemingly substantive multi-colored poison fog circled around with a pungent fish stench, making Zhang Yuqi dizzy and lightheaded. Encircled from all sides by the poison fog, she could not see her hands in front of her. Before the poison smoke had seized her, Zhang Yuqi already was retching in disgust, her heart alarmed. The White Water Mirror Heart became a white light that protected her, repelling the poison fog more than a chi away from her own body.

This Pouring Calamity Bottle Gourd was refined from every sort of poisonous thing that Fairy Yingsu had gathered. In the multi-colored poison smoke that filled the air, there were every sort of colored poison bugs flying about, miasma picked from every deep forest and mountain, in addition to five kinds of highly toxic bug venom, combined with similarly toxic gu. After infection, a person would feel powerless, and their skin would gradually fester. At this time, the gu would enter the body and gnaw on flesh, yet the person would not immediately die. They would be able to see the gu eat their own body clean, and during this process, the person was unable to move, unable to speak. They would endure boundless torment and pain whilst they were still alive. This was the world’s cruelest form of torture.

The rolling multi-colored poison wrapped around Zhang Yuqi. The white light was devoured by the toxins and began to weaken. Zhang Yuqi’s expression was pained.

This was not good.

When Fairy Yingsu saw that the Pouring Calamity Bottle Gourd had trapped the Damage Star, she sneered. She then flew towards the Longevity Stele. Just as Fairy Yingsu was about to break the forbiddance, two puppets suddenly appeared behind the Longevity Stele. The two puppets opened their mouths and shot two beams of light. Fairy Yingsu waved her sleeve, but she was still knocked back.

Fairy Yingsu felt disbelief. She turned her head back to look at the Pouring Calamity Bottle Gourd’s multi-colored poison smoke was still endlessly pouring into the surroundings. It was reasonable to say that even if that Damage Star did not die, she ought to have suffered disfigurement? Fairy Yingsu recalled the bottle gourd. The pervasive poison smoke dispersed, yet she saw a ball of dazzling white light. Another young girl had appeared inside the white light at some unknown time.


“Shi Yuan?” Zhang Yuqi did not expect this.

Shi Yuan used the “Nü Wa Jade,” and a hundred zhang white light completely avoided the multi-colored poison smoke. The Thief Star pursed her lips, “Sister Xinjie said you alone perhaps wouldn’t be able to face a Supercluster Cultivator. Just let This Young Lady help you, don’t misunderstand.”

Zhang Yuqi giggled. She knew that because of her accidental encounter in Evil Smiting Hall when she caught sight of Shi Yuan and Su Xing’s secret matters, Shi Yuan had always been somewhat brooding. “Yuqi thanks Little Sister.” 

“Hmph, no need.”

“So you rely on the insignificant Thief Star!” Fairy Yingsu said.

“Don’t underestimate This Young Lady.” Shi Yuan waved the Puppet Banner. More than a dozen giant puppets appeared. Shi YUan had originally thought of unleashing the Five Poisons Puppets, but upon seeing Fairy Yingsu’s battle formation was in of itself Five Poisons, she could only dismiss this idea.

At the same time she released the puppets, she also raised a dozen “Spider Web Talismans.” These talismans sprinkled in the air and became a giant net that covered the sky, moving to enshroud Fairy Yingsu. It was a pity that the Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web had been destroyed when they faced Chan Master Jia Ye in the Buddhist Kingdom. Although this Spider Web Talisman was a High Grade Talisman, it was far from as effective in facing a Supercluster Late Stage cultivator as the Ten Thousand Calamities Web.

Fairy Yingsu wore a sneer on her face.

“Then I shall have you watch my, Fairy Yingsu’s, tricks.”

One was a Water General and the other was the ranked one hundredth and seventh Star General. Fairy Yingsu truly did not fear them, and she even already had the thoughts to make these legendary Star Maidens suffer.

Fairy Yingsu formed the orchid hand seal, activating her powers.

A black staff appeared. Black staff shadows filled the skies with an eerie whoosh, rolling towards Shi Yuan and Zhang Yuqi. Then, after it spouted thick, multicolored gas, the Pouring Calamity Bottle Gourd suddenly swelled. The spray became a large human skull, which opened its mouth as wide as a basket. Its white teeth glinted with a sharp, clear light. Seeing this, even a diamond would be chomped to pieces. That skull’s enormous mouth and opened and closed, emitting every sort of multi-colored fog.

Then, she pointed, and her Flying Swords became a hundred extremely fine multi-colored lights that sunk into the staff shadows and poison fog. They silently shot towards the two girls.

Zhang Yuqi and Shi Yuan did not dare be careless. They circulated their Star Energy at full power as defense.

“Fish Intestine!!”1

Zhang Yuqi giggled and extended a hand.


There was a sound that was as if a divine sword had unsheathed. A blue light that filled the skies rolled towards those pervasive staff shadows and that enormous multi-colored skull. Its power completely covered the staff shadows and the Pouring Calamity Bottle Gourd.

This Fish Intestine Sword2 was a Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure that Tang Lianxin had specially forged for Zhang Yuqi. Let alone that Tang Lianxin’s reclusiveness made people forget she existed, the girl’s thoughts had always been sharp. The first time she saw White Stripe in the Waves, she vaguely knew something. Afterwards, she used her free time to forge this Fish Intestine Sword from materials that Shi Yuan and Wu Xinjie brought back.

By Damage Star Zhang Yuqi’s status as a water general, the other factors of danger for her in combat were not small compared to the Thief Star’s. It was because of this that Tang Lianxin would specially forge this sword, and Zhang Yuqi was very clear about that.

The palace’s Flying Swords warped and wefted. That top-notch jade that was crafted into the walls was gouged deeply by the Fish Intestine Sword’s sword-qi, a thousand cuts and a hundred holes. As if ten thousand swords had attacked, yet also as if the Ninth Firmament had crumbled. The sword-lights twinkles were like stars, extremely quick, as if they were only flashes. Every place inside the palace had a sword-light, containing Fairy Yingsu’s power within.

The Fish Intestine Sword was forged using Black Turtle Divine Iron and a Prehistoric Fish obtained from the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb. Its speed was quick as lightning. Regardless of whether it was in water or in poison fog, that it would not suffer any effects was the Fish Intestine Sword’s greatest characteristic, but its weakness was that it required lots of Star Energy. Furthermore, its usage time was not very long. It would be destroyed after use, and afterwards, it would require water to nurture.

Zhang Yuqi hated to part with the Fish Intestine that Tang Lianxin refined, however, there was no other way now.

Fairy Yingsu’s myriad powers were so fierce, if she hesitated further, perhaps even a pretty face like hers would be broken.


The black staff magic weapon was brushed by a lightning bolt, splitting into two halves and falling to the ground with a ka-cha! The giant skull the Pouring Calamity Bottle Gourd had sprayed was also twisted to pieces by the sword-light, becoming a slightly dark must and disappearing into the air.

Fairy Yingsu’s hundred Flying Swords were all knocked aside one after the other by the Fish Intestine Sword. Forged from Black Turtle Divine Iron, Fairy Yingsu’s Flying Swords were completely unable to move Fish Intestine.

Shi Yuan watched dumbstruck, endlessly elated.

She never expected the Fish Intestine Sword to be so formidable. In the future, she definitely had to have Elder Sister forge one for her; Shi Yuan itched for her own.

Meanwhile, Fairy Yingsu’s surroundings suddenly erupted with a murky and viscous red blood fog. She enshrouded herself within, her droning voice coming from within the fog: “Never expected you to have even this level of magic weapon!”

The Fish Intestine Sword’s sword-light unstably twisted towards Fairy Yingsu’s surroundings, attacking her protective blood fog into pieces, but Fairy Yingsu’s magic energy was profound. Her abilities were also strange. In short, just when they could kill Fairy Yingsu, they were stopped by a screen of poison fog.

Shi Yuan seized this chance to send a puppet to take the Longevity Stele.

The Fish Intestine Sword’s light rampaged for a while. Finally, it could no longer continue. This Fish Intestine Sword had been somewhat forged in a rush for the Longevity Palace before it could be truly completed. Very quickly, it lost its sword-light. The palace suddenly dimmed, and the entire sea of light created by the sword-qi vanished without a trace.


A thin blue light emitted from some unknown place, seizing this chance to shoot towards Zhang Yuqi. THis blue light was oddly swift beyond compare, instantly reaching right in front of Zhang Yuqi’s chest. Shi Yuan was startled. Her figure swayed, and she used a “Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding”: “Look out!!” She pounced/

“What are you doing??” ZHang Yuqi had never expected Shi Yuan would surprisingly protect her.

The Thief Star’s concealment art was extremely quick, blocking with her Hoodwinking Flying Claws at lightning fast speed, but that blew light flashed, slipping past the claws and biting into Shi Yuan’s shoulder. It hurt enough to pale the Thief Star’s face, but she clearly let Zhang Yuqi escape a disaster.

“Using your body as a shield? You truly are close as sisters.” Fairy Yingsu was even more envious.

“Hmph, Su Xing said we need to care for each other…Hmph, This Young Lady only feels she must follow Su Xing. This Young Lady learned this from Su Xing. Hmph.” Shi Yuan was stubborn.

“This truly make Yuqi speechless.” Zhang Yuqi truly was tongue-tied.

“Stupid, how can there be a logic of Star Master taking a blow for the Star General. THis is truly ridiculous.” Fairy Yingsu waved her hand, destroying several of the annoying puppets.

“How could an ugly woman like you understand.” Shi Yuan pointed, and she released several puppets to guard the Longevity Stele. Zhang Yuqi’s White Water Mirror Heart used All Rivers Reach Seas, and the Fish Intestine Sword returned radiantly, becoming a sword-light that slashed towards Fairy Yingsu’s chest. Fairy Yingsu roared, and a bloody seal the size of a shield appeared in front of her body.

Clang! Clang! Metallic ringing sounds ringed throughout the entire palace. These were the sounds of the Fish Intestine Sword and Fairy Yingsu’s magic weapons clashing. A stream of sparks burst like fireworks from the impacts.

“Can you block this ‘Blood Spider Seal?’”

Fairy Yingsu sneered.

The Blood Spider Seal was constructed from a piece of Crimson Jade left behind from antiquity. It was soaked in a highly toxic sea of blood for a full eighteen months. In the case, a cultivator was touched by the Blood Spider Seal, their Essence Blood would be sucked dry in a short time. This was Fairy Yingsu’s most powerful magic weapon.

When Zhang Yuqi saw that Fairy Yingsu was going all-out, she hastily formed a hand seal in secret. The Fish Intestine Sword swung, blue light radiating, resolutely obstructing the blood-light of the Blood Spider Seal. Turning around, it whirled back and forth. Fairy Yingsu was angry at herself for being pinned by two Star Generals that were without any martial force to speak of. She had the idea to quickly end the battle. Now, she caught sight of that blue light about to come back. Fairy Yingsu feared there was some other trick, how could she let it run off.

Since the Blood Spider Seal had appeared, it was too regretful for it to not suck in the Essence Blood of some Star Generals.

“Chi!” A multi-colored poison sprayed out. The Blood Spider Seal became a bloody shadow, surprisingly flying forth. It instantly pursued to above the Fish Intestine, manifesting a giant bloody spider, ruthlessly grabbing downwards.

This Blood Spider Seal was a full three zhang in size, its whole body covered in blood-light. Its blood vessel-like markings vaguely had fine talisman script moving about.


The Fish Intestine Sword manifested the shadow of a Prehistoric fish that was as long as a knife. This fish’s blue light glowed, and the Blood Spider Seal’s bloody spider’s blood-light descended, rolling like layers of silk over the fish.

The fish struggled endlessly, its knifepoint sharply cutting apart the rolling blood-web.

Zhang Yuqi continuously formed hand seals, imbuing her Star Energy into the Fish Intestine Saber, dueling against Fairy Yingsu.

“Yuqi, I’ll come help you.”

Shi Yuan saw the two were deadlocked, suddenly shouting.

Author’s Note:

I’m late, I was testing all night with an icy little sister I once crushed on, just reminiscing. However, everything remained the same, only the people have changed. En. Tomorrow, there will be four to five chapters, as long as I don’t get interrupted by anything.

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