Chapter 498: Weaving Feelings

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“The Thief Star dares to boast in front of This Immortal, why not just give up?”

Fairy Yingsu sinisterly smiled. Her thin as a baby’s voice revealed a sharp malevolence. There was another shriek. Using a hand to point, the hundred multi-colored Flying Swords glowed even brighter. Rainbow smoke diffused, illuminating the palace in incomparably enchanting colors. 

The sword-light revolved under Fairy Yingsu’s hand seals, launching, swifter than lightning. Instantly, it became five beautiful streams of sword-light that were ten times thicker,  with a length of several dozen zhang. The front end was like a hook, as if it was the demonic talon of a bird. When it grabbed at Shi Yuan’s head, it was powerful, fierce and evil. A howling wind that broke the air and earth was very strange, releasing a sobbing sound, heart-rending. Immediately afterwards, demonic shadows floated on all sides. The Flying Swords released an extremely fragrant scent, one that made a person’s limbs turn numb, their magic energy disappear.

This was the Flying Swords’ sword array, “Poppy Sword Array.”1

The sword-light instantly attacked Shi Yuan. The two Supercluster Stage puppets that Shi Yuan had released were too late to brandish their ferocity and were incapacitated by the smoke, falling limp. Then, the sword-light moved, and the two Supercluster Puppets surprisingly disintegrated like this. Shi Yuan’s jaw dropped when she saw this.

Fairy Yingsu smiled complacently.

Her Flying Sword’s sword array was far unlike the Azure Dragon Territory’s sword arrays. The Poppy Sword Array used every sort of poison in its refinement. The sword-light let out a sweet scent. If someone were to smell it, all of their meridians and pores would be completely sealed. Even if a puppet did not have the five senses, this Poppy Sword Array’s odd scent could even bewitch the soul. The two Supercluster Early Stage puppets naturally could not withstand it.

The puppets broke, the Flying Swords twisted, about to attack Shi Yuan.

“Shi Yuan.” Zhang Yuqi saw that Shi YUan was in big trouble. Without even thinking, her Divine Intent moved. The Fish Intestine Sword no longer cared for the Blood Spider Seal and flew over.


A ray of blue light seemed to be ripped apart by lightning. A crystalline sword-light of unknown length slammed into the Poppy Sword Array head-on. The Fish Intestine Sword’s blue light magnified, and it poured down half a sea’s worth of water to block the multi-colored poison smoke sword array.

The poison smoke and blue light struggled against each other, rumbling. The Fish Intestine Sword broke in half, and the Poppy Sword Array was struck apart.

“You slut, you are courting death.” Fairy Yingsu cursed. Her hand then pointed.

The Blood Spider Seal’s blood-light was glaring. The huge Blood Spider bit. Without the support of the Fish Intestine Sword, Zhang Yuqi could only raise the Four Star White Water Mirror Heart for protection, but this Blood Spider Seal’s blood-light rolled, endless. The Blood Spider Seal ferociously pounded, its power directly piercing through Zhang Yuqi’s body. The girl was unable to bear it and vomited a mouthful of blood.

Her blood sprayed and was ravenously devoured by the Blood Spider Seal.

The Blood Spider Seal sucked in Zhang Yuqi’s Essence Blood. Its blood-light was even more full, and an enormous Blood Spider phantom manifested sinisterly.


The Hoodwinking Flying Claws seized the Blood Spider Seal with difficulty.

Shi Yuan flashed to the front of Zhang Yuqi.

“To be saved by you is truly annoying.” Shi Yuan puffed her cheeks.

Zhang Yuqi wanted to laugh. Her chest hurt, and then she spat out more blood.

“You alright?” Shi Yuan said, worried. The Hoodwinking Flying Claws did not neglect to hold tight the Blood Spider Seal.

“En.” Zhang Yuqi endured the taste in her mouth and nodded.

Fairy Yingsu descended before them, enviously contorting. “Relying on just the two of you to stop me, today, This Immortal shall have the Blood Spider Seal properly taste the blood of Star Generals.”

Although the Flying Swords were damaged by the Fish Intestine Sword, this Blood Spider Seal was increasingly plump after tasting Zhang Yuqi’s blood. The blood-light was pretty, and blood-colored lotus flowers bloomed in succession, displaying an unordinary profundity.

The spider-like blood-light rolled downwards. Zhang Yuqi saw SHi Yuan was already very weak. She endured her injuries to use White Water Mirror Heart, adding it in. Their combined powers faced the oppression of the Blood Spider Seal.

Fairy Yingsu continuously poured in magic energy. Seeing that Zhang Yuqi and Shi Yuan were both already arrows at the end of their paths, she could not help but grin. “Die!!!” Just at this moment, there was a sudden air-shattering noise.The newcomer’s speed was extremely fast. Fairy Yingsu’s protective blood-light was nearly broken. The female cultivator’s reactions were prompt, and she immediately turned around, fanning her sleeve and pulling away to a safe distance.

The newcomer was an absolutely beautiful young woman. She wore revealing blue clothes, had a wonderful figure, and her eyes were full of a deep sorrow as if she had seen something pitiful. However, this sort of feeling only made Fairy Yingsu suddenly angry.

Golden Wind Jade Dew double sabers!!

Another Star General???

Hu Niangzi’s gaze was emotionless. Before Fairy Yingsu could say anything, her pace unfolded like mist. Her double sabers already attacked without any hesitation.

This slash was just like the misty rain of the Changjiang River.

Spectacular, the golden light and green rays intertwined, and a scarlet blood-red were torn apart.

Bright Star Hu Sanniang did not leave any room at all, with no gaps, no holes. The double sabers were like wild animals brandishing their fangs yet also like the crescent moon among the stars. The frozen atmosphere was torn apart by the beautiful light, letting out a faint scream. The saber’s edge that was nearly within reach attacked.

However, compared to the terror of these double sabers, in Fairy Yingsu’s twisted envy, what was even more glaring nevertheless was the calm flame in her counterpart’s eyes. Those pure yet slightly distressed eyes recounted the unique beauty’s grief. This revelation that even the heavens pities was like a frail yet sharp razor, making Fairy Yingsu even more twisted.


Fairy Yingsu did not hesitate at all to strike with a palm. The girl’s double sabers were very tyrannical. Clearly, she wanted to settle things with one strike, so how could Fairy Yingsu dare be careless.

Fortunately, the Blood Spider Seal had eaten its fill of a Star General’s blood and was now unexcelled. It drew an elegant trail of blood as it smashed its way over, slamming into the double sabers without any ceremony. With a bang, the palace shook.

THe Blood Spider Seal leaving greatly alleviated the pressure on Shi Yuan and Zhang Yuqi. THe two girls wanted to go help, but they were obstructed by Fairy Yingsu’s Flying Swords.

“Go take the Longevity Stele!!” Hu Niangzi coldly said.

“We will trouble Elder Sister then.” Shi Yuan endured her injuries. She used Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding and disappeared.

“As if.” Fairy Yingsu was enraged. She used the Pouring Calamity Bottle Gourd to stop her.

Mermaid Zhang Yuqi leapt in front of her, wearing a crafty grin, blinking her eyes that were bright as pearls: “Yuqi certainly has to fulfill her obligations as a good Elder Sister.” Saying this, the White Water Mirror Heart used All Rivers Reach Seas. An eddy of air immediately rolled in the multi-colored poison fog. 

“This Young Lady didn’t ask you.” Shi Yuan grumbled. SHe still could not help but smile as she reached the Longevity Stele.


The previously prideful Fairy Yingsu was very unsightly at this moment. She completely did not anticipate that a Star General with martial force would interfere, and that it would even be a martial general the likes of an Earthly Star Four Great Heavenly Kings.


Fairy Yingsu formed hand seals. The Blood Spider Seal spun in the sky, releasing an immense red furry jade spider. How could Fairy Yingsu sit and wait for death. She looked helplessly as the Longevity Stele fell into their hands.

Hu Niangzi disdainfully grunted, raising her eyebrows.

The next moment, the Blood Spider Seal suddenly swelled. Eight spider legs like sharp razors unfolded, accompanied with a pouncing movement. Earth-shattering blood-light shot out of the Blood SPider Seal, directly launching towards Hu Niangzi.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue promptly stepped backwards, her double sabers tyrannical.

Fairy Yingsu sneered. Her hand seals changed, and the blood-shadow of the Blood Spider Seal also morphed. It suddenly appeared behind Hu Niangzi, and this time, it broke through Hu Niangzi’s defenses without any slowdown.

Even Hu Niangzi was quite surprised.

“This Immortal shall take your blood as well!” Fairy Yingsu laughed aloud. THe next instant, Hu Niangzi’s next action similarly made Fairy Yingsu unable to laugh anymore.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue used her magnificent footwork, dancing like smoke, her figure like a phantom. The next second, the person herself inconceivably  broke away from the Blood Spider Seal’s smash. Then, Fairy Yingsu’s eyes were blinded.

Hu Niangzi already arrived in front of her.

Flying Star Magpie Dance!!

So fast.

Her superb judgment and skill immediately made the Fairy YIngsu who had taken the initiative put on a sorry defense.

Though lengthy in narration, this was but an instant. Golden Wind and Jade Dew slashed like falling rain. The blades’ tips crossed at speeds not visible to the naked eye. Fairy Yingsu’s protective blood-light magic weapon and powers endlessly were crumbled by the severe power of the blades. From time to time, the air would be carried by a sharp slash, and then, it would immediately let out an intense ripping sound. Not only this, even the palace itself was rolled into the fierce battle, collapsing one after another.

Luminous sparks and speed with afterimages dazzled the eyes. The Fairy Yingsu in the middle of the saber-shadows seemed to be bearing the weight of a mountain, unable to move an inch.

So powerful.

Fairy Yingsu promptly made a hand seal. The Blood Spider Seal hovered above her, flowing with a terrible blood-light that was like a waterfall enveloping her.

Hu Niangzi did not give Fairy Yingsu any chance to breathe. After her Dark Technique, it was another Flying Star Magpie Dance.

Endless and continuous!

“You are too savage.” Fairy Yingsu venomously smiled. Suddenly, the blood-light over her whole body abruptly transformed into a sword. The endless poison fog pervaded the entire palace, wrapping towards Hu Niangzi under Fairy Yingsu’s beckoning.

Bright Star Hu Sanniang withdrew. Suddenly, her left hand waved and something appeared.

But her eyes were obstructed by the blood-light, so Fairy Yingsu did not see clearly. Just as she was about to kill Hu Sanniang, suddenly at this moment, the blood-light broke, layer after layer, and a red lasso flew towards her.


Fairy Yingsu was surprised. She completely did not expect the Bright Star to have another Star Weapon.

These Feelings Are Endless Lasso’s phantoms appeared. Instantly, one became two, two became four, numerous, as if weaving a net. Fairy Yingsu was too late to counter and was seized by the These Feelings Are Endless Lasso.

Hu Niangzi’s left hand pulled, and her right hand’s saber closed in.

Fairy Yingsu raised her head and screamed when she saw this. Golden and green light enveloped Hu Niangzi. She slashed directly at the target. In the midst of the metallic sound of cutting through air, she shot into the surroundings a crackling sound that seemed to instantly freeze everything.

Fairy Yingsu’s scream lodged in her throat. Her mouth froze, and in that instant she was still wielding the Blood Spider Seal like a weapon, that red lasso net trapped all of her movements. The air no longer flowed, and energy ceased transmission. These Feelings Are Endless Lasso released several hundred odd red lights that were like specters that changed into rainbows, and even the wind involved had forgotten to stir.

As if the river of time had forgotten to flow this instant!

Dark Rank Lasso Technique.

Weaving Feelings!!!

Golden and green saber-lights glared before Fairy Yingsu.

Hu Niangzi instantly was behind her. By the time Fairy Yingsu realized it, her contorted head was already rolling on the ground.

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  1. 罌粟劍陣, 罌粟 is also her name


      1. She figuratively and literally lost her head over some superficial envy, lol. What a lame antagonist. I expected more from a sect that wasn’t instantly antagonistic towards Su Xing like the others.

    1. She seems like an anomaly, like that something Gentleman star that battled Siyou back in Vermilion Bird Territory, who was an earthly star but far stronger than her previous incarnations.

      Also Niangzi has 5 star weapon and was sort of trained by Guan Ying as a parting gift, so yeah, Dear Wife be strong.

  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Wow someone with a temperament that poor can attain the title of “fairy” huh. The bar must be as low as it gets haha.

    1. “Fairy” is more of a title for female cultivators that are high level. I don’t think it has any particular connotation with beauty or temperament.

  2. Thank you for the chapter!
    In this series, poison users always caused many troubles and had nasty personalities. This one proves it once again.
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    1. Two Supervoids already died, tho. At the hands of Xinjie and Yingmei. Only remaining ones are the ones fighting Su Xing and the Star Master.

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