Chapter 499: The Young Lady Of The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace

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The entire battle sequence was quick as lightning, passing in the blink of an eye.

The head and body of the insufferably arrogant Fairy Yingsu thus were in different places. Hu Niangzi’s Dark Technique “Weaving Feelings” and her double saber technique so brilliant that even Zhang Yuqi stared in amazement. Shi Yuan clicked her tongue when she saw this.

But Fairy Yingsu’s death did not mean that the world was at peace.

A shrill shriek.

When the Duoluo Flower Marked Python saw its master had died, it spread its multi-colored fangs, flinging the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python away. Then, the Duoluo Flower Marked Python opened its maw to show a malevolent and sinister mouth. It nevertheless wanted to bite apart Hu Niangzi to avenge its master.

Hu Niangzi coldly glanced at it. Her dance steps moved, and swaying, she already arrived in front of the Duoluo Flower Marked Python. Golden Wind and Jade Dew made ready, prepared strike while the iron was hot, adding on several more wounds to this snake.

THe Duoluo Flower Marked Python made an error in its reckoning of Hu Niangzi’s battle strength. The Five Star Golden Wind and Jad dew easily tore apart its barrier of poison fog, cutting it up with wounds that dripped blood. The Duoluo Flower Marked Python’s horns let out a multi-colored light that descended like a sword.

Hu Niangzi slashed it apart. Saber-qi directly stuck in, lacerating the Duoluo Flower Marked Python’s flesh.

The next slash once again approached. This Ancient Strange Beast Duoluo FLower Marked Python knew it was in danger. Seeing the situation was unfavorable, it immediately soared upwards, dodging, pulling a certain distance away from Bright Star Hu Niangzi.

This Ancient Strange Beast’s reactions were actually quick. Bright Star Hu Niangzi missed her chance to kill this Duoluo Flower Marked Python. Her heart could not help but feel some slight regret, but this python was injured, and its strength was greatly debilitated. To slay it was actually not an impossible task.

Ten Feet of Blue did not hesitate. Her foot stamped on the ground, and she soared up, rushing towards the Duoluo Flower Marked Python.

The Duoluo Flower Marked Python stared squarely at Bright Star Hu Niangzi, its red and black eyes glowed, like radiant light in the night, the red and black scales covering its enormous body occasionally moving, bringing a howling gale.

Its back had an enormous wound, as if it had been violently ripped open by a sort of powerful force. Blood flowed from the wound, dripping onto the ground, forming into puddles.

The Duoluo Flower Marked Python opened its jaws, spraying out a highly toxic multi-colored poison fog.

The poison fog covering everything alleviated its pain, but what was even more painful came after.

The double sabers stabbed out a hurricane.

A beautiful figure gracefully descended.

The Duoluo Flower Marked Python urgently flicked its long tongue. It itched to be able to slowly chew apart this woman that was even more evil than itself, to swallow her into its stomach. Now that its counterpart was about to rush in front of it, it suddenly twisted its body, flinging its enormous snake tail.

Bright Star Hu Niangzi heard a whoosh, and a gale blew. Immediately afterwards, the rays of light above her dimmed, and a fierce power, like Mount Tai’s weight, bore down on her.

Hu Sanniang hastily lowered her body, afterwards dodging to the left.

“Boom,” the Duoluo Flower Marked Python’s tail brushed past her body, heavily drawing out a large hole in the poison fog, curling the clouds and mist, the pervasive gas. It turned the air even more murky and sinister. 

Its strike did not land. The Duoluo Flower Marked Python did not give Bright Star Hu Niangzi any chance to catch her breath. It immediately began its second wave of attacks. It opened its mouth, and several dozen rays of poison smoke spewed out one after another, like tiny pythons, hissing, baring their fangs as they pounced at Hu Niangzi, terrifying!

But they were completely unable to obstruct that wonderful blue figure.

The Duoluo Flower Marked Python sensed danger. It again thought to sweep its tail. This time, a white light rolled over ruthlessly, binding the Duoluo Flower Marked Python. It was the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python. This Urgent Seas White Spirit Python was a powerful Star Beast, and it bit onto the Duoluo Flower Marked Python’s horns, spitting out a white light.

When Hu Niangzi saw, her silhouette flew and mounted the Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse. Spurring it, she matched with the Star Beast’s powerful charge to put the Duoluo Flower Marked Python onto the verge of collapse, finally rushing past the Ancient Strange Beast’s defenses. Then, Hu Niangzi’s Golden Wind and Jade Dew double sabers twisted over the Duoluo Flower Marked Python’s body, cleaving it in two.

A multi-colored soul flew out, and was just about to be cut apart by Hu Niangzi.

“Elder Sister, give it to me.” Shi Yuan cried out in alarm when she saw this.

Hu Niangzi’s blade stopped.

Shi Yuan took out a jade bottle, and the Duoluo Flower Marked Python’s soul was sucked into the bottle. The Thief Star laughed out loud. “Too good, This Young Lady finally has this Prehistoric Five Poisons Beast. It seems This Young Lady’s ‘Five Poisons Banner’ still has hope to become the ‘Five Concealed Banner.’”

Following Fairy Yingsu’s death and the destruction of the Duoluo Flower Marked Python, the palace regained its calm.

Zhang Yuqi looked displeased at the poison fog obscuring everything, so she used the White Water Mirror Heart to wash it away.

“Shi Yuan, do you have the Longevity Stele?” Zhang Yuqi asked.

Shi Yuan woke from her daydreams of the Prehistoric “Five Concealed Banner.” She proudly waved her hand, and a small tablet appeared in her palm. This was the Longevity Stele of the sixth palace.

Zhang Yuqi breathed a sigh of relief and wiped her sweat.

This time truly was incomparably risky. Encountering the evil Fairy Yingsu, this female cultivator’s powers honestly were outrageously outside of common sense. “Fortunately, you came, Niangzi.”

“Yes, why did Sister Niangzi come here? Have you gotten the seventh palace’s Longevity Stele?” Shi Yuan asked curiously.

Hu Niangzi nodded. In her palm appeared a Longevity Stele.

“Sister Niangzi is truly amazing, to surprisingly obtain it so quickly.” Shi YUan said in admiration.

In actuality, from Hu Niangzi’s perspective, this actually was very easy. She had also used Weaving Feelings on the Supercluster Cultivator she encountered at the seventh palace. Weaving her feelings, that cultivator and Fairy Yingsu both were flabbergasted, and Hu Niangzi’s body techniques were also extremely quick. Trapped like this, if those cultivators did not have life-preserving tricks, they naturally could not avoid Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue’s Flying Star Magpie Dance.

It had to be known that this “Ten Feet of Blue” title actually meant a viper who waited for its opportunity to strike.

However, killing two Supercluster peak Ancestors in succession made Bright Star Hu Niangzi feel very exhausted. Even if she had drank Tangtang’s Seemingly Drunk And Intoxicated, this made Hu Niangzi already drained, too tired, but to take the Longevity Stele made everything worth it.

“Dear Husband’s location has some rainbow light anomaly. It seems there is a situation. We should hurry over.” Hu Niangzi said to her sisters.

Zhang Yuqi and Shi Yuan nodded.

The three girls promptly flew out of the palace.

Seventh Palace.

The Taiyi Sword Sect’s Ancestral Master’s corpse wordlessly lay alone on the ground. Its head had long rolled away. The surroundings were sprinkled with many pieces, and the aged face was full of shock. As far as the eye could see, there was an elevated platform. That place originally had placed a Longevity Stele, but it was now empty.

Xi Yue and Zhang Feiyu rushed towards the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s eight hall, and she herself was the sole Star Master. Although the Longevity Stele was so enticing, Wu Xinjie was still considerably relieved to leave this to them.

However, the danger level of the eight palace could be calculated even by the Knowledge Star in her wonderful plans and schemes.

When Xi Yue and Zhang Feiyu reached the eight palace.

There was already a purple skirted young lady already there first, marveling at the Longevity Stele.

“Lady, that thing doesn’t belong to you.” Boatman Zhang Feiyu sneered. SHe raised the Blazing Fish King Saber and pounced. A dazzling fire dragon ignited, flung forth from the saber.

The purple skirted girl turned her head, sweetly smiled, and a magic weapon flew out to meet the flames. However, Zhang Feiyu’s saber technique was powerfully exhibited, very tyrannical, recklessly twisting down. The young girl had no choice but to leap backwards, gently landing on the second level. 

“Then could it be yours?”

The girl’s smile was like a spring breeze. She was Hu Mi of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace.

Seeing that she was surprisingly a Supervoid Stage Great Cultivator, how could Xi Yue dare be careless. She secretly used Sound Transmission to have Zhang Feiyu steal the tablet. Then, she becking and summoned her Flying Swords.

Hu Mi extended her hand and gently pointed. Purple Flying Swords simultaneously descended.

The two girls’ Flying Swords gathered in formation and attacked.

Two kinds of sword-light shuttled back and forth. Hu Mi’s Flying Swords manifested a purple smoke over themselves. In the air, their fast flight time nevertheless did not let out the slightest noise, as if they were as obscured as mist.

“This is?” Xi Yue immediately recognized the background of this sword chant.

Purple Firmament Nine Palaces Filling Heaven Sword!1

The Purple Firmament Nine Palaces Filling Heaven Sword was the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s sole sword chant. Xi Yue had once learned of it when she stayed in the Azure Dragon Territory. This sword’s most wondrous aspect was that it could lay a Nine Palaces Execution Immortal Sword Array.2

And this Purple Firmament Immortal Palace had once produced an overlord. For this reason, all Star Masters specially remembered that if they were to encounter the Star Master of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace, they absolutely were not to fall into the sword array.

“Do you still want to continue?” Hu Mi blinked.

Xi Yue had a sort of odd feeling. Although the young woman before her was Supervoid Cultivation, she was no older than herself. On the contrary, she had a sort of little sister pattern. Perhaps the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace had some secret techniques. Xi Yue did not dare be careless.

Xi Yue ingested Good Fortune Pills to bolster her cultivation, and in these days together with Su Xing, although she was somewhat smitten, none of her powers had fallen behind. On the contrary, she borrowed those all-inclusive beauties of Su Xing. Xi Yue sought out Tang Lianxin to refine swords and An Suwen to refine many pills. 

Her Illusion Reality Flying Swords were far more exquisite than before and were enhanced with Taiji Geng Metal.3 The Flying Swords gathered, turning a faint blue-green color, yet they also had a sort of translucent feel. DUring their flight, they did not have the slightest bit of burning qi. They were not inferior at all to the Purple Firmament Nine Palaces Filling Heaven Sword. The two sword-lights were about the same size. From time to time, they clashed in midair. Each impact exploded with an extremely severe Geng Metal qi in all directions.

But every time these Geng Metal qi were about to shoot towards Hu Mi’s body, purple light flashed, and nine thin as a cicada’s wing palaces would appear in the space between, a gate of more than a zhang in length, and the inside smoke and clouds would be destroyed. Light flickered, twinkling endlessly. The moment the Geng Metal qi fell within the gate, it was like mud washed into the sea, disappearing without a trace.

This was Hu Mi’s Nine Palaces Array.

Hu Mi’s hand seals changed in succession. That sword-light of purple smoke twisted, splitting to become more than a hundred chi long lights that formed a net of purple light, firmly entangling those faint green translucent Flying Swords. No matter how hard Xi Yue struggled, the Flying Swords could not budge in the slightest.

Xi Yue wiped her sweat and used Illusion Reality powers.

Hu Mi smiled.

“This Elder Sister had better give up. You are not my opponent.”

From but one exchange of FLying Swords, Xi YUe immediately understood that the young girl in front of her was not jesting. Those Flying Swords honestly were far too strong compared to her own. “Your Servant will not fail Milord.”

Xi Yue’s expression changed.


Hu Mi was tongue-tied.

Did she mishear?

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  1. 彌天紫霄九宮仙劍
  2. 九宮誅仙劍陣
  3. 太極庚金, 庚金 is part of an astrology mythos known as the Heavenly Stems.


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