Chapter 500: “Golden Lancer” Xu Ning (Former)

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“What do you address the Purple Thunder Monster as?” Hu Mi stuck out her cute tongue. Her girlishness made Xi Yue convinced that the young girl in front of her was younger than her, but to have Supervoid Cultivation at such a young age, all of Liangshan could not possibly have produced such a genius, unless…Xi Yue’s whole body shuddered. Instantly, she felt chills.

Unless she was a Star Master.

The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Supervoid Stage Star Master????

This was bad.

“Milord! Did you not hear clearly?” Xi Yue broke into a cold sweat. She had once seen human evil inside the Flower Dragon Cave, even nearly losing her life. Even after she had arrived in the Black Turtle Territory and accidentally became a Star Master, she was far from training to be at peace with herself. Xi Yue’s eyes very quickly flashed with slight fear. Her Divine Intent loosened, and the Supreme Ultimate Geng Metal Flying Swords nearly broke. 

“Xi Yue??” Zhang Feiyu’s alarmed voice made Xi Yue steel herself.

Hu Mi still had an indifferent appearance. Seeing the Boatman go break the Longevity Stele, she was neither rushed nor lax, neither warm nor angry. On the contrary, she was full of interest in gossiping and asked: “You surprisingly call the Purple Thunder Monster ‘Milord,’ could you be husband and wife?”

“Could it be Your Servant is not?!” Xi Yue answered back sarcastically.

“This is truly outside of expectations.” Hu Mi was pensive.

Xi Yue saw that there was still a young and naive nature in the heart of the girl in front of her. This was perfect to exploit. Therefore, she said: “Your Servant has never heard of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace, why do you meddle in this? Milord has not offended you at all.”

“Master’s orders. Little Sis has no choice.” Hu Mi blinked, slightly smiling.

“Little Sis wishes to ask this Elder SIster…”

“Your Servant is Xi Yue!”

“Little Sis’ name is Hu Mi. Little Sis is very perplexed. The Purple THunder Monster surprisingly has so many top-notch Star Generals following him, may Little Sis be so bold as to ask Elder Sister Xi Yue just what is the meaning of this?” Hu Mi curiously asked.

“They…” Xi Yue had just thought of saying that they wholeheartedly admired Milord, but she realized saying this was somewhat inappropriate. Thus, she changed her words: “Milord naturally was sent by Maiden Mountain. The nine generations of Star Duels are regarded as a cycle, and this Ninth Generation is the time for the Star Duels to end…”


Hu Mi was stunned, honestly thinking she was being deceived.

“Sent by Maiden Mountain? Does Elder Sister feel Little Sis is so easy to fool?” Hu Mi was not convinced. “You are right that Liangshan Continent regards nine as the world, but Maiden Mountain would never send a Star Master. This is rather too irregular.”

“Then what does Little Sister feel this means? Milord unexpectedly was able to obtain Wu Song, Lin CHong, Yan Qing, Gongsun Sheng and even Chai Jin’s accompaniment?” Xi Yue asked back.

Hu Mi wrinkled her brow, “Since Elder Sister is not willing to speak the true reason, then there is no other way.” Saying this, Hu Mi hovered into the air, suddenly letting out a Supervoid-like might. Xi Yue was no more than Supercluster Middle Stage, how could she bear this. Very quickly, her hands and feet stiffened.

This is bad, this girl looks innocent, but she is in fact not easy to trick.

As expected, the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace was not so simple.

Hu Mi smiled. The Flying Swords’ gale descended. Xi Yue was without a choice, striking hand seals and activating a magic weapon. This banner suddenly grew in size, firing spirit-light that enshrouded Xi Yue within.

“Heaven Departing Spirit Distribution Banner,1 surprisingly a Prehistoric Magic Weapon.”

Hu Mi recognized that this treasure was a considerably powerful defensive magic weapon. Even her Supervoid Stage Flying Swords were helpless against it. Hu Mi shook her banner. Spirit-light rippled and struck Xi Yue’s Flying Swords, entangling even Hu Mi’s own Flying Swords at the same time. Although this would waste much of her Star Energy, Xi Yue was very clear that she was completely not this young girl’s opponent. THe sole thing she could do was to exploit her Star General advantage when the young girl had not summoned her own Star General and was overconfident to kill her while she was unprepared. THis was the sole thing that Xi Yue could do.

Boatman Zhang Feiyu sensed Xi Yue’s resolution and inwardly nodded, suddenly soaring as she broke the Longevity Stele’s forbiddance. 

Grasping the Blazing Fish King Saber, she slashed at Hu Mi. With a Star General’s power, Supervoid Early Stage was not considered too big of a trouble.

But how could Hu Mi’s prior efficient and direct action be arrogant. The girl slightly smile, also releasing magic weapon for protection, “Is there any use?” Zhang Feiyu sneered. Her saber slashed. The Blazing Fish King Saber’s flames fluttered in clumps, igniting saber-light around ZHang Feiyu that filled the skies, like a burning flowerbud. These flowerbuds gathered to attack Hu Mi under Zhang Feiyu’s Divine Intent.

Dark Technique.

Fire Tree Silver Flower.

Just at this moment, a golden light flew out, directly descending.


Hearing the impact of the weapon, sparks showered in all directions. Zhang Feiyu’s smile suddenly disappeared. A weapon of glittering gold light appeared that blocked Balance Star Boatman’s Dark Technique. The dispersed flaming saber slammed into that target, producing an explosion.

Zhang Feiyu continuously withdrew, showing an expression of shock.

“This is…”

“Elder SIster Xi Yue, it would be better if we might as well Star Duel.” Hu Mi facetiously cocked her head. SHe pointed a white finger, issuing a challenge. Xi Yue’s expression was cold to the extreme. THe worst-case scenario had happened.

Explosions dispersed.

In front of Purple Firmament Fairy Hu Mi, there was already another young woman. This maiden appeared gorgeous as a flower. SHe wore a light blue muslin shirt, was draped in goosefeather-patterned golden armor and had a cloak of white silk. A faint breeze blew by, giving her the sort of feeling of a fluttering immortal. Her black hair spilled across her shoulders, outlining her gentle beauty that was without even a bit of makeup.

The young girl wore a Sky Soaring Golden Cap, phoenix shoes, and her face had an indolent expression, an absentminded gaze. She appeared frivolous, even giddy, but that expression’s depths concealed a chilling murderous intent. She was like Hu Mi, under her lovely exterior was very deep perception.

However, what made Xi Yue even more stifled was the Star Crest on the young girl’s forehead.

As expected, a Star General!!

“Star Master…” Xi Yue tightly pursed her lips, a very unsightly expression.

“Elder Sister Xi YUe has actually already guessed it, correct?” Hu Mi slight smiled, seeing through her with a glance.

That young girl held a weapon of glittering gold light, but even without looking, Xi Yue could guess the position of that Star General. “The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace once produced a Star Master that contracted with the ranked eighteenth Guardian Star Xu Ning,2 can it be…”

Hu Mi replied. “It would be better if Elder Sister Xi Yue and Little Sis make a mutually beneficial exchange…”

“What?” Xi Yue was caught completely off-guard. For Hu Mi to speak of a deal right now was surprising.

“Elder Sister Xi Yue and Little Sis shall cooperate. Tell Little Sis everything about the Purple Thunder Monster, and Little Sis will not trouble Elder Sister.”

Xi Yue jeered: “Why should Your Servant agree.”

“Elder SIster Xi Yue is truly unwilling to even feign civility.” Hu Mi smiled. “How regrettable.”

“Enough nonsense. I, Feiyu, shall come teach you a lesson. Hiding your Star Weapon in golden light, today, Elder Sister shall skin you clean and see just who you are.” Zhang Feiyu shouted in her hoodlum style. She took several steps forward, springing forth and slashing.

“Jingshu, then Star Duel with this Little Sister.” Hu Mi calmly ordered.

“As you command.”

Jingshu’s indolent expression swept. Suddenly, she lifted her head. Those frivolous eyes suddenly flashed with light, a glint that made people unable to see clearly. 

The golden light glared.

Metallic ringing and sparks suddenly filled the air. 

What kind of terrifying speed was this!!

Jingshu already swept her lance towards Zhang Feiyu, and Zhang Feiyu’s heart was overwhelmed with shock at the same time. Her reactions were incomparably quick. As a dual martial and magic Star General, her close combat martial force was a bit lacking. Her hands crossed to block.

Pouncing head-on into the bone-chilling presence.

“Is that it?”

Jingshu said, making Zhang Feiyu feel as if her skin had been peeled. This bastard was a frightening Heavenly Star.

Jingshu lowered her shoulders, swept her jade arms, and her lance flashed with an odd pattern and an eerie golden light. A powerful force proliferated, but with a shudder, it was a wave-like killing intent.

The Jingshu in front of her was clearly very strong. Her attacks were carried out at an extremely high level, but Zhang Feiyu was not willing to concede defeat. Facing Jingshu appeared simple. In reality, her tyrannical assault was being suppressed.

Both sides exchanged blows for several bouts and then retreated, a slight sampling of their positions. 

“Balance Star Boatman Zhang Heng, huh. This General is somewhat unable to become interested.” Jingshu made a lazy yawn, making Xi Yue speechless.

Zhang Feiyu laughed and then narrowed her eyes, lewdly saying: “Elder Sister will make you die from excitement.” She raised her saber, running her finger along its flat side. Light glinted, and the mirror-like surface reflected Zhang Feiyu’s sharp pupils. Billowing flames ignited on the saber, starting to slowly form into a leaping fish.

Jingshu pretended she did not hear. She grabbed her lance in one hand, a very dull expression.

“Right now, let Elder Sister give you pleasure!!” Zhang Feiyu’s voice was unsympathetic, slowly passing by, a sort of pressure that covered everything.

Jingshu’s brows rose. Her heart unexpectedly had a vague nervous or excited mood. “Seriously? This General truly seems to have not been pleasured in a long time…” The girl cocked her head, earnestly thinking over Zhang Feiyu’s words. The Boatman cursed to herself.

Was this woman an idiot?!

Was her provocation completely ineffective?

It seemed this was a formidable opponent.

However, just as she was about to experience it, like a demon’s long laugh, ZHang Feiyu brandished the Flaming Fish King Saber.

Instantly, with her as the center, the Flaming Fish King Saber’s fire expanded in a split second, swelled, and an insufferably arrogant blaze roared towards Jingshu.

“Take this!!”

Zhang Feiyu coldly shouted, just like a declaration of death, she acted without any mercy.

Jingshu closed one eye, and apparently careless appearance, yet the corner of her lips could not help but slightly curl. She raised her divine weapon, imparting her power without the slightest hesitation, flowing with resonance. A golden light emerged, unleashing an incorporeal defense. Even though Jingshu used a full power defense, but she still unavoidably took a step back. 

ZHang Feiyu’s frantic Blazing Fish King Saber slammed over. Those forces invisible to the eyes were like a tsunami, tearing everything along the sides to shreds. Even the palace showed signs of breaking in half. The berserk flames rampantly struck Jingshu and lifted an air current. 

Oh, wow, this Little Sister is very fierce.

Jingshu turned her defense. Each attack made her feel a sort of heavy pressure, and the corner of lips curled slightly even further. Her body could not help but involuntarily step back, and then, she continuously slid backwards.


The flames’ continuous attack had already nearly encircled Jingshu, engulfing her.

Gritting her teeth, she put strength to her legs. A golden light roared out. THe fierce power was like a tsunami, instantly extinguishing the flames. Jingshu finally launched her fatal attack.

Jingshu’s extremely fast charge broke through Zhang Feiyu’s flaming saber technique, and her figure was already in front of her in an instant.

This swiftness made Zhang Feiyu feel grave, but the Boatman did not stay still at all. 

“Yellow Technique, Fish Dragon Roaming Fire!” 

Boatman Zhang Feiyu shouted, slashing the Flaming Fish King Saber. A surging flame burned out of the blade’s edge.

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  1. 離天分靈旗
  2. 天佑星徐寧


  1. 1. [“They…” Xi Yue had just thought of saying that they wholeheartedly admired Milord, but she realized saying this was somewhat inappropriate. Thus, she changed her words: “Milord naturally was sent by Maiden Mountain. *The nine generations of Star Duels are regarded as a cycle, and this Ninth Generation is the time for the Star Duels to end…*”]

    N9w, Su Xing WASN’T sent by Maiden Mountain, but Xi Yue was right in what he wants.
    Su Xing probably hates the Star Duels system more than anyone despite the irony that he met his girls because of it.
    An irony not lost on him btw.
    Still, he’s hellbent on ending the Star Duels in this Ninth Generation.

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    Should be ‘The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’ instead of ‘The Purple Thunder Monster’ no?

    Thanks for the chapter

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    “Jingshu already swept her lance towards hHang Feiyu, and Zhang Feiyu’s heart was overwhelmed with shock at the same time.”
    hHang -> Zhang

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