Chapter 501: “Gold Lancer” Xu Ning (Latter)

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This was the Boatman’s true special move.

All of the flames that had been dispersed instantly gathered, becoming an unstoppable heavenly canopy in the clear eyes of Jingshu. What appeared was enveloped in flames that could burn even the world. Those flames became a long fish that swam and smother all of her escape routes.

At this moment, even Jingshu was too late to even think of evading.

Zhang Feiyu used the Fish Dragon Roaming Fire without any reservation. The entire space was burning up, the flames quickly spreading.


From the perspective of the sky, Hu Mi saw a spectacular scene.

Those flames spread without limit, like a blossoming flowerbud. The flames bloomed, layer after layer, opening spiritually moving flower petals. In those flower petals, there were fire fishes that leapt out leaping out extremely beautiful.

It seemed that Balance Star Boatman deserved her renown, however, if she thought she could defeat Jingshu with this, then that was too naive. If she could arouse Jingshu’s battle intent, that was enough.

Thought Hu Mi.

Hu Mi’s eyes burned with a curious light. Although she was slightly better than her previous indolence, this was not an expression she possessed at her strongest state – an expression of ice-cold that was also full of grimness.

That kind of fearless and dauntless expression had already forgotten all feeling in the back of her mind. The sole thing she could hear was perhaps only conviction for battle and the willpower to defeat the enemy in combat.

She wondered when she could learn such a thing.

Hu Mi sighed. Ever since the Star Duels began, she had stayed in the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace, Jingshu honestly was easygoing. Gradually was increasingly heedless. Although her master1 had said this was an expression only a lion could possess, only when she encountered a true opponent would she display a king’s dominance. She completely had no need to worry, but Hu Mi nevertheless could not be at ease. She was afraid that when faced with a genuine opponent, she would lose her life because of Jingshu’s laziness. However, now it seemed that continuous Star Duels actually could change Jingshu.

Hu Mi’s thoughts were quick. In that instant, Zhang Feiyu and Jingshu’s battle had suddenly unfolded across several bouts.

Jingshu’s lance broke apart the flames, directly shooting towards Zhang Feiyu. Zhang Feiyu’s lovely smile became grave. She promptly gripped the Blazing Fish King Saber, forming a protective aura.

“Watch This General’s Yellow Technique!!”

Jingshu slightly smiled. She suddenly rushed forward in a spurt of energy, chillingly brandishing her lance. In the air, a golden arc was drawn. Zhang Feiyu instantly turned her saber into a shield, using the flat of the blade to block this attack. Although her hands were jolted into numbness by the opponent’s thrust, she herself nevertheless did not care. She seized this chance to spin her weapon, paring with her saber like lightning.

Her swift as lightning slash nevertheless was anticipated by Jingshu a long time ago.

Jingshu’s lance became a golden light that blocked this slash. Then, the entire weapon suddenly shook, and a frightening force quickly rushed meshed against the spear from the weapon. Zhang Feiyu completely did not expect that when the two weapons clashed, the weapon of the Elder Sister in front of her would still have such an odd assault style, to unexpectedly still sustaining a powerful strike from the side. It was just a momentary lapse in awareness, but the Blazing Fish King Saber had already flipped out of her hands, flying several meters away, stabbing into the ground at an angle.

Zhang Feiyu’s face was unsightly, left without a choice but to retreat. Jingshu then faintly smiled, waving the golden light in her hand before tyrannically and suddenly hacking down.

With everything on the line, Zhang Feiyu nimbly spun around and evaded this slash.

After several exchanges, she immediately retrieved her Blazing Fish King Saber.

Jingshu raised the lance with one hand and mocked her: “Little Sister, why are you the first to be aroused?”

These words choked Zhang Feiyu into endless sullenness.

“Little Sister must not be pleased with herself.”

“Little Sis Zhang Heng ought to call This General ‘Elder Sister.’” The girl smiled.

“Sneakily hiding weapons, you are not worthy of me, Feiyu, addressing you as Elder SIster.” Zhang Feiyu sneered.

Jingshu shrugged, saying indolently: “If Little Sister wants to know, then just display your skill for Elder Sister to see, break this golden light.” Before she finished, Jingshu charged forwards, her speed instantly accelerating, becoming a golden stream of light.

Her polearm’s trajectory rapidly changed. Jingshu fiercely exerted strength, shoving aside Zhang Feiyu’s Blazing Fish King Saber’s defense.  A sharply tipped spear practically stabbed perfectly, brushing past ZHang Feiyu’s neck, splitting open a thin wound.

This thrust’s speed was so fast it left Zhang Feiyu dodging completely subconsiously.

“Little Sister, are you dazed?” Jingshu yawned, raising a mocking grin.

Balance Star Boatman Zhang Feiyu rubbed the blood on her neck, her eyes wide. She felt astonishment, “Dammit!!!” Zhang Feiyu’s temper burned, furiously speaking. Her foot moved forwards, and in the next second, Zhang Feiyu once again initiated an attack. The lights that the saber and spear shook out intersected, their tips dragging trails of light, splitting apart the practically frozen air. Under that tempo of attack and defense exchange, sword-wind was raised because of the powerful impacts, enshrouding their figures.

There was a sword-light of penetrating cold. Zhang Feiyu could clearly see the face of the young woman in front of her, but what came from the weapon was not high battle spirit or tranquility, but a sort of frenzied frivolity.

She honestly was disdainfully somewhat over the top.

Even Wu Song or Lin Chong were not so excessive. Zhang Feiyu was extremely angry, surprisingly indignant at Jingshu’s contemptuous attitude. Xi Yue covered her head and sighed.

Zhang Feiyu raised her saber, assuming an odd stance. Her figure swayed and created countless afterimages, her saber moving erratically and producing countless starfires. In an instant, there seemed to be ten in front of Jingshu, twenty, a hundred and perhaps even more saber-lights manifesting. There were too many to count, and her eyes were dazzled by the saber-lights that surrounded her from every direction, from every angle, leaving no blind spots.

There was no need to say this was Zhang Feiyu’s Dark Technique.

“Fire Tree Silver Flower!!!”

But this Fire Tree Silver Flower was much more powerful than before. A look at Zhang Feiyu’s forehead showed a flickering Star Crest. Astonishingly, she was resonating with her contractor.

Truly audacious.

Jingshu’s frivolousness vanished.

This instant’s resonance brandished a Fire Tree Silver Flower attack that simply had no gaps at all. It was perfect enough to give people goosebumps, and even JIngshu had no time to deal with this sudden unforeseen event.

Blade-fire fell. Jingshu grit her teeth, suddenly spun around, and then airflow and weapon interwove. She flew over at the same time, forming an unbelievably small gap.

The light disintegrated.

Revealing a dazzlingly beautiful golden lance with four glittering stars.

Golden Hooked Soul Snatching Lance!!!2

As expected, she was the ranked eighteenth Guardian Star Gold Lancer Xu Ning.

The Golden Hooked Soul Snatching Lance fluttered with spear-light, but Zhang Feiyu sneered. The Blazing Fish King Saber once again slashed, a third Fire Tree Silver Flower.

Then there was another slash.

A fourth Fire Tree Silver Flower.


Even Gold Lancer Xu Jingshu was dumbstruck. For one Star General to be able to surprisingly use her Dark Rank Technique four times was simply unbelievable. Starfire filling the sky continuously slashed out under the Blazing Fish King Saber, very quickly starfire covered the entire hall. In Hu Mi’s line of sight, starfire pervaded every place in the palace, obscuring everything.

Not good.

Hu Mi suddenly noticed that she had lost track of Xi Yue. Clearly looking about, the young girl had rushed for the Longevity Stele. Borrowing the cover of the starfire filling the air, she very quickly dodged away from Hu Mi’s line of sight.

How could Hu Mi allow Xi Yue to prevail. The Purple Firmament Nine Palaces Filling Heaven Sword surrounded her. The young girl sneered, and chased with an escape technique. However, the starfire filling the palace was honestly vexing, completely making Hu Mi’s Supervoid Cultivation speed unable to manifest. These Starfires seemed to be like boulders in the sea, obstructing Hu Mi’s path.

However, it was fortunate that the Longevity Stele still had a forbiddance. To break it with Xi Yue’s cultivation was not so simple.

Just as she thought this, XI Yue suddenly formed a hand seal and threw out a green seal. This seal was square-shaped, imprinted with the Black Turtle, burning with a frost-fire. There was a chant in Xi Yue’s mouth, and her hand seals formed a more than twenty zhang great seal, layer after layer of script, overlapping layers of amulets, covering the surface of the jade seal. At the same time, glittering green clouds all around made its spiritual aura linger even more, unexpectedly as if it was an Immortal’s treasure.

“Huh???? This is…”

Hu Mi’s pupils shrunk, thoroughly surprised.

What Xi Yue had waited for was precisely this chance. She knew that other than Su Xing, she herself basically was not an opponent against a Supervoid Stage Star Master, so she already had tacit understanding with Zhang Feiyu to use her Dark Technique to plan everything to go steal the Longevity Stele.

Although the Supervoid Stage Hu Mi appeared to be very cautious, the young girl was inexperienced. Her cultivation was so excellent and was somewhat arrogant facing the Xi Yue who was only Supercluster Middle Stage. This gave Xi Yue her chance.

She shook the Heaven Departing Spirit Distribution Banner, and all of her spiritual energy, magic energy, and Star Energy completely gathered on the Black Turtle Seal.

Immediately, Xi Yue raised it.

The Black Turtle Seal that was powerful as the Five Sacred Mountains that loudly made the palace about to collapse upon emerging. The green light smashed, and the Longevity Stele’s forbiddance instantly broke. However, before Xi Yue could take back the great seal, she still sent it smashing towards Hu Mi to obstruct her.

The Black Turtle Seal flew over.

Hu Mi sneered. The Purple Firmament Nine Palaces Filling Heaven Sword deployed the Filling Heaven Sword Array, trapping the Black Turtle Seal. “Do you think that you can escape?”

At this time, Zhang Feiyu’s consecutive Dark Ranks did not obtain any results at all. Golden armor appeared on Gold Lancer Xu Jingshu’s body, and a ball of golden light was released that surprisingly completely blocked the Dark Rank.

“Huh, this is?”

Zhang Feiyu panted, a completely exhausted state.

“Little Sister, not bad.”

Xu Jingshu’s expression was earnest. Not saying anything more, her hand moved. The Golden Hooked Soul Snatching Lance stabbed towards Zhang Feiyu. THe current Zhang Feiyu was completely powerless to defend. The Blazing Fish King Saber was swatted aside, and the golden lance penetrated her chest.

Then, there was a flow of light.

Dark Technique.

Gold And Stone Splitter!!!3

The golden spear-light quickly tore apart Zhang Feiyu’s body. Gold Lancer Xu Jingshu used her Dark Technique to demonstrate the utmost respect she had for Zhang Feiyu who had spared no effort.

Zhang Feiyu grabbed at Xu Jingshu and fell limp. In the end, she displayed her gangster tendencies. Laughing, her body suddenly disintegrated.

She fell into the Star Nest.

Xi Yue’s head sunk. She knew that Zhang Feiyu had already embraced her resolve to die in battle. Pointing a white hand, she easily received the Longevity Stele in her hand.

“For the Purple Thunder Monster to have such a brilliant wife as Elder Sister Xi Yue truly makes Little Sis envious.”

Hu Mi and Gold Lancer Xu Jingshu surrounded Xi Yue. At this time, Hu Mi’s Flying Swords still trapped the Black Turtle Seal.

Xi Yue struck a hand seal. The Black Turtle Seal’s green light magnified, knocking aside the sword array and expanding hundreds of times in size.

Hu Mi saw the Black TUrtle Seal pressing in and was aloof. Her wrist flipped, and a diagram appeared. This portrait had Yin and Yang, a chaotic scene. Hu Mi shook the diagram, and a golden bridge flew out of the diagram that wrapped the Black Turtle Seal in golden light.

“Huh, the Supreme Ultimate Diagram!!!”4

Xi Yue was shocked.

Prehistory’s strongest magic weapon!!!

“Elder Sister Xi Yue, you cannot escape.” Hu Mi shook the diagram.

The Supreme Ultimate’s golden light changed, and the Black Turtle Seal reversed direction towards Xi Yue.

“Is that so?”

Xi Yue sneered.

Hu Mi was taken aback, inwardly shouting that things were bad.

Xu Jingshu also rushed forth. Her speed was already fast, but Xi Yue shook the Liangshan Jade Pendant. Suddenly her body dissipated like smoke and departed this place.

Hu Mi grit her teeth, unable to say anything.

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  1. 師父, as in “teacher”
  2. 金鉤奪魂槍
  3. 金石為開
  4. 太極圖


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