Chapter 502: Wu Song vs Jinlian

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Hu Mi pursed her lips, shaking her head to herself. She had never thought that Xi Yue would surprisingly sacrifice her own Star General and forfeit a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure solely to steal the stele. Could it be she was preparing to present the Longevity Stele to the Purple Thunder Monster.

Truly unreasonable.

Looking at the Black Turtle Sea in the air, she shook the Supreme Ultimate Diagram in her hand. The golden bridge flew out, and having lost Xi Yue’s control, the Black Turtle Seal merely struggled a bit before it was caught by the golden light. With Hu Mi’s Supervoid Cultivation, she easily seized control over the Black Turtle Seal. Although she lost the Longevity Stele, she obtained this Black Turtle Seal. She could tell that this treasure had never appeared in Liangshan Continent Before, but it was extremely powerful. Even so, Hu Mi was nevertheless unable to raise her spirits.

Apparently, this Purple Thunder Monster was a bit difficult to deal with.

“Little Mi.” Guardian Star Xu Jingshu heedlessly said.

Hu Mi roused from her contemplation. She lifted her head to see a rainbow light flooding the outside of the hall. This was not normal.

“Let us go.”

Turning back the clock a bit, back at the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s last hall.

“The renowned Harm Star Wu Song. You surprisingly obey a Star Master, truly ridiculous.” Ximen Jinlian looked at the woman in front of her, brimming with malice.

Wu Siyou was serene as an orchid, unmoved. She held Noble Frost Demonic Lotus in one hand, her satiny black hair fluttering in the wind. A pair of pupils that were deeper than the starry skies made people unable to guess her thoughts.

Ximen Jinlian exhaled, and a drop of cold sweat ran down this Supervoid Middle Stage Great Cultivator’s forehead.

This was a legendary Fiend Star???!!

Ximen Jinlian’s magic weapons and Flying Swords emerged in innumerable succession after seeing Wu Siyou, but wither her Supervoid Stage, she completely had no choice. She could only rely on her powerful spiritual pressure deterrence, but following the passage of time, this kind of suppression became increasingly weak and more feeble than she had hoped for.

Wu Siyou gripped Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Her figure left behind a beautiful shadow as she vanished.


Ximen Jinlian pointed a finger, using the “One Qi Becomes Three Clarities” sword array. Immediately afterwards, the Most High Jade Clarity Flying Swords became three “Clarity Lights,” Most Clarity, High Clarity, and Jade Clarity became spinning illusions, spinning faster and faster, instantly enshrouding Wu Siyou within. Wu Siyou only felt light-headed. Her mind was unclear, and her eyes were dazzled. She quickly composed herself, gripping the Four Star power of the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, forcefully breaking through the sword array.

Ximen Jinlian formed a hand seal. The Flying Swords One Qi Becomes Three Clarities’ light descended, just like a shooting star, instantly becoming a sword-light canopy that ruthlessly twisted downwards, enveloping Wu Siyou within.

Wu Siyou would not underestimate a Supervoid Middle Stage Cultivator. She carried herself with grace, a cold expression. Wu Siyou sprung forth, her afterimages spry and lively. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus cut at the air, and a snow-white and black light flew up, connecting into a lotus flower that blocked this Three Clarities Sword Array. No matter what, Ximen Jinlian’s Three Clarities of surging murderous intent frantically pushed down.

“Go!” Ximen Jinlian had already anticipated this. She beckoned with her hand, and that green light bubbled forth, becoming countless green lotus flowers that spun over, as if they were swept by a gale. They wobbled and settled, extremely beautiful.

The green lotus flowers and black demonic lotuses clashed. The two colors of earth-shattering lotuses rushed forth, completely bundling together. Immediately, green and black radiance filled the palace.

Ximen Jinlian’s hands twisted. She let out a shrill scream, seemingly far away yet also seemingly beside her. It was very mournful, like a bereaved widow. The Three Clarities Flying Swords’ sword-lights magnified. Those omnipresent lotus flowers again became clouds and mist, swift as a sweeping horse.

Wu Siyou cut with her sword. The two colors of black and white dueled against the Three Clarities, more suppressed than that day she had fought against Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity. The current Harm Star and Star Cultivator martial arts progressed very rapidly. Her realm seemed to border on the Extreme Realm, and the Four Star Noble Frost Demonic Lotus was not at a disadvantage facing off against the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

In the blink of an eye, the green light disintegrated, dissipating like dust.

The two battled, everything brilliant to the extreme, without any fancy tricks or superfluous gestures at all. They were completely apprehensive of the other’s strength. THey wanted to quickly settled this battle. By doing so, neither was at a higher or lower level.

“The Most High Path’s plans have time and again truly wasted the reputation of the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Path.” Wu Siyou was cold.

Ximen Jinlian ground her teeth, staring at the cool and elegant Wu Siyou, she shouted: “Wu Song, you killed people from my Path. Today, I must take you down without fail. If you leave now and hand the Longevity Stele to us, This Palace can let bygones be bygones.”

“In the end, you are still selfish.” Wu Siyou disdainfully said: “Come on then if you have the ability. Your Servant shall teach you a lesson on behalf of Lord Husband.”

Ximen Jinlian was enraged: “Insignificant Star General, you dare utter conceited nonsense!” She shook the silk leaf shirt on her shoulders, read an incantation. Suddenly, the heavens and the earth dimmed again. A gale howled, and all sides became pitch-black, leaving one unable to see their hands in front of them.

“Watch this magic weapon.” Ximen Jinlian was enraged. She suddenly arrived behind Wu Siyou, a starlight flying out of her forehead. It was the size of a bowl, changing constantly. Instantly, it grew in size to become a mirror.

This mirror was odd, glossy as water, its interior reflecting the Eight Trigrams, faintly flowing.

This Eight Trigrams Mirror was one of ten Prehistoric Spirit Treasures the Most High Path had collected. The mirror’s inside had a Eight Trigrams Array. If something was reflected in the mirror, they would be trapped by the Eight Trigrams Mirror with escape being extremely difficult. Furthermore, the time spent trapped in the Eight Trigrams Array in the mirror depended on the user’s own cultivation. With Ximen Jinlian’s Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation, she was practically unimpeded in Liangshan. However, to maintain the Eight Trigrams Mirror’s Eight Trigrams Heaven and Earth required extremely vast magic energy. Otherwise, Ximen Jinlian honestly was not willing to use it so easily.


Ximen Jinlian shouted.

The mirror’s light shone onto the White and Black Unicorn Tiger. This Star Beast struggled for several breaths, and then an Eight Trigrams Array manifested like a cage, trapping the White and Black Unicorn TIger.

Wu Siyou swiftly fled, promptly wielding the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Sword-light spread in the air into a rope, as if it was a giant net, attacking. Ximen Jinlian sneered, shining the Eight Trigrams Mirror. The mirror-light was blinding, and a power that was heavy as a thousand catties yet also light as a feather enveloped Wu Siyou’s body. Her heart sunk, and inwardly shouting that this was formidable, she had no choice but to use most of her Star Energy.

Ximen Jinlian hung the Eight Trigrams Mirror in the air and absorbed Wu Siyou and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger. Although she itched to kill the Harm Star, Ximen Jinlian did not forget her true objective at all – the Longevity Stele.

Suddenly, a chill attacked her.

Ximen Jinlian defenses broke. She was nearly run through by this killing intent. She hastily retreated, blocking with her Flying Swords. With a look, Wu Siyou unexpectedly was right in front of her.

“But how?”

Ximen Jinlian was flabbergasted. Only then did she realize that the Eight Trigrams Mirror was completely unable to trap the Pilgrim. The Harm Star possessed the “Pilgrim’s Array” Innate Skill. To break a formation was nothing hard for her. Ximen Jinlian did not dare be careless. She pointed, and the Eight Trigrams Mirror swayed in succession.

The mirror-light fired ray after ray.

Wu Siyou’s body techniques rapidly changed, shuttling back and forth in the Eight Trigrams Mirror.

Ximen Jinlian saw that her proud Prehistoric Spirit Treasure Eight Trigrams Mirror was unexpectedly completely useless. Suddenly, she angrily ground her teeth. Again, she raised her Flying Swords and stuck several hand seals. They spun several times, and she opened her mouth to spray a green fog towards Wu Siyou. At the same time, she backflipped, circulating her Extreme Clarity powers, using her strength.

The green gas immediately folded and wrapped up Wu Siyou.

Ximen Jinlian suddenly felt the green clouds shudder. Wu Siyou waved, and as if she wanted to directly shake off this green cloud, she broke out. In addition, she faced a bubbling killing intent that pervaded the skies and earth. Knowing that Wu Siyou’s advantage was in martial force, she increasingly did not dare be careless. On one hand, she circulated her power to suppress Wu Siyou, and on the other, she used every kind of treasure and talisman for the purpose of buying time to take the Longevity Stele. 

Wu Siyou coldly looked at her. The double-ended Noble Frost Demonic Lotus in her hand split, becoming the two Noble Frost and Demonic Lotus short swords. Then, she flung them. Instantly, they were wrapped by green light. Wu Siyou shouted, “Go!” 

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus suddenly broke out of the clouds, directly chasing Ximen Jinlian.

Ximen Jinlian pointed her Flying Sword. The Flying Sword split into three, splitting off three green lights. Once again, she used One Qi Becomes Three Clarities. One thick, two thin, thinning into two sword shapes. They matched Noble Frost and Demonic Lotus. That thick one became a broadsword, glittering with green light as it hacked at Wu Siyou.

In these exchanges, Ximen Jinlian had practically used full power, not daring to hold back at all. No cultivator would dare directly receive this broadsword, for its power was formidable, practically unblockable.

Wu Siyou’s fists forged ahead, her figure swaying as it already pierced right through.

This is bad.

Ximen Jinlian greatly panicked. She knew that she could not handle this Harm Star Pilgrim, yet she also hated to part with the Longevity Stele that was right in front of her. She bit open her fingertip and struck a hand seal. An eight-sided banner appeared at the same time, swaying in the wind. An array began to hum, rumbling into existence.

Multi-colored spiritual threads appeared in the vicinity of the array, becoming silk strands and light clouds that simultaneously rolled up the eight-sided banner.

The eight-sided banner’s spiritual light flashed. Gradually, there was a myriad of light rays, a burst of shocking spiritual pressure vaguely passing through every place in the array and glowing bright. One talisman character after another jumped out from the array, and then the Eight Trigrams Mirror flashed, appearing in the center of the array, releasing multi-colored light. 

Ximen Jinlian silently changed. THe Eight Trigrams scene wrapped up Wu Siyou.

This “Eight Trigrams Peace And Safety Array” was Ximen Jinlian’s final trick. With the Eight Trigrams Mirror as the array eye, she could trap any opponent to death in the center, unable to leave no matter what abilities they had. Although she did not know if it had any chance against the Pilgrim that had the Pilgrim’s Array, it was too late for Ximen Jinlian to care.

The Wu Siyou who was in the very center of the array merely saw a strange scene on all sides, in innumerable succession. Instantly, the palace’s scenery had thoroughly vanished.

The Eight Trigrams amulet script blew apart together, dazzling the eyes. Wu Siyou faintly felt her body lose control. Her face slightly changed, and she took a deep breath.


Ximen Jinlian coldly laughed, and then she flew towards the Longevity Stele.

Wu Siyou’s brow wrinkled. She increased her speed, but the Eight Trigrams were like a shadow, tagging along. Wu Siyou was completely unable to break out. Wu Siyou beckoned with her hands, recalling Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Time was precious, and she knew another second of delay would let Ximen Jinlian prevail. If the Longevity Stele was taken, Wu Siyou felt that she would have no face to go see Su Xing.

Wu Siyou gazed at the array. There was a mirror-light in the air.

She knew that the Eight Trigrams Mirror was this array’s array eye. The Pilgrim’s Array was unable to break free, so the only solution was to break the Eight Trigrams Mirror.

Wu Siyou’s double swords combined, and she suddenly leapt.

Her figure changed.

Dark Rank Sword Technique.

Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck!!

An Eight Trigram obstructed Wu Siyou’s advance. The Pilgrim’s double swords slashed, and a blood-light spilled out of the sword’s tip. Then, the second Dark Technique was launched in succession. She took advantage of this to break through the Eight Trigram’s obstruction. She reached the front of the Eight Trigram Mirror in the blink of an eye, and Wu Siyou’s slash pierced through this mirror.

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