Chapter 503: Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow

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The mirror cracked. A ray of white qi flowed out, and Wu Siyou used her Innate Skill Pilgrim’s Array. She was not obstructed this time, easily walking past the white qi.

Wu Siyou was just about to use her Dark Technique a third time to kill in a spurt of energy the Ximen Jinlian that was at the end of the road. Suddenly at this moment, the cool and elegant woman showed an expression of surprise.

The Ximen Jinlian in front of the Longevity Stele stared blankly at Wu Siyou. Her chest astonishingly had been punched through with a bloody hole.

Wu Siyou was stunned.

“The Longevity Stele had best be given to Youyou.”1

A domineering declaration. Ximen Jinlian was tossed flying away. Clearly, she was dead.

An absolutely beautiful girl sat atop the Longevity Stele. She wore a slight grin, bouncing her legs in a “Y” shape, as if she was amusing herself, bored even.

This is bad.

Wu Siyou felt a frightening pressure. Suddenly, the Pilgrim’s whole body stretched taut.

“Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song. Greetings, Little Sister.” The young girl smiled and said. She jumped off the Longevity Stele. Her pace was very carefree, but each step seemed to step with the force of a thousand catties, making Wu Siyou feel pressure.

Wu Siyou took note of an additional young man in a corner of the hall. These two were like demons. Wu Siyou surprisingly did not know how they came here.

“You are not that man’s Star General, so I will not make things difficult for you.” The girl smiled. Her imposing aura somewhat lessened. That man gestured with his hand, and the Longevity Stele fell into his palm.

Wu Siyou’s gaze was cold as freezing water. She knew that the man the girl spoke of referred to Su Xing, but what sect was this Star Master’s Star General. Just facing her had a kind of terrifying pressure.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger descended, its tiger eyes watching them cautiously.

“Your Servant actually wants a lesson.”

Wu Siyou’s figure vanished.


Wu Siyou retreated a hundred meters, suddenly stopping. Her chest was smothered, nearly vomiting blood.

So incredible! Just who is this Star General?

From the girl’s body, Wu Siyou caught scent of a kind of unprecedented ancient aura.

“Could you be…” Wu Siyou was stifled.

“The answer is very cruel.”

The girl smiled. Her attack fell, suppressing Wu Siyou. And at this time, a rainbow light flashed outside the palace, filling the skies and covering the earth.

“Do you think you can face a Supervoid Sword Saint??”

Sword Saint Xiaoyao looked at Su Xing and simply felt disbelief. He was surprisingly unable to take the Supercluster Cultivator in front of him with his powerful sword technique. Although Sword Saint Xiaoyao was powerful, how could he ever have imagined that Su Xing had inherited so many formidable Innate Skills while also sparring with top-notch martial generals. If it was solely on close combat, even a Supervoid Sword Saint would not be able to take Su Xing so easily.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s hand raised a long sword leisurely. Instantly, sword-qi swarmed Su Xing like freed demons.

Su XIng then blocked with a hand. Immediately, he felt the flesh of his whole body heavily bruise from the madly swelling sword-qi. Although this was only an external injury, this nevertheless made Su Xing grimace in pain.

“Tsk, I shall see just how long you can withstand this.” Sword Saint Xiaoyao said.

Su Xing was just like an iron bastion, blocking Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s advance. His Flying Swords spun around. Heaven Tearing and Langya attacked in succession, rolling a sqall into blades. Sword Saint Xiaoyao merely raised his left hand and waved, and an intense storm suddenly eliminated the attack completely.

At the same time, what welcomed him was Su Xing’s deepest and most lethal attack!

Swift as wind, forceful as fire, striking at his enemy’s weak points.

Under the support of whatever strength his whole body had, even Sword Saint Xiaoyao was startled. In his heart, he feared the Innate Skill of Lin Chong. His attacks were hardly careless, and Su Xing’s revolt took the first strike, completely controlling Sword Saint Xiaoyao, making him unable to leave.

A hiss continuously sounded in the air. In an instant, Su Xing completely released his limits. Each simple attack movement joined together in a flow smooth as water, his attacks becoming even more profound.

At the same time, light unfolded in his hands. Cold sword-lights like shooting stars outside the heavens flashed by.


Sword Saint Xiaoyao oddly blocked with one hand. The power of the impervious shield that the sword-qi of his whole body became was just like a lingering string that wrapped up all of Su Xing’s attacks. 

But Su Xing’s relentless assault made Sword Saint Xiaoyao feel disbelief. This power was seemingly endless, increasing in magnitude. He waved his hand, and then there was a muffled roar. Sword-light tore a deep hole into the ground.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao attempted to use an even more surly power to resolve Su Xing’s ferocious attack.

And his objective was indeed reached. The sword-qi that condensed on the weapon once again released its one and only killing move. The attack it raised instantly knocked Su Xing aside.

Before Sword Saint Xiaoyao could catch his breath, in that instant, Su Xing’s speed in that instant was completely beyond description, as if in just that one instant, a distance of several hundred zhang was already crossed by him. He moved with dance steps that seemed light as smoke, moving past Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s flank.

The cold light in Su Xing’s eyes glinted. A sharp blade brushed past his neck.


Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s advancing pace immediately fell back, only able to return here.


A terrifyingly loud noise!!

Instantly, his hands shook, and a frightening force that was surly to the extreme suddenly exploded on Su Xing’s weapon. Although the Heavenly Abyss Swords forged of Black Turtle Divine Iron were far from as sharp as Heaven Tearing or even the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo Langya, the Black Turtle Divine Iron’s characteristic power still was to make these swords heavy as the Five Sacred Mountains.

Although Sword Saint Xiaoyao blocked, the twelve Heavenly Abyss swords simultaneously maneuvered over. Sword Saint Xiaoyao was unable to manage. His body suddenly shook for an instant, and a ray of sword-light flashed, bouncing back with an even faster speed. Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s hand already was stained blood-red, for several blood vessels had ruptured.

However, a cut also appeared on Su Xing’s body.

Su Xing took in a deep breath. That succession of attacks just then made him feel his energy somewhat was overburdened. The Supervoid Sword Saint was not so easy to deal with, as expected. Compared to those magic weapon cultivators, Su Xing actually would rather confront those people. Facing Sword Saint Xiaoyao required extra vigilance. The slightest slip up could not be allowed.

“Your sword technique is a bit familiar. Have we met before?” Su Xing asked.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao was emotionless. He raised his sword.

The air suddenly rang with a shrill noise. A pitch-black light suddenly appeared beside Su Xing, as if it had already existed at that place. The light of an abyss flashed, flying towards his neck.

Such swift speed!!

Su Xing’s pupils suddenly contracted. As if he had been swatted by a giant invisible hand, his entire figure suddenly fell backwards. Heavenly Depths flew back to defend.


In that melodious ring, that pitch-black light suddenly was torn to pieces by Su Xing’s slash. Countless tiny fragments flew in all directions, continuing to pounce towards Su Xing. Su Xing calmly resolved them one after another.

At the same time, those eyes of Sword Saint Xiaoyao, those eyes were even more ice-cold, ice-cold as if he was in hell. Sword Saint Xiaoyao stared at him like a death god.

His killing intent surged, and a sword-light flew.

Instantly, Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s figure seemed to be a specter that came from hell, unexpectedly ignoring the distance between them and directly appearing in front of Su Xing. His speed was so fast it made Su Xing unable to track him.

Sword-qi gathered on his body with force to topple mountains and overturn the seas. He horizontally slashed!!

The speed was quick beyond reason.

Su Xing did not dare be careless at all. A cold light glinted that knocked into Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s sword-light.

Thirty-six Flying Swords fell over each other to protect him.

“Many thanks to this Fellow. Nangong shall engrave this to memory. Now, let me bury them.”

Su Xing and Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s battle lasted several hundred bouts. Finally, Nangong Xing still completed her array. The female cultivator coldly spoke, forming hand seals. The hundred THree Clarities Flying Swords simultaneously danced, becoming a line of sword-light.

It was basically impossible to describe the terror of this kind of sword-light. In fact, when this sword-light manifested, Su Xing felt his as if he was blinded. THen, Nangong Xing’s finger pointed. The sword-lights instantly hid into space, then reappeared the next instant around Su Xing and Hua Wanyue. They seemed to be the most beautiful thing in the world, captivating them for a split second.

Oh, no.

Su Xing saw Hua Wanyue was trapped. He promptly descended, using the twelve Heavenly Abyss to protect her while he himself circulated the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower to its limit. Golden lotuses appeared in the air, Buddhist light glowing brightly.

“Truly a stupid Star Master, unexpectedly going to protect some other Star General.”

Seeing Su Xing surprisingly use his most powerful defensive Flying Swords to go protect the Hero Star, Nangong Xing laughed her head off.

“You are dead now!”

“Watch the ‘Three Clarities First Origin Sword Array.’”

The Most High Path’s Four Great Supervoid Ancestral Masters each practiced a Supreme Grade Three Clarities Sword Array. Each was different, and among them, the Three Clarities First Origin Sword Array was the strongest. Even Norther Darkness Has Fish3 with the highest cultivation could not compare, and it was because of this that Nangong Xing required lots of time to prepare it.

However, the moment this sword array appeared.

Nangong Xing handed the Purple Thunder Monster his death sentence.


Sword-light cut apart Su Xing’s counterattack, but this was merely the beginning. An excessive sword array appeared between Su Xing and Hua Wanyue. Sword-shadows instantly became indistinct mirror images. Sword-light mixed with electric arcs surged like a tide. The reef along the ground in a range of three zhang was simultaneously disintegrated by this frightening power.

The endless sword-light rolled over, unstoppable, instantly wrapping Su Xing firmly within. From afar, it seemed like a light ball of pitch-black.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao was shocked, hastily dodging.

Su Xing had no choice but to flip out the Four Symbols Seal when he saw this. The Four Symbols Seal had been damaged by Emperor Liang in battle. Now, it had only recovered about seventy to eighty percent after this much time had passed. He originally was preparing to use it for Maiden Mountain’s trials. Now, it seemed there would be no chance for him if he did not use it.

The white light of the Four Symbols Seal flashed.

The Holy Beasts’ Black Turtle leapt out of the Four Symbols Seal. This Black Turtle positioned its body to protect Su Xing. The Black Turtle unleashed divine light, continuously clashing with the endless sword-light.

“Four Symbols Seal!!!”

Nangong Xing spotted this magic weapon that was once Enviless of the East’s. Her heart was even more sad and furious, and she itched to hack Su Xing to pieces.

“Purple Thunder Monster, today, I will have you destroyed completely.” Nangong Xing shouted, not holding back at all in urging forth her magic energy.

The Dual Modes Ruler simultaneously descended into the array to strike the Black Turtle.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast bit at Nangong Xing upon seeing this. Sword Saint Xiaoyao blocked it, handling the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast at the same time he mulled over the current situation. Seeing Su Xing was already trapped by the sword array, apparently, he would not last much longer.

But what made Sword Saint Xiaoyao uneasy was the Hua Wanyue protected by the HEavenly Depths. To be hiding for such a long time, this was unavoidably too long.

“Darling Wanyue, aren’t you done yet?” Su Xing was also speechless.

There was a gentle snort, and the Heavenly Depths swords dispersed. Hero Star Little Li Guang’s graceful figure emerged. A rainbow light radiated on her arrow, and she coldly spat out four words – “Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow!!”4

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  1. 幽悠
  2. SFX
  3. 北冥有魚
  4. 天虹貫日


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