Chapter 504: The First Overlord Appears

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“Darling Wanyue, aren’t you done yet?”

Su Xing only felt his Star Energy was rapidly failing. Controlling the Four Symbols Seal required large amounts of Star Energy support, so Su Xing did not want to use the Four Symbols Seal unless absolutely necessary. Now, that he was already cornered by two Supervoid Cultivators, Su Xing had no choice but to ask Hua Wanyue just what she was doing.

Hua Wanyue softly grunted.

In spite of her currently concentrating all of her Divine General Star Energy into a single point, every single minute detail that was happening on the outside fell within her perception. She saw that Su Xing was defending so recklessly. Hua Wanyue’s heart had a very shocked feeling, particularly at the end when Su Xing unexpectedly gave up the Heavenly Abyss’ protection for her, making Hua Wanyue feel somewhat perplexed. 

Any other Star Master would not place himself in danger for some other Star General. This was an unspoken rule of the thousand year Star Duels. Everyone understood. Was this man arrogant or sentimental?

Fighting back and forth repeatedly, this made Hua Wanyue at a loss for a time, and an odd change manifested in her heart. It was this odd mentality that made Hua Wanyue’s originally charging double Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows fizzle out. Suddenly, Hua Wanyue felt that she should not be protected by this man who should be an enemy, an opponent, or even her bane.

She was the Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong.

She could not accept being fancied by a fickle man.

Protect him!!

Hua Wanyue’s mind bubbled forth with a shocking thought. This thought was increasingly intense, making her heart beat even quicker. She was not protecting him. She merely did not wish to owe him a favor. Right, this was it. But she did want to get rid of this man in one stroke.

Hua Wanyue’s heart suddenly relaxed. A clear and lucid idea flashed through her mind. This idea came very suddenly. The double Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows concentrating in her hand slowly disappeared. Hua Wanyue changed her thinking and killing move.

All of her thoughts tormented Hua Wanyue’s thoughts torment her heart like a century passing by, but in reality, time flew rapidly by.

Seeing Su Xing had been trapped by the Three Clarities First Origin Sword Array, he was increasingly in danger.

Hua Wanyue’s graceful eyes sunk into unprecedented resolution. The Hero Star pulled her moon back into a full moon, gracefully blowing away a strand of hair. Her hand pulled back, aiming at Su Xing.  

I shall return this favor.

For the moment, this man has My protection.

The corner of Hua Wanyue’s lips had a nearly imperceptible curve. The lady’s style was fully revealed. Arrow-light began to turn multi-colored, suddenly shooting forth.

A world-destroying rainbow-light shot directly out. In a split second, the Bright Moon Longevity Palace was enshrouded in an extreme light. That rainbow arrow shot through the heavens. It did not sink into Su Xing’s chest, not harming him at all. The multi-colored rainbow light diffused widespread from Su Xing’s body, surging just like a heavenly river. Nangong XIng’s Three Clarities First Origin Sword Array was instantly destroyed by this extreme light.

The Dual Modes Ruler lost its spiritual power under the rainbow light arrow.

In the split second Hua Wanyue fired the arrow, all threats within a range of several dozen li around Su Xing disappeared. That diffusing rainbow light became ten thousand sharp arrows that shot in all directions, wrapped with a powerful might.

Earth Rank Technique.

Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow!!!

Nangong Xing and Sword Saint Xiaoyao were shocked. How could they have imagined that the Hero Star would surprisingly use her Earth Rank Archery. The two of them hastily used their escape techniques and abilities to defend against the extreme lights that flew over towards them, but even so, this still made two Supervoid Cultivators feel greatly burdened. Their faces paled.


Su Xing’s mouth hung agape, and he could not help but lower his head, just so happening to make eye contact with Hua Wanyue. The Hero Star was completely merciless. An odd glint flashed past her pupils, and she pursed her lips, merely snorting softly. The meaning in her eyes nevertheless went unsaid.

Su Xing smiled, suddenly turning around and attacking.

This Heavenly Rainbow was only unparalleled for a mere instant, but this instant was enough to make Su Xing turn the situation around. Su Xing flashed by, arriving in front of Nangong Xing. This Fairy Nangong was currently being occupied with the rainbow light arrow. Seeing Su Xing shout, her finger pointed in an attempt to use a bit of power, but Su Xing did not give her the chance. Heaven Tearing came and twisted. Nangong Xing suddenly died with lingering regrets.

Su Xing then attacked Sword Saint Xiaoyao.

Along the way, his figure quickly split apart. One split into two more, and then the three directly reached more than a dozen. Astonishingly, he was equivalent to the Star Generals’ Ten Thousand Techniques realm! Sword Saint Xiaoyao did not put forth as much effort as Nangong Xing. Against the launched rainbow arrow, he was not too debilitated. That pair of ice-cold eyes watched the Su Xing casting phantoms. He blinked. This was the first time he felt a deep chill at his back.

But Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s heart coldly snorted. How could he concede defeat. At the same time, he surreptitiously attacked. He did not dare be careless, rousing the last of his energy to launch a counterattack. A starved camel was bigger than a horse, let alone that he was a SUpervoid Sword Saint.

Sword-light violently fired, suddenly ten thousand galloping horses.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao rushed to the frontmost specter of Su Xing, pressing it into the ground. Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s powerful strength immediately destroyed this shadow. Sword Saint Xiaoyao had practically given up on capture, only using his tyrannical strength to instantly dispatch Su Xing. 

In the sky, a contemptuous, conceited snort stabbed like a dagger.

Su Xing quickly pounced down, each of them displaying lifelike killing intent.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao sneered. He then raised his weapon, and a bone-chilling sword-light suddenly enveloped Su Xing. It easily ripped him apart, becoming a vanishing phantom. A dozen fake Su Xings were instantly destroyed, but Su Xing’s speed was even quicker.

Does this bastard want to seize the chance to face me?

Sword Saint Xiaoyao did not dare be neglectful. He abruptly exerted strength. He was like a leopard, instantly leaping to the side of Su Xing. In the instant Su Xing attacked, he directly cut into his chest. His right hand violently lodged in his opponent’s throat, fiercely flinging him away. An immense power threw the target as if it was a cannonball, flying directly away, twisted apart by killing intent in that heavy and enormous noise.

Another phantom.


Su Xing sneered. His body techniques changed, becoming even faster. His shadows all launched an attack at Sword Saint Xiaoyao. Rainbow-light shivered, and thirty-six Flying Swords were like vipers, their movements meticulous yet also fierce, careful yet also brimming with danger as they pounced. 

A blinding sword-light cut apart the air with an endless hissing sound.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s body seemed to have lost its weight, displaying the superb body techniques of a Supervoid Sword Saint. In Su Xing’s encirclement, he moved to and fro. Although the gaps in the attacks were many, their mutual coordination surprisingly had vague signs of suppressing Sword Saint Xiaoyao.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao gradually felt a bit overtazed. Compared to Su Xing in continuous battle, he similarly did not fare better, to say nothing of the fact that he had been sneak attacked by the Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow. The calm Sword Saint showed slight worry, incomparably annoyed by Su Xing’s Ten THousand Techniques Realm phantoms. His ice-cold eyes attempted to discern the real body, but that rainbow light was too glaring and made Sword Saint Xiaoyao blind. 

With a ripping, demonic roar, the Su Xings’ combined assault slammed together. Sword Saint Xiaoyao instantly disappeared without a trace under Su Xing’s combined attack.

The killing intent’s energy violently swept in a circle through the surroundings like a tornado. The mad power displayed frightening killing intent.

Suddenly, the Su Xing shadows that were besieging from the surroundings were torn to shreds. Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s slash instantly pierced through in all directions, immediately taking advantage of the direct attack rush of three shadows to dispatch them.

A sharp cold-light suddenly attacked from behind him. It carried a far more powerful force than the other phantoms. Sword Saint Xiaoyao was long prepared, inwardly mocking the opponent’s boring tricks. Suddenly, the sword he wielded in his hand danced.

It captured Su Xing as if it was a large net.

The net suddenly tore apart.

Su XIng’s Flying Swords completely blocked it.

“Come to die? Perfect.”

Sword Saint Xiaoyao laughed. Cold light flashed out of the corner of his eye. Su Xing’s reactions were quick, and he subconsciously leaned, avoiding the most fatal spot.

“You are dead this time.”

Sword Saint Xiaoyao had long waited for just this moment. He took a deep breath. All his life, this was the first time he had ever felt excited for victory. He smiled wildly, “This time, where can you even run off to!”

“It’s you who should be running!”

Su Xing sneered.


Sword Saint Xiaoyao caught wind of an extremely bone-chilling danger.

Not good!

He had forgotten there was still a damnable Star General present.

Hua Wanyue was graceful as before. As if she was picking a flower, she drew back the bow into a full moon. The arrow flew out like a shooting star, its speed swift. Sword Saint Xiaoyao was completely unable to evade. A Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow penetrated his chest, however, Sword Saint Xiaoyao was worthy of being called a Supervoid Sword Saint. Even with this, he still roused all of his energy into defense. The Supervoid Sword Saint trained with the sword year-round. He naturally could not be matched by other cultivators in close combat. He was incomparably rich in experience. Without even thinking, he used an escape technique under the second arrow. Then, he immediately used a Divine Talisman, fleeing.

If Su Xing had been just a beat faster, his sword could have taken back a fatal strike.


Su Xing felt regretful.

“Young Master!”

“Your Highness!!”

Suddenly, worried voices came to his ear. Su Xing lowered his head to look. Several beautiful figures already were flying out from each of the palaces. Lin Yingmei, Wu XInjie, and the other girls looked at that shocking rainbow light and were shaken to the core. After they seized the Longevity Steles, they hastily ran out.

THey just happened to catch sight of Su Xing and Hua Wanyue’s tacit coordination drive back Sword Saint Xiaoyao.

“It’s fine if you’re alright.” Su Xing looked, and the beauties were all good.

Just as Su Xing was about to say something, a killing intent that flooded into the clouds suddenly came from the ninth hall of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. This imposing power jolted the hearts of everyone present, stifling them.

“Not good, Siyou has some trouble.”

Su Xing was shocked. He promptly said to Wu XInjie: “Xinjie, you and the others go help Xi Yue. I’ll go find Siyou.”


The others also felt danger. It was too late to ask before they each went their separate ways. Hua Wanyue’s brows knit tightly. She watched Su Xing rush anxiously for the ninth palace without so much as addressing her. She saw his worried expression was sincere.

“I never expected to surprisingly comprehend the Earth Rank several dozen days early because of him.”

Hua Wanyue muttered to herself.

Ninth Palace.

Crisp and clear exchanges. The sparks of the weapons showered down everywhere. Just the killing intent that spurt forth from the two weapons tore apart the ninth palace without stopping.

Bang, bang, bang.

Continuous sounds.

“Little White, come back.”

Wu Siyou gestured, and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger returned to her Star World.

A silhouette gently landed. The young girl named Youyou held something covered in light that she pointed at Wu Siyou, her expression exceptionally relaxed.

Wu Siyou felt a heavy pressure. This kind of pressure was of unprecedented power.

“Just who are you?” Wu Siyou coldly said.

Youyou did not answer but asked back: “If you leave that man, then Youyou will not make things difficult for you. The orders of the Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven is not at all for Your Servant and you to Star Duel. After a thousand years, Your Servant does not want to Star Duel.”

After Wu Siyou finished listening, she was unable to maintain her calm.

“You are the first overlord!!”

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