Chapter 505: Qilin Ensnaring Heaven

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Great Circle Castle.

Several dozen female cultivators held swords in their hands, surrounding a young woman. Along with a gentle shout, the crisp ringing of metal weapons, the combination attack of the swords the five young women wielded slammed together. That green-haired woman in the middle was expressionless. She held a blue spear in her hand. In the instant they coordinated their attack, she had already avoided the attack.

The spearmanship she wielded was like a whirlwind sweeping in a large circle through her surroundings. Terrible power poured out in torrents, and blue light blew over. All of the female cultivators around her yelped as they were blown away, suddenly falling over.

The girl’s hair was short, and before her attack ended, the spear suddenly thrust in all directions, immediately knocking three female cultivators violently away who had taken the chance to charge forth. The girl began to put in effort, seemingly. Her pupils appeared dark-green, burning with a serene flame. The wind pressure’s power fully at the center of the girl’s attack.

The female cultivators that flew out this time were struck midair by the green light. Each of the female cultivators showed differing degrees of injury.

“Bang!!!” The knocked over female cultivators coughed up blood. Shuddering from head to toe, they nevertheless were unable to stand up.

The green-haired girl’s calm figure calmly stood where she was, her face like an ice-cold mask, completely obscuring her expression.

The other female cultivators grit their teeth. Although their foe was a Star General, they were not willing to allow her to break through.

The green-haired girl did not hesitate at all. Her body techniques moved, and after the female cultivators fell over, the other female cultivators launched an even fiercer assault. An odd glint flashed in her eyes, and the young girl showed slight admiration, but this was not at all able to influence her fighting. So long as she entered combat, the girl never had the thought to be contemptuous.

However, it appeared that the girl currently had room to spare. She did not want to start a killing spree at the Great Circle Castle, for her objective was not this.

However, since the master of this place, Little Whirlwind Chai Jin, had closed her doors and did not receive requests for audience, the girl’s contractor ordered her to be very willing to use force to see the Little Whirlwind. At the same time the young girl was fighting, there were also two women and one man to the side.

The two women were both beautiful, but they appeared especially taciturn, not uttering a word, making people unable to see through them.

The man appeared stocky and tough, a tall and sturdy build, swift and fierce muscle, a ferocious expression. Just a glance at him showed he brimmed from head to toe with power. He looked at the girl and said in a low voice: “Zhiyun,1 allow me.”

The man stepped forward.

The girl named Zhiyun did not say anything. She lowered her spear and flashed away.

The man walked before the female cultivator as if he was as immense as an iron tower, “We seek Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin merely to have her discuss a transaction.”

“Milady has already said, she will not see any Star Masters.” A female cultivator shouted.

“Does the Little Whirlwind of the Great Circle Castle not love making friends with other Star Masters to help the needy?” The man said, his voice like steel.

The other female cultivators seemed as if they were facing a great enemy. They glanced at one another. “Milady shall allow you to return.”

“Then excuse us.”

The man punched..

The air was torn apart by countless wind pressures. All of the female cultivators did not dare be careless, simultaneously using their sword chants. The sword qi was continuous, but this many people using their powers together truly was a bit frightening.

The longsword in his hand ripped apart the air. These fearless female cultivators already rushed up along with their sword qi. Although their charge was not as sharp as a Star General’s, they cultivated every sort of sword chant combination, which was used with a just as powerful might.

The man roared.

All of its aggression was nevertheless disintegrated in an instant, the wind stopping its flow.

The girls who had depended on the vanished imposing aura showed confusion, but immediately, something even more terrifying happened afterwards. That man’s eyes flashed with a cold intent. He slapped the ground, sending enormous force into the ground. The fading wind suddenly rushed forth, surprisingly stirring a fierce storm along with his hand movement.

That storm was so powerful that those female cultivators directly knocked into the hurricane. Some of the female cultivators broke through the obstruction of the storm, but that man had already vanished without a trace.

Despite that man’s build and stature that was like a pagoda, his speed was unusually fast.

A stormy wind howled just like a dagger piercing the heart as it directly brushed past the boundary of the Great Circle Castle.

A succession of moans. Those female cultivators toppled one after another.

The man ascended towards the sky, extremely quickly, as if he had broken free of the restrictions of his body. The remaining female cultivators discovered his trail. Though they wanted to stop him, it was apparently already too late.

A terrifying pressure instantly came from the sky. All of the female cultivators suddenly raised their heads, only feeling this man’s body had transformed into a giant mountain, full of a heavy feeling. Their shoulders were pressed down, and their bodies lost all response. The man’s eyes glinted with a cold light as he continuously waved both palms.

All of the female cultivators were caught in the man’s attack this time. An invisible, intangible, frightening power instantly pressed against their heads. At the same time it touched their bodies, there was an intense explosion. The explosion incited an air wave that pushed in all directions. From time to time, the female cultivators uttered muffled groans. Under such a concentrated and powerful attack, they surprisingly could not even evade.

In an instant, nearly a hundred female cultivators had been cut down.

This stocky and tough man had no mercy at all, acting with strict resolve.

“Still unwilling to meet?” The man said, angry as a bull.

“Cease this.”

A gentle voice appeared.

Several beautiful women walked out of the Great Circle Castle’s gates. Holding Xing’er, the leisurely Chai Ling was especially outstanding. Her natural noble feeling made the visitors moved. Even that green-haired girl who practically lost all presence blinked.

“Is this Lady Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin?”

The man cupped his fist, his tone deferential without arrogance. “Your Servant is Xiang Chenxing.”2


Chai Ling was disinclined to even look at him. She merely ordered Jinzhi and Yuye to take her wounded subordinates back for treatment.

“Your Servant has offended you just now.” Xiang Chenxing stiffly said.

“If you truly wish to become enemies with the Great Circle Castle, This Palace shall oblige.” Chai Ling coldly said. Each word was filled with menace, without the slightest intent of kidding.

Chai Ling looked around at them. “Depart from the Great Circle Castle at once before This Palace changes her mind. If you dare intrude again, by Liangshan’s Star Duels, This Palace will make you regret it.”

“You.” Zhiyun wrinkled her brow.

“Your Highness Chai Jin, I have come in good faith to collaborate with you.” Xiang Chenxing restrained his tone.

Chai Ling coldly glanced at him. She turned around and walked into the Great Circle Castle.

“Too arrogant.”

Zhiyun shouted. The lance in her hand rose, and the Four Star Flowing Water Green Depths Spear3 drew out a blue light, shooting directly at Chai Ling.

Xing’er opened its mouth, firing a twinkling beam of golden light.

This light blocked the spear like a sharp blade.

Chai Ling leaned back and smiled: “The Flowing Water Green Depths Spear, so you are Little Conquerer Zhou Tong.4 What, does Little Sister wish to Star Duel with This Palace?”

Zhou Zhiyun glanced at her master, yet the man gazed back at his taciturn partners.

The two female companions did not utter a word. The short-haired girl of the two raised her head to look at the Great Circle Castle and shook her head.

“If you decline, you will regret it.” The man said stiffly when he saw this.

“This Palace will only regret not wanting to kill you right now.” Chai Ling laughed arrogantly.5 To threaten her, the Noble Star, they honestly had busted brains.


They saw the impending momentum of the Great Circle Castle, turned and left this place.

Chai Ling’s smile vanished.

“The feeling of these two Star Masters is somewhat unusual.” A lazy voice said, and Konghou appeared.

Chai Ling also felt it, particularly the palm technique that man used just now to unexpectedly dispatch the female cultivators she had meticulously raised. That power was honestly exceptional. “They do not seem like Azure Dragon Territory cultivators.” Chai Ling wrinkled her brows.

Chai Ling shrugged her shoulders. 

“Is the Noble Star not very fond of collaborating with Star Masters, to obtain a benefit in the last Star Duels? Why did you decline this time? Your Humble Servant feels they came prepared.” Konghou smiled and asked. “Could it be because of that man?”

“Sister Konghou.” Chai Ling helplessly rolled her eyes.

At this time, another subordinate came with a report. Looking over the information, Chai Ling’s easygoing mood immediately disappeared.

“A problem at the Bright Moon Longevity Palace?” Konghou leisurely said.

“He has solved the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.” Chai Ling was speechless.

Even Konghou was astonished. Laughing, she stroked her chin and thoughtfully said: “That is truly interesting.”

“However, it seems that Maiden Mountain’s trial may have begun over there.” Chai Ling noticed a scarlet light had dropped into the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. “If it is as This Palace foresaw, then this is bad.”

“Maiden Mountain’s trial?” Konghou sneered.

“Right, has Sister Konghou finished investigating these past few days?” Chai Ling asked.

Ever since that day when those seven lights flew out from Maiden Mountain, Chai Ling was considerably curious. In the end, she felt these seven multi-colored lights could possibly be the overlords of past Star Duels. For this reason, Chai Ling requested for Konghou to look materials, to see if perhaps she could find even the smallest clue.

“Your Humble Servant has found lots of material, but there are no records whatsoever regarding the first Star Duels.” Konghou said in a low voice.

Chai Ling gasped, “No records?”

Konghou nodded.

The Little Whirlwind suspected this may have been the case. People did not place much importance on the first generation of Star Duels. It was not strange that there was no data whatsoever, but since there were no clues about the first Star Duels, to find other clues was difficult.

“Since you are worried about him, go see him then.” Konghou smiled.

“But it is already too late.” Chai Ling

“Your Humble Servant shall send you over.”

Konghou laughed aloud.

“Profoundly, no traces, slowly.”6

The young girl softly chanted.

The weapon in her hand fired a cold light. Wu Siyou smirked, forcing her body back up. Suddenly, the girl moved with even faster speed. She somersaulted, and like a specter, she unexpectedly jumped across the more than three zhang distance between them.

Another wave of attacks began!

The girl’s instantaneous speed was even faster. Although Wu SIyou had anticipated it, from the instant the battle began, her opponent had already reached her front, her spear suddenly vanishing.

The spear’s speed was exceptionally quick, even the unparalleled WU Siyou was somewhat unable to withstand this. The Pilgrim stepped backwards, dodging the spear, at the same time wielding NOble Frost Demonic Lotus.

With a slam, their silhouettes respectively retreated. Wu Siyou was still calm as before, and that Youyou’s expression was already slightly surprised.

The young girl was certainly very clear about that spear just now. In that instant, the weapon did not disappear, rather, because its speed was too fast, she completely was unable to track it. It was also precisely because of this extreme speed that waving spear’s whistle was enough to pierce through Star Energy defenses, but what she did not expect was that her speed that was continuously at a level to win unexpectedly was completely without a disadvantage. On the contrary, she had fallen to the disadvantage from the first bout.

“For the Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song to be at this stage, you are a bit more formidable than the first.” The young girl smiled, judging her.

“Just who are you? Why do you not show your true body.” Wu Siyou tightly gripped her weapon. Her body was already trembling from exhaustion.

“That man has come, we had better settle this battle quickly, or maybe you want to retreat first?”

The young girl looked and nodded.


Wu Siyou’s figure moved. The air suddenly erupted, and the entire ground was torn apart by the recoil of her exertion. In that immensely howling wind, Youyou’s movements instantly crossed the distance between her and Wu Siyou. This kind of speed was even faster.

Because her speed was too quick, there was a trail of afterimages behind her. With a wobble, a bundle of golden light was already shrieking towards WU Siyou’s head.

This time, Wu Siyou gave up on a frontal assault. She had no expectations to ward off the blows, relying only on her own speed to continuously evade. At the same time, she launched counterattacks in the interval between Youyou’s attacks.

Youyou faintly smiled. Suddenly, she jumped above Wu Siyou.

So fast!

Wu Siyou flipped, using Jade Ring Steps, Mandarin Duck Legs. In their battle of steps, the Harm Star had a greater advantage.That Jade Ring Steps, Mandarin Duck Legs’ attack was extremely vague, her footwork constantly changing, becoming an illusionary shadow, unbelievably making Youyou’s attack strike nothing, immediately afterwards with no warning. 

Youyou was quite surprised, actually retreating, still receiving a thundering kick to her stomach by Wu Siyou.

The powerful force practically pierced through her body. Her position was nearly knocked apart, but even so, a strike like this was quite unforgettable to Youyou. However, Wu Siyou’s attack was far from over. Her figure flashed, soaring with a leap.

Youyou caught her with her own spear.

The two seemed to hover in the air. Their battle at similarly high speeds practically was a frightening hurricane. The wind pressure their weapons raised unexpectedly made the entire palace spray with fragmented sand and stone.

The more they fought, the more frightening things became, and the more Wu Siyou found she was unable to keep up with her opponent’s rhythm.

The young girl’s attacks were innumerable, constantly changing, completely unlike that of a Star General, and she was not just any opponent that Wu Siyou had encountered. This first overlord was terrifying at all times, able to turn every single detail into a weapon to attack with. Under the support of that sort of extreme speed, not only did she grasp her attack rhythm perfectly, she also continuously launched attacks that left no gaps for counterattack.

Wu Siyou was increasingly grave.

Was this truly a Star General from the first generation??

True Phoenix Realm?!!!

Wu SIyou was unwilling to acknowledge that. Although her speed already was unable to bring a clear advantage to herself, continuously retreating under the young girl’s attacks on the contrary, since she was able to encounter the first  overlord, this only made the Harm Star become even more warlike.

Their weapons continuously crossed.

Gradually, Wu Siyou already was forced into a tough position by Youyou’s violent and linked attacks. Although she could rely on her speed to evade these attacks, each dodge was very risky. The True Phoenix Star General’s attacks already reached a state of return, an exceedingly refined stage. Any one of her easygoing attacks made Wu Siyou pressured. This not only was a disparity in realms, it was also an instinctive reverence towards the first generation’s Star General.

Wu Siyou clearly knew that if she slowed just one bit, showed even the slightest mistake, create a delay in her movements, the girl in front of her absolutely would make her suffer defeat in the blink of an eye. She could not continue like this. Wu Siyou coldly snorted, retreating five steps, swift as the wind. Her double-ended sword danced, instantly adopting a position of full power.

Sword-qi and lotus flowers blossomed in Youyou’s surroundings, gradually filling everywhere. An air-shredding noise sounded.

Battle speed full open.

Dark Technique.

Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck.

The air-ripping sound suddenly magnified, as if arising from nothing. The next moment, Wu Siyou already was in front of Youyou, her double swords twisting towards her opponent’s soft neck.


A golden light flashed that caught Noble Frost Demonic Lotus.

Wu Siyou was taken aback.

The young girl’s hand moved. Her weapon glowed, stabbing through Wu Siyou without any mercy. Wu Siyou endured the pain, raised her right hand and slashed. The sword’s tip brushed past the young girl’s cheek, drawing blood.

Youyou flicked her weapon, sending Wu Siyou into the air.

“If that is the case, return to Maiden Mountain then.”

Youyou slowly said. She gripped her spear and jumped, stabbing towards Wu Siyou as if she was impaling prey. 

Just as Wu Siyou was about to fall into danger, at this moment, cold light suddenly fell, blocking the spear at the last moment.

Youyou was astonished.

She saw a man and woman appear.

Su Xing and Lin Yingmei each intercepted the weapon. Lin Yingmei’s glare was icy and bone-chilling. Her spear stabbed, the Five Star Divine Weapon’s might directly breaking the heavens. Even Youyou was repelled.

Su Xing used his Flying Swords to give chase. Immediately, he hugged Wu Siyou and escaped to a safe range with an escape technique.


A clear surging sound.

Lin Yingmei’s spear was blocked. The Majestic Star shouted, and the strength in the spear turned great. Suddenly, the light surrounding Youyou’s weapon shattered, revealing a familiar yet unfamiliar Divine Weapon.

“The Golden Qilin Lance??!!”

All of the Star Maidens who had rushed over were struck dumb, simply not daring to believe their own eyes.

Even Lin Yingmei froze.

Including Su Xing, no one had expected that the Destined Star Weapon the girl before them was holding would surprisingly be Strength Star Jade Qilin’s. Su Xing instantly brought out the Birth Treasure Outline. Its gold light shone, displaying the maiden’s data, as usual.

A row of gorgeous information made Su Xing choke.

Star Position: Strength Star

Star Name: Lu Junyi

Nickname: Jade Qilin

True Name: Lu Youyou

Rank: Second

Star Weapon: Golden Qilin Lance (Four Star)

Star Beast: Golden Lion

Realm: True Phoenix First Stage

Innate Skill: All Rounder7

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Special Move: Flowing Light Birthing Color8

Dark Rank Special Move: Golden Rhythmic Flash9

Earth Rank Special Move: Qilin Ensnaring Heaven Array10

Heaven Rank Special Move: None

Current Status: Trace Of True Spirit11 (Cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: The Trace Of True Spirit of the First Generation Overlord to ascend Maiden Mountain, the True Spirit will self-dissipate in a certain amount of time.

“This…” Su Xing was dumbstruck when he saw the information of the Birth Treasure Outline. True Phoenix Realm was too awe-inspiring, however, her Yellow Technique actually was somewhat not too familiar. Su Xing remembered that Lu Xiao’s Yellow Technique was Qilin-fall Skyflash. It seemed that each generation’s Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques were not the same at all.

“Young Lord, Xi Yue has already used the Jade Pendant to escape. This is…” Wu Xinjie rushed over at this time, dumbstruck upon seeing the scene before her.

That gorgeous Four Star Destined Weapon was unexpectedly 

“How could it be the Strength Star.”

Wu Xinjie was shocked.

“Careful, she is very strong.” Wu Siyou was already at the end of her rope. An Suwen hastily began healing her, but even if the injuries Wu Siyou had sustained were flesh wounds, it could mend. When she battled Lu Youyou, her spiritual powers were exhausted and could not be replenished so quickly.

“So everyone has come? Then good.”

Strength Star Jade Qiling Lu Youyou smiled. She straddled a golden lion, riding upon it, slowly sauntering over.

“Your Servant accepts the orders of Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven. Your Servant has come this at time to present unto thee a trial.” Lu Youyou pointed at Su Xing.

“Are you kidding me? The trial of the First Overlord?” Zhang Yuqi did not dare believe something so unreasonable could happen.

Lu Youyou faintly smiled.

This was the reality of things.

“Just what will happen in Maiden Mountain’s Star Duels after the Seven Stars Assembly? How can there still be a Trace Of True Spirit like yours left?” Wu Xinjie noticed that things were somewhat out of the ordinary.

“Your Servant’s duty does not include this.”

Lu Youyou calmly answered.

“Then how do we complete the trial?” Su Xing lowered his voice, feeling pressure. The maiden in front of him was too terrifying. True Phoenix Realm, this simply was a realm of a god, which made him suddenly feel insignificant.

“Very simple. Either you die, or Your Servant dies.”

Lu Youyou smiled. She looked around at everyone.

“You are a very capable man, to surprisingly be able to contract so many Sisters. Your Servant is impressed. Sisters, attack together then.” Lu Youyou warmly said. She sounded very friendly, but she sounded like she had a bit of provocative intent.

Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, Yan Yizhen, GOngsun Huang, Hu Niangzi and the rest looked at each other.

“Young Lord, you must absolutely be careful. We cannot allow Lu Junyi to draw near Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie exhorted.

Su Xing nodded, helplessly forcing a smile.

After all was said and done, Star Generals were the true formidable opponents in a Star Duel. Having encountered a True Phoenix Realm Star Maiden, Su Xing was very clear that if she got close to him, he would perhaps last no more than three moves.

But to make Su Xing sit and wait for death, he did not dare resign himself to this. He rapidly brainstormed  countermeasures.

But this Lu Youyou came at truly an opportune time. He had had just fought a war with the Ten Great Sects. Although their expenditures were not great, Su Xing had wasted much Star Energy facing two Supervoids. His strongest magic weapon perhaps could not be used.

As Su Xing thought of countermeasures, he also spotted the Xia Chen man that was behind Lu Youyou. That Strength Star Lu Junyi, Lu Youyou, also spoke.

“If you want the last Longevity Stele, then do not hesitate to use your full power.” Lu Junyi earnestly said.

A cold snort.

Lin Yingmei leapt forth, her Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear drawing a light that ripped apart the heavens. This cold-light seemed to split the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, and a bone-chilling cold rolled over.

Dark Technique.

Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces.

Gongsun Huang also gravely unleashed her Thunderclap In Evening Breeze Dark Technique.

Yan Yizhen’s figure swayed. She elevated her Realm to Extreme, the Yin Yang Carps leaping about. Her fists of Yin and Yang attacked.

She also used her Dark Technique Snapped Bowstring Magnolia Lily Ballad.

Hu Niangzi similarly used Flying Star Magpie Dance.

“Speed Is A Crucial Asset In War.”

Wu Xinjie waved the Heaven Concealing Stars Fan. In an instant, the speed of all the Sisters were upgraded to the limit, immediately vanishing from Lu Youyou’s eyes. Lu Youyou indifferently faced this all-encompassing killing intent.

“Thinking of killing Your Servant’s Star Master?”

Lu Youyou suddenly spurred the Golden lion. The Golden Qilin Lance in her hand stabbed into the air.

Suddenly, the lance fired a terrible golden light. This light was incomparably glaring, becoming a gigantic qilin that appeared from underground. This qilin opened its jaws, and that was practically a maw that could swallow even Heaven.

This is bad.

Lin Yingmei and the rest’s attacks completely fell into this qilin’s snare.

Wu Xinjie’s expression changed.


In spite of everything, Su XIng also charged forth.

Just at this moment, Lu Youyou smiled. The golden light on her spear broke. The qilin that had emerged closed its mouth, swallowing all of the Star Maidens. A frantic imposing aura suddenly sunk the Bright Moon Palace.

Earth Rank.

Qilin Ensnaring Heaven!!!

Su Xing’s head sunk.

A beauty had instantly fallen into the Star Nest.

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  1. 芷芸
  2. 向沉星
  3. 走水綠沉槍, this was the spear from the original Water Margin, but I wasn’t able to find an established translation
  4. 小霸王周通
  5. As in the way all rich ladies do in anime
  6. 幽幽無痕悠悠, she’s making a poem from her own name.
  7. 天賦:天賦全能, to be accurate this means “Innate Skill: Strong in all Innate Skills,” but I’m pretty sure that the raws mistakenly repeated 天賦
  8. 流光生彩
  9. 黃金律動閃
  10. 麒麟陷天陣
  11. 一縷真靈, lit. a tiny piece of her True Spirit


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