Chapter 506: True Phoenix Realm

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Qilin Ensnaring Heaven Array!!

A giant golden qilin swallowed the entire Bright Moon Longevity Palace in one gulp. Su Xing’s head hurt, sensing that a beauty had fallen into the Star Nest.

Hardly with any thought, Su Xing’s figure moved, his whole body clad in golden wind.

The golden light receded. Strength Star Lu Youyou towered over everyone present, her Golden Qilin Lance’s tyrannical air austere, and Lin Yingmei, Hu Niangzi, Yan Yizhen, and the other girls had been repelled by the Qilin Ensnaring Heaven. “Oh, you Little Sisters truly are very determined.” Lu Youyou carried slight praise. 

Under her Earth Rank Technique, for them to unexpectedly to still be able to withstand, it was no wonder that Lu Youyou had a new level of respect for them.

The only one to fall into the Star Nest was Gongsun Huang. Because the little loi had used three Dark Techniques on Ancestor Longevity. Now using a fourth was her limit, so she was unavoidably defeated in one strike by the Earth Rank. 

“This is much more interesting.” Lu Youyou nodded.

How could Lin Yingmei and the others bother speaking with her any further. The next moment, they launched a blitzkrieg.

Yan Yizhen’s Swallowflash Samsara directly struck the ground. Her fists waved, punches of Yin and Yang exploding on Lu Youyou’s body. Jade Qilin took a step back, withstanding the assault. The Strength Star’s Innate Skill All Rounder was enough to make her possess superior abilities against any opponent.

In her step back, the Bright Star’s Light Smoke Dance Steps circled around behind Lu Youyou, her double sabers already biting closely behind. The ice-cold saber-light obstructed her path.

Lu Youyou smiled. She spun around to face Ten Feet of Blue’s attack. Golden and blue saber-wind continuously slashed and intersected, in the end producing a transparent rain of torn air, firmly sealing all lines of movement for Lu Youyou, bringing a shrill whistle as she pounced at her prey.

Like a dancing magpie.

Fleeting amazement flashed past Lu Youyou’s eyes. Her face was heavy as water – an attack of this degree was completely harmless in her eyes. Conveniently afterwards, the Strength Star scuttled into the saber-wind. The Golden Lion Beast’s charge directly crushed and scattered this attack. 

Then she disappeared in a flash!!

Lu Youyou unimaginably vanished right before Hu Niangzi’s eyes.

Even with Ten Feet of Blue’s absolutely clear eyesight, she surprisingly could not perceive her, so quick was her speed.

Suddenly, the Golden Qilin Lance instantly drew a brilliant light in front of her, and an intense spear-wind unexpectedly rolled in her surroundings. The next moment, Lu Youyou already appeared right under Hu Niangzi’s nose, the swiftness of her speed practically was teleportation.

A True Phoenix Realm martial general, Hu Niangzi was completely unable to keep up with the Strength Star’s battle rhythm. Hu Niangzi did not retreat but advanced instead, her pace very steady, completely fearless of the overbearing might of the Lu Youyou in front of her. Instantly the pair were already in contact.


Lu Youyou curled the corner of her lips. The Golden Qilin Lance flashed, disappearing from Hu Niangzi’s view.

Two cold light shot out from between them. How could Hu Niangzi withstand this. Golden Wind and Jade Dew were knocked flying, having sustained the Strength Star’s kick. Just as the Strength Star was about to follow-up, Yan Yizhen’s steps at this time already attacked without hesitation. The maid’s pace was unflustered, punching following closely after punch. Although her speed was not very fast at all, she could change whatever part of the body she struck with every attack. Simplifying any flashy movements, the attacks she used were all in succession, making Lu Youyou a bit oppressed.

The attacks absolutely did not appear that ordinary or simply.

Each punch and kick were heavier than the last, and at some point in time, an astral wind rolled slowly in the surroundings. The Yin Yang Carps swam about, parrying and grappling, drawing circles as easily as if she was lifting weights, downplaying things. Each of her strikes was smooth and flowing, exceptionally fluid.

Lu Youyou continuously suffered several Swallowflash Samsaras, but the True Phoenix Realm Lu Youyou was incredible. How could anyone avoid Little Yi’s punches using just ordinary techniques. However, Lu Youyou flipped backwards, kicking her foot to slam into Yan Yizhen’s left side, putting an end to the fist technique.

Then, the Golden Qilin Lance in her hand suddenly hummed.

The entire lance became flowing golden light. Lu Youyou stalled in the air. Her hand raised the lance and stabbed, unexpectedly using her Dark Rank Technique without any charge time at all.

Yan Yizhen was completely unable to keep up. Only perceiving a golden light pouncing at her, the Skilful Star instinctively wanted to sidestep, but Lu Youyou’s switch from defense to offense was fast as lightning.

Half a step too late, that beam of light already pierced through Yan Yizhen’s chest and flew out her back.

Dark Rank Technique.

Golden Rhythmic Flash. 

Yan Yizhen vomited blood. The remaining energy of the shuddering Golden Rhythmic Flash of the Golden Qilin Lance burst out of the Skilful Star’s body. Yan Yizhen was shaken back and just happened to be caught by the Su Xing who had rushed over.

“Little Yi.” Su Xing was shocked. His forehead twinkled with a vermilion Star Cest that struck Yan Yizhen’s Star Crest, using his own Star Energy in order to barely maintain her, not allowing her to fall into the Star Nest.

“Mas…ter…” Yan Yizhen’s indifferent pupils seemed a deathly pale. She wanted to stand, but her feet shook, already unable to continue battle.

First Overlord Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Junyi acted with considerable results. After the Earth Rank Technique passed, she immediately used her Dark Technique. She completely had no plans to draw things out in the slightest.

Gongsun Huang and Yan Yizhen were defeated in succession.


Lu Youyou softly chuckled. Her target once again became Hu Niangzi. She wanted to get there in one step when at this moment, she heard a shout. Lin Yingmei’s spear slayed the Golden Lion Beast and directly faced Lu Youyou.

“You shall now face Your Servant.” Lin Yingmei coldly said, her ice-cold spear-light wrapped in intense murderous intent.

Lu Youyou’s lance went to meet it with a feeling that held no advantage at all, seemingly even being suppressed. Lu Youyou’s eyes flashed with an odd glint, showing a grave expression towards Lin Yingmei’s spear that was hidden in wind.

…The True Phoenix Strength Star’s martial arts were matchlessly high level. Perhaps a first-rate martial general could be a match, but Wu Xinjie, Zhang Yuqi and the other girls could only sneak attack from the sides. However, their attacks practically had no way to become a threat to Lu Youyou.

Their battle scene was considerably monstrous. Lu Youyou stalled them all with just the power of one person alone, and her Star Master had actually continuously stood nearby somewhat absentmindedly, as if he was completely unconcerned with this life and death battle.

“Young Lord, let us go kill Lu Junyi’s Star Master.” Wu Xinjie secretly used Sound Transmission.

Su Xing glanced at the other beauties and surreptitiously nodded.

After he handed Little Yi to An Suwen, Su Xing, Zhang Yuqi, Wu Xinjie and SHi Yuan moved to kill Xia Chen.

At this moment, he heard a “Lord Husband” cry that was full of tender feelings.

Su Xing and the rest turned their heads, seeing WU Siyou currently propping her body up with great difficulty.

“Allow Your Servant to go help YIngmei.” Wu Siyou said.

“You rest for now.” Su Xing dearly hugged her. Just now at the ninth palace, Wu Siyou had already exhausted everything to the extent of her capabilities against the Strength Star, and her energy was thoroughly depleted.

“Yes, Siyou, Yingmei and Niangzi have Five Star Destined Weapons. This Jade Qilin is merely Four Star. Although she is True Phoenix Realm, there is still a chance.” Wu Xinjie advised.

Wu Siyou shook her head. Both of her hands grabbed Su Xing’s shoulders, and those serene, starry pupils gazed intently at the man before her. Holding in everything she wanted to say, she kissed him.

The two of them kissed passionately, intimately.

Wu Siyou’s cheeks flushed red, and her expression began to become slightly intoxicated, and even Su Xing felt tipsy.

This was Wu Siyou and Su Xing’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill – Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield.

Zhang Yuqi did not know what Wu Siyou was doing and peered at her in dumbstruck amazement. However, Wu Siyou took several drunken steps yet was unable to bear it. In her current state, she could not possibly use her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.

“Suwen, look after them.” Su Xing exhorted, tenderly smiling at Wu Siyou.

“Lord Husband, be careful.” Wu Siyou said with deep feelings.


“Wild Bee Butterfly Wave.” Zhang Yuqi used a Yellow Technique. Splashes of water filled the skies and became innumerable butterflies that knocked into Xia Chen.

The cultivation of Lu Youyou’s Star Master was also odd. Su Xing’s Seeing Clearly could not discern its depth, however, even if he was actually Transforming Star of Annihilation, Su Xing would not be surprised. Xia Chen finally moved. His finger pointed, and a hundred gorgeous Flying Swords emerged. These Flying Swords changed constantly, instantly becoming a thousand. Zhang Yuqi’s Wild Bee Butterfly Wave was easily shredded by the Flying Swords.

Wu Xinjie’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chain flew out. Nimbly, the Yellow Technique Water Is Not Predictable simultaneously enveloped Xia Chen’s surroundings in an inescapable net. However, Xia Chen had a completely aloof intent.

Pressure was released that suppressed the Eight Gates Black Gold CHains as if it was toppling a mountain.

“Young Lord, be careful. He is perhaps Supervoid Late Stage.” Wu Xinjie dripped with cold sweat.

Hua Xue launched the white light of Dazzling Light Mind Image and fox fire but was also unable to break Xia Chen’s defenses.

“Hmph.” Xia Chen pointed his hand without any fancy movements.

The thousand Flying Swords twisted and intersected back and forth, stabbing Wu Xinjie like a torrential downpour.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain thundered open.

A figure flew out at this moment. Astonishingly, it was Su Xing.

Knowing that his cultivation was too powerful, that brute force would be unable to harm the opponent, Su Xing immediately carried out a close quarters battle. In his hand was the Vajra Evil Smiting Sword.

Xia Chen’s forehead wrinkled. He coldly shouted, snapped his fingers in succession, and he fired his swords. Xia Chen’s expression was grave, not wanting to be entangled, only thinking of settling the battle quickly. Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder slammed into these ten swords.

Then, Su Xing controlled Heaven Tearing, and a golden light pierced through.

At the same time, AN Suwen brandished the Seven Stars Birth Sword and slashed.

Xia Chen was somewhat unable to draw breath, having already been cornered by their fierce and consecutive attacks. Although he could rely on his cultivation to resist these attacks, each blow was very risky to ward off. Su Xing’s close combat gave him a sort of feeling of danger, and from time to time, when they made eye contact, the indifferent ice-cold on his face shook him.

Xia Chen was also a Trace Of True Spirit, but he was not foolish. To be able to have so many Star Maidens following him, the man in front of him definitely had some aspect that was overwhelming. Xia Chen did not know about the Majestic Star’s Battle Doctrine Innate Skill, but relying on the first overlord’s senses, he still perceived danger. If he slowed a bit, showed the slightest mistake, created a delay in his movements, the man in front of him absolutely had certainty make him suffer greatly.


A cold laugh.

Xia Chen retreated several hundred meters, swift as the wind. Both his hands formed hand seals, instantly already adopting an all-or-nothing posture. The next instant, his Flying Swords shot about Su Xing’s surroundings like shooting stars, gradually becoming indistinct, letting out air-ripping shrieks. 

The battle speed had completely unfolded.

Xia Chen had already used a sword chant sword array.

The air-ripping sound was increasingly intense, as if it had formed from nothing. Several dozen invisible true vacuum blades suddenly filled SU Xing’s surrounding space. These Flying Swords that were already indistinguishable from real and fake severely slashed, as if treating Su Xing’s position as the center of a storm. The air was instantly cut to pieces. 

A Supercluster cultivator would undoubtedly die in a Supervoid Late Stage Flying Sword sword array.

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