Chapter 507: Xia Chen

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The corner of Xia Chen’s lips rose, pitying his opponent’s carelessness. He never thought the trial would be over so quickly, but it seemed that this was indeed the end. However, just when Xia Chen thought he could dispatch Su Xing, suddenly, his smile froze, and his sword array cracked.

There was a lion’s roar.

Su Xing appeared safe and sound, and at this time, there was already a Four Symbols Seal magic weapon in his hand.

The Vermilion Bird, Azure Dragon, and White Tiger were summoned by Su Xing without hesitation to destroy the sword array in a suicide attack. The last remaining White Tiger’s remaining breath finally broke the sword array and pounced on Xia Chen.

His eyes were dazzled, and the White Tiger bit into Xia Chen.

The man struck with his palm, slapping the White Tiger’s head. This Holy Beast’s True Spirit howled, yet it did not let go. Its teeth gripped even more terrifyingly, and Xia Chen’s face turned pale. In the end, he called back his Flying Swords to finally dispatch the White Tiger.

“Weather Is Not Predictable.”

Wu Xinjie wielded the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.

Xia Chen was unable to erect a defense and was tightly bound by the shackles. 

Xia Chen shouted, and his whole body emitted a spiritual light that rolled mightily.

“Great Wisdom King Cleave!”

Su Xing flew before Xia Chen and stabbed.

The drill-like sword-light exploded forth from the sword’s tip, engulfing Xia Chen. “Is a small trick like this any use?” Xia Chen laughed coldly. Other than a tiny pinprick, the Great Wisdom King Cleave completely was unable to hurt him.

“Originally, I had even wanted to stay a little longer with your Star Generals, but since you have sent yourself to me, then do not blame me.” Xia Chen interrupted.

The thousand Flying Sword spirit-lights were simultaneously released, illumination the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

As a Star Master from the first generation, Xia Chen did not have any incredible powers or magic weapons at all, but what he could rely on was unfathomable Star Energy. Just his Flying Sword arts were enough to bring enormous pressure.

The Bright Moon Longevity Palace thus staged two frightening battles.

On the other side,everyone else was somewhat astonished to see the scene before them. 

“That is Jade Qilin?? How is this possible?” Queen Lady of Ice saw that there was another Strength Star Jade Qilin. Her ice-cold beauty was disturbed.

Over the course of the events of the battle, Queen Lady of Ice very quickly understood that the things happening before her were very inconceivable.

“Surprisingly, the first overlord is the Jade Qilin?” Queen Lady of Ice was very cold. Liangshan Continent’s Star Duel history had always treated Strength Star Lu Junyi, Majestic Star Lin Chong and the Harm Star as Star Generals that would never sign a contract in a thousand years.

Ever since the ninth Lin Chong and Wu Song suddenly both followed that one man, she never expected that the Jade Qilin would have long ago signed a Star Duel Covenant in the first generation and became that generation’s overlord.

However, thinking about it made Queen Lady of Ice relieved. No one at all placed importance on the First Star Duels. Only after the extraordinary scene of that Star Duel generation’s Seven Stars Assembly did Liangshan Continent begin to pay attention to the Star Duels, so the first generation was of interest to no one. Since it was the starting generation of the Star Duels, the strongest Strength Star Jade Qilin becoming the overlord was not odd at all.

“The Most High Path was worried for nothing. The Purple Thunder Monster has already offended even Maiden Mountain. These Star Duels truly are unfathomable.” Queen Lady of Ice muttered to herself.

A snow-white palace skirt glided past Queen Lady of Ice’s eyes.

“Caiwei, where are you going?” Queen Lady of Ice’s voice sunk.

Gong Caiwei looked at that earth-shattering battle over there. Her icy and snowy eyes already were clear and cold, but there was an additional resolution. Without needing a reply, Queen Lady of Ice knew what Gong Caiwei wanted to do.

“Just what is your relationship with the Purple Thunder Monster?” Queen Lady of Ice knit her brow.

“Caiwei owes the Purple Thunder Monster a favor.” Gong Caiwei calmly said.

Queen Lady of Ice was taken aback. She had never thought that the Purple Thunder Monster had rescued her before. No wonder Gong Caiwei would protect him. Seeing Gong Caiwei’s chilling eyes, Queen Lady of Ice knew that whatever she said was useless Pausing, she asked: “Even if you owe him a favor, in the Star Duels, you must know your relationship with him, Caiwei.”

“Caiwei understands.” Gong Caiwei knew that Queen Lady of Ice was concerned about her, and her tone warmed.

There could be only one overlord of the Star Duels, which meant that no matter how close their current relationship was, when the time came, that one wish would inevitably bring about internecine strife. However, Gong Caiwei felt that man was not necessarily aiming for that wish.

“Even so, do your best. Teacher shall no longer be involved with you all.” Queen Lady of Ice shook her head. 

“Caiwei asks Master to be careful.” Gong Caiwei exhorted. Then, she whispered something to Zhu Sha and hurried to the battlefield.

Elsewhere, the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Hu Mi was struck dumb by the scene before her.

“Little Mi, are we not heading out?” Guardian Star Xu Jingshu said. Her eyes nevertheless stared at the Strength Star. The first overlord’s descent had stirred the Guardian Star’s battle appetite.

Hu Mi did not know whether to laugh or cry. She never expected that she would surprisingly witness the first overlord, but Hu Mi would not randomly place Xu Jingshu’s life in danger. Each fall into the Star Nest would bring the Star General lasting injury. Perhaps a Star Duel with the first overlord could be greatly beneficial, but this price was not worth it.

“Shall we face Wu Song?” Hu Mi eyed Wu Siyou.

The person who had inherited the previous overlord’s fame was similarly enticing.

Now was indeed the perfect opportunity, but Wu Song was alone. Hu Mi believed that she still had confidence in triumph, but this resolution made Hu Mi hesitate indeterminately. This Purple Thunder Monster honestly was too mysterious. Heaven knew what other trump cards he still had. Hu Mi decided to quietly wait in a hidden location, to first observe clearly.

If the first overlord Strength Star could dispatch the Purple Thunder Monster, then that actually would save them a lot of trouble.

Xia Chen’s Flying Swords coalesced, and a ray of blinding fire soared out, immediately drawing near Su Xing. Countless Flying Swords became flaming sword-shadows that chased Su Xing. A ball of sharp flame cut open a heat wave in the air. Xia Chen’s fingers were like a blade, instantly striking.

Another Flying Sword shot over.

The baleful aura was severe, but Su Xing easily evaded, rushing in front of him the next moment.


Xia Chen’s hand shuddered, becoming a flaming fire sword that hurriedly slashed. At the instant they attacked in close quarters, the flaming afterimages of the Flying Swords revolving around Xia Chen’s body were like a coat, abruptly breaking free of his body.

Man and fire split. Su Xing’s eyes nevertheless was left with the blinding light of the leftover flames. Within the briefest of moments, a cold air clambered up and devoured the remaining flames in the air.

Xia Chen’s Flying Swords seized the chance to attack.

At the same time, Wu Xinjie’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chain broke through his layers of defense, smashing into Xia Chen’s jaw, charging at a diagonal with a powerful direct stroke. The strike violently shook his brain. His Divine Intent was severed, and the flames dispersed. Xia Chen was struck back several dozen paces.

Xia Chen’s face was ashen. He did not believe that he had surprisingly been struck by the Knowledge Star.

“This generation’s Knowledge Star has become very strong.” Wearing slightly cold admiration, Xia Chen once again took action. He was very valiant. Although his Divine Intent was dispersed when he was struck, the Flying Swords did not falter. In the sky, they flashed downwards, unbelievably arriving above Wu Xinjie. The next Flying Swords heavily pounded downwards, stabbing Wu Xinjie from above.


Just when he was about to be prevail, the Flying Swords were quickly blocked by the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s array. Wu Xinjie did not change her strategy. She used the chains to trap these Flying Swords, letting out frightening grating sound.

Xia Chen was stunned.

One of Nine Tailed Spirit Fox Hua Xue’s fox eyes was open, firing an illusion. Although it could not possibly influence Xia Chen, that momentary disturbance in his Divine Intent’s usage still made Xia Chen pause for an instant.

It was in this instant that Su Xing already rushed over him, hacking down with a sword.

A glint flashed past the eyes of the Xia Chen who was in midair. Borrowing the force of this strike, he quickly turned around and evaded the tip. Then, his Flying Swords boomed towards Su Xing’s neck.

The Su Xing who was repelled several steps back once again used Heavenly Abyss to block, dispersing this Flying Sword attack.

But only then did Xia Chen’s true attack begin.


Wide wings of flame unfolded on Xia Chen’s back. Spiraling flames burned red, illuminating the entire sky. Flames sparked off of the wings, directly burying Su Xing inside the raging inferno.

Xia Chen flashed by. Just when he was thinking of launching a second wave of attacks on the Su Xing trapped in the flames, countless rays of biting cold qi ripped apart the fire on Su Xing’s body.

With a whoosh, only black smoke was left.

Xia Chen had no choice but to immediately halt his attack.

Su Xing’s whole body emitted a chilling qi, like ice-cold flames that burned. Even from far away, Xia Chen felt it in his bones.

Instant Frost Flame!

“You really have many tricks!” Xia Chen narrowed his eyes. “But if you think this can face me, then you are gravely mistaken.”

“You’ll know soon enough!” SU Xing said.

Just as Xia Chen was about to reply, the cold qi suddenly diffused. Su XIng’s hand pointed, already launching an attack. The Instant Frost Flame transformed into an ice dragon that coiled around. Xia Chen leaned and launched a fire arrow. Su Xing’s claw of cold ice immediately cut apart the fire arrow. 

Just when Su Xing sliced apart the fire arrow, Xia Chen already sprung with an even quick, even stronger dodge.

Su Xing’s speed immediately caught up.

Xia Chen used super speed to leap left and right. Then, he used the flaming Flying Swords he created to attack Su Xing from all around. Su Xing appeared trapped by a ring of fire arrows, yet he calmly used his hands to tear apart the incursive fire arrow.

Each time he tore them, he would carry an absolute cold intent.

Following Xia Chen’s intense attack, Su Xing continuously blocked his Flying Swords while paying attention to his movements at the time. Familiar with Xia Chen’s attack patterns, Su Xing’s cold eyes seized an epiphany on his impending position.

He snapped his fingers.

Instant Frost Flame whirled and fired, the cold qi spun oddly, completely freezing the air.

Xia Chen all of a sudden leaned to the side and dodged this frightening aggression. His Flying Swords coiled and danced.

His chance had come!

Su Xing’s eyes flashed with cold light. He showed a sneer and pointed. Instant Frost Flame exploded, and a range of several li instantly plunged into freezing temperatures. Xia Chen’s movements also stiffened in this instant.

Just as Xia Chen was about to rush through the freezing, he suddenly heard an air-ripping shriek in his ear. Casting a glance out of the corner of his eye, a beam of sky-breaking light suddenly flashed, shooting over with unimaginable speed.

Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!!!

The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow was extremely fast, but Xia Chen’s reactions were outside the God Killing Arrow’s range. Although Su Xing had used the Cold Fire to inhibit his speed, this was not much to Xia Chen. As long as he released his spiritual pressure, he could even withstand the Ten Thousand God Killing Arrow.

Su Xing also sensed that things were far from good. Wu Xinjie released the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, but she was completely helpless.

But just at this moment, suddenly, a Void Array abruptly trapped Xia Chen.

That array’s appearance was so sudden, even Xia Chen completely did not anticipate it.

He was stunned.

His body immediately lost its abilities.

Not good.

Xia Chen’s face turned white.


The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow immediately pierced through…

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