Chapter 508: The Exceptional Yingmei

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The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow pierced Xia Chen’s body, making this powerful Star Master’s whole body stiffen. From faraway, a graceful beauty currently drew her bow back aimed towards him. How could the Xia Chen that had been continuously suppressed by Su Xing and the others defend against this sneak attacking arrow, but this bastard was extremely strong. Even with this, he still did not fall.

But he was nearly there.

Zhu Sha’s Five Elements Weather Banner continuously changed. The array this time became ashes. Su Xing and Wu Xinjie continued to attack, finally killing Xia Chen. When Xia Chen died, his body manifested a Trace of True Spirit that broke, vanishing in the direction of Maiden Mountain.

“Caiwei, thank you.” Su Xing thanked Gong Caiwei, secretly glancing at that boulder-like Leader Star Zhu Sha. He was inwardly impressed this Divine Tactician’s arrays were truly awesome, honestly too unpredictable. The magic weapons in the world paled in comparison.

Gong Caiwei gently shook her head.

There was a rumble.

Everyone turned their heads to look, and their hearts sank again.

Originally, they had thought that killing Strength Star Lu Youyou’s Star Master Xia Chen could reverse the battle situation, but now it seemed that Strength Star was completely unconcerned. She was not affected in the slightest. On the contrary, once Xia Chen died, Lu Youyou’s Star Crest opened, and her powers suddenly magnified.

The Lu Youyou that had been faced with Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi merely waved her spear to send the two girls flying away in succession. Then, she slayed the Bright Star’s Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse. Hu Niangzi, fell off the horse, and Lu Youyou flashed past, attacking her without any gaps.

Just as Hu Niangzi was about to fall into danger.

Zhu Sha once again pointed her hand, using the Five Elements Weather Banner to trap Lu Youyou.

The Strength Star completely ran through it without even pausing.

The Golden Qilin Lance manifested a chilling golden light.

Su Xing saw, and his Divine Intent moved. A Star Crest appeared on his forehead. The golden and blue lights of the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill “When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew” enveloped Su Xing and Hu Niangzi, rendering the watching Gong Caiwei speechless.

Lu Youyou’s slash was completely unsuccessful. Hu Niangzi recalled Golden Wind and Jade Dew, wielding both sabers.

She brandished radiant saber-light.

Lu Youyou moved.


Wu Xinjie shouted.

That was something that happened in merely an instant. Lu Youyou abruptly disappeared. She then inconceivably appeared beside Su Xing. Lu Youyou’s lance fired, using the Yellow Technique “Flowing Light Births Color.” The Golden Qilin Lance immediately launched countless rays of golden light.

Wu Xinjie’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chains were knocked to pieces.

The True Phoenix Realm was no laughing matter. Her martial arts had reached the peak of what Liangshan Continent could even imagine. Even the Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow techniques she used had been promoted several levels.

Su Xing opened the Heavenly Abyss.

The spear-light that flooded out of the Flowing Light Births Color injured Su Xing and Gong Caiwei in merely the blink of an eye. Then, in the next instant, Lu Youyou was already attacking again. This time, the target was not Su Xing but Gong Caiwei instead. Lu Youyou’s expression appeared aloof, but her heart was still considerably resentful.

Zhu Sha was completely too late to use the Five Elements Weather Banner and was killed into the Star Nest.

Gong Caiwei’s expression changed.

Just when the Golden Qilin Lance slashed, Su Xing already blocked in front of her. That flowing and smooth movement made them quite impressed – this man is too familiar, is he not. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloomed, and he used the Acala Wisdom King True Body.

Heaven Tearing was cut to pieces.

Langya was cracked.

In the end, the light landed on Su Xing’s body.

Fortunately, with the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower’s brilliant Buddhist light and Hu Niangzi’s When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew, the Phoenix Realm martial general’s lance was surprisingly stopped.

Blood stained Gong Caiwei’s snow-white clothes red. The girl hastily tugged her hand, raising the Aurora Bottle.

Wu Xinjie quickly attacked.

Lu Youyou suddenly changed, slashing the other way, swift beyond reason. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain directly broke open. Killing intent filled the area. Just as Wu XInjie was about to meet with misfortune, a blood-light flashed past that rescued Wu Xinjie at the last possible moment.

Needless to say, who else other than Su Xing loved to play the hero that rescued the beauty.

The Chaotic Tail Escape hurt Su Xing into nearly fainting. Lu Youyou’s remaining thrust again made Su Xing and Wu Xinjie sustain injury together.

This True Phoenix Realm truly was a cheat-like existence.

Su Xing propped up his body, panting.

In the instant just now when Lu Youyou was enraged, her attack time could be described as ephemeral, but even so, Su Xing surprisingly defended two beauties in succession. The spectating Lu Youyou was dumbstruck, forgetting to pursue with the next wave of attacks – this man must be a cheat, right????

“You…” Lu Youyou wanted to say something, yet she could not utter it. However, she watched Su Xing’s string of crisis-averting actions, and her mood suddenly calmed.

An Suwen hastily used Life Returning Magic Hands.

“I never thought that once your Star Master died that you would become even stronger.” Su Xing was speechless.

“Hmph. We are merely Traces Of True Spirit. Contracts are completely meaningless to us. If you kill him, his Star Energy will come to Your Servant.” Lu Youyou explained after seeing Su Xing’s self-sacrificing kindness.

At this time, Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi already came over to protect him.

Gong Caiwei saw Su Xing had again blocked the attack. She wanted so much to ask, “Would it to kill you to let someone else save you for once??????” The result was that the Gong Caiwei that had thought she returned a favor was once again in his debt.

Now was not the time to be in debt. Lu Youyou indifferently gripped her lance and suddenly trotted.

“Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear. It appears this generation of Star Duels is very exceptional>” Lu Youyou pointed at Lin Yingmei.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear had clashed for a long time, and its veil of wind had long been broken. Five flowing stars were eye-catching for all who beheld it. “Let us battle.” Lu Youyou said.

The only ones who could contend against Lu Youyou was Lin Yingmei and the Hu Niangzi while using her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, if only barely. Wu Siyou was still recovering. Su Xing and Wu Xinjie were wounded.  Shi Yuan and Zhang Yuqi understood that other than adding to the number inside Su Xing’s Star Nest, they had no way to face the martial force of the first overlord.

“Young Master, allow Your Servant to handle her.” Lin Yingmei indifferently said.

Following the Majestic Star’s words, the girl already launched her assault.

That absolutely was a hard to describe scene, unprecedented in the past. This spear was like a tidal wave that rushed through and bound the entire Bright Moon Longevity Palace in ice and snow.

Feeling the Majestic Star’s determination, everyone retreated.

“Then Your Servant shall accompany you.” Strength Star Lu Youyou smiled. A golden whirlwind that reached the blue dome of heaven rolled in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. The nine halls tottered on the edge of collapse, whirling around in golden wind and snowy wind.

That Arctic Star Serpent Spear in Lin Yingmei’s hand burst with an ice-cold hurricane, coiling upon it. What was even more stifling was that Lin Yingmei’s entire person had fallen inside the whirlwind. 

Lu Youyou’s hands gripped her lance and put out a completely perfect defensive stance, “You will die if you are careless!”

The downplayed phrase nevertheless made Su Xing and the others feel the ferocity of a True Phoenix Realm Star General.

Lin Yingmei similarly adopted an attack stance, and the entire world shivered.

Flowing white light and golden wind knocked against one another.

With a crisp and clear shout, before she finished, Lin Yingmei raised the spear in her hands and shot towards Lu Youyou. Following close behind her was Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi.

Wherever Lu Youyou’s golden lance swept, not only was the pervasive killing intent melted, but even the stone slabs on the ground were cracked.

Even a faster figure would not have been able to dodge this tidal wave-like attack. Because the translucent flame’s edge was completely without gaps, the Extreme Realm Star General’s switch from offense to defense that was instantaneous was nevertheless ripped to shreds by a heat wave in no more than an instant.

But this was not necessarily able to shake Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi. THe lightning-quick Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi simultaneously used a difficult to capture tacit pace to evade all of that lance’s attacks. Taking advantage of the moment that Lu Youyou’s violent power stabbed, the two of them flashed over to the flanks of their counterpart’s trembling attacking hand.

But before this silvery light tasted blood, Lu Youyou’s Golden Qilin Lance swept back.

Judging that their coordination was extraordinarily tacit, Lu Youyou’s strike just now did not necessarily use full strength, still leaving room for recovery. Following the weapon’s flying rotation, the line that the scarlet tip drew no longer pierced everything, rather, it had become countless circles.

The crisp sounds of metallic clanging were endless, and when the battlefield was left with only the sound of the wind, Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear made its greatest effort – Dark Technique.

“Long Blizzard Nights.”1

A shuddering blizzard followed Lin Yingmei’s spear technique that became increasingly terrifying, and the Bright Moon Longevity Palace was immediately caught in winter.

“Majestic Star, you are an opponent.” Lu Youyou’s praise penetrated the ice and snow. Lin Yingmei’s expression concentrated, sensing danger.

“But this is far from enough!”

Long Blizzard Night’s continuous spear technique was suddenly terminated. Lu Youyou emerged from within the snowstorm, her body radiating golden light that was just like two enormous wings. She gently blew, and the breath’s berserk power shredded everything within a hundred meters.

Lin Yingmei’s spear was shaken, sending her gliding backwards as the tip of the spear met the lance, emitting intense sparks.

“Beautiful defense!” The corner of Lu Youyou’s lips curled as she then gripped her lance in reverse, leaping towards her opponent. 

Lin Yingmei’s speartip flit upwards, its spear-light flashing, attempting to stab into a blindspot, but Lu Youyou’s next movement nevertheless was outside her expectations. THe golden lance in her opponent’s hand was like a phoenix numbly evading her attack.

Instantly, the scattered golden wind pierced through Lin Yingmei’s body. The scorching feeling made Majestic Star Panther Head groan in pain.

Somewhat formidable.

“You have not made Your Servant disappointed.”

Lin Yingmei raised her head, breathing with difficulty, but she hesitated for an instant.

Murderous intent once again gathered and took form. The next step of Lu Youyou’s assault immediately was obstructed by the Hu Niangzi who rushed over. Lu Youyou leaned back to go block, and Lin Yingmei rose, once again raising her spear to attack after mending her wound.

Lu Youyou was expressionless. She was no longer calm, and her pace began to become even more illusory. 

Her speed was swift to the limit.

The three fell into a battle of high-speed movement, each of them following dance-like weapons as they ran.

Comparing a high-speed battle to a direct confrontation, there would be a drop in the frequency of each side’s attacks, and so long as the footwork of running was suitable for the polearm user to be able to firmly maintain the distance between her opponent, this made her fully able to wield her complete power.

Even if Su Xing and the others were unable to interfere in such high tempo combat, their eyes were dazzled.

Everyone stared blankly at everything, giving rise to a sort of powerless feeling.

Wu Siyou asked her Sisters: “Is there any way to help Yingmei face her?”

An Suwen was currently helping Su Xing recover his spiritual powers. She shook her head; her Essence Swallowing Dragons were completely powerless against Star Generals. Shi Yuan was also without a solution, for even less needed to be said about the Thief Star. Zhang Yuqi was completely at a loss as well/ In the end, everyone turned their gazes to Wu Xinjie. The Knowledge Star’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chain was now their most powerful weapon, but Wu Xinjie sighed. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain was extremely powerful in both trapping and killing enemies, but the True Phoenix Realm was beyond it.

Let alone that Wu Xinjie was very worried about Lu Youyou retaliating, for she required the Eight Gates BLack Gold Chain to stand guard at the side to avoid encountering the unexpected.

Maiden Mountain could dispatch an overlord’s True Spirit for a trial. Heaven knew what other despicable things there were.

“It seems we can only leave things to Yingmei.” Because Wu Siyou had faced Lu Youyou by herself for a time, and was already unable to fight any further, she could only pray in secret.

“There is someone else.” Su Xing gazed at the horizon.

At the horizon, there was already a beautiful figure releasing a cold arrow.

The nine halls of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace had already disappeared with nothing left, reduced to practically smithereens. 

In this kind of substantive battle, although Lu Youyou was powerful, the one she faced was the Five Star Destined Weapon Lin Yingmei and the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow capable Hu Niangzi. The These Feelings Are Endless Lasso was continuously hurled out, and Hu Niangzi and Lin Yingmei’s coordination was quite tacit.

Not only this, but even greater pressure for Lu Youyou came from the Hua Wanyue firing arrows. So long as she scored one Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow, to Lu Youyou, it would be a very bad start. Just as Su Xing said, no one could contend against Hua Wanyue’s arrows. An attack like this was unshakable.

Currently, Hu Niangzi and Lin Yingmei had halted their assault. Their hands were shuddering already to the point they were unable to even grip their weapons, and Lu Youyou also showed exhaustion. Her counterattacks were not as formidable as before, as completely invulnerable.

After all, she had continuously battled top-notch martial generals like Wu Siyou and Yan Yizhen, which was already very taxing.

“Just what is Maiden Mountain?” Lin Yingmei carefully observed the Lu Youyou opposite of her.

“Believe me, you definitely do not wish to know this answer.” Lu Youyou’s smile at this time was a bit forced.

Hu Niangzi snorted, then she sneered. “Elder Sister, there is no need to waste words on a True Spirit like this.”

“Just for what purpose must we Star Duel?” Lin Yingmei inquired.

“Your Servant has no comment.” Lu Youyou looked around.

“If you all truly wish to know, then do not hesitate to kill Your Servant. Complete this trial…” Lu Youyou used an unsympathetic tone to speak. The qilin golden light on her body then expanded in all directions, and a row of flames spread everywhere.

“Careful,” Wu Xinjie hastily called out.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain shuddered under the golden light.

The True Phoenix Realm Star General’s light let out a power that was surprisingly this full of power.

Lu Youyou stood in the center of the light. Her burning wings flapped up and down, crying like a phoenix in this burning world. She soared, and no one dared to say anything now. This was the characteristic of a True Phoenix Star General.

Hu Niangzi used her hands to tightly grip Golden Wind and Jade Dew using a beautiful posture to wield a slash towards the ground underfoot.

The next instant, a several hundred meter long trench suddenly appeared in between them without warning, and the saber qi at the edge of the ground suddenly flashed with a glaring light that then frantically swayed with an ear-splitting slam that pierced their ears. 

In the rocking of the flames, the Bright Star nodded to Lin Yingmei who was at the side.

“We should end this.”

Lin Yingmei grit her teeth like an apathetic phoenix of ice and snow, rushing towards Lu Youyou. The blizzard blew hard from behind her, and roaring at the same time, Hu Niangzi followed alongside her like a shadow, shuttling back and forth through Lu Youyou’s attack as she pleased.

Seeing them launch an attack, Lu Youyou raised the Golden Qilin Lance to refract a beam of light. Astonishingly, it was Flowing Light Births Color. Flowing Light Births Color drew an elaborately calculated winding curve that then cut towards its target body without ever going in the same direction twice.

Hu Niangzi shook the double sabers and fired two rays of sword-qi to attack. Lu Youyou then used her Star Energy to block this sneak attack, and her sharp killing intent bit into the translucent form of the sword qi, biting it into countless pieces. Hu Niangzi’s surroundings immediately exploded with glittering smoke and flame.

On the other side, Lin Yingmei used speed and power that did not match her supple body to dodge past each ray of the Yellow Technique’s attack angles. Not even the lithe hems of her clothing were touched.

The Flowing Light was devoured by the snowstorm.

Lu Youyou was finally piqued. She raised the lance to split apart their pincer attack.

The lance and spear once again slid across. The exchange this time had already tipped the scales of victory. A rain of red blood splashed out from one of their bodies. Lu Youyou’s brow squeezed together, as she half-knelt, using her flaming lance to prop herself up.

“Peace and security for a thousand years. Your Servant has already forgotten how to go burn away the passion of battle.” Lu Youyou warmly and gravely said.

“Then allow Your Servant to show you.” Lin Yingmei sneered. Her weapon aimed at the young woman’s heart, instantly running her through.

Lu Youyou countered.

Suddenly, the Golden Qilin Lance shuddered.

Dark Rank Technique.

Golden Rhythmic Flash!!!

Lin Yingmei parried it, but this Golden Rhythmic Flash’s attack speed was honestly too fast. Hu Niangzi was completely unable to withstand it. Golden Wind and Jade Dew smashed to pieces on contact, and the lance scored a hit on her chest that sent her flying.

An Suwen used Mind-steeling Smoke And Rain, shifting the injuries to herself.

Hu Niangzi finally could not continue and thus withdrew.

“Sister Yingmei, Niangzi leaves this to you.”

Hu Niangzi said with difficulty.

In an instant, the battle was left to two exceptional people.

“Your opponent is Your Servant.” Lin Yingmei coldly shouted.

“Very well.”

The qilin’s murderous aura erupted. A prick of cruel ice and snow froze the earth, and a seemingly bloody line approached.

The battle in surging killing intent was instantly pulled apart. Every sort of ice-cold bone-chill followed close behind. In the first moment Strength Star Lu Youyou opened her attack, her unstoppable battle desire made Lin Yingmei launch a counterattack without any hesitation.

Defeat her!

At this moment, this was Lin Yingmei’s only thought.

“Hè!!” Strength Star Lu Youyou’s lance slashed a golden light. Her attack could be rated as quick. It was that kind of recklessness that made her opponent too late to realize what was happening.

Without any warning, the mud under her feet suddenly erupted. Countless golden lights shot into the air, blocking Lin Yingmei’s field of view.

In the fluttering golden light, Strength Star Jade Qilin’s figure suddenly pierced towards Lin Yingmei.

The golden lance in her hand flashed with a chilling, ice-cold light.

Blood-light suddenly appeared!!

No one could have imagined that sudden attack would be so fierce.

Even if Lin Yingmei’s reactions were swift, she was completely unable to evade this sneak attack. With a ripping sound, there was already a long hole in between her ribs. 

Blood flowed freely from her wound, and a slightly numb feeling instantly engulfed Lin Yingmei’s whole body.

She was the first overlord not just in name, but also in reality. Such a terrifying attack seemed eternally unforeseeable, to have battled for such a long time and still be able to display such an excellent aspect. The next second, Lu Youyou vanished from sight.

Lin Yingmei had no time to be startled. Her reaction were also incomparably swift.

If it was anyone else, they probably would not have been able to consider it, but as a top-notch martial general, the Lin Yingmei that was also in possession of a Five Star Destined Weapon was not necessarily without a chance of victory against the Four Star Lu Youyou.

Without the slightest thought, Lin Yingmei already flew away from the ground. A powerful force instantly pounced from all directions, and the surrounding zhang of area seemed to violently shake for a moment.

By means of the powerful recoil, the girl’s body already flew backwards more than fifty zhang in a split second.

Where had been at originally, there was already an arrogant woman wearing golden clothing. 

Lu Youyou’s brows knit together, as if she was unable to believe this strike surprisingly did not kill her target. Having gone through battles with so many martial generals, Lu Youyou had unwittingly declined.

Instantly, Strength Star Lu Youyou killing resolve continued to manifest.

In the haze of the murderous aura, Lin Yingmei’s figure suddenly pierced through, carrying a similar killing intent as she cut over. The Golden Qilin Lance already brushed violently by, like a howling qilin, pushing the figure in front of her in another frightening exchange.

If it could be said that the battle between them just now was a confrontation purely of speed, then in this merciless battle, strength had become even more important, so much so that it was the deciding factor in life and death.

This was something that could not be judged using experience.

Strength Star Lu Youyou shouted, and her lance manifested multiple trajectories, as if it was tearing open cracks in time.

Without need for thought or hesitation, efficiently strike!

Lin Yingmei’s spear defended. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s strength would only be more powerful compared to the Four Star Golden Qilin Lance. Its flowing five stars were like a river, but while Strength Star Lu Youyou continuously retreated, she was simultaneously wearing a challenging grin.

The lance swept horizontally. Strength Star Lu Youyou’s surroundings released golden light that seemed to have come alive. The golden True Phoenix silhouette began to flow on her body, as if she had a second life.

Lin Yingmei was too late to ponder about any other trump cards Lu Youyou may have. Her attacks did not stop in the slightest, and her excessively powerful strength was unstoppable just by relying on her body alone. Just touching it would permeate the target’s body. Each additional slash bit open another terrifying wound in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, splashing it with skyrocketing flashes. Afterwards, the baleful aura pouring out from her body then tyrannically crushed each of them, making Lin Yingmei’s flesh and spirit simultaneously let out cries of pain excruciating enough for her to wish for death.

Even so, her fierce determination still suppressed these two sufferings, continuing to use speed to fast for the naked eye to track to fiercely cut at each other.

In the Majestic Star’s vocabulary, there never was the phrase “fall back.”

Then, the True Phoenix Realm Star General’s valiance was startling and terrifying, each slash forcing Lin Yingmei to feel fear and trepidation. As expected of the overlord of the beginning generation of the Star Duels, even with only a Four Star Destiend Star Weapon, those attack methods and power of the woman in front of her maintained a surprising tyranny. The pressure it brought even gave people a sort of spontaneous despair.

Several hundred exchanges between attack and defense passed by in an instant. After Lin Yingmei’s eyes finally adapted to Lu Youyou’s glaring True Phoenix light, her attack automatically launched.

Suddenly, a ray of light broke apart.

Strength Star Lu Youyou all along concentrated on that luminous point. When she attacks, she concentrated on suddenly thrusting the lance. When she defended, it flowed back to the impact on the lance itself, as if the lance was a demon moving at high speed. Regardless of whatever angle she launched an attack from, whatever direction the enemy’s attack came, Lu Youyou could appear at the most accurate position and beautifully defend in time.

This is bad.

Lin Yingmei barely leaned her face away, and a line of blood was torn open along her cheek. The girl grit her teeth, suddenly spun and raised the Arctic Star Serpent Spear.

A cold qi spread from the spear, carrying a rippling killing intent. The killing intent attacked her opponent with endless power, attempting to steal the initiative.

Strength Star Lu Youyou smiled. She suddenly stabbed with her hand, with even her whole person shooting towards Lin Yingmei.

Killing intent smashed onto her body, arousing an air ripple that was visible to the naked eye. This ripple moved in all other directions, and wherever it passed, regardless of stone or jade, everything disintegrated. In fact, slamming into the light that Strength Star Lu Youyou let out at the very least created more than a thousand, even ten thousand, collisions per second.

These kinds of collisions blossomed powerfully in the space between them, completely soundlessly destructive to the extreme.

In the battle between these two, Su Xing’s side also watched extremely nervously, but Su Xing genuinely had no way to interfere with the True Phoenix Realm Star General. Other than resonance, there was nothing.

“This Majestic Star is very incredible.” Hu Mi currently watched, entranced. She suddenly heard Xu Jingshu say something. She saw that Guardian Star Gold Lancer’s current excited expression was already completely replaced by Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei’s clear-cut heroic figure was like a unique scroll crafted by heaven sketched out in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

The lazy Guardian Star Gold Lancer Xu Ning felt a rush of excitement, and her shoulders shuddered.

Hu Mi deeply felt the same. “Five Star Destined Weapon, truly unbelievable. The Star Generals beside that Purple Thunder Monster surprisingly has a Star Weapon that high. Just who is he?” Hu Mi was increasingly blank.

“Shall we kill him?” Xu Ning asked. Pausing for a moment, “No, Little Mi. Jingshu feels we should not kill him. Jingshu very much wants to duel once with Majestic Star Panther Head.

Hu Mi forced a smile.

Even now, she was still so relaxed.

The Purple Thunder Monster definitely took the leading role in these Star Duels. Now, perhaps only by uniting all Star Masters could they possibly equal him.

“However, if Little Mi wants to take action now, Your Servant shall follow your orders.” Xu Jingshu said.

Hu Mi shook her head slightly. She saw Gong Caiwei had sunk deep into thought. “The Purple Thunder Monster not only has Star Generals following him, but he also has two Star Masters in accompaniment. This is very odd. Hu Mi wonders what mystery lies within.”

“Is it because they have decided on the Seven Stars Assembly?” Xu Jingshu guessed. THe Seven Stars Assembly was the Star Duels’ final phase, distinguishing seven Star Masters who had ascended Maiden Mountain. The last one standing was the winner. Before this, seven Star Masters maintaining secret alliances was very common. In fact, an alliance of seven stars was a common occurrence in past Star Duels.

“No, it cannot be so simple.” Hu Mi could tell that kind of trust that in life and death absolutely was not a collaboration. There definitely was something within that they would do things to this degree.

But what that something was, Hu Mi could not surmise.

“That?” Xu Jingshu was also grave.

“See whether or not that Majestic Star can defeat the first overlord. If she truly can defeat it, then we need to change our strategy.” Hu Mi said in a low voice.


“We shall see.” Hu Mi did not answer.

Receiving Little Mi’s command to not loot a burning home, Xu Jingshu actually relaxed. Her eyes merely gazed at Lin Yingmei, somewhat interested.

Furthermore, Lin Yingmei and Lu Youyou’s stormed and showed each other with attacks and counterattacks. Suddenly, a golden arrow-shadow flew out. Then, this arrow-shadow brushed past Lu Youyou’s cheek and flew away. A line of blood appeared on her temple.

Lu Youyou nimbly dodged.

With an abrupt leap, she flashed past Lin Yingmei’s attack.

Her target astonishingly was the Hero Star.

Not good.

Su Xing said to himself that things were far from good, and his figure suddenly vanished.

Just as Hua Wanyue was about to prepare a Star Piercing Arrow when a ray of cold light pressure her. Lu Youyou was in front of her in a mere instant, “Little Sister, you arrows truly make me somewhat unhappy.”

Accompanying her words of displeasure, the Golden Qilin Lance slashed downwards.

Hua Wanyue brought out the Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear to block. This weapon snapped with a bang, and the weapon’s disintegration made her movements stagger for a moment, for a mere moment. Lu Youyou already drew near. Once the Strength Star was up close, that was enough to be fatal.

Hua Wanyue maintained her gracefulness. Remaining unflustered, he used her bow to go block.

The storm of death that Strength Star Lu Youyou carried blew apart the fluttering blood flowers, beautifully breaking apart Hua Wanyue’s defenses. After an enormous bang, Hua Wanyue’s body was struck into the air like a kite with its string severed, drawing a long parabola.

Acute pain made Hua Wanyue grit her teeth.

Golden lance shadows were everywhere. When she was knocked flying, the killing intent that sprinkled down made the surroundings brim with a ripping sensation. The glaring cracks along the ground were like strange scribbles, and when the girl fell to the ground, there was even more debris, stained red with blood.

Furthermore, she was losing blood continuously without stop.

If this continued, she certainly would die…Hua Wanyue grit her teeth. She quickly drew her bow, her eyes full of complete admiration and unyielding will towards Strength Star Lu Youyou.

Hua Wanyue seemed like a person made completely of blood. Her graceful jewel-like pupils carried a slight dimness, but the light that did not concede defeat had not yet been extinguished.

This sort of expression made Strength Star Lu Youyou very impressed. To still be unafraid at this stage, she did not disgrace the Hero Star’s name.

“Dance Through The Willows!” 

Strength Star Lu Youyou spoke: “Since you and Wu Song made the same choice, then Your Servant must make at least one of you regret it.” That Golden Qiling Lance then swung, and even the light-shadow on its body also bit at her.

A thunderclap seemed to erupt along the ground. Lu Youyou’s piercing cold light and killing intent were completely demonic. Terrifying pressure instantly flew in all directions. Hua Wanyue’s yellow technique instantly crumbled, and the Hua Wanyue who was so close once again sustained heavy injury. Her figure was like a comet, ruthlessly launched by the pressure.

In the violent lance’s shadow, the ice-cold weapon rapidly moved, and a frightening killing intent seemed to instantly appear, continuously attacking the place that Hua Wanyue had fallen to. In a split second, she had carved open a gigantic hole.

The rumble of thunder endlessly echoed, and the baleful aura that filled the skies spurted out sand, stone, earth and trees.

Countless ruins of palaces were dashed to pieces, becoming a drifting dust that filled the air. Even if she was not a battle maniac, Strength Star Lu Youyou’s powerful destructive energy was manifested without doubt.

Behind the murderous aura that flew in all directions, Strength Star Lu Youyou’s eyes burst with cold light. Suddenly, her hands clenched the Golden Qilin Lance. The killing intent flowing over whole body instantly gathered onto the weapon in her hands.

But Lu Youyou’s wish had still failed.

By the time the dust dispersed, Hua Wanyue’s trail had already disappeared from that place. A couple had appeared in the air. This time, it was not just Su Xing, but rather Lin Yingmei.

Su Xing stood before her.

“Su Xing (Lord Husband) (Dear Husband) (Big Brother) …”

All of the girls were stunned.

Even the Lu Youyou who was about to pursue was taken aback. She had never expected that Su Xing would block in front of her. “Your Servant does not wish to kill you!!!!”

“But I wanted to meet you.” Su Xing smiled, his Flying Swords revolving around him.

Lu Youyou felt that she had heard a very funny joke. A Supercluster Middle Stage Star Master surprisingly wanted to meet her. Her whole body erupted with fury, and the girl smiled despite her anger: “You oaf!”

Her powerful spirit forced Su Xing nearly into retreat, but even so, that fury still made Su Xing blink.

Just at this moment, cold light flashed in her eyes.


Sparks splashed.

Su Xing broke into a cold sweat from fright. What swift speed!

Lu Youyou’s wrist sunk. The Golden Qilin Lance drew a ray of light, her attack launching at that instant!

At practically the moment metal clanged, Su Xing’s Heavenly Abyss swords and Lu YOuyou’s Golden Qilin Lance clashed against each other, there was an enormous impact that made the entire ground quake. The fog was frantically rolled away. The Heaven Tearing and Langya Flying Swords were completely helpless against the True Phoenix martial general’s assault. Even Hua Wanyue’s Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear had split, let alone his other Flying Swords.

And Heavenly Abyss’ powerful defensive nature was perfect to use here.

Su Xing made his swords combine. His figure moved, and the airflow along the sword’s edge gathered into a sharp blade-light, tearing apart the air.

The air distorted.

Regardless of speed, angle, power, or determination, they could not be more perfect. It was such a perfect attack to Lu Youyou that she could hardly say it was bad, but it was far from enough.

Lu Youyou once again made Su Xing witness her terrifying martial general capabilities.

The sword-light was disintegrated, and like a fading light, it gave people a brief flash when it appeared. The Golden Qilin Lance already slashed towards Su Xing, easily breaking Su Xing’s sword.

Su Xing and the sword blocked this frontal slice.


The Golden Qilin Lance’s trajectory astonishingly changed. Lu Youyou still drew several steps closer in front of Su Xing, revealing a glimmer. Su Xing then tumbled backwards. 

“Die!!” Lu Youyou’s voice grew louder. Without holding back, she brandished a tyrannical attack.

Su Xing’s eyes nevertheless glinted, and the corner of lips curled with a very profound curve. This was the capabilities of a True Phoenix martial general. A powerful pressure clamped down on Su Xing, but fortunately, Heavenly Abyss was surly. It could barely resist Lu Youyou’s power that was unmatched under Heaven. Passing through the Golden Qilin Lance’s changed trajectory and overbearing power, Su Xing could clearly sense the Lu Youyou that was at the center.

Su Xing craved to have his fill of a battle against the True Phoenix Realm martial general. Even if it was for only a few moves, he did not dare be careless. Su Xing already retreated and retreated, being forced to a dead end. Lu Youyou’s Golden Qilin Lance techniques were very tyrannical. Her actions were undertaken very swiftly. If it was not because Lu Youyou had fought Wu Siyou, Yan Yizhen, Lin Yingmei and Hua Wanyue beforehand, having decreased her Star Energy, Su Xing honestly would not have dared made direct contact.


Lu Youyou suddenly thrust the Golden Qilin Lance, immediately shaking the ground. 

Su Xing vomited blood. The grin on his face was even more extreme, making Lu Youyou feel even more indignant. To be able to battle with the Strength Star Lu Youyou that was battle-crazed felt truly wonderful.

Strength Star Lu Youyou’s figure was slender, the expression on her face slightly changing.

A blood-red color dispersed.

In that instant, two colors blend into one, twisting together. A strange harmony emerged, emitting an intimidating killing intent. At the same time there was a long cry, the girl rushed forwards, brushing by like a shooting star, carrying an overwhelming power that suddenly sliced towards Su Xing.

Heavenly Abyss shuddered.


Su Xing vomited blood again. The bones, meridians and blood vessels in this whole body were about to break apart.

The beauties below at this time rushed upwards one after another.

“Is this man insane? To unexpectedly go duel the Strength Star.” Hua Wanyue was being supported by Lin Yingmei. A bit of happiness flashed through her heart, but it was immediately scared stiff by Su Xing’s overwhelming actions. The Hero Star truly was astonished.

“Yingmei, it is up to you to finish what happens next in the trial.”

A voice floated over. Wu Xinjie already appeared beside them.

Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow. Without saying another word, she charged forth.

“Just what is happening?”

Hua Wanyue’s head leaked sweat.

Wu Xinjie slightly smiled, graceful as clouds, as everything had already ended.

“There is only this.

Hua Wanyue was taken aback, and her face turned red.

Author’s Note:

Three chapters in one, I’m too lazy to think of a title.

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