Chapter 509: Earth Rank Technique “Ice-heart Sealing Sun And Moon”

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Strength Star Lu Youyou’s breathing had already become labored at some point. Although he True Phoenix First Stage Star General was unhindered at this stage, with no equal, continuously battling with Su Xing’s top-notch martial generals made her not as well as before.

“Courting death.”

Lu Youyou took a deep breath, and a savage glint flashed in her eyes.


Heavenly Abyss’ obstruction was shaken apart by the Golden Qilin Lance. The sword-shield defense broke, and Lu Youyou sprung forth to slash him. Flying Swords of ice and snow abruptly ambushed her from all sides. Gong Caiwei’s hands formed a hand seal, and she gracefully appeared beside Su Xing with an escape technique.

“Caiwei?” Su Xing blinked, very surprised.

Gong Caiwei did not say anything at all. Her clear, snowy pupils focused on Lu Youyou. Her delicate hands gripped the Tracing Snow Sword, and she coldly said: “For the first overlord to interfere in the Star Duels, is Maiden Mountain already so shameless?”

“Lady, you must know what you are doing? Your Servant is helping you kill this man who has contracted multiple Star Generals, are you not grateful?” Lu Youyou gently laughed. “Or perhaps you think you can defeat him in a Star Duel?”

Gong Caiwei cast Su Xing a sidelong glance, aloof. “That is not your concern. Caiwei cannot bear to see this despicable affair.” The Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords’ white light flew in all directions, revolving around her body, forming a snowy, chilling sword array.

Lu Youyou’s mouth hung agape. SHe thought she had misheard. She stared oddly at Su Xing, inwardly pondering just what kind of bewitching herb this man had given these women? He had unexpectedly even brought a Star Master, an inevitably mortal enemy, to his side.

Strange, so strange.

“If you interfere, Your Servant shall not show you any mercy.” Lu Youyou was stern.

Her figure flashed, and her lance attacked.

“Careful.” Su Xing called out. The Immortal Hero Princess and Su Xing then charged forth with Su Xing at the same time. Gong Caiwei’s Tracing Snow Sword’s technique became boundless, swift as quicksilver, extremely illusory. The Immortal Hero Princess had cultivated the sword ever since she was little, so her Sword Arts were naturally brilliant. Having not seen each other for so long, Su Xing took notice that Gong Caiwei’s sword technique was even more outstanding. The Tracing Snow Sword’s True Spirit “Blooming Water Dragon” emerged, continuously entangling the Golden Qilin Lance. Although she could not compare to Su Xing right now, she nevertheless could contend against Lu Youyou.

Gong Caiwei’s actions greatly alleviated the pressure on Su Xing.

Originally, the already heavily injured Su Xing once again endured his wounds.

The Golden Qilin Lance’s golden light reverberated. Very quickly, Gong Caiwei’s Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords then could not bear any more and was thus defeated. Her figure somersaulted in the attack, but several blinks’ worth of exchanges lasted longer than a century. Su Xing and Gong Caiwei very quickly already were arrows at the end of their paths.

Immediately afterwards was Lu Youyou’s lance attack.

A golden wind injured the pair.


Gong Caiwei’s finger pointed. She raised the Aurora Bottle, and a canopy-like aurora simultaneously flowed out from the bottle’s mouth. The girl read an incantation, and her magic energy swelled, her power incomparably vast. Su Xing noticed only then that Gong Caiwei’s cultivation had surprisingly reached Supervoid Stage. 

The aurora gathered and wrapped Lu Youyou within. Even if Strength Star Jade Qilin wanted to escape, there was no place to run to.

But the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure was not worth a mention in facing the True Phoenix Realm Lu Youyou. The Strength Star clenched the lance, and with a stab, her figure was like a phoenix. Strength that toppled mountains and overturned seas spurt forth from the lance and immediately ripped apart the entire aurora. 

The True Phoenix specter on Lu Youyou’s body blossomed with a resplendent light.

Their eyes were blinded.

Such swift speed.

Su Xing’s first reaction was to bring Gong Caiwei away. How could he have foreseen that Gong Caiwei also thought this way. Both of them turned and nearly ran into each other. Their eyes made contact, and they paused, discerning each other’s thoughts. “Go!” Gong Caiwei’s tone was gentle, her cheeks slightly red. Faster by a step, her white hand pulled Su Xing. The Aurora Bottle’s Aurora once again released to envelop the pair.

There was a clear bang.

The Golden Qilin Lance surprisingly pierced into the Aurora Light Bottle, destroying all of the aurora. Gong Caiwei’s face paled, and she spat blood, staining her clothes red. A cold wind blew through, for Lu Youyou was already sweeping her lance towards them.

Su Xing struck with a palm. A golden lotus bloomed in the air, blocking everything like a rampart.

It was only one second, but Lu Youyou then swept away all of their abilities.

Just as Su Xing and Gong Caiwei were about to meet misfortune, just as Su Xing was planning on using the Chaotic Tail Escape again, it was at this moment that a cool and elegant figure blocked in front of them, blocking the attack with a clang.

The other beauties appeared in succession.

“What are you all doing!” Su Xing was taken aback.

“Wu Siyou, Your Servant has already defeated you. Could it be you wish to die this time?” Lu Youyou said in a heavy tone. She did not place Zhang Yuqi, An Suwen, Tang Lianxin and the others in her mind at all. This was not carelessness at all, but a top-notch martial general’s sort of instinct.

Before Wu Siyou could reply, they suddenly heard a voice of ice and snow.

“Siyou, allow Your Servant to end this trial.”

Lin Yingmei flashed to the center of them. SHe nodded at the others, her eyes seemed to be saying, “Leave this to Your Servant,” “Little Sisters, Your Servant asks you to leave first.”

“Yingmei?” Wu Siyou hesitated/

“Your Servant will not betray the efforts of the Sisters and Young Master.” Lin Yingmei’s gaze swept across them. When she looked at Su Xing, she was particularly tender. “I, Lin Yingmei, shall end everything right now!!!” The Arctic Star Serpent Spear pointed straight at Lu Youyou, its five stars flowing every which way in the surroundings of the spear, displaying an extraordinary aggression.

And it was this kind of aggression was not false bravado nor excessive conceitedness, but because the other Sisters’ battles.

From Wu Siyou, Gongsun Huang, Yan Yizhen, Hu Sanniang up to Su Xing and Gong Caiwei doing their utmost against Strength Star Jade Qulin to the last moment, how could she, Lin Yingmei, allow everything to fall short at the end.

“Very well.” Lu Youyou nodded in admiration, feeling sincerely impressed by Lin Yingmei’s courage. “Worthy of Majestic Star Lin Chong, you make Your Servant recall the first Panther Head, Lin Xiangmo.1 She was also very extraordinary, however, in the end, Your Servant still had the better odds of victory. Can you still manage?”

“No need for nonsense.”

Lin Yingmei’s eyes were full of a cold frost, as if she was smiling.

Lu Youyou nodded.

Two silhouettes rapidly rushed each other with matchless speed. Lu Youyou’s Golden Qilin Lance threaded through an incalculable distance, striking as a line.

The weapon’s light-shadow suddenly lengthened. Lin Yingmei wielded a cold-light, using her spear-tip to block Lu Youyou’s slash. Their weapon let out a terrible thud.

Power exploded.

Lin Yingmei soared backwards, simultaneously bending her right arm and flinging, launching the spear over.

The Strength Star’s lance immediately broke free of this attack. Lin Yingmei seized this slight gap, rushing to be the first to attack. Lu Youyouy seemed to have already responded, and one hand suddenly grabbed Lin Yingmei’s fist that was covered in cold frost.

Their powers were battling in secret. Lin Yingmei was not an opponent for a True Phoenix Star Genera and was pushed back. Lu Youyou quickly caught up, grabbing at her like a starving falcon.

Lin Yingmei somersaulted in midair, dodging away from Lu Youyou’s sneak attack, simultaneously launching swift and severe spear technique.

“If things are like this, you may be able to defeat Your Servant.” Lu Youyou took a deep breath, making herself maintain calm. She showed a pearly white grin: “How long can you last? Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Yingmei!”

“Take this.”

Wu Siyou and the other girls at this time had already withdrawn to Wu Xinjie’s side. An Suwen used Mind-steeling Smoke And Rain to receive heavy injury, but she still maintained treatment of her Big Brother. The other beauties guarded around her, not allowing the murderous aura of Lin Yingmei and Lu Youyou’s battle to affect her.

“Sister Yingmei can definitely win, right, Su Xing?” Shi Yuan tightly clenched her fists, gazing at the Lin Yingmei battling with her utmost with some disbelief and a bit of helplessness.

“Just believe in Yingmei.” Su Xing stared fixedly at Lin Yingmei’s each and every move.

“Although Lu Youyou has defeated Siyou and the others, she has wasted a lot of energy. Right now is probably her limit. Yingmei has Five Stars, and although she is not the same Realm, she will not be passive.” Wu Xinjie explained, especially when she had already casted Speed Is A Crucial Asset In War for Lin Yingmei. In terms of speed, Lu Youyou could not take a big advantage at all.

But what made Wu Xinjie worried was Lu Youyou’s Earth Rank Technique. The True Phoenix Strength Star had used an Earth Rank and still had enough strength to use a second. Wu Xinjie had witnessed the might of the Qilin Ensnaring Heaven Array. If she used this again, perhaps everyone, who were completely spent, would be in danger. They could only flee using the Jade Pendant.

Wu Xinjie’s worries very quickly came true.

A hundred bouts were fought in the sky. Lu Youyou’s speed, awareness and other martial force aspects were already beginning to decline. Continuously fighting with so many top-notch martial generals, the only True Phoenix First Stage Star General had reached her limit.

The Trace Of True Spirit showed signs of fading.

Lu Youyou knew that she needed to settle the battle swiftly.

Lu Youyou’s fingers swept slowly across the lance. The Golden Qilin Lance slightly lowered, and a soaring wind washed away the Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s baleful aura. Her sharp expression and the lance became a line. The Strength Star charged forth with a spurt of energy, and the lance roared as it stabbed, drawing a slender trail that was bright as daylight in the air.

Lin Yingmei in an instant used her spear to block this attack. Although her hands were shaken a bit numb by her opponent’s power, she nevertheless did not care at all. She seized the chance to spin her weapon, slashing back with lightning speed.


Lu Youyou shouted and spun the Golden Qilin Lance, and an intense circular motion followed the metallic sheen. Then, the entire lance suddenly shook.

Lin YIngmei was shaken back.

“Lin Yingmei, take Your Servant’s Qilin Ensnaring Heaven.”

Lu Youyou did not pursue again. Instead, she fell like a meteor onto the ground, and after an earth-shattering quake, the Golden Qilin Lance heavily stuck into the ground. Lu Youyou coldly shouted. Golden light emitted from the lance. Subsequently, it was increasingly resplendent, and the entire Bright Moon Longevity Palace became like a qilin. The qilin’s golden light arced about, a thunderous roar.

Her powerful strength practically destroyed the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. The airflow that arose endlessly blew past Su Xing and the others.

The Qilin Ensnaring Heaven was a wide-range Earth Technique. Now that Lu Youyou was already at her final blow, Wu Xinjie’s expression changed.

“Young Lord, we need to escape.”


Su Xing categorically refused.

“Young Lord?”

Wu Xinjie was astonished. She suddenly saw that Su Xing and the others had raised their heads to look at the sky.

Lin Yingmei hovered in the air. Her whole body glittered with a cold light. The flowing Five Stars flew out of the spear and whirled around Lin Yingmei’s body. Lin Yingmei’s hands clenched her spear, and an indescribable strength flowed about the Majestic Star’s body.

The sky was ice-cold.

“Lu Youyou, watch Your Servant’s Earth Rank.”

Lin Yingmei revolted. The snowy cold-light was released, making Lin Yingmei’s entire person appear like a flickering light of ice-cold, a frozen sun and moon. Her black hair instantly turned into a cold blue tone. Ice fragments like fairies fluttered around Lin Yingmei’s whole body, beautiful enough to make people lose their voice.

“This is????”

Su Xing had never seen Lin Yingmei this beautiful, and he forgot about everything.

Lin Yingmei manifested an icy shooting star that fell straight into the center of the Qilin Ensnaring Heaven. The qilin’s roar already was unable to stop the Majestic Star’s advance. 

This was Majestic Star Lin Yingmei.

Earth Rank Technique.

Ice-heart Sealing Sun And Moon!2

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  1. 林香墨
  2. 冰心封日月


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