Chapter 510: After The Ice Cold

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The ice-cold Lin Yingmei descended from the heavens, streaking into the middle of Strength Star Lu Youyou’s Qilin Ensnaring Heaven as a meteor. Then, she used illusory spear technique. Each attack she wielded had an extremely cold airflow that pervaded more than a hundred li. After a split second, the Bright Moon Longevity Palace was already completely frozen. A world of ice and snow became an extremely frigid glacier. 

The world was entirely of bone-chilling ice-cold.

A cold wind rustled in the air.

Lin Yingmei drew back her spear. She straightened her back, her snowy eyes clear and cold.

Lu Youyou’s whole body was stained with cold frost. Her body slightly shivered, whether it was because of the extreme cold or some other reason. Although they were similarly Earth Rank Techniques in contest, Lu Youyou’s was already the second she used, so how could she have compared to Lin Yingmei. She was at a great disadvantage.

“Not bad, Your Servant has not come to this Liangshan in vain.” Lu Youyou laughed.

“To have been with a True Phoenix senior has allowed Your Servant to greatly benefit.” Lin Yingmei said.

“En, then good. Future trials still await you…However, Your Servant still stands here right now…” Lu Youyou hefted her Golden Qilin Lance, and her whole body was soaked in golden light, washing away the ice and frost.

A particularly eye-catching dot of golden light manifested in the world of ice and snow.

There was no need for any more words. Lin Yingmei understood that Lu Youyou’s intentions. As the most top-notch martial general, perhaps, defeat was the best ending.

Their attack was carried out in that instant!

At practically the moment that metal weapons rang, Lu Youyou’s Golden Qilin Lance and Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear clashed and gave rise to an enormous impact. The entire glacier shuddered, and the frozen mountain scenery crumbled under their power.

Lu Youyou’s lance swung, and the airflow on the lance concentrated into a sharp killing intent, tearing the air to shreds, directly storming over. 

The air warped.

The baleful aura was shattered. Lin Yingmei suddenly vanished, drawing a trail of phantoms. When she reappeared, there was a brief blinding moment. Her spear already stabbed towards Lu Youyou.

Lu Youyou raised her lance to parry this direct slash.


The spear abruptly vanished. Lin Yingmei already broke through to right in front of Lu Youyou. There was an air-splitting gleam, an explosive killing intent. Lu Youyou tumbled backwards. The corner of Lin Yingmei’s mouth curled. Her silhouette leapt, faster than a meteor.

Lu Youyou’s eyes nevertheless were blinded. A profoundly deep curve spread across the corner of her lips. Gathering the last of her strength, the lance continuously swept forth.

Lin Yingmei remained indifferent, far colder than that Thousand Year Black Ice. Her whole body’s aggression had a completely opposite change. Her figure arrived before Lu Youyou, the spear fighting back. Passing through the ice-cold light the weapon emitted, Lu Youyou could clearly see Lin Yingmei, but transmitting from the other side of the spear really was not a prideful determination or fury. Rather, there was an impenetrable serenity, and a kind of calm that was as if she was lifting weights.

The True Phoenix Realm Lu Youyou already was unable to match Lin Yingmei’s battle rhythm.

“This is interesting.” Lu Youyou lifted her gaze. Her eyes looked at Su Xing, uttering a low chuckle as she launched a wildly swelling assault.

Lin YIngmei took several steps, whirling as if she was dancing, sprinkling chunks of ice.

Lu Youyou’s silhouette was instantly in front of Lin Yingmei. She slashed without leaving any leeway, and in the midst of a shattering sound, Lin Yingmei seemed to have been struck.

Her figure was ripped apart, subsequently vanishing.

A soft laugh came from behind her, and Lin Yingmei suddenly appeared. Lu Youyou’s reactions were extremely quick. She spun around and blocked, a fire-light streaking across the lance. At the same time she retreated, how could she have anticipated that the girl would raise her arm. Ice-cold killing intent flowed out from the crack between Lin Yigmei’s fingers. Lu Youyou’s surroundings froze.

Not good!!

Lu Youyou felt grave danger. Lin Yingmei disappeared, and reappeared not even half a second later. This time, Lin Yingmei’s spear stabbed into Lu Youyou’s body.

The extremely cold spear penetrated her outer layer of skin, penetrating deeply into her bones and organ systems.

Lu Youyou grit her teeth. Shouting, she shook Lin Yingmei while she still lived, but although Lin Yingmei withdrew, the Majestic Star’s attack was not done yet. Several streams of cold wind streamed around Lu Youyou’s body in succession. A kind of extreme chill seeped into her soul, and Lu Youyou felt her body incapable of budging.

“This is over.”

The young girl flashed by, and when she appeared, she had already ducked away from Lu Youyou’s line of sight.

A bone chilling voice pervaded the air!

The palace, the mountain, and the sky all froze.

Everything froze, even thought itself.

Lu Youyou stared dumbstruck at this cold spear that had run through her chest. The nearby Lin Yingmei’s scorching hot breath was clearly visible. That pair of impressive, arousing ice spirit eyes filled Lu Youyou with moving charm.

“Everything is over.”

Lu Youyou muttered.

Following Lin Yingmei pulling back her spear, Strength Star Jade Qilin’s body disintegrated, turning into a Trace Of True Spirit that disappeared into the distance.

Lin Yingmei looked in the direction of Maiden Mountain. Her ice-blue hair slowly regained its glossy black color, and the ice and snow surrounding the Majestic Star’s body also slowly subsided. A wide chest brought Lin Yingmei into his embrace. In the world of ice and snow, it carried a particular warmth.

“Young Master…” Lin Yingmei whispered, losing all of her strength.

“Wife, rest for a bit.” Su Xing deep kissed her.

“So incredible…so incredible…” Guardian Star Xu Jingshu drew in a breath. That was the Majestic Star’s Earth Rank Technique. Even Xu Jingshu who was overconfident beyond reason  did not have a perfect chance to face an Earth Rank.

“Little Mi…”

Hu Mi pondered, her beautiful brow furrowed. She truly did not expect that the Purple THunder Monster’s party would surprisingly actually topple the first overlord. “Little Mi, what do we do?” Xu Ning asked her.

Now, the Purple Thunder Monster’s group had gone through the Ten Great Sects’ encirclement of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace and the first overlord, they were already completely drained, arrows at the end of their path. Hu Mi believed that she could take the advantage if she acted now, but this advantage was completely meaningless…The Purple Thunder Monster possessed the Jade Pendant and could flee as he pleased. If she was unable to definitively kill him, it was actually unwise to start a feud.

Let alone that the Purple Thunder Monster’s companions were honestly too strange.

Heaven knew what other trump cards they had. For the first time, Hu Mi did not have confidence. What made the Fairy of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace even more cautious was that Gong Caiwei and Xi Yue both stood at the Purple Thunder Monster’s side, in spite of the life or death of the Star Masters. Hu Mi did not understand their conduct, giving rise to curiosity within her heart. “There is a mystery within. Perhaps joining the Purple THunder Monster is not bad, but Hu Mi sees that the Purple Thunder Monster is a lecher…En…” 

“…” Xu Ning.

“Let us go.” Hu Mi made her decision.

Xu Jingshu looked at the Lin Yingmei laying against Su Xing’s chest, envious and resentful, her heart brooding. “Next time, Your Servant will accompany you.”

Hu Mi manifested purple smoke, and then she dissipated away from this place.

Wu Xinjie watched that purple smoke, actually somewhat curious.

“Xinjie?” Wu Siyou had also long monitored Hu Mi. When she noticed that their counterpart had suddenly departed, she was somewhat astonished.

“Xi Yue perhaps was forced back to the Immortal’s Abode by her. That female cultivator is considerably bright. We cannot be neglectful.” Wu Xinjie smiled.


“Yingmei, Su Xing, are you alright.” The other girls stepped up and asked with concern.

Su Xing nodded to express his agreement. He looked around the ice-cold Bright Moon Longevity Palace. He did not expect the situation would change to this degree. “Never expected Maiden Mountain’s trial unexpectedly would be an overlord who came down the mountain. We truly were too careless.” Wu Xinjie shook her head, guilt emerging in her heart.

“Yes.” Su Xing agreed.

Who could have thought that Maiden Mountain’s trial was unexpectedly to dispatch past overlords. This practically was the cheat of cheats. Every single one of the past overlords was True Phoenix Realm, and with this kind of Realm, it was no exaggeration to say they were unhindered.

However, this counted as thoroughly bad luck. Originally, they thought they would only have to face the Ten Great Sects’ encirclement in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. How could they have ever foreseen that an overlord would unexpectedly choose this opportunity. Back on topic, those seven rainbow lights that came out of Maiden Mountain was no more than a short few dozen days ago. According to Wu Xinjie’s reckoning, she thought that they still had at least this one month.

“The next overlord cannot be ignored. Xinjie shall go research clearly the past Star Duels’ materials for countermeasures, so as to avoid encountering this kind of unexpected matter.” Wu Xinjie muttered, already considering their next plans. 

Beginning from now to before the Three Heavenly Books, all Star Masters would exploit every kind of opportunity and training to expand their own strength, to make their Star Generals comprehend Earth Rank, and the White Tiger Territory that no one ever gone to would be the place everyone sought.

However, before this, there was still the “Treasure Banquet.” This banquet that occurs once every fifty years was the carnival day for each cultivator.

“En. Gong Caiwei, many thanks to you for this.” Su Xing said to Gong Caiwei.

The An Suwen who was currently healing Gong Caiwei curiously asked: “Lady Caiwei, you seemed to have been Supercluster Peak a few days ago? Now you are Supervoid Stage. Has An Suwen misremembered?”


Su XIng was choked upon hearing this.

This progress was rather too fast.

“Princess Caiwei has perhaps ingested the Thousand Year Tears.” Wu XInjie guessed.

Gong Caiwei nodded. There was nothing to hide. To mention this topic was timely. Gong Caiwei had inherited Zhu Sha’s Magic Circles, so she was considerably proficient at generating array arts. Before she went to the Palace of Empress Wa, she investigated, and afterwards, she inadvertently broke through an array to realize the secret of the Palace of Empress Wa- Once, a Transforming Star of Annihilation level cultivator entered the Palace of Empress Wa and did not reappear ever since after he obtained the Thousand Year Tears. Gong Caiwei surmised that he did not come out after the Palace of Empress Wa was sealed shut, borrowing the palace to refine the THousand Year Tears. Thus, Gong Caiwei did not vie for those Thousand Year Tears like the others but instead went in search of his. 

Her labors were not fruitless, for she actually broke through the concealment array and found them.

After hearing Gong Caiwei’s encounter, Wu Xinjie truly was envious.

Yan Yizhen had taken many Thousand Year Tears from last time, but though these Thousand Year Tears were very good, they were too difficult to refine. This was completely dependent on moral character, and even An Suwen the Efficacious Star Divine Physician was defeated several dozen times. In addition, for the Thousand Year Tears to be able to make a Supercluster peak cultivator even jump to Supervoid Early Stage. Perhaps those Thousand Year Tears’ age was considerably old.

Even if An Suwen could refine the Thousand Year Tears, if it was not for the age, she could not have advanced by leaps and bounds like Gong Caiwei. No wonder the Knowledge Star was impressed.

“Have you gathered the Longevity Stele?” Gong Caiwei asked.


Su Xing’s hand beckoned. That Longevity Stele that Lu Youyou had obtained then came to his hand. Nine Longevity Steles, with Xi Yue’s one that was missing. “I still have to go to the Black Turtle Territory to bring Xi Yue back.”

Su Xing pondered. Everyone knew XI Yue’s matters in the Black Turtle Territory. To let her stay in the tiger’s den alone, he could not be at ease at all.

Wu Xinjie and the other girls did not oppose at all.

“Right, Gong Caiwei. Do you have any other things? Want to go together with me? Once we collect the nine Longevity Steles, we can actually cultivate the Longevity Cultivation Method together…If you do…” Su Xing asked.

“Huh?” Gong Caiwei was astonished.

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