Chapter 511: Konghou vs Chao Gai

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Su Xing’s words could be said to have rippled Gong Caiwei’s tranquil heart like a stone thrown into a pond.

“You, what did you say…” Slight fluster appeared in Gong Caiwei’s tone.

“Let’s train in the Longevity Cultivation Method together. I should properly thank you at any rate.” Su Xing said matter-of-factly.

Gong Caiwei’s eyes slightly widened. She thought she had misheard, “This is but the Longevity Secret Art.” This was the thing that Liangshan Continent’s countless people dreamed of obtaining. How could the Immortal Hero Princess restrain herself.

“I know.” Su Xing nodded. What Longevity Cultivation Method, he was far from feeling as shocked about it as she did, but he felt that since this capability could extend life energy, sharing it with Gong Caiwei and the other girls was no issue.

Just as Gong Caiwei was hesitating, suddenly at this moment, a clap of thunder rolled on the horizon. Thousands of cavalrymen galloped along the earth. Su Xing looked over. Their power was vast. Upon fluttering banners, each and every one was emblazoned with a large “Gong” character.

Seeing this battle formation, everyone promptly stretched their minds taut. However, upon seeing that Gong character, Gong Caiwei’s expression changed.

If Su Xing did not remember things wrong, this army ought to be Prince Feng Wu’s troops. The Bright Moon Longevity Palace was under Prince Feng Wu’s jurisdiction. It was not strange for him to come.

As expected, when the cavalry drew near, the leading general cupped his fist. All of the officers then deferentially said: “We pay respects to Princess!!”

“General Hua.1 why have you come.” Gong Caiwei wrinkled her brow.

“The Prince knows of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s matters. We request that Princess and this young lord go before him for a report…” That General Hua said.

“Su Xing, there is no need for you to go. Caiwei fears Father merely wants to know what happened here.” Gong Caiwei said.

Su Xing shook his head and smiled: “There’s no harm in seeing him. I’ve reduced the Bright Moon Longevity Palace into this appearance, so there must always be an explanation about it.” In actuality, Su Xing was quite curious about Gong Caiwei’s father.

“This young lord understands the reason. This General cannot thank you enough.” General Hua smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. To invite these Fiend Stars already left him very frightened and on edge, but the Prince’s orders were absolute. Still, he had never expected this man to be so easily convinced. Seeing that the princess and he had a relationship that could be said to be intimate, General Hua smiled somewhat ambiguously.

Gong Caiwei wrinkled her brow, but she said nothing more.

“Wanyue, will you go together with us?” Su Xing asked Hua Wanyue.

The Hero Star’s complexion was not particularly good. She only glanced at Su Xing coldly. “Do not forget the bargain you and I have.”

Su XIng laughed in embarrassment. He did not expect that the Hero Star would still be concerned about the matter to settle life and death at Bright Moon Longevity Palace, “Don’t tell me you really are insisting on…”

“Elder Sister Wanyue, can we not Star Duel?” An Suwen smiled.

“This is My duty. However, since you have been targeted by the past overlords, I will set it aside for the time being. My Star Duel with you is nowhere near was pressing as your battles with the overlords. After your trial is completely finished, I will Star Duel with you for sure.” Hua Wanyue spoke with an iron tone, each word not compromising in the slightest, but Su Xing nevertheless heard a graceful tone within.

Wu Xinjie and the others could not help but smile.

After Su Xing left, the black clouds in the sky cleared, revealing two figures.

“It appears that there was no need for you to appear and turn the tide, Chai Ling.”

Konghou mockingly laughed.

Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling held the Persian Cat against her chest, pensive. “The past overlords. For Maiden Mountain to surprisingly have this kind of trial against Xing’er, this is truly absurd.”

Konghou pursed her lips, casting at her a sidelong glance. “That Hero Star Little Li Guang has already begun to follow alongside Su Xing. Do you not feel this scene appears familiar? If you are any slower, your share certainly will be the smallest.”

Chai Ling was taken aback, and her face turned red: “What is Elder Sister Konghou saying. This Palace does not place value in attending to Xing’er.”

“Your Humble Servant did not say anything about attending to him.” Konghou laughed.

Chai Ling was speechless.

Just as Konghou was about to speak, suddenly, the woman’s frivolous gaze flashed with a strict glint. Konghou’s figure was still where she was, but the air already transmitted an explosion. The cloud layer broke apart, and a majestic woman of glistening gold slowly appeared.

She was Thousand Pagoda Star Chao Gai.

“I trust you have been well since we last met, Konghou.” Chao Gai’s eyebrows rose.


Konghou grunted coldly.

Without seeing her make any movements, Chao Gai suddenly felt a pressure pounce at her. The Thousand Pagoda Star did not dare be neglectful. She raised the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda, which immediately emitted Buddhist light, dyeing the hundred li glacier a golden hue.

With a crashing sound, there was an unstoppable imposing aura.

Instantly, with Konghou as the center becoming a black hole, an insufferably arrogant wind pressure roared in all directions. 

The light broke.

Chao Gai finally showed emotion. Her figure floated, and the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda was raised, suddenly expanding and smashing towards Konghou.

The world moved, and this gentle strike seemed to split a mountain.

Konghou caught it with her fists. Her clothes that were light as clouds fluttered, and her whole body resonated. Her beautiful figure brilliantly flew out. An incorporeal defense unfolded, and even if was Chao Gai’s full power defense, her feet still could not avoid showing being pushed back.

“Konghou, you are too excitable. Do you take action despite that Noble Star’s delicate body?” Chao Gai was grim, her finger pointing.

In the air, a golden lotus manifested. A giant golden Buddhist Lotus Dharma Characteristics  appeared behind Chao Gai, its power unfolding. Those powers that were invisible to the naked eye were just like a death god’s talons. The already shredded and destroyed halls were torn into even smaller pieces. The mountains and rivers were shaken, and even the sky showed signs of being torn in half.

“There is no need to worry about This Palace then.”

Chai Ling’s gentle smile pierced through the baleful aura.

The Red Ink Iron Certificate was on her. It released a resplendent light that protected Chai Ling. No matter how tyrannical Chao Gai’s attacks were, no matter how vicious Konghou’s attacks were, the Noble Star would not be harmed in the slightest.

“Your Servant has not used the ‘Dragon Subduing Unbounded’2 in a long time.” Konghou smiled, suddenly throwing a punch.

This gentle punch made people see not even the slightest bit of strength, but as it turned out, it was a frantic power that tore at one’s organs.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Pagoda was stopped in midair by an unseen force. The Thousand Pagoda’s Buddhist light flickered, like a candleflame.

Chao Gai was stunned. Gritting her teeth, she could only summon the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda to her front to act as a barrier.

The urgent shaking was more fierce and noisy than at any point in time.

Each attack made Chao Gai feel a sort of heavy pressure. Her body could not help but be involuntarily pushed back. Not a moment later, she had be moved back several dozen meters. These several dozen meters appeared short, but to the Chao Gai who could move about unhindered in Liangshan Continent, this was inconceivable.


Konghou’s Dragon Subduing Unbounded was extremely defiant of natural order. Without any excess, its movements were simple to the point of being in a natural state, but it was this force that made even Chao Gai grip with cold sweat. An incorporeal power surged like a river from that fist. The first wave’s attack power ended, but the second wave’s continued to unfold.

The Dharma Characteristics, the golden lotus flower, everything was washed clean away, defeated without exception.

Chao Gai finally was a bit unable to persist. With a boom, the Thousand Pagoda’s Buddhist light completely extinguished, and all of its power eroded away.

Chao Gai’s eyes flashed with a trace of the intention to not concede defeat. Suddenly, the faded Buddhist light magnified. Turning over her palm, she exhibited the universe and the world, suddenly manifesting the ten thousand techniques of the Buddhist Kingdom that met the Dragon Subduing Unbounded head on.

“Palm Of Buddhist Kingdom.” Chai Ling immediately recognized the background of this power, and her heart was shaken.

This kind of ability was one that created Void Worlds, true Dharma Characteristics. This simply was an invincible technique.

Now, Chai Ling had no choice but to be prudent.

“Elder Sister Konghou, it is best to let this go. Do not lower yourself to the same level as Maiden Mountain’s watchman.” Chai Ling said.

Her imposing aura instantly vanished.

Konghou retracted her fist, relaxed, and returned to Chai Ling’s side, but a glance at Konghou’s expression showed it was not friendly at all.

“The Noble Star speaks correctly. We are not the enemy.” Chao Gai smiled. Similarly, she withdrew the Palm Of Buddhist Kingdom.

“You make it sound so pleasant. For your Maiden Mountain to unexpectedly dispatch the past overlords to face Su Xing, what Star Duels do those even count as? Maiden Mountain has behaved quite despicably. This Palace is truly ashamed.” Chai Ling sneered.

Chao Gai shook her head: “Maiden Mountain’s trials naturally have meaning. If he can make it through this checkpoint…You will be grateful in the future.”


“Konghou, you believe yourself to be unequalled under Heaven, but you how can you break that Maiden Mountain’s barrier?” Chao Gai said.

Konghou’s relaxed expression chilled.

Maiden Mountain, the Heaven-supporting pillar. Countless cultivators had tried in the past to pass through that barrier to glimpse the true face of Maiden Mountain, but in reality, even Emperor Liang was merely a trifle before Maiden Mountain, an incomparable sigh.

“Even you are unable to do so. You ought to know that even if you were at Maiden Mountain, you cannot stir trouble.” Chao Gai said. “This One shall say no more. Whatever happens in these Star Duels, let us see to what stage that man can reach.”

“Just what are these Star Duels. Does a flock of major characters find amusement in watching us kill ourselves?” Chai Ling was furious.

“Noble Star who is outside of the Star Duels, there is no need to be feel so indignant at injustice. If you truly wish to know, then join the Star Duels, and you can then naturally understand.” Chao Gai smiled. She gazed at the horizon, and her figure slowly vanished. 

The world was left with a calm.

“Star Duels. This Palace has decided to participate this time.” Chai Ling’s eyes flashed with a grim glint. “Wait and see.”

A thousand li away.

In a tranquil bamboo forest, a comfortable bamboo house.

A man was above the bamboo forest. He lifted his head to look into the far distance. The sky was filled with red clouds that were currently slowly dimming, as if it was sunset. The radiance was disappearing, leaving desolation.

The man handsomely smiled and slightly sighed. Then, he counted on his fingers, understanding the situation, mostly.

He pondered a bit and dropped into the forest. 

Passing through the quiet woods, a bamboo house revealed itself.

The man walked in, just happening to spot a young woman with long green hair laying atop a table. Her expression appeared somewhat lazy. She lay there dispirited and downcast.

“Zhuqing.”3 The man gently called.

The woman did not answer.

“Zhuqing, next up is our turn to take the stage.” The man smiled, speaking warmly.


“Are you very tired?”


“Fine then, let us rest a bit. However, we still need to go. Perhaps when we accomplish the mission, we can be liberated.” The man warmly said.

The girl laying on the table seemed to be asleep. Her slim jade arms finally moved. The girl turned her head. She had bright eyes and white teeth, glittering and touching. The girl merely looked at him and softly said: “I am so tired…I do not want to participate in the Star Duels.”

“But these matters pertain to our wish…” The man said.

“Zhuqing, could it be you want to give up.” The man’s brow twisted.

The Zhuqing girl did not say anything. Her gaze passed through beyond the man. She stared directly into the bamboo forest. In the wind, the bamboo leaves fell like butterflies, quietly dancing.

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  1. 降龍無極
  2. 竹清


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