Chapter 517: One Dragon Two Phoenixes

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Gong Caiwei looked at the Xi Yue against Su Xing’s chest. Her brows unconsciously knitted together slightly. The Immortal Hero Princess coldly said: “Su Xing, we should part ways here for now.” 

“Caiwei, you won’t wait for the Longevity Palace?”

Gong Caiwei gently shook her head, “The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet is on the verge of starting. I also have to go back to the Palace…We will meet at that time.”

Su Xing thought for a moment and agreed, “

Gong Caiwei wanted to speak but nevertheless stopped. Su Xing oddly asked her what was wrong. Gong Caiwei paused, slightly exhorting him: “Be more careful yourself. If you so require it for the matter of Maiden Mountain and the Ten Great Sects…I shall help you…”

These words made his heart somewhat warm. Su Xing smiled and nodded.

After Gong Caiwei left, Wu Xinjie winked and strangely said: “Young Lord, Xinjie has always been unable to understand how a person as cold as the Immortal Hero Princess has such a good relationship with Young Lord?” In the Knowledge Star’s impression, the first time she saw Gong Caiwei was in that tomb with the iron coffins. Afterwards, they made intermittent contact, but each time was short. With the Immortal Hero Princess’ personality, she was very difficult to elicit a reaction from.

“Could it be that time in Flower Dragon Cave, something actually happened between Young Lord and the Immortal Hero Princess?” Wu Xinjie covered her mouth and snickered.

“Don’t have random thoughts. And Caiwei isn’t that cold either.” Su Xing said. “Let’s go plan our next step right now. The challengers of Maiden Mountain’s trial aren’t friendly.” For the sake of avoiding Wu Xinjie’s continued teasing, Su Xing changed topics.

Once he mentioned this, Wu Xinjie showed seldom seriousness.

Then, Su Xing entered the Immortal’s Abode to recuperate his wounds. They finally had time to catch their breath after the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. An Suwen began to refine the Thousand Year Tears with all her power, and Tang Lianxin helped her sisters forge Astral Treasures. Ever since Gongsun Sheng’s “Phoenix Perching Red Clouds Clothes” and Zhang Yuqi’s “Fish Intestine Sword” shined in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, the Earthly Solitary Star decided to give forge a custom one for all the Sisters. This was obviously going to be a great feat of engineering.

Thief Star Shi Yuan began to design her own Prehistoric Five Concealed Banners. The martial generals Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Yan Yizhen, Hu Niangzi, and Hua Wanyue had even simpler plans. They would train their Realms. Although they were beginning the Fourth Phase with Extreme Realm, after learning through the might of the First Overlord’s True Phoenix Realm, all of the wives were unwilling to fall behind.

Wait a moment. SInce when was I one of this man’s wives.1

Hua Wanyue was displeased at Wu Xinjie’s phrasing during a sparring session.

The Knowledge Star craftily smiled and shuttled from the Immortal’s Abode to the Great Circle Castle to search for materials about the past Star Duels. Since they already knew that the trials were to be the previous overlords, Wu Xinjie naturally would plan ahead, the so-called know thyself, know thy enemy to emerge victorious through a hundred battles. At the very least, to know the identities of the past overlords was fine, so as to avoid being caught unprepared.

And as the Husband to these beautiful wives, Su Xing’s mission was considerably much more serious.

Besides, refining some magic weapons, being taught by Lin Yingmei and the others in “martial force training” had become an absolutely necessary assignment. He was repeatedly instructed by the Majestic Star, Harm Star, Skilful Star, Hero Star, and Bright Star. Across all of Liangshan Continent, this was considered unprecedented, and his “Battle Doctrine” also advanced by leaps and bounds. To use the words of Tangtang who loved to brew wine – Sooner or later, there will be a day that Papa can surpass these Elder Sisters.

Great Circle Castle.

Chai Ling brought Wu Xinjie through a white jade corridor. The Noble Star’s graceful waist made the imagination roam wild, and Wu Xinjie followed behind her with a teasing voice: “Little Sister Chai Ling, you have appeared very pleased as of late? Did something good happen?”

“Knowledge Star, do you not know?” Chai Ling looked back, smiling beautifully. 

Wu Xinjie shrugged her shoulders, wanting to hear the details.

“This Palace naturally can annul the Together To Hell with that man.” Her fan gently spread open, and Chai Ling’s eyes narrowed into crescents.

“Chai Ling, you have found the location of the Tears of Vega?” Wu Xinjie’s brows rose.

“According to the information This Palace obtained, this Dragon Palace Treasure Banquet will auction off a treasure known as ‘Double Seven.’”2

“Double Seven? Never heard of it.” Wu Xinjie said.

“It seems to be a Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasure obtained from one of this time’s Birth Treasure Outline Purple Rose Chests.”

“Huh, a Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasure?” Wu XInjie was taken aback. It was extremely rare for a Purple Rose Chest to show a Purple Rose Astral Treasure, however, the Astral Treasures of these chests often were related to the Star Duels. In the past, the most famous was a “Twin Stars Button” that came from one of these chests.

“Knowledge Star, you are so smart. Why not try and guess this Double Seven’s function?” Chai Ling’s eyes showed a cunning glint.

Wu Xinjie stroked her chin and muttered: “To make Nobleman value it so much, it is apparently not simple. Is it a magic weapon to rescind contracts?”

Chai Ling smiled and nodded.

“Oh, this is actually convenient.” Wu Xinjie said: “Xinjie fears the Bright Moon Longevity Palace does not have the Tears of Vega, so this actually saves some trouble.”

“However, this thing is to be used in the Star Duels, so This Palace actually cannot meddle so easily. Knowledge Star, you had best have Su Xing obtain that item.” Chai Ling’s tone suddenly carried some seriousness.

Wu Xinjie oddly smiled and said, “Is this not just annulling a contract? It is useless to other Star Masters.”

“That would be fine if that was the case. This Palace heard the Crystal Dragon Palace circulate a rumor. This ‘Double Seven’ can annul the contract of any Star General, and whoever obtains it can, rather than sign a contract, forcibly participate in the Star Duels.” Chai Ling’s eyes narrowed into thoughtful lines.

Wu Xinjie was slightly stunned after she heard this.

“Chai Ling, are you joking? Annul the contracts of other Star Masters to forcibly participate in the Star Duels? Does that not mean…”

“That is correct. Steal someone else’s Star General.” A slightly tantalizing smile flit across the corner of Chai Ling’s lips: “Elder Sister Knowledge Star, now you ought to be a bit more serious about its treatment?”

What serious, this practically was a matter grave to the extreme. Wu Xinjie naturally knew that although they overturned the Ten Great Sects at the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, it was not easy to overthrow a collective power, let alone that a Great Sect like the Most High Path. To say they did not have these thoughts was impossible. Before the Fourth Phase Three Heavenly Books began, they would not give up. Now that a Purple Rose Astral Treasure like the “Double Seven” had emerged, without even the need to think it was obvious this was catastrophic if used against Su Xing.

Wu Xinjie practically was unable to imagine that sort of thing could occur.

“Hmph, that truly is interesting. It appears that Xinjie needs to be a bit more serious.” Wu Xinjie sneered.

“You had best not think of going to contest at the Crystal Dragon Palace, or perhaps you could have Shi Qian go help you steal it.” Chai Ling smiled. “Whether the Double Seven is real or fake is yet to be seen. Perhaps this is a trick of the Crystal Dragon Palace all along. They always were fond of drumming up early support. Or perhaps this is a trap to trick you all.”

“Xinjie naturally knows. But if such a good thing was given to the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Star Master, that simply is like a tiger that had grown wings.” Wu Xinjie worried about this.

“This Palace actually feels that Elder Sister’s fears are groundless. For the Crystal Dragon Palace to be able to become Liangshan Continent’s number one Treasure Great Sect, their prestige is still worth your relief.” CHai Ling smiled.

“Since Little Sister Chai Ling has said so, then Xinjie can only wait until the day of the banquet.” WU Xinjie smiled: “However, Little Sister Chai Ling said it could annul contracts just now. Come to think of it, you do not require my Young Lord to take action. Noble Star Little Whirlwind Nobleman must have a plan.”

Chai Ling smiled but did not reply.

The doors to the Literary Reputation Pavilion were pushed open. More than a million books and scrolls were neatly arranged, forming an amazing space. Wu Xinjie felt overwhelmed.

“So many files?!” Wu Xinjie’s face soured.

“If you wish to know the complete materials of the past Star Duels, This Palace is confident these files will be of great help to you.” Chai Ling rejoiced in her misery.

“Little Sister Chai Ling, as the one who has ingested the Together To Hell with Young Lord, you will not remain indifferent, will you?” Wu Xinjie giggled.

Chai Ling said: “This Palace shall dispatch someone to help you. However, the important thing still is that best look over these yourself. In solving mysteries from the tiniest clues, who can compare to the Knowledge Star.”

Wu Xinjie nodded.

“Right, what is Xing’er doing right now?” Chai Ling pondered and asked.

“Young Lord, huh. Perhaps he is enjoying being tenderly serviced by Yingmei, Siyou and the other Little Sisters right now…” Wu Xinjie could not help but laugh.

Chai Ling twisted her brow.


The words made her feel somewhat unhappy.

“Young Su, hurry up, there’s still a lot more…”


“Young Su, you’re so aggressive…”

A sweet voice that made people red in the face came from the garden in the back of the palace.

Xi Yue’s face reddened as she glanced at Zhang Feiyu. This clearly was Zhang Yuqi’s voice.

“The little foul-footer cannot be doing that in broad daylight, right?” Zhang Feiyu disdainfully said.

The pair quickened their pace, walked through the paths, arriving at the back garden.

The open grounds had a rock garden and a creek. At the same time, there were three figures quickly flitting about.

One white, one black, and one purple which were very eye-catching.

They caused sparks to resound in the surroundings.

On the surrounding footpaths sat several girls currently spectating. Among them, Damage Star Zhang Yuqi just so happened to playfully gesture with the Fish Intestine Sword. From time to time, she would notice something, and sometimes, she would heckle with words that would cause misunderstandings.

“Little Sister, are you in heat?” Zhang Feiyu saw at a glance that it turned out Su Xing was sparring with Majestic Star Lin Yingmei and Harm Star Wu Siyou, and she could not help but glare at Zhang Yuqi: “Want Big Sis to help you settle down?”

“Elder Sister, you’re alright.” Zhang Yuqi threw herself over in pleasant surprise.

Zhang Feiyu blushed, somewhat not too accustomed to her little sister’s behavior.

“Is Su Xing sparring with Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou?” Xi Yue asked in astonishment. THis appeared a bit unbelievable. In her eyes, top-notch martial generals completely could not be overcome by cultivators.

“Yes, Young Su, he really is so bold.” Zhang Yuqi feigned a charming lust: “Sister Yingmei and Sister Siyou both are unable to endure Young Su.” 


A ray of sword-qi exploded beneath Zhang Yuqi’s feet.

“Sister Siyou, be a bit more careful.” Zhang Yuqi stuck out her tongue.

Wu Siyou glared at her. When she looked, she saw that Lin Yingmei had not received Zhang Yuqi’s disturbance. She completely devoted herself into her training with Su Xing.

As she thought this, suddenly, a sword-light attacked.

“Wife, don’t get distracted.”

Wu Siyou waved her hand. The Demonic Frost Demonic Lotus cut apart the sword-light, but immediately, Su Xing used Light Smoke Dance Steps to circle around behind her. Wu Siyou’s carelessness resulted in her being hugged by Su Xing from behind. Wu Siyou could even feel Su Xing’s scorching hot breath that floated past her ear.

Accompanied by his tender words, Wu Siyou bit her lip.


Wu Siyou elbowed him. The sword-qi blew backwards and forced SU Xing away.

“Lord Husband, you should be more serious in battle.”

A beautiful figure flashed past Wu Siyou’s side. Before Su Xing could answer, the woman who was eternally serious in battle astonishingly arrived. Lin Yingmei’s freezing spear directly cut the heavens. An ice-cold chill immediately enveloped the area. The girl shouted, her imposing aura fierce. Countless ice fragments shot out.

“Young Master, take this!”

On the other side, Wu Siyou also did not be neglectful. Her cool and elegant figure then followed on her heels.

Su Xing was gentle facing the teamwork of Liangshan’s greatest martial generals. Boatman Zhang Feiyu could not help but be envious watching. “Such a one dragon, two phoenixes.” 

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  1. She’s breaking the fourth wall.
  2. 七夕, a reference to the Double Seven Festival, the Chinese Valentine’s Day
  3. SFX


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