Chapter 518: Longevity Stele

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“Elder Sister, your words are even more suspect than mine.” Zhang Yuqi stuck out her tongue.

Zhang Feiyu pursed her lips, gazing at Su Xing with considerable envy. “This man obtained Lin Chong’s Battle Doctrine and can also possess this many top-notch martial generals for sparring. THis is practically too corrupt. No wonder Maiden Mountain would hand him a trial. If it were me, I’d do the same.” After leaving recuperation in the Star Nest, An Suwen explained to Xi Yue the sequence of events. Maiden Mountain’s trials were nothing to hide. Informing Xi Yue was fine, to make the girl understand the danger by the side of the Su Xing in front, to make Xi Yue decide for herself between danger and safety. Of course, Xi Yue’s decision was very direct.

Zhang Feiyu’s words attracted the ice-cold glare of Hu Niangzi.

“How has Milord’s martial arts progressed right now?” Xi Yue asked.

“Against an Earthly Star Little Sister, they are not out of the question if they are not a Four Great Heavenly King. He can fight them. Even if we bumped into another True Phoenix Realm overlord, he can contest for several bouts.” Hu Niangzi said in a low voice, not hiding anything. Although against a True Phoenix he could only last several exchanges, this sounded inconceivable to Xi Yue’s ears. The True Phoenix Realm was the highest realm for Star Maidens. Star Generals that reached this realm could move about Liangshan unhindered.

“Xi Yue is unable to help Milord.” Xi Yue sighed.

“Young Su was too late to protect you. Just help give him a blowjob, he doesn’t want your protection at all.” Zhang Yuqi teased.

“You little foul-footer, Big Sis will blow you one tonight.” Zhang Feiyu glared at her.

Xi Yue’s face was red, and all the girls perspired.

At this moment, countless snowflake-light lights currently fluttered around Su Xing, as if they were a swarm of never sleeping fireflies. Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei’s team attack assumed the pinnacle of beauty of black and white.

The former was like a demonic lotus beautifully blossoming in ice and snow; the latter was icily arrogant, her spear thrusting.

Su Xing showed a gentle smile. In passing, he attacked with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Before the Purple Mansion Immortal THunder could display its might, it was disintegrated by spear-light. Even though Lin YIngmei already meticulously suppressed the power of the Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear, it still carried unstoppable aggression. Lin Yingmei’s pupils that could stir the soul entered his eyes. Her black pupils were clearer than the starry sky. At all times, she swept with formless lightning rolling away the thunder and clouds. 

That was the expression and tenderness that Su Xing was all too familiar with.

Su Xing pointed, and Heavenly Abyss cut over.

Spear and Heavenly Abyss clashed in the air for a moment. Lin Yingmei gracefully continued her advance. Su Xing evaded with a beautiful Light Smoke Dance Steps. Wu Siyou squeezed herself into this tacit world between two people. Harm Star Pilgrim used unhurried steps to circle around and attack Su Xing. Lin Yingmei knowingly kept up. The pair pincer attacked, and it looked like Su Xing could not dodge this.

The clangs of metal echoed crisply in the air.

Heavenly Abyss’ enormous swordtips suddenly became sword-shields. THe power of the swords forced apart their teamwork. The giant swordtips glowed with several cold lights around their owner’s body, “Lord Husband, this is the final attack.”

The corner of Wu Siyou’s mouth heedlessly curled without her own notice. The Harm Star’s figure vanished.

Su Xing did not dare be careless, and Heavenly Abyss promptly returned to him.

Lin Yingmei attacked at the same time.

Powerful pressure made the surrounding spectating girls retreat. The force at the grounds swelled and rumbled. How could Heavenly Abyss stop the coordination of the two women. Their pincer attack immediately broke through before Su Xing’s eyes.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus and the Arctic Star Serpent Spear crossed, and the degree of power made them unable to budge.

The Flying Swords were breached, and Su Xing lost his greatest asset. Just at this moment, his hands pinched together. Suddenly, two bolts of purple qi shot out of his wrists. Those two purple qi appeared exceptionally abruptly, becoming two Purple Cloud True Dragon. They surprisingly stopped Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou’s imminent oppression.

The purple qi maintained for several seconds before they broke, yet they nevertheless bought Su Xing a chance to catch his breath.

Heavenly Abyss moved under Su Xing’s control.

Lin Yingmei’s spear already stabbed, thrusting quick as lightning. The speartip that had been repelled instantly counterattacked like a snake twisting its head, completely leaving no time for him to breathe.

Another purple qi attacked, becoming a gust.

But this timely assault still was unable to obstruct Wu Siyou’s pace. The Harm Star shuttled to and fro at lightning speed like a falcon. Even though she was occasionally forced into a corner by the purple qi, the double-ended sword’s attack of pure speed was enough to rescue her. In the blink of an eye, a black figure and Lin Yingmei arrived together in front of him. The double-ended sword clasped in ice and frost suddenly slashed, carrying a blue light before Su Xing’s eyes.

Su Xing pointed, and the Instant Frost Fire activated.

Just at this moment, a multi-colored light arrow suddenly fired and broke this frost fire.

All of the girls turned their heads in shock.

Hero Star Hua Wanyue pulled her bow back as she stood atop a pavilion a hundred meters away. Her posture was straight as an unyielding pine tree.

“Hua Wanyue, what are you doing?” Hu Niangzi was taken aback.

“I am merely helping create a bit of a surprise for him. This is much more interesting.” Hua Wanyue gently smiled.

“Wanyue, well said.”

Su Xing’s laugh came from inside the intense battle.

Hua Wanyue gently snorted and loosed a volley of arrows in succession.

The arrow-lights took beautiful trajectories, surprisingly mingling with those practically instantaneous gaps in Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou’s coordinated attacks. Their degree of precision made even Wu Siyou quite shocked.

Hey, this isn’t good.

Su Xing leaned and evaded in surprise, but this retreat was immediately useless.

An ice-cold spear already blocked him from behind, and at the same time, Wu Siyou now continued to keep up. She was practically nose-to-nose with Su Xing, the double-ended sword pinning him from the front.

From an outsider’s perspective, Su Xing had been wrapped up like a dumpling by the two absolutely beautiful women.

“Young Master, you became complacent.” Lin Yingmei retracted her spear.

Su Xing wiped his sweat. Today’s sparring session consumed much of his energy. “I wonder when I’ll finally be able to catch up with you.” Su Xing sighed. A Five Star Star General was formidable, as expected. Su Xing had fought too many times to count, but each time he sparred with Lin Yingmei, he always had a sort of feeling that he was not as strong as he wished. 

Lin Yingmei calmly approved: “As long as Young Master is willing to work hard, there will finally be a day where Young Master will surpass Your Servant.”

“Then I must thank Wifey for the encouragement.” Su Xing pecked Lin Yingmei’s cheek, and then he kissed the ear of the objecting Wu Siyou as quick as lightning, making the two cool and elegant beauties red in the face.

“Wanyue, want one?” Su Xing waved his hand.

Hua Wanyue glared at him. She turned around and disappeared from the top of the pavilion.

Her departure was more hazy than smoke.

Repairing the courtyard, Su Xing and the others walked towards Xi Yue. An Suwen stepped forward and used Spiritual Aura Distribution as usual to replenish Su Xing’s energy. She even wore a gentle smile and said, “Big Brother, you worked hard,” which made the watching Zhang Feiyu envious to death – Just how was this man able to hold a beauty in his left and right hands, to enjoy the life of a man with multiple lovers. She looked again to her master, Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue who was completely enthralled. 

“Xi Yue, are you better?” Su XIng asked her with concern.

“Milord has saved Xi Yue once again.” XI Yue smiled and said.

“Saving people is a very normal instinct for a person. Xi Yue, if you continue to treat it as meaning something else, I won’t be happy.” Su Xing deliberately stiffened his face.

Xi Yue tenderly nodded. “Your Servant knows.”

Zhang Feiyu rolled her eyes – Was this even the same Water Illusion Fairy that held men in contempt?!

“Right, what was that purple qi you used just now?” Zhang Feiyu wrinkled her brows and asked.

Zhang Feiyu had never seen that strange purple qi. Besides, it was also abnormally powerful, to unexpectedly be able to contend against a Four, Five Star Destined Weapon for several seconds.

“That is Purple Rose Transforming Qi’s Purple Fiend.” Su Xing explained.

“Purple Rose Transforming Qi? Purple Fiend?”

Purple Cloud True Star was the True Qi that Su Xing used to refine the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Flying Swords, with the four stages of Transforming Qi, True Star, Purple Fiend, and East Approaches. After going through a long time of cultivation, Su Xing’s efforts were finally rewarded. In these two days, the Purple Rose Transforming Qi reached Purple Fiend. Compared to the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder formed from the combination of True Star and the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, “Purple Fiend True Qi” was even more surly.

Su Xing reckoned that even if a Supervoid Cultivator were to touch the Purple Fiend, they would perhaps be left in a difficult position. However, the flaw of the Purple Fiend was obvious. Its Star Energy consumption was too great. Now, Su Xing’s Supercluster Middle Stage left him completely incapacitated with just several uses.

Zhang Feiyu’s mouth mumbled several words. From her lips, she seemed to say, “Fuck, this man is really abnormal.”

“Your Servant did not dishonor her mission with this Longevity Stele.” Xi Yue’s white finger pointed, and a damaged golden tablet floated into the air with golden light.

The final Longevity Stele did not make Su Xing happy. Instead, he deeply sighed: “I truly implicated you this time, Xi Yue.”

“This is something Your Servant ought to do. Milord’s aloof words make Your Servant very disappointed.” Xi Yue showed a hurt expression. “Your Servant even lost Milord’s Black Turtle Seal.” 

Su Xing scratched his head. THere was no easy answer, “En, if it’s lost, it’s lost then. There are lots of Prehistoric Spirit Treasures in the Longevity Palace. If you like it, don’t hesitate to take it.”


“Your safety is also very important, Xi Yue.”

“Your Servant knows.” Xi Yue obediently answered.

Su Xing’s hand pointed. The remaining eight Longevity Steles flew out and whirled about.

“It seems I’m unable to assemble to Longevity Stele inside the Immortal’s Abode. Looks like we’ll have to go outside.” Su Xing imbued his Divine Intent, and the Longevity Stele transmitted a bit of information that made him feel odd.

This Longevity Stele was a bit unordinary.

Everyone left the Immortal’s Abode. Fortunately, the Black Turtle Territory was so vast. The Immortal’s Abode Su Xing opened in the Black Turtle Territory was remote in the Endless Sea and he was not afraid that others would disturb him.

“Are we not waiting for Elder Sister Xinjie’s return?” An Suwen asked.

“Xinjie is very busy. Let’s not trouble her. This is only assembling the Longevity Stele.” Su Xing shook his head.

All of the girls felt the same.

Su Xing began to form hand seals.

The nine Longevity Steles gathered into a profound formation. The golden light on the tablets flickered, and countless characters flew out. The damaged steles began to flawlessly set together piece by piece. Instantly, they formed a complete stele. His whole body’s magic energy was continuously sucked away.

With a grave expression, Su Xing continuously formed hand seals.

The Longevity Stele abruptly grew in size from several inches, exploding to a size more than a thousand fold. In the blink of an eye, it became the size of a towering mountain. The stele rumbled and quaked. Su Xing broke out in a cold sweat that made An Suwen and the others on edge.

A long while later, after Su Xing formed another hand seal.

That Longevity Stele released ten thousand zhang of golden light. The world was enveloped in a golden cloud, and the enormous golden clouds in the sky were like surging tidal waves, as if the entire sky had been stirred. Something was about to break out of the sky, stunning everyone.

A rumbling roll of thunder.

The golden clouds slowly dispersed. A colossal palace that seemed to obscure the heavens appeared before everyone.

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