Chapter 519: Weiyang Palace, Married Couple’s Bath

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The sky above the ocean violently trembled for a moment. A palace that occupied a range of a hundred li emerged from the light. It had golden halls and jade pillars, silver characters and pearl stairs, with flickering splendor, wrapped in millions upon millions of rays of multicolored rays of light and propitious vapors. They could only vaguely make out its true appearance.

Su Xing looked at the girls in shock. Suddenly, without any hesitation, he flew up on a riding sword. Flying for a long while, he finally arrived above the palace. When he looked down over the entire palace, Su Xing could not help but take a deep breath.

This palace was magnificent, completely made of white jade. It was the size of approximately ten thousand mu. Pavilions, jade steps, carved railings, pearl rooms, fine jade, vast spaces of reflective colored glass that were very spectacular. Upon closer inspection, this palace’s interior had a towering green mountain. It had beautiful green creeks, silver waterfalls, splashing flowing rainbows, white clouds and purple smoke. Every sort of beautiful scenery and the palace had blended together into one. Even paradise in his dreams did not compare.

The nine Longevity Steles had transformed into nine enormous imperial halls, arranged according to the Bagua. The center had a particularly large palace. From far away, it was like a towering mountain, more than a hundred zhang tall, a thousand stairs escalating straight up, winding, forming a very densely packed scene. 

What made people gasp in amazement was the pressing spiritual power of the palace. The entire thing hung above an enormous mountain. Hung all over up and down it was an odd Bagua array.

Su Xing sized it up. This palace had a mountain gate, staircase, altar, and pavilions, which practically was an all-inclusive imperial residence. Its level of gorgeousness made even the Great Liang Dynasty’s imperial city pale in comparison.

Such a spectacular landscape not only shocked Su Xing, even the other Star Maidens were completely stunned, a rare sight.

“This is?” Su Xing looked around this giant thing, feeling no signs of life at all.

“Let us go take a look.” Wu Siyou then sprung down.

Su Xing also guided the dragon boat down. The Palace had a barrier, with pervasive multicolored lights everywhere, propitious vapors bubbling forth, mist in the air, and mysterious sounds entering the air. Not only did it not allow them to remain calm, on the contrary, they felt nervous. The multi-colored lights were glaring, brilliant and varied, also making them unable to make sense of their orientation. Clearly, that palace’s inside was an extremely powerful array. 

Tang Lianxin activated the charms on her Heavenly River Star Riding Boat. Everyone worked together to operate its abilities, particularly with Su Xing’s Purple Fiend turning into a True Dragon to open a path. These vapors and lights could not stop him. 

Very quickly, they broke out of the multicolored lights. What entered their eyes was that giant imperial palace at the center of the Bagua array eye.

The group descended onto the courtyard in front of the palace. At the center of the palace, they felt even more insignificant.

Tang Lianxin leaned down and felt the bluestone floor. She wanted to see what this material was.

“Did you find out?” Su Xing asked her.

“This is ‘Blue Jade Tile.’”1 Tang Lianxin exclaimed.

Su Xing was also shocked to hear this. Blue Jade Tile was Liangshan Continent’s precious bluestone. This stone gathered moonlight and refined it into a blue color. Using this kind of blue jade to construct an array was half the effort with double the result, thus, it was called the Blue Jade Tile. However, Blue Jade Tile was practically extinct in Liangshan Continent. Only some of the larger sects would sparingly use Blue Jade Tile to set up a few arrays and forbiddances to watch over their sects. Legend said that the Clear Void Most High Paths’ “Three Clarities Peak” palace was constructed using Blue Jade Tile, its value extraordinary.

If they looked closely, for a material like the Blue Jade Tile to already be used to make the floor, this was incomparably extravagant. Also, they saw that the Blue Jade Tiles were adorned with every sort of ancient beast mark, with added refinement. Tang Lianxin then looked at the white jade pillars. The jasper jade reliefs were each constructed of top-notch materials that were long gone from Liangshan Continent. This style left even the Great Liang Dynasty in its dust.

Everyone stepped forward a hundred paces. They spotted lotus ponds. The pond water was clear, the green lotuses swayed. Two staircases lined the sides of the lotus pond. After they ascended, there was another courtyard. The center was arranged with red tiles. Above was a sculpture of a dragon swimming through a sea of clouds. Passing this courtyard, there was another pond of green lotuses and a bridge. Finally, they spotted the palace in the center. 

This palace was surprisingly tranquil. The surroundings were two steeply rising green peaks, splashing with waterfalls.

ABove the front gate was a sign that was carved with three characters – Weiyang Palace.2 These three characters were drawn immaculately, beautiful as water. Each and every stroke was elegant and brilliant, making them unable to help but relax.

“Weiyang Palace???”

Su Xing’s mouth hung agape.

“Isn’t this that palace from Liangshan Continent’s legendary Nine Firmaments Xuan Nü?” Su Xing vaguely still remembered this legend.

Xi Yue nodded.

“So it turns out the legendary Bright Moon Longevity Palace itself is surprisingly the Weiyang Palace.” Hua Wanyue showed surprise. This palace’s beauty honestly made her enthralled. 

“Where did the Longevity Stele go?” Zhang Yuqi asked.

“Let’s go look.”

The Weiyang Palace was extremely large. Eight of the palaces were arranged according to the Bagua. Everyone split off into their own smaller groups. So as to avoid any hidden dangers the Weiyang Palace had, each group had at least one martial force general as top-notch guard. Tang Lianxing and Hu Niangzi went to the Sword Tempering Pavilion while AN Suwen and Lin Yingmei went to the Night Cactus Hall, and it went without saying that these were halls related to “tool refinement” and “medicine refinement.” The remaining “Classic Scriptures Hall,”3 “Evil Smiting Pagoda,” and “Longevity Platform” were each explored by those that wanted to. Su Xing carried Bai Yutang along with Skilful Star Yan Yizhen who did not stray an inch from his side to the center’s Weiyang Palace, with even Hua Wanyue coming along.

The nine Bright Moon Longevity Palaces that had descended into the mundane world were originally luxurious, but he did not expect it would truly feel a bit like an insignificant trifle compared to the Weiyang Palace

“This palace has seen its share of time, but it has been remarkably preserved. This is completely a palace hall of Star World!!” Hua Wanyue indifferently looked about. The Hero Star that had always possessed an eye for the beautiful and refined could not help but praise it.

“But I wonder who left this behind.” Su Xing said. “In legend, the Ninth Firmament Xuan Nü lived in the Weiyang Palace. It would be interesting if we actually can bump into that Ninth Firmament Xuan Nü who rules Maiden Mountain.” 

“Ninth Firmament Xuan Nü? How do you know that she is the ruler of the Star Duels?” Hua Wanyue twitched her lips, not accepting this.

“Chao Gai said it, so it can’t be wrong, right.” Su Xing still remembered Chao Gai’s first descent was on orders of Xuan Nü of the Ninth Firmament.

“Chao Gai. I actually want to meet her.” Hua Wanyue sneered.

“You’ll meet her sooner or later.”

Answering her, Su Xing and the others began to search through the halls. They saw no one else, and circling through, they returned to the front of the Weiyang Palace. Suddenly, Gongsun Huang emerged from the Star Nest and sat on Su Xing’s shoulder. 

“Elder Sister Little Huang.” Bai Yutang rubbed her unfocused, sleepy eyes.

Little Huang nodded at her.

Bai Yutang again drilled her face into Su Xing’s chest and fell asleep. These past two days, she had adapted every sort of wine brewing material, which actually made the little loli very tired. Now, like a white rat, she only wanted to sleep well in Su Xing’s embrace. Her Essence Spirit Rat also cutely laid atop Bai Yutang’s head and napped, a scene which made people smile.

“Your Highness, there.” Gongsun Huang hung a very faint smile and shook her head. THe Leisure Star pointed to a platform on the main hall, hinting at it.

Su Xing, Hua Wanyue and Yan Yizhen looked over, but there was nothing too different at all.

Gongsun Huang pointed, and a bolt of Star Magic shot out.

With a hua-la4 sound, as if there was the sound of dry vegetation being ripped apart, that slightly convex platform suddenly wafted with fragrance. A multi-colored light surged, and an array of the sun, moon and stars appeared on the platform.

“Star Transferring Moon Shifting Array.” Hua Wanyue recognized this array’s background: “Does the Weiyang Palace hide another palace? Truly tricky.”

The Hero Star stepped forward into the Star Transferring Moon Shifting Array without even thinking, instantly vanishing. Su Xing then followed.

What appeared before Hua Wanyue was an odd space. The surrounding cold stars twinkled, and the space manifested several palaces, with stars as a bridge, with moonlight as a sea.

“You aren’t afraid this array would be dangerous?” A man’s voice entered her ear.

“Then why did you want to follow me in.” Hua Wanyue cast a glance at him.

“What else but because I was afraid you were in danger.” Su Xing answered.

Hua Wanyue was taken aback. She valiantly raised her head. “Do not say those pleasant words to me.”

“Your way or the highway?” Su Xing placed his gaze on this peculiar space. More than a dozen floating palaces made for a feast for the eyes. Seeing the palace flow with starlight, it was blinding to the eyes, “These palaces are perfect to use as bedchambers.”

Su Xing praised. These bedchambers actually made Su Xing enraptured.

Although his Immortal’s Abode was good, that palace was extremely pitiful compared to the Weiyang Palace.

“The man finally says something nice to hear.” Hua Wanyue faintly smiled. It was obvious she took a great fancy to these palaces.

After the Weiyang Palace appeared, the other beauties already returned in succession from the other palaces to the main plaza.

All of the girls summarized the situation to Su Xing. They did not find any anomalies, and it appeared the Weiyang Palace was indeed deserted, but the Longevity Stele nevertheless was not found. Even the Longevity Cultivation Method was gone, which made them feel odd.

As far as divination was concerned, Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie was far more adept than he was. They could only wait until she returned.

“Right, Elder Sister Siyou and I noticed a very interesting place, and even Elder Sister Siyou is interested. Young Su, you definitely will like it, too.” Zhang Yuqi craftily smiled.

“What place?” Su Xing was somewhat interested in what could make Wu Siyou moved.

Everyone looked at Wu Siyou. The Harm Star’s face was somewhat flushed, her expression surprisingly was somewhat dodgy.

“Wow, what is it, Elder Sister Siyou, to surprisingly make Elder Sister Siyou bashful?” Shi Yuan shouted in an overexaggerated manner.

Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi showed curious expressions.

“Nothing, that place is not worth a mention. You all do not need to mind the Damage Star’s babbling. Your Servant is not interested.” Wu Siyou’s words betrayed her heart. 

“Little Sister, what palace did you go to?” Zhang Feiyu asked.

“The place Sisters can bathe in!” Zhang Yuqi snickered.

All of the girls perspired.

The Jasper Moon Palace was located at the kan5 position of the Bagua. This was a considerably spacious palace, and the inside did not have too many decorations. However, there was a public bath. This pond water’s surface was clear and limpid, reflecting the moonlight. The bath was like the dew of immortals. 

“A Huaqing Pool.” Xi Yue recognized this water. The Huaqing Pool enriched Immortal Water by taking in moonlight. Regardless of who bathed within, they could be born again, extend their life, and it was even helpful in advancing cultivation.

Su Xing also remembered that he had seen one before at the Devil Star Palace. That time, Great Blade Guan Ying just so happened to be recovering her wounds with the Huaqing Pool. THe result was that something embarrassing happened between them. Now, Guan Ying was already trapped in the pagoda, out of the Star Duels. Everything seemed like a dream, making him sigh.

“Young Master, what are you thinking of?” Lin Yingmei interrupted Su Xing’s contemplation.

Su Xing returned to his senses. He suddenly noticed all of the girls were “ravenously” looking at him. From those pressing expressions, they clearly very much wanted to enter the water.

“I’ll step back. You girls can wash first.” Su Xing smiled.

“Young Su, who let you step back.” Zhang Yuqi gently smiled. She wished for the whole world to be in chaos: “Since Young Su is our contractor, we naturally need to bathe together, does any Sister oppose?” 

The Damage Star looked around at all the Sisters, craftily winking.

All of the girls were bashful. They finally understood why Wu Siyou would be red in the face just now. As it turned out, they had already decided, and the girls had absolutely no reason to oppose.

“Eh?? Married couples’ bath?”

The Hua Wanyue who had been preparing to enjoy the Huaqing Pool was dumbstruck.

Author’s Note:

Wasn’t in the mood these past few days. There’ll be a burst anyways…

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  1. 青玉案. More like Blue Jade Record, but that makes no sense.
  2. 未央宮, lit. “Palace of the Never-end”
  3. 經綸殿, shares its name with Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun.
  4. SFX
  5. 坎, representing “water”


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