Chapter 520: Fully Savoring Their Absolute Beauty

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“Bathing together?” Hua Wanyue’s delicate body shuddered. Compared to this, what was even more unbelievable to her was that this shameless idea came not from Su Xing, but unexpectedly from Zhang Yuqi’s mouth. 

“This Huaqing Pool has absorbed a thousand years of moonlight and has never been polluted. This is the first opening. If we bathe together, it will be very beneficial for stronger Star Nests, so of course we have to bathe together.” Zhang Yuqi said resolutely.

The contract between Star Master and Star General was considered spiritual, but it was not impossible to receive the influence of outside factors. Compared to that very famous Perfect Harmony Realm, this could bolster their connection with one another. The Huaqing Pool was originally capable of nurturing Star Generals. Something like a powerful Star Nest was not really nonsense Zhang Yuqi blurted out.


Hua Wanyue noticed that something was a bit off. “I am not this man’s Star General, why must I bathe together with him…” After she said this, the Hero Star fell silent. This Longevity Palace belonged to this man. For him to wash first was only logical.

“Don’t tell me that Elder Sister doesn’t want to exploit this thousand year Immortal Water to increase her own strength? This can help Young Su in the future.” Zhang Yuqi giggled.

“Zhang Shun, have you got things wrong? When did I ever say I helped him. To me, he has done…” Hua Wanyue defended herself.

“Done what?” Everyone was curious.

Hua Wanyue’s face turned red. How could she say that incident out loud.

“Yuqi, let’s not. You girls wash first with Wanyue. I’ll just wait.” Su Xing said to help her out. Although taking a married couple’s bath with all of the girls was the greatest thing in his life, he had practiced dual cultivation. It would be hard to control an embarrassing misfire.1

“Dear Husband, this is also good for the Sisters.” Hu Niangzi spoke. The Bright Star’s position was very clear.

“This…” Su Xing looked to the girls again.

Lin Yingmei naturally did not need to say anything. Yan Yizhen’s expression was indifferent. The maid did not mind this sort of thing at all.

This also was not the first time Su Xing would have bathed together with Gongsun Huang and Bai Yutang, so this was even more inevitable. Shi Yuan and Su Xing’s relationship was at the final step, so naturally, she absolutely agreed.

An Suwen was considered the most guarded, but she merely remained bashful and did not refuse.

Tang Lianxin pondered. With so many of the Sisters agreeing, she had no reason to shrink back and also agreed.

“Don’t delay anymore. Since the Jasper Moon Bowl was opened, if we don’t hurry, this thousand year spiritual water will lose its light.” Zhang Yuqi craftily looked at Hua Wanyue.

A conspiracy, a blatant conspiracy.

Hua Wanyue’s complexion slightly changed. She gazed at Wu Siyou: “Wu Siyou, could it be you agree?

“What Zhang Yuqi said is logical. A pond with a thousand years of spiritual power naturally is most suitable with all of us together.” Wu Siyou was red in the face, feigning an ice-cold expression: “Besides, Hua Wanyue, you need not worry. Lord Husband naturally will not take advantage of you. Lord Husband…When that time comes, would you please cover your eyes?” Wu Siyou asked Su Xing.

Su XIng was startled, but he nodded. It seemed he had no reason to refuse.

“What a pity that Sister Xinjie isn’t here, but now, This Young Lady shall be the early bird.” Shi Yuan giggled. She was impatient to strip Su Xing of his clothes, like a female wolf.

“Elder Sister, are you coming along, too?” Zhang Yuqi asked Xi Yue.

“May I?” Xi Yue was taken aback.

“Of course you can.”

Xi Yue looked to Zhang Feiyu. The Boatman pursed her lips: “Since Wu Song is not afraid, then what have I, Feiyu, to be afraid of. I just so happen to be curious as to how plentiful Brother-in-law Su Xing’s assets are. Will he treat my little sister unfairly, heh, heh.”

“Elder Sister.” Zhang Yuqi was embarrassed.

The Boatman’s directness made the shy girls even more bashful.

The Huaqing Pool very quickly exhibited a very sensual scene. The girls were timid, undressed, each of their perfectly exquisite bodies fully displayed. Hua Wanyue nevertheless did not undo her underskirt at all. Even if Su Xing’s eyes were covered by a black towel, the Hero Star was convinced his eyes could see through. Let alone that Hero Star Little Li Guang was chaste and moral, how could she bathe in the same bath as a man. This practically disgraced her name.

Seeing the girls all enter the spring, although Hua Wanyue was regretful about the thousand years of moonlight spiritual power this Huaqing Pool accumulated, she had no choice. She faced Su Xing, gently opened her red lips and spat out four graceful words.

“You are so shameless!!”

Su Xing covered his eyes and entered the water. His view was pitch-dark. Even so, Su Xing’s sense organs still could perceive the Huaqing Pool’s dubious situation.

The girls’ delicate fragrance pounced into his soul. Su Xing could even rely on this scent to differentiate who was who.

Wu Siyou originally was somewhat not too accustomed. Her body was still covered with silk underwear, however, following the Huaqing Pool’s Immortal Water moistening her skin, Wu Siyou turned calm. Her underwear fell off, revealing an impressive figure, which left Xi Yue’s eyes staring. 

All of the girls enjoyed the Huaqing Pool’s Thousand Year Immortal Water. The atmosphere was quiet enough to hear the slight sounds of breathing.

Zhang Yuqi and Shi Yuan’s personalities were a bit excitable. They could not stand such silence. After the Damage Star took a short time to adapt, she swam about like a mermaid. Shi Yuan’s gaze craftily spun about. She glanced at Su Xing and dove into the water.

Su Xing’s eyes were closed in rest. His back suddenly cooled, and a supple body stuck itself against his. The contact of two soft bumps made Su Xing’s blood boil. A pair of hands extended towards his lower body from behind.

“Yuan’er, don’t misbehave.” Su Xing grabbed her hands and moaned in pleasure.

“Eh, Su Xing, how did you know it was me?” Shi Yuan said in shock. Her supple hands groped a bit, “Su Xing, you obviously felt very good.”

“Each of you have your own characteristics.” Su Xing affirmed.

“Really?” Shi Yuan was unconvinced.

“When have I ever tricked you.” Su Xing smiled.

Shi Yuan’s eyes rolled, “Su Xing, wanna make a bet?”

“What bet?”

“Let’s bet, Su Xing, whether or not you can tell us Sisters apart. If you get it wrong, then you have to satisfy one of This Young Lady’s requests.” Shi Yuan’s eyes glinted.

“Fine.” Su Xing thought this was fun, anyways.

“Su Xing, you can’t cheat. If you lose, you have to sleep with Yuan’er tonight.” Shi Yuan giggled.

Su Xing perspired.

“Shi Yuan, what did you say to Lord Husband just now?” Wu Siyou had continually paid attention to Su Xing and cast a bewildered glance at Shi Yuan.

“It’s like this.” Shi Yuan summarized everything.

All of the girls gathered. After they listened to Shi Yuan, their brows furrowed.

“Can Milord recognize us without using his eyes?” Xi Yue was curious.

“Elder Sisters, let’s go test Su Xing.”

Lin Yingmei hesitated: “This cannot be good, right.”

“Can it be that Elder Sister Yingmei doesn’t want to know the degree of recognition Su Xing has for Elder Sister? Su Xing recognized Little Sister.” Shi Yuan giggled.

“Yuqi also wants to know the share of Young Su’s heart each of us has.” Zhang Yuqi egged her on.

The girls cheerfully crowded together.

Lin YIngmei and Wu Siyou looked at each other. Unable to restrain their curiosity, they followed along.

Just as Su Xing was resting, a petite and delicate body sat against his chest. “Little Huang.”

Gongsun Huang crossed her arms. Her long hair ran down as she gently grunted. This was not the first time Gongsun Huang took a married couple’s bath with him, so Su Xing was more accustomed. Hearing some noise, he asked: “What are they saying?”

“They want to come test if Your Highness can tell them apart.” Gongsun Huang said.

“They actually agreed.” Su Xing smiled.

Just as he was chatting with Gongsun Huang, he heard Shi Yuan say, “Su Xing, let’s begin right now.”

“You really cause trouble.” Su Xing nodded.

Just as Su Xing was wondering how they would test him, he heard a bashful laugh, then the sound of water shifting. There was also Shi Yuan’s envious voice. “Elder Sister Little Huang actually is very close to Su Xing, but don’t tell him.”

Scorching hot skin stuck onto him from behind. Su Xing was taken aback.

“Young Su, quickly guess. Which Sister.” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

Su Xing was very dizzy. He did not expect them to use such an audacious method. The sensation of girl’s towering and impressive twin peaks was clearly felt, making Su Xing’s frisky. He took a deep breath.

Her fragrance lingered.

“Yuan’er.” Su Xing smiled.

From behind him came the beauty’s displeasure. “That’s so lame. This Young Lady thought she could even catch you off guard.”

“Elder Sister, your turn now.” Shi Yuan said.

A moment later, as before, a supple and soft body stuck tight against his. Her body’s scent was somewhat unfamiliar. He could clearly sense the bashfulness of the beauty behind him.

“Xi Yue?” Su Xing was surprised.

Xi Yue bashfully grunted. This was the first time she had intimate skin contact with Su Xing. Her heart was very nervous.

“No way. This Young Lady even said it was an Elder Sister. Su Xing, how did you know she was Xi Yue.” Shi Yuan dejectedly said. She had originally thought she could use this sort of trick to be able to trick Su Xing.

“Shall we go on?” Su Xing smiled.

“The other Elder Sisters haven’t been tested.” Shi Yuan grunted. She swam beside Yingmei and whispered into her ear, handing over a spice bag.

Lin Yingmei nodded and calmly walked over.

“What did you say to Yingmei?” Hu Niangzi curiously asked.

“This Young Lady surmises that Su Xing is using our scent to tell us apart, so This Young Lady handed Elder Sister Yingmei a spice bag. Heh, heh.”

“Perhaps that is not the case.” Hu Niangzi said.

Su Xing was honestly too familiar with Lin Yingmei, particularly those slender beautiful legs that he immediately recognized with only a gentle touch. However, he savored Lin Yingmei’s hug from behind. Su Xing did not say so immediately, and he even pretended to think for a long while. Only when he was exposed did he laugh.


Each and every one of the girls’ naked bodies stuck against Su Xing’s from behind. Their plump sensation, their supple skin, and dripping wet skin made Su Xing fully savor their absolute beauty. The beauties took turns trying to fool him, even adding in Tangtang, but they still were deduced by Su Xing without a single mistake.

Wu Siyou received the atmosphere’s influence and played the guessing game. However, Su Xing and her already had a married couple’s bath situation. Even at that time, they were more intimate than now. Her plump breasts pressed together onto his back. Su Xing then recalled that matter of Perfect Harmony from before.

All of the Sisters had been thoroughly deduced by Su Xing. Shi Yuan’s heart had a sense of urgency.

She spotted Zhang Feiyu and gleamed – she was not Su Xing’s wife. He should not be able to deduce this.

Zhang Feiyu heard Shi Yuan’s request. She declined to comment and left the question to Xi Yue.

“Feiyu, if you do not mind.” Xi Yue softly said.

“Fine. I, Feiyu, am very bored. Wu Siyou stuck her own chest onto him anyways, what have I have to be worried about.”

Zhang Feiyu’s red hair was like fire, her expression alluring. The corner of her lips wore an evil grin. Zhang Yuqi and her Elder Sister swam over with tacit understanding. She personally watched her Elder Sister stick her body to him, one hand even deliberately caressing Su Xing’s chest. This honestly was incomparably brazen.

Zhang Yuqi’s face reddened, but she quietly stood nearby, breathing to misguide Su Xing.

This time, as expected.

Su Xing immediately hesitated.

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