Chapter 521: Decreed By Fate

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Su Xing continued to not answer, and Shi Yuan proudly smiled: “Su Xing, can’t guess, can you.”

“I’m afraid that if I answer, someone’s going to kill me.” Su Xing perspired.

The whole body of the Zhang Feiyu who currently was vigorously rubbing her chest against him stiffened. She chuckled and left Su Xing’s back. Only then did Su Xing relax. The Boatman’s provocation just now made his lust ignite into nearly bursting out. His whole body reacted, and only by using the Heart Like Mirror Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique several times did he get by. Even so, Su Xing still felt the little loli sitting against his chest also receive an electric shock.

Red clouds flew across Gongsun Huang’s face, and she blinked.

Following Zhang Feiyu being recognized, all of the girls in the Huaqing Pool had been defeated on Su Xing’s body. Shi Yuan was happy, but she helplessly asked: “Su Xing, why were you able to recognize us?”

“You each have your own distinct characteristics.” Su Xing smiled.

“Eh, and what characteristics do our bodies have?”

All of the girls were curious.

Su Xing thought for a moment, then shook his head and said: “Maybe it’s better if I don’t.”

“Say it.” The more Su Xing acted this way, the more curious Shi Yuan became.

“Do you really want to listen?” Su Xing’s words appeared to be somewhat evil. All of the girls looked at each other, but in the end, they could not resist the curiosity in their hearts.

“Then I’ll say it.” Su Xing calmly said: “Yingmei’s legs are very slender. I can feel her out with just a touch.” The others heard Su Xing’s words and looked down. Through the pool’s water, as expected, they saw those slender, sparkling jade legs seemed to be the work of the Heavens. Indeed, they were beautiful to the extreme.

Lin Yingmei’s face reddened, but her eyes still had a somewhat elated expression.

“And the other Sisters?” Shi Yuan pursued the question.

“Suwen’s body is very soft, fragrant and supple. It felt really good when she leaned on me. Lianxin doesn’t like to speak and put her hand across her chest when she was behind me, so she was very easy to recognize. Niangzi’s figure is elegant, gentle and leisurely. Yuqi’s skin in snow-white and glossy, like the feeling of ice and snow.” Su Xing complied, each word leaving the wives tongue-tied, their faces red and their hearts pounding.

“And me.” Shi Yuan pointed at herself.

“Our Yuan’er is of course the most enthusiastic. I don’t even need to think to deduce.” Su Xing tweaked Shi Yuan’s nose, drawing the jealousy of the other girls.

“Elder Sister Siyou, what characteristics does she have?” At this time, all of the girls already no longer cared how Su Xing did it. They were very expectant of the evaluation Su Xing had for Wu Siyou.

Wu SIyou slightly trembled when she saw that she had been mentioned. She saw that Su Xing’s gaze was aimed at her chest. Although he was blinded by a black towel, Wu Siyou still subconsciously covered her chest with an arm. She glared at him and fake coughed, the meaning being: Do not say some nonsense in front of the Sisters.

Su Xing chuckled and did not reply.

But these girls and Su Xing had known each other for a long time, and they had very tacit understanding between them. Seeing Wu Siyou’s plumpness, her towering twin peaks, the reason was very clear.

“Ai, Elder Sister Siyou’s breasts are so big, he’d know just by sticking them onto him. Young Su even pretended to not know.” Zhang Yuqi feigned a sigh.

“Exactly, exactly, so biased.” Shi Yuan and the other girls felt the same way.

Wu Siyou was dizzy and merely treated it as if she did not hear this.

“Little Sister, your man is so honest, to unexpectedly be able to remember so clearly. Should your Big Sister envy you.” A voice of bantering ridicule. Zhang Feiyu’s brows rose, as if she was smiling.

“I’m actually very curious. I really want to know just how you were able to tell me and Xi Yue apart. Don’t tell me, you peeped on our naked bodies before?” Zhang Feiyu doubtfully stared at Su Xing. She had a sort of urge to yank off this man’s blindfold to see what interesting expression he would make upon personally seeing this scene.

Shi Yuan also thought of this.

Su Xing smiled: “This is very simple. Since I’m not familiar with your bodies…That means that it was not…Having known each other for too long…Naturally it has to be you, Xi Yue. However, Xi Yue is a very good and caring woman. Zhang Feiyu, your wish for chaos actually was very easy to figure out.”  He was originally about to say “not one of his wives,” but fearing he would make Xi Yue’s mood change, he changed his wording to be about their time together.

The corner of Zhang Feiyu’s lips rose slightly. She was quite satisfied with his attentiveness, but Su Xing said she wished for chaos. This made the Boatman’s face redden for a moment, “I, the Big Sister, merely want to help Xi Yue and Little Sister test your character a bit, so as to avoid having them like a man that thinks with his lower half.”

“Then you made quite the sacrifice. However, Zhang Feiyu, your physique is rather provocative, (the rest of this sentence has been censored) …”

“You surprisingly dare to take liberties with this Big Sister.”

The atmosphere very quickly relaxed. Su Xing’s attentiveness more or less made the girls’ hearts ripple. Not long after, Lin Yingmei suddenly said: “Young Master, it seems you did not say what characteristics Little Yi had.”

“Right, Little Yi doesn’t like to talk either, and her figure is also great. Su Xing, how could you forget Little Yi.” Shi Yuan fought for justice and equality.

“I didn’t forget.” Su Xing looked at the taciturn Skilful Star Yan Yizhen and showed a gentle smile. Having once gone through a married couple’s bath with together, how could he ever forget the scene Little Yi possessed. Until now, her hardworking nature was engraved in his mind.

Those gentle moans seemed to still reverberate in his ears.1

That was a song she had once sang.

The curtain of night fell, and all of the girls each went to the “Star River Group Palace” that Su Xing and Hua Wanyue discovered to rest. THe Longevity Palace’s light gold array circled around the palace’s surroundings, obscuring illusion and reality.

Jasper Moon Bowl, a dignified woman walked through the moonlight.

The Huaqing Pool’s Immortal Qi had already faded, but the moonlight this water had brewed still made one’s mind relax. Under the moonlight, the Huaqing Pool emitted a blue light, more beautiful than the sea.

The moonlight illuminated the woman’s face, reflecting her elegant beauty. Her picturesque red phoenix eyes were full of sharpness.

Hua Wanyue looked around. She undid her skirt, and her grace that was full of a classical atmosphere sunk into the Huaqing Pool. The Hero Star sighed in pleasure, muttering: “It is but a pity that man’s spirit does evil. Otherwise, I would have been satisfied to be together with Yingmei.” 

The Huaqing Pool only had Hua Wanyue alone. The Hero Star stroked her white arms and jade legs in pleasure. This was leisure, however, when Hua Wanyue was bathing, she was completely oblivious that Wu Xinjie was already in a corner watching.2

“Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue really is enjoying herself. If Xinjie disturbs her, that would be embarrassing.” Wu Xinjie covered her mouth and snickered.

“Master, what will you do?” Hua Xue jumped onto Wu Xinjie’s shoulder.

“Of course we help Young Lord, we must induct Hua Wanyue into the harem.” Wu Xinjie fanned herself with her fan, full of wisdom.

“How should we do it? Master, your orders, please.”

“We only need to make Hua Wanyue and Young Lord trust each other sincerely several more times. Xinjie is not afraid she will remain unmoved.” Wu Xinjie could see that Hua Wanyue’s hostility for Su Xing was fake, but her jealousy was real. However, the Hero Star has a very strong grandeur and self-respect. If she follows normal routine, then perhaps at the Seven Stars Assembly, the Hero Star will not be able to sign a contract. To make Hua Wanyue moved enough to initiate, it will be necessary to destroy her prideful mental defenses – an intimate plot circumstance is naturally tried and true.”

“Master has clearly thought through this.” 

“Hua Xue, can you use Dazzling Light Mind Image on Hua Wanyue?”

“If Slave uses full power, Slave can actually barely interfere, but this cannot be maintained for too long.” Hua Wanyue answered. An illusion art like Dazzling Light Mind Image honestly was too weak against a top-notch Star General.

Wu Xinjie nodded: “A few seconds is enough to change a person’s destiny.”

“The broken arrow beauty plays the konghou…” Wu Xinjie craftily smiled: “And how to break this arrow…”

“Young Lord, Young Lord.”

The fragrance of an orchid blew past his ear. Su Xing slowly woke, and he saw Wu Xinjie intimately next to him.

“Xinjie, it’s so late, why haven’t you slept?” Su Xing recovered his senses.

Wu Xinjie looked at Su Xing. Those limpid beautiful eyes looked at the girl against Su Xing’s chest. She was not the Lin Yingmei or Hu Niangzi who were already married couples in fact. Rather, it was Shi Yuan. THe Thief Star was glued to Su Xing. From one side of her bodice, half of her full roundness was exposed as being stuck tight against Su Xing’s arm.

“Eh? Why are Young Lord and Yuan’er sleeping together? Can it be that Young Lord has eaten Yuan’er?”

“There’s Maiden Mountain’s trials right now, how can I still mess around.” Su Xing forced a smile. He still understood this bit of logic.

Wu Xinjie smiled, disapproving.

“Young Lord, Xinjie has something.” Wu Xinjie winked, walked backwards, and disappeared into thin air.

Su Xing very carefully pushed aside Shi Yuan’s arm and followed.

“Did you find something?” Su Xing asked her.

Wu Xinjie giggled. She pulled Su Xing’s arm. Her gait gracefully walked out of the Weiyang Palace and then walked towards the Jasper Moon Bowl. She sweetly said: “Xinjie heard that Young Lord and the Sisters bathed in the Huaqing Pool together. Young Lord, you did not forget about Xinjie?”

“It’s so late…” Su Xing rolled his eyes.

“Late is best. The Huaqing Pool’s water gathers the moonlight. THe later, the more nourishing it is.” Wu Xinjie winked.

Su Xing always felt that she was hiding something, but seeing Wu Xinjie was in a hurry, he could not so easily brush away her kindness.

Hua Wanyue was currently wiping her body. Suddenly, the gentle sound of footsteps outside the hall made her mind stiffen. At first, she wanted to bring out the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow and fire an arrow before the people came in, but Hua Wanyue very quickly recalled this was the legendary Weiyang Palace. It had a powerful protective array, and those able to enter and leave freely could only be the people inside the Weiyang Palace.

Other than Su Xing’s flock, there were no others.

This was probably Wu Xinjie.

Hua Wanyue guessed. The Knowledge Star did not appear in the married couples’ bath earlier in the Huaqing Pool. Having returned at night, she definitely would not miss this. Thinking of this, Hua Wanyue immediately relaxed. Just as she felt that one person washing alone was cold and cheerless, an Elder Sister’s companionship was not a bad thing. As Hua Wanyue was about to call out, at this moment, Hua Wanyue’s whole body suddenly stiffened. That picturesque brow shrunk, and she nearly screamed.

As expected, Wu Xinjie entered, but besides Wu Xinjie there was also man.

Currently, the Knowledge Star and his posture were extremely intimate. Their lips and tongues were entwined, their hands wandering everywhere. Anyone watching would have their heart pound.

Who else could this man be but the Knowledge Star’s master, Su Xing.


Hua Wanyue gasped. She wanted to go put back on her clothes, but at this time, her counterparts were perfectly a step faster. The Huaqing Pool was plainly visible. Hua Wanyue certainly did not want her naked body to be seen and anxiously swam to a shadowy corner without even thinking. Most of her figure sunk into the water, not allowing Su Xing to see.

Fortunately, Su Xing and Wu Xinjie had sweet feelings and did not notice anyone in the pool.

Hua Wanyue currently hesitated on how she should respond.

All of a sudden, Wu Xinjie gracefully smiled. Her clothes fell piece by piece, and finally, her bodice was cast aside, revealing her supremely wonderful figure to Su Xing. They bathed a married couple’s bath like this.

Hua Wanyue bit her lips.

What is happening.

The things that happened with this man seemed to be decreed by fate. She could not hide away.

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  1. They did not have sex. I know this because in a later chapter, it mentions that Yan Yizhen still has her Star Nest.
  2. IDK when she got back.


  1. 1. [*Hua Wanyue jumped onto Wu Xinjie’s shoulder.]
    -> *Hua Xue jumped onto Wu Xinjie’s shoulder.

    2. Xinjie is a scary woman… I know of one other terrifyingly intelligent young lady who actively works to INCREASE the MC’s harem so enthusiastically.
    (Labiris from Hisshou Dungeon. She’s also a Succubus who can read your mind, provided the right circumstances)

  2. Also… Yizhen and Su Xing only made out, yeah? That was back when they were getting her Star Beast, yeah?

    To be fair…. Yizhen and Su Xing were PRETTY DAMN CLOSE to crossing that line… but the , the slunts Hanyan and Junqing decided to bang instead… fucking thots.

    1. Even here they only made out. As I mention in the TL note, a later chapter indicates that her Star Nest is still present.

    2. Yeah they only made out, and probably did some rubbing and what not, but no… That slutty star general just had to want to fuck Hanyan. It is the star general that is the slutty one, not Hanyan btw. I am sure Hanyan is the one being seduced almost every time

  3. [“It is but a pity that man’s spirit does evil. Otherwise, I would have been satisfied to be together with Yingmei.”]

    Oh, is this another bi Sister like Junqing and, apparently, Zhang Feiyu? I wonder if she does feel something for Yingmei other than admiration.

    [Wu Xinjie could see that Hua Wanyue’s hostility for Su Xing was fake, but her jealousy was real.]

    Figures. So basically she’s salty after meeting and traveling with Yingmei and realizing she had perfect chemistry as Star Sisters, only to learn she was perfectly loyal to a man, even breaking her image of the gallant Majestic Star, forgetting she’s a woman as well as a Star General.
    Well, she might even be in love with her a bit.

    [“Of course we help Young Lord, we must induct Hua Wanyue into the harem.”]

    Xinjie being best girl, as always. We need more heroines like her in harem stories.

    1. Hua Wanyue’s love treads a fine line between romantic and platonic. It’s honestly a bit confusing.

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