Chapter 522: This Passionate Man ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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“Young Lord, what are you waiting for, do you want Xinjie to help you undress?” Wu Xinjie smiled fully amorously, making Su Xing’s heart ripple.

Wu Xinjie tonight appeared considerably passionate. They did not bathe for too long in the Huaqing Pool before they subsequently deep kissed. His hands caressed that soft and supple skin. It was difficult for even the Huaqing Pool to extinguish the lust in Su Xing’s whole body.

“Young Lord, you are so excited tonight?” Wu XInjie savored Su Xing’s beast-like encroachment, panting hard.

“I’ve held back for a very long time.” Su Xing sampled the girl’s ample roundness. When he had bathed at the Huaqing Pool earlier, he already was full of lust. Afterwards, in order to satisfy Shi Yuan’s wish, he slept together with her, avoiding falling into debauchery with great difficulty. Now, receiving Wu Xinjie’s allure, he could not wait any longer.

“Tonight, Xinjie will do whatever Young Lord pleases.” WU Xinjie was also extremely passionate, but her eyes still had a bit of clarity, inwardly curling her lips into a smile.

The pair wrapped around each other. Very quickly, Wu Xinjie’s hands embraced Su Xing’s necks, and her legs straddled his waist. They tightly combined. The feeling of cramming tight her emptiness made Su Xing and Wu Xinjie unable to help but moan.

Su Xing kneaded Wu Xinjie’s butt and began his scorching hot assault.

Wu Xinjie’s brows slightly furrowed. Waves of pleasure like a tide attacked her whole body, making her unable to help but rub her smooth and round breasts against Su Xing’s wide chest. Her legs tightly clamped around Su Xing’s waist, making each time her man entered into her more fierce than a beast, more violent than a storm. The girl moaned loudly, each groan making his blood vessels expand.

“Wifey, you look really passionate tonight.” Su Xing said in pleasure. Each night,1 Su Xing would dual cultivate with the beauties, but tonight, Wu Xinjie showed a particular charm. Whether it was the rubbing of Wu Xinjie’s rosy cherries2 against his chest, each time their skin touched brought a superb joy, or the pleasure of the girl’s tight passageway, they all made Su Xing feel wild.

“Properly conquer Xinjie tonight…” Wu Xinjie’s eyes revealed her charm, and she extended her tongue into a deep kiss.

Under the moonlight, alluring pants reverberated.

“Shameless, too shameless.”

Hua Wanyue watched the scene before her and inwardly cursed. She originally was wondering what she was doing hiding from Su Xing, preparing to find an excuse to greet them. How could she have expected this obscene couple would copulate in the Huaqing Pool without any hesitation.

Hua Wanyue’s eyes were sharper than a falcon’s. The slightest ray of moonlight was as sufficient and bright as daylight. 

Su Xing and Wu Xinjie’s position was laid very bare in Hua Wanyue’s eyes. That shocking fierce thing entering and exiting her deep valley once again entered her eyes, like a beast’s malevolence. Hua Wanyue stiflingly wanted to shoot dead this shameless man and wash her Sister clean. However, Hua Wanyue in the end still placed her body even deeper into the water to hide – If she was done in by Su Xing again, she would have no purity left.

Time slowly passed, and the moonlight still was clear and cold.


Wu Xinjie’s moans increasingly made her face redden and her heart pound, becoming more and more lewd. Hua Wanyue did not dare believe that the woman before her eyes surprisingly was Maiden Mountain’s ranked third Knowledge Star Resourceful Star. To be so sentimental with a man, was this even a Star General?


Hua Wanyue covered her ears, not wanting to listen anymore, but Wu Xinjie’s moans were overwhelmingly ecstatic. Even if she covered her ears, Hua Wanyue could still hear. Hua Wanyue was not a woman without libido. Otherwise, she would not be so tempted by Lin Yingmei. However, in Hua Wanyue’s heart, since they were Star Generals, being tempted meant they could only be Sisters to each other. She did not need to think about anyone else. Hua Wanyue remembered the scene of Lin Yingmei beneath Su Xing, pleasing him. Slowly, Hua Wanyue’s gaze unfocused, and she fell into her own delusion.

Just when Hua Wanyue was about to go overboard, how could she know that Hua Xue was hiding in the corner monitoring her. Its white fox eyes released a vortex of white light directly at her. The air contorted for an instant, and then it immediately disappeared.

Not good, I nearly lost control of myself.

Hua Wanyue’s whole body quivered, violently roused by a cold wind that blew past. Her legs clamped tight, and her hand clenched into a fist as she lifted her gaze.

Su Xing and Wu Xinjie were currently still climbing Mount Wu together, however, they had changed into a sort of even more shameless position. Wu Xinjie’s hands grabbed the edge of the Huaqing Pool as she stuck her supple butt up and allowed Su Xing to attack her from behind. This posture actually was much cleaner to Hua Wanyue’s eyes. At least she did not need to see that naked lovemaking, but seeing this “submission”3 position still made her furrow her brow – This honestly was very disgraceful.4 If it was Me, I absolutely would kill this man.

Just as Hua Wanyue was about to indulge in her fantasies, suddenly, the fiery burning in her whole body suddenly faded. Her line of sight was drawn to a water screen behind Su Xing.

That water screen slowly formed into a whirlpool, slow-moving. A water dragon that was formed from water drilled out from within the water. Hua Wanyue froze. She suddenly noticed that Wu Xinjie and Su Xing currently were engrossed in their lust, completely oblivious to the dangerous change behind them.

What is going on?

Hua Wanyue’s brows knit together. She felt the atmosphere was somewhat odd, but she did not say anything.

Could it be because Su Xing’s intercourse had activated an array hidden in the Huaqing Pool? For something like the Weiyang Palace, an extremely precious place like the Huaqing Pool having a defensive Spirit Beast was not odd to Hua Wanyue.

“Let this lewd couple taste some hardship.” Hua Wanyue’s eyes were delighted. This was a perfect opportunity to escape.

That water dragon’s body was increasingly large. It seemed to conceal the sky under the moonlight. The water dragon fixed its gaze on Su Xing and Wu Xinjie and opened its mouth. The starlight of the Huaqing Pool gathered into a lightball from every direction.

Hua Wanyue sensed danger. Her sneer of contempt slowly vanished.

She noticed that Su Xing and Wu Xinjie seemed indifferent, completely oblivious. What is happening? The magnificent Knowledge Star cannot possibly not have noticed. Hua Wanyue restrained the urge in her heart, making herself maintain calm.

The ball of light the water dragon was gathering was increasingly powerful. Its power was enough to make even Hua Wanyue feel astonished, and Su Xing and Wu Xinjie were still in oblivion, as if an array had been sprung in their surroundings.

Could it be that they were trapped by an array? So they were unable to sense it?

Hua Wanyue was uncertain.

The water dragon shot into the sky and bit towards Su Xing. Just as he was about doomed to hell, Hua Wanyue at this time was unable to restrain herself from moving. Dammit, this man is doing such a vile thing in front of Me, and I unexpectedly have to protect him. Let alone sullen, Hua Wanyue’s heart felt that she did not know at what time she wanted to protect this womanizing man. However, they had a prior agreement. Hua Wanyue could not stand and watch something happen to Su Xing.

Her self-respect would not allow it.

“They really are insane.”

Hua Wanyue shouted, rushed forward and drew her bow fast as lightning.

Full moon, shooting star.

A powerful arrow shook the Huaqing Pool with a rumble. The bow and arrow roared out like a fierce dragon.

Dark Rank Archery, Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!!!


The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow directly broke the ball of light, shaking the ground.


A startled man’s voice and a satisfied woman’s voice combined. Su Xing and Wu Xinjie simultaneously climaxed together.

In spite of Su Xing’s exhaustion after climax, he carried Wu Xinjie to protect her. Heavenly Abyss flew out, forming a sword-shield. Purple Fiend attacked, lingering about. Wu Xinjie’s face was flushed and glossy, a look of happiness and satisfaction. However, now, Wu Xinjie still did not forget her own plan. Her lips curled into a cunning grin. “Young Lord, Hua Wanyue seems to be helping us.”

“Hua Wanyue!”

Su Xing’s boiling killing intent froze. The scene he saw before him left him stupefied.

The current Hua Wanyue truly was like a hunting goddess under the moonlight. The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow’s power shook away the springwater and directly highlighted the classical curves of her body, her skin that surpassed snow, her breasts that rose towards the heavens, her snow-white slender legs and that secret place. Her flowing black hair sprinkled down, and she was perfect enough to make people stare in awe at her flawless glittering jade body. She seemed to be crafted by the heavens, full of elegance.

“Hua Wanyue, why are you here.”

Su Xing was stunned.

“You are still looking, are you not afraid of Me shooting out your eyes.” Hua Wanyue grit her teeth.

“Elder Sister Wanyue’s body is truly too beautiful, even Xinjie is captivated. Even YIngmei is certain to be captivated. Even if you blinded him, it would be worth it. Is that not so, Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie collapsed against Su Xing’s chest ad panted.

Su Xing curled the corner of his lips without any easy reply. He still turned away his gaze, dressing the two of them first.

“What were you doing just now?” Su Xing gazed in the direction that the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow was fired in, wrinkling his brow. “You are selfish. You did not notice the array Spirit Beast Guardian of the Huaqing Pool just now?” Hua Wanyue gently jumped, her jade feet lightly landing on the ground.

Hua Wanyue only draped herself in an elegant silk shirt. The nice curves of her delicate body were faintly visible under the moonlight. Any random glance could spot a bit of her full roundness. This appearance simply was more enticing than complete nudity. 

Hearing Hua Wanyue’s serious words, Su Xing put away his frivolity.

“There was indeed an array just now.” Wu Xinjie pondered.

“There was?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. He had completely missed it.

Hua Wanyue wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, she snorted. Her gaze looked around the Huaqing Pool, also feeling this was odd. Although she sensed that her arrow had pierced the water dragon, she did not feel the sense of death. The atmosphere was somewhat not to her liking.

“You two would unexpectedly do such a vulgar thing in the Huaqing Pool, even Heaven could not stand watching.” Hua Wanyue shuddered.

SU XIng oddly looked at her, “Were you always here?”

Hua Wanyue stared blankly, her face red.

“Look out!” The Hero Star shouted. All of a sudden, she shifted, leapt a hundred meters and fired an arrow. A giant water dragon charged out. This time, Su Xing saw it.

This water dragon…Su Xing’s gaze concentrated, and he used the Soul Technique.

That water dragon roared loudly and suddenly thrashed over. Hua Wanyue was caught off guard and sent flying directly towards a pillar by its surging power.

“Young Lord, go save Wanyue. This seems to be an illusion.” Wu Xinjie said in shock. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chains simultaneously activated.

Su Xing nodded. He soared and caught Hua Wanyue’s body against his chest. That layer of cloth completely had no effect in covering her body. Hua Wanyue’s gorgeous and sculpture-like body curves were fully revealed.

“Release me.” Hua Wanyue furiously said.

“This is an illusion, don’t be fooled.” Su Xing shouted. He grabbed her petite waist and flew down, stepped on the springwater and evaded the water dragon’s attack. Just at this moment, the Huaqing Pool’s water transformed, splitting off four water dragons to encircle them.

Like a galaxy suspended upside down, they covered Su Xing and Hua Wanyue.

Even if this was an illusion, SU Xing knew that sustaining injury was the same as the real thing. He did not dare to be careless at all. He extended a hand and pointed. The Heavenly Abyss Swords blocked like boulders in their surroundings, obstructing the water dragons’ assault.

“Careful below.”

Hua Wanyue’s expression changed. The pool water surged, and a hundred water dragons ascended, bubbling over at the same time.

Hua Wanyue was hugged against Su Xing’s chest. Heavenly Abyss was contracted to the greatest extent that did not leave any gaps. Millions of water dragons slammed over, the noise thunderous, but compared to receiving this attack, Su Xing tightly embracing her was even more intense.

Hua Wanyue’s heart suddenly bubbled forth with a certain kind of relief.

This passionate man…

Author’s Note:

Late, a harmonious plot isn’t easy to write at all…

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  1. Ah, so he’s been having sex every single night? That’s some aggressive libido he’s got.
  2. Her nipples
  3. Doggy-style
  4. She means a Star General should never bow her head to a Star Master like this, I think.


  1. 1. [Hua Wanyue’s heart suddenly bubbled forth with a certain kind of relief.

    This passionate man…]

    ….Ummm…. The fuck?

    Also. Was this what Xinjie was scheming?
    If so… ugh. Kinda roundabout… but I can understand why…
    Wanyue has a crappy personality and isn’t very honest… or emotionally aware of her own feelings.

    1. She wants Hua Wanyue to fall in love with Su Xing. That’s really all there is to it. First, get her aroused by making her watch them copulate, and then improve her impression of Su Xing by having them fight together.

  2. Thank you for the chapter!
    “The Heavenly Abyss Soldiers blocked like boulders in their surroundings, obstructing the water dragons’ assault.”
    Heavenly Abyss Soldiers -> is this correct?

  3. Well even if they find out, this would still make them closer. They might even find a “common enemy” in Xinjie xD
    Su Xing would obviously realise why she did it and not approve, but kind of thank her anyway for her kind intentions?

  4. [Hua Wanyue was not a woman without libido. Otherwise, she would not be so tempted by Lin Yingmei. However, in Hua Wanyue’s heart, since they were Star Generals, being tempted meant they could only be Sisters to each other. She did not need to think about anyone else. Hua Wanyue remembered the scene of Lin Yingmei beneath Su Xing, pleasing him. Slowly, Hua Wanyue’s gaze unfocused, and she fell into her own delusion.]

    So she IS getting the hots for her Star Sister. I wondered why she was so salty about Yingmei being taken; with Siyou at least it made sense due to their history, but Wanyue was a bit more sus. Guess it makes sense if she developed some sort of romantic adoration for Yingmei.

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