Chapter 523: The Seven Stars Assembly Of The Second Star Duels

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The Heavenly Abyss sword-shields jolted.

More than a thousand water arrows shot out of the water dragons’ mouth, turning from the size of pythons into a rain of sharp arrows.

Although it was an illusion, the pressure the attack brought was not inferior in the slightest. Su Xing felt Heavenly Abyss bear a heavy pressure.

Terrifying power!!

Fully aware arrow storm’s might that the water dragons fired, Su Xing made the Heavenly Abyss defenses airtight. He struck a hand seal, and fiendish purple qi spurted forth from his fingertips, curling up in Heavenly Abyss’ surroundings and fighting the water arrows. However, his resources were not limitless at all. Along with the intensity of the water streams, the pressure that the Heavenly Abyss swords bore became increasingly unbearable.

Heavenly Abyss shook with a thunder-like boom. The Flying Swords launched, breaking all of the water arrows. Hua Wanyue put away her thoughts, and her eyes became sharper than a hawk’s. Her figure flickered, charged out of the seawater and fired a shooting star out of the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow’s three starlights, making the water dragons waver unbearably, but it was no use. To the illusory water dragons, this honestly had not threat at all.

The speed of the arrows Hua Wanyue fired could not be described as slow. Several dozen light arrows flew out in succession and shot through several dozen water dragons, emitting a roaring wind pressure. Su Xing also attacked in coordination. Although he knew this was an illusion, he could not allow Hua Wanyue to be reckless.

The water dragon opened its mouth. It was hard to imagine that this thing formed of water would release such tyrannical strength, as if it was sucking all the air into its belly. A powerful wave immediately ended all of Su Xing’s movements, and the entire Huaqing Pool seemed to have already become a hell of stormy rain. The air froze solid.

The water dragons bellowed, and an air-ripping noise entered their ears. Suddenly, several dozen shooting stars covered in mist broke the surface, dropping out from their bodies and smashing towards Su Xing and Hua Wanyue.

The assault of the airflow scraped his whole body into searing pain.

“Careful!!” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. Purple Fiend attacked and clashed with the meteors.

The two had no time to pause at all. They glanced at each other, very tacit in their understanding. They suddenly strode forward and pincer attacked from the left and right. The water dragons roared like before, their wings shaking the sky, their tide shaking the sky.

Both of them suddenly leapt into the air and flew towards the water dragons.

Their martial force completely unleashed.

The water dragons sprayed a hundred rays of water-light that was like smoke and flame.

Su Xing controlled the Flying Swords to match the Purple Thunder Dragon Slaying.

Hua Wanyue stood behind him and drew her bow, turning him into the most substantive shield. The water-lights that blew over were penetrated swiftly by the arrows.

Crimson light and green wind immediately linked together and roared.

“Bang!” In Wu Xinjie’s astonished gaze, the pair seemed to welcome their intermingling. Instantly, countless fragments shot out.

A high-pitched dragon cry resonated. The water dragon’s giant body fiercely leapt. The water waves on its body abruptly rushed into the sky, spinning in the air and were already plunging down, becoming a frightening tsunami. Before the attack even arrived, the intense wind pressure already blew the pair’s hair into a flutter.

Flying Swords entangled the water dragon, immediately connecting.

It was smoother than he had imagined.

However, Hua Xue’s Dazzling Light Mind Image was far more formidable than they had imagined. Young Lord Su Xing and Hua Wanyue’s teamwork was quite fierce. Due to Wu Xinjie having not suffered the illusion, she was not sure what was happening, but she could see that things were not simple at all. It was a pity that using such an overboard Dazzling Light Mind Image had squandered all of Hua Xue’s strength. As the contractor, she herself could feel it particularly clearly, otherwise, this was a trump card to use in the Star Duels when someone was off-guard.

Thinking quickly, Wu Xinjie saw that things were almost over. Her eyes winked, and she waved the fan.

The water dragon finally could not persist and became illusory, fading away like faint mist.

Hua Wanyue took a deep breath. The entire course of events took only several seconds, but these seconds nevertheless felt incomparably long to the Hero Star. Glancing at Su Xing, her heart was still unwilling about their teamwork just now.

“Young Lord, Little Sister Wanyue, are you alright?” Wu Xinjie “worriedly” ran over. Hua Xue lay on her shoulders without any spirit, hanging its head low. 

Su Xing spotted Hua Xue, and his mind immediately guessed what had happened. He showed a very helpless expression.

Wu Xinjie awkwardly said: “Hua Xue wanted to ruin Xinjie and Young Lord, so she used Dazzling Light Mind Image. Xinjie will definitely scold her.”

The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox sagged her head and whimpered to show her innocence.

“Even a Star Beast could not bear to watch. Su Xing, you had best behave.” Hua Wanyue coldly snorted. She draped herself in her cloak and quickly left this place. Perhaps she was afraid of SU Xing asking and was avoiding embarrassment, for Hua Wanyue walked away very quickly.

“Did Hua Xue really want to destroy us?”

After Hua Wanyue left, Su Xing shook his head.

“Young Lord can punish Xinjie any way he pleases.” Wu Xinjie said.

“Good, your punishment is to fight three hundred bouts with me.”

“This little lady is too weak to stand against the wind and can only submit.” Wu Xinjie pitifully said.

Su Xing kissed her. After a while, he said: “What did you gather from going to Chai Ling?”

“Right.” Wu Xinjie only now remembered. She put away her alluring posture and made a serious reply: “Xinjie has heard information Noble Star Chai Ling obtained. Soon, the Crystal Dragon Palace Treasure Banquet will display the Purple Rose Astral Treasure ‘Double Seven.’”

“Double Seven?!”

“Yes, an item that will raise a carnage amongst all Star Masters.” Wu Xinjie explained it.

After hearing her speak, Su Xing’s brow twisted: “Forcefully rescind the contracts of Star Generals? It’s surprising there’s even something like this. Can it be a trap to blackmail us?” Su Xing’s thinking was the same as Wu Xinjie’s initial thoughts. To forcefully annul a contract and participate in the Star Duels, from any perspective, the timing was too perfect. He had never heard of such an item that defied the natural order before. If this was the Ten Great Sects, it was not impossible they would be dead set on exploiting the Double Seven.

“Young Lord and Wu Xinjie think the same. If it is the Star Dues, a magic weapon like this is not too likely to appear according to common sense.” Wu Xinjie pondered.

“But we cannot completely ignore this. As expected, we can’t stop now.” Su Xing smiled.

Wu Xinjie nodded and agreed. “However, Chai Ling said we did not need to worry. About the Double Seven, she has plans on the Together To Hell she has with Young Lord.”

“Isn’t she unable to participate in the Star Duels?” Su Xing was somewhat worried.

“The Treasure Banquet should not count as a part of the Star Duels.”

Su Xing pondered. It was not too realistic to ignore this “Double Seven” magic weapon, but it was extremely likely that the Ten Great Sects had set another baited trap. Regarding things like the flippant and insincere Alliance of Ten, even Su Xing felt this was quite annoying. However, ever since his first battle with the Ten Great Sects, it was no wonder when the other side kept losing power, particularly the Most High Path known as the number one Great Sect, which inevitably would not rest. “Is Alliance of Ten Martial Assembly about to begin picking a new general assembly of the Ten Great Sects?”

“Not long after the Treasure Banquet.”

“En, I should settle things with those annoying Great Sects at this point.”

“Young Lord and Xinjie think alike.” Wu Xinjie laughed.

“How was investigating the previous overlords?” Su Xing asked.

“There is a bit of a general outline pertaining to the second Star Duels. At the time of the Seven Star Assembly, they were split into “Leisure Star” Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng, “Prestige Star” Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo, “Solitary Star” Flowery Monk Lu Zhishen, “Guardian Star” Gold Lancer Xu Ning, “Deviance Star” Red Haired Devil Liu Tang, the Heavenly Star Xie Twins, and “Brave Star” Sick Yuchi Sun Li, eight Star Generals total.”

As expected, the Heavenly Stars held an overwhelming advantage. Only the Earthly Star who was the chief of the Four Great Heavenly Kings, Sick Yuchi Li Sun, could represent the Earthly Stars.

Back on topic, Su Xing noticed that had not yet seen this boss of the Four Heavenly Kings in these Star Duels. He wondered what sort of character she was.

“After the second Star Duels began, Liangshan began to pay attention, but there is no definitive information. The strength of the Seven Star Assembly then was still relatively average. There was no absolute advantage, and XInjie does not know who became overlord in the end. However, Xinjie surmises that Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng was the most likely.” Wu Xinjie said.

“The first generation’s was the strongest in martial force. Now the second generation’s was the strongest in magic energy?”

Su Xing was pensive.

“Not just in name but also in reality.”

“If things truly are like this, then this will be thorny.” Wu Xinjie bitterly smiled.

The Star General strongest in magic energy was unlike martial force. In particular, to the magic energy Star General who was able to become the overlord, their advantage in numbers was completely lost. “It is best that it was Deviance Star Liu Tang. This way, defeated her will not become a problem.” Wu Xinjie chuckled. It was best to pick the lowest hanging fruit. Even the Knowledge Star understood this logic.

“Don’t get your hopes up. What ought to come will always come.” 

Su Xing narrowed his eyes.

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