Chapter 524: Northern Darkness Has Fish

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Crystal Dragon Palace, Wind Wave Hall.

A cup of rich and serene tea scent wafted with a faint mist. An ordinary man sat on top of a coral jasper chair tasting this Crystalline Dragon Palace’s famed “Rich Serene Mist.” The man appeared very nondescript, to the point of being completely unremarkable. Even the brightest person would be unable to describe the features of his face. The word “ordinary” vividly and thoroughly portrayed his face.

However, even this ordinary man’s body had an introverted yet powerful presence, strong enough that even the wind feared to get close.

The man had very slender fingers. He brushed the lid of his teapot. A pair of dull eyes now showed wisdom that was only possible with countless years of experience.

Not long after.

The gates of the Wind Wave Hall opened.

A beautiful woman dressed completely in a water-blue flower gown and streaming silk ribbons delicately walked in. Compared to the mediocre appearance of the man, the difference was day and night. The beautiful woman had a cloud bun and flower rings, tender and beautiful. Her brow was full of a frightening majesty, as if she was terrifying to the heart.

Seeing the beautiful woman, the man rose. A good-natured smile appeared on his face, and he cupped his fist: “Little Sister Wanxin, truly many thanks for this.”

The beautiful woman was one of the current masters of the Crystal Dragon Palace – Long Wanxin.1

Long Wanxin did not at all slight the apparently benevolent smile of the man in front of her. The position of the man before her was not beneath hers. Across all of Liangshan Continent, he was first or second.

The Most High Path’s strongest Ancestral Master.

Northern Darkness Has Fish.2

“Fellow Has Fish, there is no need for pleasantries. This Palace has helped Your Sect this time. The Crystal Dragon Palace’s thousand years of reputation is hanging by a thread.” Long Wanzin’s mood was not very good at all. Her words could not help but be slightly unhappy.  

Northern Darkness Has Fish faintly smiled and nodded, “Has Fish engraves this to memory. For this matter, the Most High Path owes Little Sister Wanxin a favor.”

“Do not speak of this for now. Regarding the ‘Double Seven,’ do you truly feel that it can make that Purple Thunder Monster show himself?” Long Wanxin asked.

The reliability of the information about the Double Seven that Chai Ling mentioned to Wu Xinjie was completely on the mark. The reason was very simple. The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet had several thousand years of history in Liangshan Continent. Its reputation had always been very good. If it was a treasure the Crystal Dragon Palace recognized, then it was great. However, Chai Ling’s thinking was nevertheless slightly off this time. As it turned out, Northern Darkness Has Fish and Long Wanxin had always had a pretty good friendship. Northern Darkness Has Fish wanted to get rid of the Purple Thunder Monster, so he sought out Long Wanxin to set down the Double Seven.

However, Long Wanxin was an intelligent person. She played with a tiny scheme.

The information pertaining to the Double Seven was not transmitted by the Crystal Dragon Palace at all. Rather, they found someone to deliberately disseminate this information. By doing so, if something happened at that time, the Crystal Dragon Palace had plausible deniability if things turned unfavorable. Otherwise, Long Wanxin would not dare do this.

“He has no room to choose.” Northern Darkness Has Fish gently blew on his tea, wearing a smile that Long Wanxin both admired and loathed.

Every time Northern Darkness Has Fish was this calm, Long Wanxin knew based on how well she knew him, someone was about to become his prey.

“Is that so?” Long Wanxin wrinkled her brow.

“The Double Seven is used to forcefully rescind a contract and steal away a Star General. The legendary Lin Chong or Wu Song have never had so intimate a relationship in a thousand years as they do now with the Purple Thunder Monster. Since we already let a rumor into the wind, he has no choice but to choose, regardless of whether it is real or not.” Northern Darkness Has Fish said.

“Perhaps. Fellow Has Fish must have thought of how to face the Purple Thunder Monster? His multiple Star Generals have now drawn a storm in the Azure Dragon Territory. Listen to Wanxin’s words. Fellow Has Fish, why not wait until the Seven Stars Assembly. At that time, the other Star Masters will unite, and the Purple Thunder Monster will be hard-pressed to survive.” Long Wanxin advised. For top-notch Star Generals like Lin Chong and Wu Song, even if they had a hundred years’ worth of cultivation, their Supervoid Late Stage could not taste success. Against these Star Generals, it was most suitable to fight Star with Star.

Northern Darkness Has Fish set down his coral cup. Slight sharpness flashed in his eyes: “The Most High Path would be an absolute joke if we cannot personally kill him.”

Long Wanxin shook her head. She still felt this was too sloppy.

She had already heard of the affair at the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. An encirclement that gathered practically all of the Ten Great Sect’s first-rate elders had fallen into an ending where they were completely routed, and the Purple Thunder Monster even obtained the “Longevity Palace.” He absolutely was number one in Liangshan Continent.

To become enemies with such a person, Long Wanxin was not optimistic about the Most High Path. However, Long Wanxin nevertheless understood Northern Darkness Has Fish’s sorrow. The names of the four original disciples under Immortal Clear Void’s tutelage each took their name from the compass directions to demonstrate the widespread influence of the Most High Path. Now, Enviless of the East, Nangong Xing,3 and Ximen Jinlian4 had all met with tragic ends. Northern Darkness Has Fish was the last. This was one of the reasons he had left his seclusion to reach Transforming Star of Annihilation.5

Long Wanxin suddenly remembered and asked: “Fellow Has Fish, inform Senior Clear Void of these matters. If Senior Clear Void takes action, you definitely can take down the Purple Thunder Monster.”

Immortal Clear Void was already Supervoid Peak one hundred years ago. After a hundred years of secluded cultivation, even the four disciples he had instructed had already reached Supervoid. Thus, he had always been recognized as already having entered the legendary Transforming Star of Annihilation.

If a Transforming Star of Annihilation cultivator took action, they would not need to fear even the Lin Chong who had comprehended her Earth Rank.

Northern Darkness Has Fish sighed. “Master has long since ascended to Star World. The matters of Liangshan Continent already can no longer be pleaded.”

As expected, he had broken through to Transforming Star of Annihilation?

Long Wanxin’s heart was envious. Her “Crystal Dragon Clan” had also produced several generations of seniors that were acclaimed as Transforming Star of Annihilation level, but as far as she knew, these so-called Transforming Star of Annihilation seniors completely were genuinely annihilated. Long Wanxin was Supervoid Late Stage. She was always searching for a way to the legendary Transforming Star of Annihilation, but other than a few adepts that turned up in Liangshan Continent’s unofficial records, the other sects did not have any records at all. Sometimes, she doubted whether or not Transforming Star of Annihilation was in fact death.

These words, Long Wanxin could not easily ask aloud. “Fellow Has Fish, Wanxin wonders what you paid a visit for? If it is for Treasure Banquet matters regarding the Purple THunder Monster, Wanxin fears she is unable to help.” Long Wanxin thought that Northern Darkness Has Fish came this time to prepare to face the Purple Thunder Monster at the Treasure Banquet, so she made her position clear. 

The Treasure Banquet was Liangshan’s supreme feast. Long Wanxin absolutely could not let him turn it into a Feast at Hongmen.6

Northern Darkness Has Fish smiled: “Little Sister Wanxin, be at ease. Has Fish wants to borrow Little Sister’s Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls.”7

“What?” Long Wanxin was startled.

“Little Sister Wanxin also knows that the Purple Thunder Monster has so many Star Generals. Even if we lay a trap, based on their current strength, Has Fish cannot do anything against him. The sole method to face him is to isolate his Star Generals. As long as he loses his right and left hand Star Generals, like Wu Song and Lin Chong, Has Fish absolutely has a chance to take the Purple Thunder Monster’s head.”

“This.” Long Wanxin hesitated.

The Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls were the Crystal Dragon Palace’s protective treasure. They guarded the Crystal Dragon Palace in all directions, dispelling the sea and reaching the sky. Only this allowed the Crystal Dragon Palace to become the legendary palace in the sea.8

“Little Sister Wanxin, are you unwilling to help with this?” Northern Darkness Has Fish showed a hurt expression. “In order to Star Duel, the Most High Path has already put forth all its strength.”

“Has Fish, This Palace honestly does not wish to be involved in your matters with the Purple Thunder Monster.” Long Wanxin was in an awkward position.

“Has Fish merely is borrowing the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls. It is not unrelated to the Crystal Dragon Palace. In the future Alliance of Ten Conference, the Most High Path is setting up mutual aid. After things are done, if Has Fish has the fortune to snatch the Longevity Palace, Has Fish absolutely will not forget Little Sister Wanxin’s favor.” Northern Darkness Has Fish cupped his fist, each word spoken with iron power.

Long Wanxin’s indifference was fake. The Bright Moon Longevity Palace cultivated the Longevity Secret Technique. Any Supervoid Cultivator would be moved. If the reason that Northern Darkness Has Fish was so impatient to kill the Purple Thunder Monster was not for this, Long Wanxin would not believe him.

But ever since the battle at the Longevity Palace, the people all knew that the Purple Thunder Monster’s strength truly was deep and immeasurable. Even that woman of the True Immortal Palace addressed as “Immortal Outside Heaven”9 showed rare silence after Xuan Zhenzi perished in the battle at the Longevity Palace. If one was resented by the Purple Thunder Monster, who would dare fight him after the Three Heavenly Books?

The grand number one Great Sect of the Azure Dragon Territory, the Most High Path, had been filled with traumatic lessons by the Purple Thunder Monster. Everyone observed what had happened.

Northern Darkness Has Fish dully drank the Mist Tea, calm and composed, not worried at all. “Has Fish this time is still preparing a pretext to visit Fellows at the other sects, to have them join in an operation to confront the Purple Thunder Monster. If Has Fish receives Little Sister Wanxin’s support, Has Fish believes the Purple Thunder Monster will be unable to escape this time. For a monster like this who has destroyed the Star Duels, even if we eradicated him, Maiden Mountain will not say anything.”

“Also, Has Fish hears the Purple Thunder Monster once obtained the Devil Suppressing Stele and the Ghost’s Godsbane that Emperor Liang had set. Has Fish is also preparing to discuss using that ‘Along The River During Qingming.’”10

Long Wanxin muttered to herself for a while. With things as they stood, she was already unable to refuse.

Everyone knew that Emperor Liang had always wanted the imperial family to lead the Ten Great Sects. If Northern Darkness Has Fish truly collaborated with Emperor Liang, the Most High Path would attach itself to him, and the Crystal Dragon Palace that had wealth equivalent to a nation’s would be the first out of luck.

“Ai, Enviless, Xing’er, and Jinlian also got along well with Wanxin. Since Fellow Has Fish is avenging them, for this request, if Wanxin declines, then her heart is truly frozen. The Long clan’s elders would also scold Wanxin for being heartless. However, twenty-four Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls have always been used to protect the Dragon Palace. If you take all of them, then perhaps the Crystal Dragon Palace will meet with the calamity of drowning. Wanxin asks Has Fish to understand. Wanxin can only lend twelve Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls.” Long Wanxin warmly replied.

Northern Darkness Has Fish smiled and cupped his fist: “Has Fish thanks you. If it was not for the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords being stolen by the Purple THunder Monster,11 but we have no other choice. Has Fish did not want to beg Little Sister Wanxin.”

“Huh? The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Four Swords have been seized by the Purple Thunder Monster?”12 Long Wanxin was astonished. This was a first-class accident. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Four Swords were considered the Most High Path’s treasures.

The Four Swords gathered to form a sword array, and Long Wanxin’s heart was somewhat afraid.

“Other than the Heaven Sword in my Headmaster’s hands.”

“Then you must be extremely careful. If the Purple Thunder Monster truly takes it, Fellow Has Fish is in danger.”

“Many thanks for the concern. As expected, this ‘Deep Serene Mist Tea’ is fully deserving of its reputation. After Has Fish kills the Purple Thunder Monster, Has Fish definitely raise his head for another cup.”

“Wanxin will wait at any time.” Long Wanxin faintly smiled.

Northern Darkness Has Fish nodded.

The two chatted for a while, discussing past events and sighing. Long Wanxin took the chance to inquire about Immortal Clear Void’s Transforming Star of Annihilation, and indeed, his physical body was destroyed, scattered. If he had ascended to Star World, it was fair.

Not long after, Northern Darkness Has Fish departed.

Long Wanxin contemplated alone.

“Your Highness Mother.”

Gentle footsteps interrupted her thoughts. Long Wanxin lifted her gaze to see her own daughter return a cold stare.

Long Nü.

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  1. 婉心
  2. 北冥有魚, this is a line from the Daoist text, Zhuangzi
  3. Representing South
  4. Representing West
  5. Basically, choice is irrelevant to him. He is honorbound to avenge his original fellow apprentices. Though, the idea of vengeance does personally appeal to him.
  6. Idiom for holding a trap banquet just to murder a guest.
  7. 天定海珠
  8. It’s the only thing keeping the sea from drowning everyone.
  9. 天外仙, for which the Outer Void Immortal Flying Swords are named, it seems
  10. 清明上河圖, in real life, this is a very famous painting
  11. Do you see now how the little wretch Bing Qingxuan has manipulated his sect for his own profit
  12. Ah, Bing Qingxuan, you sneaky bastard…


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