Chapter 525: Shi Xiu VS Hao Siwen

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Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu1 stook small quick steps, the corner of her lips hanging a smile full of ruthlessness. She looked provocatively at the Demon Beast in front of her.

That was a Demon Beast whose whole body seemed draped in armor. Its giant body was more than two meters tall, and its skin was harder than steel. It possessed super fast speed and explosive strength.

This Demon Beast was known as “Leading Rhinoceros,”2 classified as Seventh or Eighth Rank. In the White Tiger Territory, it was relatively formidable. Daredevil Third Brother appeared quite excited, and the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf beside her howled, saying something. 

“Yu Luo,3 just leave this to Your Servant. This is a perfect grindstone for sharpening my blade.” Shi Xiuxiu licked her lips.

The Leading Rhino’s armor-like skin was very famous as an extremely high-quality whetstone. Despite that a Star Weapon would never dull its edge, using it as a grindstone could make them even more polished.

The Leading Rhino smelled danger. It raised its head and spotted Shi Xiuxiu. It attempted to use a bluff to scare away this girl too weak to stand against the wind.

But in the eyes of Daredevil Third Brother, this only became a battle stimulant.

The girl shouted, and a Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber appeared out of thin air. Gripping it in her hand, she slashed at the Leading Rhino.

The saber’s tip spurted powerful saber-qi.

The saber-qi cut along the Leading Rhino’s body, spraying sparks. The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber rang, but her powerful strength merely made the Leading Rhino take a few steps back.This thoroughly infuriated the Demon Beast.

The Leading Rhino’s enormous body slightly crouched, carrying a powerful pressure. It stared fixedly at Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu.

It let out an ear-piercing shriek and barreled towards her, launching an attack.

Shi Xiuxiu chuckled. She leapt, and her body was like an illusion as she slashed wildly on the Leading Rhino’s body.

Saber-light emerged in multitude.

The Leading Rhino could only yelp.

But the Leading Rhino’s defensive level made Shi Xiuxiu a bit surprised. Like its ancient name, the most annoying thing about the Leading Rhino was its impenetrable skin.

Reportedly, it was on par with Black Turtle Divine Iron.

Shi Xiuxiu’s hand was numb. Only then did she notice that the colossal monster in front of her was still intimidating.

Snorting, Shi Xiuxiu evaded the lime4 the Leading Rhino sprayed out. She circled around behind it, slashing horizontally.

The saber-qi was stormlike. Her robust strength rocked it, nearly toppling the Leading Rhino over.

The forest seemed calm for an instant. The Leading Rhino ceased its breathing. Its impervious skin already showed minute wounds, and its eyes were full of fear.

Who said that Demon Beasts did not know fear?

Shi Xiuxiu certainly would laugh at them, but this was not enough!

The bulk of the Leading Rhino’s body suddenly expanded. Its skin armor seemed to materialize odd markings. This Leading Rhino’s famous ability was “Skin Armor Morph.” It bellowed ad charged.


The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber shuddered. Shi Xiuxiu was astonished to find her own Star Weapon apparently about to break.

Such a powerful defense.

This bastard truly was even more steely than steel.

The Leading Rhino took advantage of the moment Shi Xiuxiu’s attack stagnated to countercharge. Its powerful might pinned Shi Xiuxiu’s attack into sliding back several hundred meters.

The Leading Rhino’s attack already was unable to pose any threat to Shi Xiuxiu, but that powerful defense still made Shi XIuxiu remain at wit’s end.

However, if she could comprehend her Earth Rank Technique, that would be fine.

Shi Xiuxiu quickly brainstormed. Her footsteps spun, and her body techniques were as spry and lively as a butterfly, gracefully vanishing.

There was a mournfully sharp howl. The entire forest’s air temperature plummeted. Ice-cold breath suddenly enveloped the entire space. Sparkling and translucent ice crystals appeared in the air, quickly extending in all directions and also emitting a frightening chill.

The Leading Rhino spat out a ray of frozen ice.

Shi Xiuxiu appeared from empty space, slashing with her saber, directly breaking open this ice breath. Then, she continuously used the Daredevil Third Brother’s frightening swordplay against the Leading Rhino. Although the Leading Rhino was ferocious, it could not withstand Shi Xiuxiu’s suicidal assault. Perhaps the Demon Beast was wondering how it had the bad luck to encounter someone so reckless. If it was before, it could just rely on its powerful armor skin to stalemate the battle.

Time passed. The Leading Rhino’s armor skin was unable to continue and faded. The Demon Beast prepared to flee. 

Shi Xiuxiu nevertheless maintained a strange calm through her frenzied saber technique. She spun, grazed by, and saber-light flashed. 

A Yellow Rank Saber Technique Heavenly Wolf Moon Howl broke into the weak spot on the Leading Rhino’s neck. Blood drew a ring around its neck and sprayed. This terrifying Demon Beast rushed straight a hundred meters bellowing several times before it finally collapsed.

The Wisdom Star slowly let out a long exhale.

Just at this moment, a figure flew out. The Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf pounced after it, yet she heard the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf yelp. It had been flung down by a sword.

Shi Xiuxiu was stunned. She promptly rushed to the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf’s side and waved her saber. With a bang, she repelled the interloper.

“Amazing, a Two Star Destined Weapon’s Yellow Rank dispatched the Leading Rhino. Truly incredible. Perhaps those top-notch martial force Star Generals would not be able to achieve such a thing.” A refined and elegant voice slowly laughed.

A man with long red hair appeared before Shi Xiuxiu.

Then, white light flashed. A young girl whose sword nearly killed the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf landed daintily beside the man. The girl’s figure was petite and adorable. She had white embroidered armor and short skirt, shoulderpads, a breastplate, and a pair of super adorable eyes more brilliant than jewels. She had long, flowing hair. Her forehead was tied with a protector crammed full of gorgeous talisman script. The young girl at first glance looked like an adorable lamb, but the giant sword she held in her hand was full of murderous intent that was completely incongruous with the girl’s petite and delicate body.

Silver Snow Dragon Abyss Sword!5

“So it turns out to be Earthly Star Four Heavenly Kings, forty-first ranked Little Sister Magnificent Star Wood Dog of Well Hao Siwen.”6

Shi Xiuxiu recognized the master of the sword and smiled.

“My True Name is Bingxin. Daredevil Third Brother, remember My name because you will be a defeated general under My hand.” Magnificent Star Wood Dog of Well Hao Bingxin cutely said.

“Clever brat.” Shi Xiuxiu was not offended at her tone. She was impressed that the Magnificent Star could utter these grand words.

“Daredevil Third Brother, to find you honestly was not easy.” That elegant man naturally was Hao Bingxin’s master, Ye Futu.”

He warmly said: “You actually impress Your Servant, to dare come to the White Tiger Alone to cultivate. On the basis of just this, Your Servant very much wishes to become your friend. Your Servant is Ye Futu.”

Shi Xiuxiu laughed aloud, “I do not care if you are a stupa or a butcher,7 do not waste your breath on kind words. Your Humble Servant does not like it. Seeing as how you do not have a sinister appearance yet also seem to have specifically sought out Your Humble Servant, could the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars’ newly inducted Fire be you? Have those monsters prepared a roundabout way to make Your Humble Servant sign a contract?”

Though grand in appearance, her thoughts were very meticulous. This generation’s Daredevil Third Brother was somewhat problematic, Ye Futu’s heart assessed. Shi Xiuxiu had guessed correctly. After Ye Futu was recognized as the White Tiger Seventh Spirit Star, everyone game him an assignment. They made him go capture the Daredevil Third Brother, preparing to use Han Bing’s Twin Star Button to contract two stars.

“Roundabout? Ha, ha. Daredevil Third Brother, you are a powerful and free character. Futu is very impressed by you, indeed. Your Servant has also trained in the White Tiger Territory for a long time. How about this. Your Servant shall have Bingxin fight a bout with you. If you lose, you will sign Your Servant’s second contract?” Ye Futu first stabilized Shi Xiuxiu as according to plan.

“Your Humble Servant has not interest in a contract.” Shi Xiuxiu showed a provocative tooth.

“How? Daredevil Third Brother, are you prepared to flee for your life this time?” Ye Futu indirectly steered her psychology.

“Bring out your true abilities.” Shi Xiuxiu coldly shouted. Without another word, she leapt and slashed.

Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin’s Silver Snow Dragon Abyss blocked.

A Four Star Destined Weapon held an advantage over a Two Star, but Shi Xiuxiu had cultivated to the Extreme Realm training in the White Tiger Territory. Her swordplay was exceptional. Hao Bingxin turned the sword into a natural shield, blocking the dazzling saber-qi.

The Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf charged along. Ye Futu pointed, and a dark red Flying Sword spun and battled with the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf. He still surreptitiously sized Shi Xiu up, taking this chance to look for an opening.

After several bouts, Hao Bingxin was not match for Shi Xiuxiu. She was suppressed into a somewhat sorry state by Daredevil Third Brother’s stronger Realm and swordplay.

The girl flashed aside, withdrawing several dozen meters.

Shi Xiuxiu curled the corner of her lips and laughed: “Little Sister, conceding defeat certainly disgraces the Earthly Star Four Heavenly Kings.”

“Shi Xiu, don’t look down on Me. Bingxin will now be earnest. Hmph.” Hao Bingxin cutely scratched her nose. Suddenly, the Star Crest on her forehead flashed. A beautiful as jade and cute tiny velvet beast appeared on Hao Bingxin’s head. That velvet little beast was extremely shy, its pair of sparkling eyes were large and fully glued on Shi Xiuxiu.

“My anger is snowballing. The consequences are very severe.” Hao Bingxin snorted.

This velvet little beast was known as “Codfish Jail,”8 a support-type Star Beast like the Yin Yang Carps. It could greatly promote Realm and martial force. Hao Bingxin sneered. This Codfish Jail flashed with white light and attached to her graceful headband. SUddenly, Hao Bingxin’s whole body fell into a sort of gentle white light. 

The girl’s big eyes became whiter than snow, beautifully dazzling.

Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin launched an attack. Her speed and awareness were clearly much faster. Her entire body’s movements were very nimble, swift and flowing as water and clouds. Silver Snow Dragon Abyss’ enormous blade ruthlessly hacked down. 

“This is very good.”

Shi Xiuxiu leaned forward and rushed. Her body suddenly accelerated again, and her left leg rose high to fiercely hack downwards. Instantly, firmly pressed down the large sword Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin slashed with. Then, she slashed with the saber in her other hand.


A white light flew out to directly block the saber’s edge.

“Astral Treasure?”

Shi Xiuxiu was startled.

“Stupid Elder Sister.” Hao Bingxin used full power. She took advantage of the recoil to suddenly pick herself up. Instantly, she soared above Shi Xiuxiu. The Wisdom Star was astonished and immediately brandished the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber to launch a counterattack, but Hao Bingxin was too quick. Although Shi XIuxiu was able to bear it, she basically could not see her trajectory clearly. She counterattacked directly with a martial general’s capabilities. 

But the Magnificent Star was a Four Heavenly King. Her own martial general capabilities were not inferior.

Hao Bingxin gracefully rolled her body, sticking straight up inverted in midair. Then, both her hands gripped the sword, instantly already slashing a consecutive hundred times. A large expanse of snow-colored sword-light soundlessly sneak attacked Shi Xiuxiu from above.

Despite vigilance that Shi Xiuxiu already had for Hao Bingxin in her heart, she was still just a bit too slow. A wound was cut open on her shoulder. Shi Xiuxiu grit her teeth and endured with willpower. She clearly sensed the powerful wind pressure above her and could not raise her head. The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber already launched from her hand, forming a saber-net that completely protected her person. Even Hao Bingxin was unable to attack Shi XIu from anywhere.

The saber-net carried a chilly malice.

Yellow Rank Saber Technique.

Heavenly Wolf Moon Howl.9

The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber cut a fierce wolf-like saber-qi that directly tore over, “Hissss…” There was a continuous sound as Hao Bingxin’s sword-light was torn apart. THe girl’s body was directly slammed by the pouncing saber-qi. Her Astral Treasure only barely stopped it. She had no time to be happy, for Shi Xiuxiu nevertheless punched her.

Hao Bingxin’s silk headband fluttered, and the girl’s awareness instantly advanced higher.

The Silver Snow Dragon Abyss stabbed at the same time, using her Yellow Rank Technique.

Absolute Sigh Ice Dust!10 

Sword-win formed a giant sword of penetrative power that seemed to split Heaven and Earth. In a split second, the Silver Snow Dragon Abyss was just like a coiling silver dragon. An enormous shaking made Shi Xiuxiu’s wrist go numb, and her body intensely shuddered.

Such powerful strength.

Shi Xiuxiu’s heart was grave. The Heavenly Wolf Moon Howl was completely powerless and unexpectedly devoured by Hao Bingxin’s Absolute Sigh Ice Dust. It directly pounced, and Shi Xiuxiu could hardly imagine what the feeling this attack would have if it hit her.

She immediately evaded.

“How is it?” Hao Bingxin raised the corner of her lips, full of complacency.

“You are satisfied with just this?” Shi Xiu smiled. Her silhouette vanished.

Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin sensed that Shi Xiuxiu was in the space above her. She suddenly turned her head, and a vastly ice-cold air spouted from the giant swordtip. Instantly, her body was covered in five or six meters.

Within its range was ice-cold, and the temperature suddenly plummeted to the limit.

This was the Codfish Jail’s ability.

Shi Xiuxiu could distinctly hear the sound of the surrounding air freezing, but if Hao Bingxin thought this could stop her, she was gravely wrong. Daredevil Third Brother flashed away, scuttling into the ice-cold air.

Without waiting for Hao Bingxin to come to her senses from her complacency, a crisp “gurgle” entered her ears. In Hao Bingxin’s shocked gaze, Shi Xiuxiu’s saber technique was like an intense explosion. Instantly, countless saber-qi shot over. Hao Bingxin braced the Silver Snow Dragon Abyss to let out a brilliant “clanging” sound. Then, she followed with a slash, cutting with a powerful force to repel Shi Xiu.

Shi XIuxiu patted the dust off herself as if nothing happened. She looked pretty good.

Hao Bingxin actually drew in a breath.

Did it not stop her at all!!?

Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin could not accept this fact that her attack was inconsequential. Her giant swordtip suddenly flicked, charging fiercely into the sky. In midair, she spun, already plunging down.

Before her attack arrived, an intense wind pressure blew Shi Xiuxiu’s short hair into a mess.

The sand and stone on the ground were scattered. A thousand year old trees were uprooted, and a swift and severe shriek shook the surroundings.

This was Hao Bingxin’s Dark Technique.

White Dragon Leaving Swordtip!!11

Shi Xiuxiu was briefly surprised.

The power her terrible swordtip raised was just like an enormous white dragon covering the sky and earth. The surrounding thousand meters were shattered by the sword’s tip.

However, this was but a brief moment. Nevertheless, Shi Xiuxiu was too late to react. By the time the noise was over, Shi Xiuxiu’s surroundings were already a complete mess. Not one single thing was intact, and Shi Xiuxiu’s body showed thousands of tiny cuts which hurt terribly.

Before Hao Bingxin could be happy.

Shi Xiuxiu shouted. Her movements were far from as fast as she could imagine. Shi Xiuxiu’s body suddenly vanished from where she was. When she reappeared, she was already behind her. She was obviously in midair, and Hao Bingxin’s coordination with her Star Beast should have been superior, however, she did not know the reason, but Hao Bingxin nevertheless clearly felt this place was Shi Xiuxiu’s home advantage.

This Elder Sister is not easy to face.

Hao Bingxin’s heart was somewhat timid.

Her body suddenly stopped in midair. Shi XIuxiu grabbed Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin by the hair with one hand. With a pull and fling, her entire person already flew backwards. THe pitiful girl brandished her sword to attack, turning pale and powerless under Shi XIuxiu’s speed. She could only fly up and down according to Shi Xiuxiu’s will.

Her body suddenly spun in midair. After yielding away to Ye Futu’s Flying Swords, Shi Xiuxiu evidently had no interest at all in facing a Star Master. Her right fist fiercely waved, and an enormous suction was transmitted.

She completely did not give Hao Bingxin the chance to respond. With her body in the air, Shi Xiuxiu’s legs flipped like lightning, instantly kicking several times in succession. The huge howling wind was fully in the air, and a crisp impact resounded. Hao Bingxin was forcibly raised by Shi Xiuxiu’s bullying attack power.

One final Dark Technique.

Wolf Howls Ten Thousand Li.12

All her movements instantly froze. Hao Bingxin was surprisingly propped up.

“Bingxin.” Ye Futu was worried. His Flying Swords knocked aside the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf, and a Seven Feathers Fan appeared in his hand.

Just as Shi XIu was about to speak, the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf roared at this time. The girl sharply sensed danger.


Just at this moment, a bolt of lightning smashed into Shi Xiuxiu from the sky. The girl only felt her whole body shatter into pain. Suddenly, she lost consciousness, yet the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf forcibly flapped its wings, held Shi Xiuxiu in its jaws, and immediately became a ray of white light that disappeared into the horizon.

“Dammit, we let her escape again.”

Seven figures appeared. They were the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars.

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  1. 天慧星拼命三郎石秀秀
  2. 綱犀
  3. 羽落, lit. Feathers Falling
  4. As in the chemical compound, not the fruit.
  5. 銀雪龍淵劍
  6. 地雄星井木犴郝思文
  7. 浮屠 (fútú) means stupa, but she made a pun of his name by reversing the phonetics to form the word 屠夫 (túfū) which means butcher or slaughterer
  8. 鱈犴
  9. 天狼嚎月
  10. 絕嘆冰塵
  11. 白龍出鋒
  12. 狼嚎萬里


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