Chapter 526: Bamboo Leaves

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“Shi Xiu has just received This Old Man’s ‘Heaven Attracting Burning Thunder.’ She is injured and cannot go far. Immediately pursue. We must find her.” Grandfather Li’s words were strict, unfolding his paper fan.

Cang Feng and the others promptly used their escape techniques, but the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf’s speed honestly was too fast. If it was fleeing, it would be very difficult to follow.

Indeed, a little while later, they already lost all traces of Shi Xiu.

Ye Futu’s face wore a smile as looked at everything in front of him, somewhat aloof. “Bingxin, are you alright?”

Magnificent Star Wood Dog of Well Hao Bingxin took a deep breath. The Silver Snow sword stuck into the ground, and the girl puffed her cheeks. She was somewhat unhappy. If it was not for this old monster’s attack, she definitely could fight Daredevil Third Brother to her delight. While she may not have been able to defeat her, it was better than holding things in. The Earth Rank Technique that she had comprehended with great effort was not even used yet.

“Taisui, it seems capturing Shi Xiu is not so simple.” Ye Futu said. Against a martial general that possessed a beast with these kinds of capabilities, Ye Futu did not feel at all that just defeating her could sign a contract.

“En, if we had a magic weapon that could trap Shi Xiu, then this would be far easier.” Cang Feng nodded.

Han Bing at this time spoke expressionlessly: “Is the most urgent matter right now not to go to the Azure Dragon Territory? The Treasure Banquet is about to begin.” Han Bing appeared to not be very concerned about her own double Stars. Ling Feixue alone was already satisfactory.

“Perhaps there would be a good magic weapon at the Treasure Banquet that can make Shi Xiu die without anything left.” Shijiu Ying sneered.

Ye Futu struck his palm: “I actually know of such a treasure. Emperor Liang has an ‘Along the River During Qingming’1 painting that can trap people. Even a top-notch Star General cannot escape it.”

Everyone turned inquisitive gazes to Grandfather Li. The White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars treated this old man as their only guide.

“Zijin, your opinion?” Grandfather Li did not answer. He turned to smile and inquire the calm woman beside him.

“Zijin does not have an opinion.” The woman calmly replied.

“Then good. We cannot miss the Treasure Banquet. Let Shi Xiu remain free and unfettered for now. There will be many places at the Azure Dragon Territory where we will need to trouble you, Ye Futu.” Grandfather Li faintly said.

“This is something Your Servant ought to do.” Ye Futu smiled.

Muslin fluttered, silk unraveled. Her beautiful figure was wonderful, an incomparable youth.

Efficacious Star Divine Physician An Suwen looked like an absolute beauty at the moment. Her slender fingers gently moved to and fro, each and every movement full of tenderness. A faint light flickered. In front of An Suwen were the Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles arranged into a Star Array. She was unlike other medicine refinement masters. The tool that An Suwen used to refine medicine were five of the needles, each representing one of the Five Elements. Five multi-colored rainbow lights drew the outline of a cauldron, with starfire rolling within.

Efficacious Star’s Star Beast Good Fortune was nearby, its mouth spitting a green light. This light was like a canopy that wrapped around the Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles. Not only could it substantially improve the probability of An Suwen’s medicine refinement success, the medicine she refined would be full of pure spiritual power. No other medicine master in Liangshan Continent could compare to this.

Minute beads of sweat slid down An Suwen’s forehead. The Efficacious Star closed her eyes in contemplation, and she continuously changed her hand seals.

The Starfire was increasingly intense.

An Suwen could sense that the liquid in the array was beginning to condense its quintessence. She did not dare lose focus at all. She continued to carefully control the temperature of the Starfire. Furthermore, she constantly changed the Five Elements positions of the Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles, exploiting the mutual engenderment principle of the Five Elements to increase the success of her refinement one step further.

These Thousand Year Tears were extremely difficult to refine. In of itself, it did not have the Five Element, and this extra step added to the medicine refinement master’s difficulty. Liangshan Continent’s medicine materials all had categories. Five Elements medicine refining theory was the basis for all medicine refinement masters, thus, unless their talent was outstanding, generally only a few medicine refinement masters could successfully refine the Thousand Year Tears. In the past, a majority of cultivators that obtained the Thousand Year Tears did not directly ingest unrefined Thousand Year Tears, nor did they randomly mix things. Although the efficacy was greatly eased, following the absorption of the Thousand Year Tears into the body, Star Energy could rapidly advance. However, as far as the Star Duels were concerned. That sort of nurturing that required several dozen years was somewhat slow.

A long while afterwards, An Suwen opened her eyes. The girl was quite different from the feeble impression she normally gave. Her starry eyes were full of seriousness. The Efficacious Star appeared even more heroic and cold than Lin Yingmei. Her hand pointed, activating Spiritual Aura Distribution. 

Gentle spiritual power wound around the Thousand Year Tears.


The Starfire gradually extinguished.

The Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles were retracted. In front of An Suwen’s eyes hovered the Thousand Year Tears appeared very sparkling and translucent, full of light.


An Suwen breathed a sigh of relief, and her brow loosened. She had wasted so many Thousand Year Tears, but this time, she did not make Big Brother disappointed.

An Suwen urgently left the palace and was prepared to inform Su Xing of these good news. She searched for a while, yet she could not find Su Xing’s figure.

“Suwen, are you searching for Master?” Yan Yizhen was just sparring with Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi. She spotted An Suwen’s appearance that was looking for someone and thus asked her.

“En, Elder Sister Yi, have you seen Big Brother?”

“Master and Siyou have gone to Black Water City.”

“Is something the matter??” An Suwen was confused.

“Apparently, ‘Black Profound Divine Jade’ has appeared at Black Water City. It is material Wu Siyou needs to ascend to Five Star.” Yan YIzhen answered. Originally, she also wanted to accompany Su Xing, however, so many people following at his side was a bit too conspicuous. Furthermore, they were only going to see the Black Profound Divine Jade. There was no need to adopt a rich boy persona. Anyways, he had Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang, so Su Xing would not encounter trouble.

Of course, the sole trouble probably would be a past overlord.

However, it was precisely because of this that he required protection. To make him stay at home, they were looking down too much on Su Xing. 

An Suwen nodded.

“Little Sister Suwen, could it be you finished refining the THousand Year Tears?” ZHang Yuqi walked over.

“Suwen is powerless and finished refining just now.” AN Suwen apologetically said.

The indifferent Yan Yizhen showed rare delight.

“This is too good. This is just in time to rush to the Treasure Banquet. Young Su definitely will love Suwen to death.” Zhang Yuqi dubiously winked, making An Suwen lower her head very bashfully.

Black Turtle Territory, Black Water City.

Su XIng and Wu Siyou walked side by side along the bustling street. The surroundings were row upon row of magnificent buildings. Every sort of cultivator could be seen entering and exiting, haggling over their prices. The Su Xing who had been occupied with the Star Duels had not had a chance to pass by something so bustling in a very long time. 

Su Xing wore a green brocade, appearing like an elegant scholar. On his shoulder sat Little Huang. THe little girl’s phoenix clothing was absolutely eye-catching, extraordinarily gorgeous, like a phoenix spreading its wings. Others looked at Su Xing with endless envy.

However, what was most eye-catching was perhaps the Wu Siyou that was alongside Su Xing.

Wu Siyou’s attire already changed. Other than a magnificent cloak, the clothing underneath had a classical silk shirt with a high collar along with a short skirt. Under her short skirt was a pair of snow-white jade thighs. However, Wu Siyou’s hair that cascaded down to her butt was more beautiful than a waterfall, and it matched that nearly detached beauty, still drawing the admiring gazes of many people.

They walked into a booth. Su Xing looked up and down the trinkets with great interest. The Black TUrtle Territory had very famous precious stones and many novelty toys that Su Xing had never seen before.

Looking around for a long time, Su Xing suddenly recalled that it was the eve of the Treasure Banquet. He had not even finished considering what assets to use to barter.

Wu SIyou and Gongsun Huang evidently did not mind this at all. They still heedlessly walked about, and soon, they entered another ore shop.

This place’s ore amounts and types were clearly shocking. Every sort of oddly shaped ore was all present. Originally, Su Xing believed that Liangshan Continent’s ores were materials to upgrade Star Weapons and the like. He never imagined the Black Turtle Territory’s would be even more abundant. THis place surprisingly was not only extensive, its varieties were also complete. Other than Star Weapon upgrade materials, it also had magic weapon type ores.

Wu Siyou did not feel any interest towards those things. Gongsun Huang’s gaze at most stayed briefly on a few beautifully shaped ores.

“Little Huang, if you like something, tell me.” Su Xing said to her.

Gongsun Huang nodded in understanding.

At this time, Wu Siyou looked around.

“Wifey, have you chosen something?” Su Xing moved over to her.

Wu Siyou shook her head.

They continued to browse the store. Suddenly, Gongsun Huang tugged on Su Xing. Su Xing thought that she had spotted something, but following Little Huang’s gaze, he noticed that Gongsun Huang was pointing at a girl.2

That was a tall young woman with long green hair. Her eyes were very clear, with a sort of personality that was as weak as a chrysanthemum. At this time, the girl was gazing at a stone with interest. She appeared to be somewhat fond of it.

Su Xing was bewildered. He looked at Gongsun Huang’s cocked head. This was the first time that the little loli showed such confusion.

“Lord Husband, perhaps she is a Star General.” Wu Siyou lowered her voice.

Su Xing nodded and walked over.

“This stone is very beautiful, do you like it, too?” Su Xing chatted her up at his leisure. The stone the girl was looking at was a thumb-sized piece of jade. The stone’s texture appeared strange, with bamboo leaf markings densely packed. It was very beautiful.

The girl lifted her head, following Su Xing’s line of sight to that stone. She nodded, responding to Su Xing’s words.

“This stone is known as ‘Bamboo Clarity Stone,’ also known as ‘Bamboo Leaves.’”3 The shopkeeper immediately introduced it.

“What’s its use?” Su Xing had never heard of this name.

“If Star Energy is imbued into the stone, this stone will become a hundred bamboo leaves to kill the enemy. Of course, there is only one chance.” The shopkeeper said.

“An unexpectedly natural talisman stone. This is actually rare.” Su Xing said. The so-called talisman stone could be treated as stones with talisman functions. These talisman stones generally came from the hands of jade refinement masters. Naturally formed talisman stones were extremely rare in Liangshan.

However, Su Xing felt this Bamboo Clear Stone had no uses.

Su Xing glanced at Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang. He asked the girl: “Do you want to buy this Bamboo Clear Stone?”

The girl shook her head. Her eyes had a bit of regret.

“How much is this stone? I want it.” Su Xing pondered and then asked.

“Fifteen million liang of gold. They do not come cheap.” The shopkeeper said. 

“Fifteen million?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow, feeling this shopkeepers truly was talking big. Although talisman stones were very rare, this stone nevertheless was unlikely to be worth such a high price.

Su Xing directly threw out a high-grade talisman.

“If you are willing, you can take this High Grade Talisman for a trade.”

The shopkeeper’s eyes glinted when he spotted this High Grade Talisman. This was far better than the Bamboo Clear Stone. He promptly nodded in flattery, “This Fellow is is straightforward. Take it then.”

The girl’s eyes anxiously looked on as the stone fell into Su Xing’s hand.

At this time, Su Xing nevertheless threw the stone to her. “I’ll give it to you.”

“??” The girl was taken aback.

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