Chapter 527: Virtuous Diagram Pavilion

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Zhuqing looked at the “Bamboo Clarity Stone”1 in her hand, her bright eyes turning about.

“Ai, only seven or eight hundred years passed, everything’s so expensive.” An elegant man grumbled as he walked over. He was somewhat surprised to see the talisman stone in Zhu Qing’s hand.

“How did you get this stone?”

“Someone gifted it.” Zhuqing said.

“A man?” The man was astonished.

“It was him.” Zhuqing said.

The man very quickly understood the him that Zhuqing was referring to, but his brow furrowed ever more deeply.

“Xingliang, can I keep it?” Zhuqing seemed very fond of the Bamboo Clarity Stone. She gently played with it in her palm, its clear light lingering, producing the green shadows of a bamboo forest in the surroundings.

Yuwen Xingliang mumbled to himself but asked: “Does he know your identity?”

Zhuqing shook her head.

“Then will you still test him?” Yuwen Xingliang asked further.

Zhuqing gently nodded.

“Then keep it.” Yuwen Xingliang smiled and said. “This is your Life-cast Stone, Zhuqing. I have no reason to make you give it up.”

“Thank you.” Zhuqing softly said. The man in front of her was always empathetic towards her, and he sometimes even was very lenient.

Yuwen Xingliang stared at Zhuqing: “However, our time is already running short. We have to settle things when the time comes.”

Zhuqing was silent for a moment, still as absentminded as she was originally. “Xingliang, do you feel we truly can achieve our wish?”

This question, Yuwen Xingliang was unable to answer. He could only play things down: “We are merely Traces Of True Spirit. That we can manifest now is all thanks to him. Regardless of whether this wish is real or fake, we have no choice, right?”

“We can choose.” Zhuqing’s voice was soft, as if she had come from ancient times, faintly somewhat illusory.

“What choice?”

“Let him ascend Maiden Mountain, complete the meaning of our Star Duels.”

Yuwen Xingliang was taken aback, “Zhuqing, do you really think that man can end the Star Duels? Wrong, in fact, only by us killing him might there be a chance to actually end the Star Duels. Isn’t this the purpose of the trial?”

“Don’t tell me Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Zhuqing has been confused by a stone that was gifted to her?” Yuwen Xingliang was gentle. He was not angry, only forgiving.

“Xingliang, what you say is very true.” GOngsun Zhuqing murmured, unknown whether she was answering Yuwen Xingliang’s words about the purpose of the Star Duels or if she was agreeing with that phrase about confusion. However, regardless of it all, Second Overlord Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds always appeared extraordinarily refined, so much so that it made Yuwen Xingliang scratch his head.

“Hubby, why did you give it to her?” As they walked on the road, Wu Siyou was still puzzled about Su Xing’s talisman stone gift to that girl. Although the talisman stone did not count as anything, this man was but her Lord Husband. To unexpectedly give away a gift to a Star General he had no relationship with, this made Wu Siyou a bit jealous.

“Since she’s your Sister, I’ll just treat her as a Little Sister.” In fact, Su Xing also could not understand why. This was the first time he had seen a Star General at wit’s end over a stone. Seeing her minor expectations, he could not help but gift it to her. 

However, back on topic, he seemed to have seen that girl somewhere before, making him feel very familiar with her.

“Her personality is a lot like yours, Little Huang, a relatively very refined feeling.” Su Xing broke into a smile. No wonder. It was perhaps because of this reason that she did not have something as mundane as money.

“En.” Little Huang gently nodded.

Wu Siyou pursed her lips. Su Xing wrapped an arm around her shoulder, “Wifey, don’t mind it. In a moment, I’ll gift you Black Profound Divine Jade.”

“Who is minding things.” WU Siyou disagreed. She shot Su Xing a glance: “Have you noticed that the gazes of the people around us are suspicious?”

Su Xing had already noticed. With Wu Siyou’s personality, they probably had been recognized, let alone that there was a white tiger following them around. However, Su Xing did not care very much about this. They could not overturn a stormy sea.

They browsed through the market square. In the end, Su Xing’s part came to a Black Water auction house for a visit.

Upon entering, a giant circular screen hung in front of them.

This screen’s color was pink and lovely, incomparably gentle. Upon it was drawn a beautiful apsara painting. Although the woman in the portrait merely showed her back figure, it fluttered about constantly. It had a vague red glow, appearing exceptionally enchanting. They knew at first glance this was a pretty good artifact.

Small semicircular gates flanked each of its sides.

In front of the screen, there was a thirty or so years old female cultivator. She had a dull green palace dress, standing there gently laughing and chatting amicably with a male cultivator.

It was odd. This woman appeared very ordinary, but each and every one of her movements was full of a mature, womanly grace. Her words and laughter emitted a touching charm.

That male cultivator was only Galaxy Early Stage cultivation, but he nevertheless was stared at by others, incessantly sneaking glances.

When this woman saw Su Xing and the others enter, her eyes immediately glinted. After she gently clapped, a young woman promptly walked out from behind the screen. This male cultivator was reluctant to part, but he was guided back behind the screen.

Su Xing knew at once that this female cultivator had cultivated charm arts. However, Su Xing’s Heart Like Mirror had already been practiced to perfection. This charm art naturally was completely useless.

“Fellows, welcome. This little woman wonders how she can help you?” This woman’s voice was soft and gentle, making her sound extremely pleasant.

“Is this place holding an auction?” Su Xing asked. To recount, other than the dragon auction from a very long time ago, he very rarely entered these kinds of auction houses.

“Exactly.” Noticing Su Xing remained indifferent to her, the woman was secretly astonished, but after seeing Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang, she vaguely understood the situation. She stopped the charm arts and replied with dignity.

“Is there Black Profound Divine Jade?” Su Xing asked her. If there was not, they were prepared to leave.

“We do.” The woman covered her apricot lips, her bright eyes rippling as she chuckled.

“En, then can we participate?” Su Xing smiled and asked.

The woman laughed: “Fellow is a Supercluster Middle Stage cultivator, how can This Little Woman dare refuse. If Fellow needs to auction, then you can tell This Little Woman. Today, This Auction has seen many Supercluster Stage cultivators.”

Su Xing pondered. It was the eve of the Treasure Banquet, and this was perfect to barter a bit of capital. The harvest he reaped facing the Ten Great Sect’s encirclement at the Bright Moon Longevity Palace was abundant. Other than some Prehistoric Spirit Treasures, many things were already completely useless to the current Su Xing. Changing them for capital was good.

Thinking, he nodded.

“Clap, clap.” This woman clapped, and from behind the screen ran out another young woman. She handed Su Xing a jade strip.

“This jade stripe is ‘Bright Pearl Strip.’ Fellow can engrave the items he wishes to auction upon it.”

The Bright Pearl Strip was a kind of unique jade strip that the Crystal Dragon Palace had refined. Imbuing it with Divine Intent would secretly form an imprint. It was something specially used for auctions. On one hand, it could guarantee one would not be extorted by the other party. On the other hand, it could preserve fairness between both parties. This once was an object the Treasure Banquet had put much splendor in. Afterwards, it spread over the entire Liangshan Continent’s auctions.

Su Xing’s hand pointed. The jade strip hovered gently in front of him. Then, he imbued his Divine Intent, engraving the items he wanted to sell and the prices he mentally valued onto it. Because what the auction chose were things that would give the auction house a portion of the profits in the end, Su Xing was not afraid they would depress the prices.

The Bright Pearl Strip was returned to the female cultivator.

“Little Woman is named Feng Ying.”2 Feng Ying introduced herself.

“Su XIng. These are my two wives.” Su Xing also introduced himself.

Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang merely glanced at her.

When he introduced Wu Siyou as his wife, the female cultivator could maintain her composure, but upon hearing that this obviously eight or nine year old little girl was also unexpectedly a wife, Feng Ying stared dumbstruck. Could she be a child bride? Truly odd.

But seeing Gongsun Huang’s expensive Phoenix Perch Red Cloud Clothes, she knew from a glance this was an extraordinary treasure. Feng Ying did not dare slight her. When she took the jade strip to inspect its information, her complexion slightly changed. THe things upon it were varied and numerous. Many of the items were of the type strong enough to make Supercluster Cultivators fight over them in a frenzy.

This man honestly had assets.

How could Feng Ying know that the things that Su Xing brought out were no more than the most inferior portion. There was still some that he was waiting until he went to the Treasure Banquet to use.

After he finished preparing these, Su Xing entered the auction house.

The instant he crossed the door, Su Xing sensed a slight alteration in spiritual power. He seemed to have entered into a sort of forbiddance, and his expression could not help but shift. But he then recovered his calm.

Everyone’s eyes were dazzled. There was a whole other world behind the screen.

A two zhang wide corridor separated the grounds behind into two large halls.

The left side area was spacious and bright. Other than several tall black pillars, there was no cover at all. Furthermore, the inside was extremely bustling.

At the end of the procession was a small room. The room had a white light shimmering above the door.

Whereas the right side area was thoroughly covered within a blue light. It was basically impossible to see the situation inside.

“This place is called the Virtuous Diagram Pavilion. It is specialized in the things cultivators collect from the Black Turtle Territory’s seas. You can exchange for gold, medicines, or other things. Or if you believe something is expensive, you can directly participate in the auction after appraisal. This city also has several other places engaged in a similar practice. They opened their doors under different spheres of influence. However, our Virtuous Diagram Pavilion is the largest.” The female cultivator proudly introduced.

It was a pity that Xi Yue was not here, otherwise, he probably could understand things more by relying on her.

Su Xing nodded in silence, not caring about this. He only wanted to quickly obtain Black Profound Divine Jade. As for the scale, in Su Xing’s perspective, participating in the Treasure Banquet, the Crystal Dragon Palace’s legendary Ten Thousand Li Crystal Palace was sufficient to make the Virtuous Diagram Pavilion not worth a mention.

“Right, what power do you fall under?” Su Xing asked. He knew that with this scale, the power backing them definitely was not small. “The Devil Star Palace?”

“This is the Nine Dragons Sea. The Devil Star Palace is unable to meddle, but this is Strange Abyss Island. The Virtuous Diagram Pavilion belongs to the Nine Dragon Palace.” Feng Ying calmly said.

“Oh. That is good, indeed.” Su Xing nodded.

Arriving at the auction, it was counterintuitively adorned simply and elegantly. Other than a few wood chairs, at the end of the hall was a several zhang long platform.

Behind the platform was a beautiful woman. Her hand held a stone of flickering blue light. Her mouth was like a torrent as she spoke something.

Across from him, several dozen cultivators of every rank sat or stood, from the lowest Stardust Stage to Supercluster Stage.

Su Xing silently observed the auction items on the platform from the side.

Feng Ying bade her farewell and came behind the platform.

She changed from her previous calm and urgently spoke.

“Senior Sister Ping, what is the matter?” A female cultivator was bewildered.

“Quickly, report to the Queen, Wu Song and the Purple Thunder Monster have come.” Feng Ying solemnly said.

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  1. 竹清石 has the same characters as her name Zhuqing 竹清
  2. 馮英


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