Chapter 528: Prominence Star “Ugly Prince Consort”

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In truth, Su Xing did not know at all that ever since he had snatched Xi Yue away from the Illusion Reality Sect and scared off Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, the Purple Thunder Monster’s heroic tales had spread throughout the Black Turtle Territory. The Devil Star Palace, Nine Dragons Palace and the other great powers had already issued an alert against him. Every major auction and market square had his, Wu Song’s and others’ portraits.1 However, with Su Xing’s current strength, this alert more or less was somewhat cautionary in meaning.

Things outside the auction were in the middle of intensifying.

Feng Ying anxiously waited. Not long after, the Shifting Star Moving Moon Array flashed.

A woman walked out from the middle.

This woman wore a dark blue flowery gown wrapped in black silk, revealing her gracefully contoured neck and visible collarbone. Her skirt pleats were like snowy moonlight flowing gently towards the ground. It dragged more than three chi, making her gait all the more graceful and beautiful. Her abundant black hair was bound using a headband, and a butterfly hairpin was stuck into it. A lock of black hair lay across her chest, and her makeup only added to her beauty. 

If one was to look only at her figure, then she definitely was extremely charming, making them very easily think the woman was a beauty that could lead to the downfall of a country, but upon seeing face, she made people startled. The woman was not at all so ugly, rather, the woman wore a sinister, fanged mask that covered half her face. Its shape was unbearably ugly. At first glance, it was a grotesque beast, making one feel nauseous.

Her exposed small cherry lips were adorned with black lipstick, which added even further to her sinister appearance.

Feng Ying did not dare slight her. She respectfully stepped forward: “Imperial Empress Yunshang.”2

After the Star Duels began, the Nine Dragons Palace had two Imperial Empresses. The one in the light was Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun, and the one in the shadows was that second Imperial Empress before her named Yunshang who made people love and fear her.

Yunshang normally was in charge of the nine city-states outside Nine Dragons City. Her position was second only to Shi Jinglun.

“What has happened, there is no need to startle the Queen.” Yunshang indifferently spoke.

Feng Ying summarized things.

“Wu Song, the Purple Thunder Monster?” A slight ripple appeared in Yunshang’s tone.

She had long already heard the rumors about the Purple Thunder Monster. This man who defeated Great Saint Starkiller, who slayed Guan Ying and even left Shi Jinglun at a loss of what to do had most recently become prominent in the Black Turtle Territory. Yunshang stood guard over nine cities, yet she was curious about him – particularly this man who unexpectedly could seduce two thousand year Star Generals who had never once signed a contract in nearly a millennium – Majestic Star Lin Chong and Harm Star Wu Song. This truly was extremely outrageous.

“I have already dispatched people to retain the Black Profound Divine Jade as last to be auctioned. They ought to still be drinking tea.” Feng Ying said.

Yunshang nodded, the meaning being that she expressed approval.

Feng Ying saw that she did not speak, and then continued: “I feel that they are definitely using the Black Profound Divine Jade to upgrade a Star Weapon. Imperial Empress Yunshang, shall we still sell it to them?”

“We need not play tricks in business affairs. Let him buy everything if he has the money, however, how many Black Profound Divine Jade do we have in this auction?” Yunshang asked.

“Twenty-five pieces.” Feng Ying honestly replied.

“Twenty-five pieces. She should still be lacking in number to upgrade her Star Weapon, however, we should still limit him to fifteen pieces.” Yunshang calmly said.

“As you command.”

“Also, completely turn over all auction items from these nine great cities to me. I hear the Purple Thunder Monster has many Star Generals. Perhaps there are some unfavorable to the Queen among them.” Yunshang continued to say.


Before Yunshang’s commands were finished. “Finally, immediately inform Devil Star Palace and the other Great Sects. Just tell them that the Purple Thunder Monster has appeared alone. Let them go kill each other in a life and death battle. I want to see just what virtue and capabilities he has, to be able to have contracted with so many of my Sisters.”

“Subordinate immediately carries out your orders.” Despite Yunshang’s malevolent personality, her thoughts nevertheless were very meticulous. Very quickly, she had sorted things out.

After Feng Ying left, Yunshang passed through a curtain to look at the auction’s arena. Her black eyes, for a time, were abyssal and indecipherable, her mood very unclear.

Su Xing watched the auction taking place atop the platform. All of the items had been very ordinary. Perhaps to other cultivators, even Supercluster Cultivators, they were exceptional items, but to the Su Xing in the Star Duels, these magic weapons were not as outstanding as those that Tang Lianxin forged.

Finally, the Black Profound Divine Jade at last was unveiled.

The Black Profound Divine Jade was a strange treasure. In the Black Turtle Territory, it was an excellent item to be used with practicing cultivation methods or refining tools, and Black Profound Divine Jade came from the Endless Depths. It was very difficult to find, and its appearance would attract the interest of all cultivators.

What made Su Xing disappointed was that there were only fifteen pieces of Black Profound Divine Jade. This was too few. Wu Siyou currently had thirteen pieces, and her upgrade to Five Star required forty-eight pieces, meaning that these mere twenty-eight pieces was still deficient by a large portion. However, this was far better than nothing.

“Fifteen pieces of Black Profound Divine Jade, each piece is being auctioned at a price of thirty million apiece.” A female cultivator announced in a loud voice.

Thirty million each. This price made those cultivators somewhat timid. To a Scattered Cultivator, this prices honestly was somewhat not too matching with common sense, far out of the ordinary.

Su Xing was not worried. He slowly waited.

“Thirty-five million liang.” A tottering fat person said.

“Forty million.”

“Fifty-five million.”

The sounds of bidding were considerably weaker than before. Perhaps some had the support of a sect, but very few Scattered Cultivators could come up with the capital for a Black Profound Divine Jade priced at forty, fifty million.

“Seventy million!!”

Just as the fifty-five million was already stopping, just when that cultivator thought that he could obtain it, a voice that rang like a morning bell resounded through the hall.

Everyone turned their gazes and saw a man make his bid. Beside him were two gorgeous girls hugging him from the left and right.

“Seventy million? This is too extravagant.”

“The Black Profound Jade cannot be worth seventy million, can it???”

Everyone discussed spiritedly.

The seventy million appeared like an astronomical figure, however, it did not count as much when exchanged with talismans, pills, or magic weapons. The Bright Pearl Strip that Su Xing gave to Feng Ying contained enough to spare even if he was to barter for every piece of Black Profound Divine Jade at more than a hundred million apiece.

The feeling of someone sending their money to his doorstep felt so good.3

Su Xing sighed.

“Seventy million, is there anyone else who will bid an even higher price? This is Black Profound Divine Jade, a strange stone of the Endless Depths.”

No one answered.

Su Xing had already seen the bottom line price that each of them could afford. Therefore, the moment he spoke was enough to astonish everyone.

“It seems this Black Profound Divine Jade will be given to this Fellow.” The female cultivator smiled and said.

“A hundred million!!”

Just as she was about to close, suddenly at this moment, there was an abrupt change. A voice cold to the bone suddenly resounded. Everyone shuddered in alarm, as if they felt goosebumps upon hearing this voice.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou were both taken aback.

They turned their heads in astonishment.

A woman draped in black silk and wearing dark blue splendid clothing walked in from the main doors. Each step she took seemed to imitate an asura, as if they could see monsters cheering from behind the woman. She made everyone stifled, especially when the woman was wearing an extremely ugly monster mask that covered her face, making her seem even more malicious. This made people feel she was cultivating some Devil Cultivation Method at first glance and needed the Black Profound Divine Jade. 

“A hundred million?”

“This one’s insane, to unexpectedly offer one hundred million.”


Everyone discussed in succession.

Yunshang glanced at Su Xing. There was no emotion to be seen in her gaze.

Su Xing did not expect Cheng Yaojin to show up suddenly along the way.4 His first impression was that she was deliberately bidding the price higher. This was an auction’s trick, Su Xing knew, but the woman in front of him seemed a bit unfathomable.

“Two hundred million!!”

Su Xing said immediately.

Everyone drew in a deep breath. Glancing at Su Xing’s crafty eyes, no one expected that Su Xing would immediately double the bid. Could it be that he was deliberately inflating the price?? Even Wu Siyou felt that Su Xing’s bid was honestly overwhelming.

Su Xing was expressionless. He calmly talked and joked with Little Huang.

Su Xing deliberately did so to fight a psychological battle, to make his opponent believe that he was raising the price. Under normal circumstances, if he was not so insistent, even a person deliberately increasing the price could not possibly dare make another bid.

Yunshang’s extremely cold expression showed slight astonishment from Su Xing’s action, If it was not for knowing Su Xing’s bottom line towards the Black Profound Divine Jade was that he had to obtain it, she perhaps would honestly have retreated.

Yunshang’s pupils shrunk. She ruthlessly spat out.

“Three hundred million!!”


Everyone was shaken.

These cultivators had never seen this level of bidding in an auction. Each and every single one of them stared dumbstruck at the two of them.

“The Black Profound Divine Jade also can be given to a Star General to upgrade her Star Weapon. That Elder Sister over there is somewhat familiar.” Yunshang pensively said. “It seems this item must be obtained at all costs.”

These words seemed enlightening, waking everyone up.

Only then did they return to their senses. If this was used for a Star General’s Star Weapon upgrade, two or three hundred million was not bargaining.

“She is…” Someone whispered, a greedy light flashing across their eyes.

Wu Siyou’s eyes narrowed, concealing her cold blade.

“It seems you also want to use it to upgrade your Star Weapon?” Su Xing smiled and said. “Since the lady has bid like this, it seems I really must obtain it without fail.”

Yunshang was expressionless, as if answering this was indeed the case.

As expected, she had come to increase the price?

To encounter a Star General at this kind of auction was perhaps most detestable. Regarding materials required to be obtained, to give up on them was not too possible.

However, to use four or five hundred to buy one Black Profound Divine Jade, fifteen pieces would then be close to a billion. As far as the Su Xing who was rich and overbearing was concerned, this still hurt very much. Su Xing sunk into contemplation.

Some people showed sneers. They were secretly pleased that Su Xing was agonizing in front of his wives’ faces.

“Three hundred million apiece. Is there any other Fellow that wishes to bid?” The female cultivator’s voice trembled. However, this was not because of the high price or because of Yunshang. She knew the Nine Dragons Palace’s Imperial Empress. To slap down their own was a gain that did not make up for the losses.

“Lord Husband, let us leave. Since Little Sister is fond of it, leave it to her.” WU Siyou calmly said. To make Su Xing waste a billion to buy the Black Profound Divine Jade, Wu Siyou did not like this.

“Feng Ying.” Su Xing suddenly said.

“Fellow, what is the matter.” Feng Ying hurried over.

“I want to tell you something.”

“Please speak.”

“Exchange the things in the Bright Pearl Strip for these fifteen Black Profound Divine Jade. If you are willing, then Your Servant shall make the trade. Of course, if you feel the price is too low, then these fifteen pieces of Black Profound Jade can be yielded to this lady.” Su Xing remained calm amidst the chaos, slightly smiling.

Feng Ying was stunned. SHe did not expect Su Xing to be so generous. THe things in the Bright Pearl Strip, no matter how it was put, neared a billion in value. Although this did not compare to the price of three hundred million apiece, it was an absolute profit.

Feng Ying did not dare make the decision, and she subconsciously glanced at Yunshang.

“Can you give his Bright Pearl Strip items for me to look at?” Yunshang said.

Feng Ying deferentially handed it to her.

Yunshang took the jade strip, scanned it with her Divine Intent and showed no expression as she threw it back. Everyone saw her indifference and thought that she was disdaining him. They were secretly pleased.

How could they have anticipated Yunshang’s reply.

“Truly, you hate to wrong Elder Sister. I shall acknowledge the beauty of that honesty.” Yunshang indifferently said.

Su Xing cursed under his breath. He knew he had been made a fool of by this woman. Judging from the deference just now when Feng Ying passed the jade strip, perhaps Feng Ying knew this woman, and her status possibly was not low. However, just as Yunshang said, Su Xing needed to obtain the Black Profound Divine Jade. He obviously knew he was being outbid and still got played. Fortunately, Su Xing did not favor any of the items on the Bright Pearl Strip, so the exchange was not so painful.

He actually glanced several more times at that woman. He could never forget that ugly mask even if he wanted to.

“Your Servant is Su Xing. Lady truly has played a good trick this time and made Your Servant pay the price. Your Servant wonders how to address you? If we meet in the future, Your Servant can give his regards.” Su Xing asked with an insincere smile.

“Yunshang.” The woman curled her lips, as if she was smiling.

Chills ran down the back of Feng Ying who watched from the side. The Imperial Empress had never smiled before. This Purple Thunder Monster honestly was as tricky as the rumors told, to unexpectedly be able to make Imperial Empress Yunshang show an expression of interest.

“Yunshang is a wisp of a dream, a flower tribute yet carefree.5 A good name.” Su Xing nodded.

After the Black Profound Divine Jade, Su Xing thought that things were more or less finished, however, the climax had only just begun then. To make these cultivators stay behind to the end, the Black Profound Divine Jade naturally was not enough to become the finale of the auction.

Finally, the end.

“Since All Fellows have gone through a complete exchange, then now we shall begin the final treasure of this auction session. It is also this trade fair’s most precious treasure.” Feng Ying took the stage. Calmly finishing these words, she suddenly clapped her hands twice. Then, divine light flashed at the entrance to the hall. Two maids walked in.

The two maids’ dresses fluttered, wafting their fragrance, pervading the area.

All of the cultivators present shifted because the two maids’ hands held a jade try. This jade tray was covered with a red cloth. With just a look, this clearly was an extraordinary item.

“Since everyone has lasted to this stage, naturally, you will know what is being auctioned this time. Your Humble Servant shall not waste any more words and will allow everyone to first witness the true face of this treasure.” Feng Ying gently smiled. Her flattering style circulated and immediately shook. The red cloth was lifted, and crimson light suddenly rocketed into the sky. Then, a fist-sized ball of glaring yellow light slowly rose out of the box, but the moment it left the box, this yellow light seemed to swell and shrink indeterminately like Buddhist light. Furthermore, it let out a muffled hum.

Seeing this scene, Feng Ying imposingly formed a hand seal. Several hand seals were struck together in succession, and then she pointed at the yellow light. She let out a low shout.

The light-ball flickered several times. After it suddenly whirled, the spiritual light abruptly stopped. Its original form appeared. It was a square shaped thing. This item was smooth, glossy as jade, but the surface suddenly dimmed and then glowed. It faintly manifested layer upon layer of gold and silver talisman script. The strange thing was that every time this spirit light flashed, these talisman script arrays would be entirely different. Furthermore, under closer inspection, it made people feel extremely marvelous.

Besides this, although the spirit qi emitted from the jade tray was gentle and steady, the spirit qi inside was extremely vast. Even though the object did not look powerful at all, the moment it appeared, it made all the cultivators wild.

Su Xing felt that this object was somewhat familiar.

He suddenly recalled, was this not the banquet invitation that Long Nü gave him back then for the “Treasure Banquet?”

“Surely, Everyone must know of the Treasure Banquet that is on the eve of commencing. This event is one of Liangshan’s absolutes. Any cultivator able to participate in the banquet needs only to enter to be able to have endless benefits, but the conditions to enter the banquet are extremely demanding. The Nine Dragons Palace has exhausted much effort in order to obtain this jade plate. It can allow everyone that participates in the Treasure Banquet to witness Liangshan Continent’s most wondrous treasures.” 

As Feng Ying leisurely spoke, she also controlled the jade pendant that was in front of her. The suddenly enlarging and shrinking spirit-light was fully charged. It made all the cultivators present in the hall unable to help but be restless.

Besides, even if they did not have this explanation, just mentioning the words “participate in the Treasure Banquet” was enough to stir everyone. To be able to participate in the Treasure Banquet was also a symbol of status. Let alone that this jade pendant was high class, they could even participate in an even higher class auction.

Bids very quickly rang out.

Su Xing recalled that Xi Yue just happened to be lacking such a jade pendant. This was perfect to help her obtain one. Therefore, he also called out bids.

Su Xing glanced at Yunshang, discovering the woman had already disappeared at some point without a trace.

He was not surprised at all. Su Xing in the end obtained this jade pendant, making those cultivators red-eyed incessantly. They perhaps even had thoughts of stealing it. Su Xing already experienced the envy of the Sikong Sisters. He noticed that Wu Siyou had left at some unknown time, and he asked Little Huang.

“She had something and asks Your Highness to wait.” Gongsun Huang said.


Su Xing was taken aback. He immediately knew what Wu Siyou had gone to do.

Black Water City, an isolated alley. 

Yunshang was currently strolling about. She paced for a moment, stopped and suddenly turned around. Something appeared in her hand, and a sharp arrow was launched.

A beautiful figure flashed out, crushing the arrow with a clang.

“Black Profound Divine Jade, you do not need it at all.” Wu Siyou sneered. “To extortl Lord Husband, Little Sister is very bold.”

“As the rumors say, you address each other as husband and wife? Just what bewitchment has that man cast upon you, Wu Song?” Yunshang was cold. 

“Just what is your identity?” Wu Siyou asked.

Yunshang’s hand covered her mask, yet her other hand manifested a great sword.

“Use your skill to find out.”

“Exactly what Your Servant wants.” Wu Siyou just happened to be somewhat infuriated that Yunshang would extort her Lord Husband. She launched an attack at once without saying another word.

Before she finished speaking, a long and narrow cold light that was like a beautiful lightning flash flit by.

WU Siyou already launched her offensive.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus blossomed with ice, snow and black lotuses.

Yunshang’s footsteps retreated. Her great sword also unsheathed at the same time, shooting towards Wu Siyou as swift as lightning, but this was no more than a feint.

Wu Siyou easily blocked the great sword. Immediately, she used the tip of her sword to knock it aside, but the slightest air-splitting noise soundlessly rang. Several rays of black shadows attacked from Yunshang’s left hand as swift as thunder, attacking Wu Siyou from a direction completely different from before. They really were not a pure attack. Those shadows seemed to be able to attack according to their master’s will. Even if Wu Siyou used her superb footwork’s speed to block, the shadows that were knocked aside could still instantly counterattack like snakes twisting their heads. She was completely without any time to breathe.

Furthermore, what was even more frightening was that the shadows would shoot out noiselessly from any random angle, as if they were terrifying assassins.

Bang, bang, bang!!

A shrieking sound and metallic clanging continuously clashed. Yunshang’s first attack displayed the strength only a gloomy strong person could have.

The attack was not only incomparably fast, it also was impeccable in terms of defense.

Wu Siyou cut down the shadows, which unexpectedly were short arrows.


Wu Siyou evidently expect that she was battling against a Sister that used arrows.

A sinister sneer came over.

The paths of arrow and sword unexpectedly formed a terrifying net of lightning in a range of three zhang, but this nevertheless was unable to obstruct Wu Siyou’s footwork. Harm Star Pilgrim was like a falcon shuttling back and forth at lightning speed. Even if she was occasionally forced into an attack’s dead end, her accurate and speedy judgment in evasion was enough to help her. In the mere blink of an eye, that black shadow arrived in front of Yunshang.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus once again was stopped by noiseless arrows fired in succession.

Wu Siyou punched. A presence wrapped in ice-cold suddenly slashed down, carrying a black light before the target’s eyes, incomparably chilling, like the oppressive sound of thunder arriving.

Yunshang’s expression was serious. Her footsteps were like a monster’s, light as wind, leaning sideways through this attack, but the double-ended Noble Frost Demonic Lotus nevertheless touched the ground and suddenly changed directions. By changing her direct charge into a horizontal sweep, this time, the attack’s speed and power were already magnified. But Yunshang already was prepared – the arrows gathered into one and, combined with her own sword, successfully sealed the path Wu Siyou’s sweep attacked.

The tricky light left Wu Siyou with no choice but to withdraw.

This was something her defenses could block. Yunshang seized her chance. Just like a shadowy vulture, she struck at this instant.

Even if she had made mental preparations and used her weapon as a buffer, the chilling attack of the Little Sister in front of her could not be underestimated. Under the powerful charge, Wu Siyou’s body was suddenly tossed several meters, but the instant she landed, the woman already recovered without a problem.

A soft grunt.

Countless whirling arrows like a viper’s fangs stirred up the air turbidity.

Practically in that instant Wu Siyou saw them, the whirling arrows seemed to pierce her body.

Yellow Rank Technique.

Rapid Succession Poison Edge!6

“As long as I do not hurt Elder Sister, my attack can undergo countless changes.” Yunshang’s words carried an unclear arrogance or calm tone, “Even if you are Wu Song, underestimating me will still lead to a very wretched death.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus spun, and her eyes became darker than the abyss at the same time.

An earnest expression appeared on her face.

The pressure that the little sister in front of her gave Wu Siyou unexpectedly was not bad. Wu Siyou gradually was somewhat boiling over.

“Are you serious now? I also want to experience how powerful this generation’s Wu Song is.” Yunshang ruthlessly said.

Wu Siyou smiled and shouted. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus danced with a large black sword-qi that sprinkled Yunshang, as if it was an unstoppable foehn wind, enveloping her prey tightly within the saber-light and shadow.

Yellow Rank Sword Technique.

Yunshang broke off. At the same time, her fingers snapped.

Countless shadows shot out from her fingers, transforming seemingly into vipers that pounced towards Wu Siyou.

But, regardless of how crafty Yunshang’s attack angle was, how frequently she varied her speed, her attacks seemed unable to hurt Wu Siyou in the slightest. That double-ended sword of pitch-black and snow-white light danced under Wu Siyou’s control like an airtight rampart. She brushed aside each randomly appearing attack Yunshang wielded.

Under a continuous volley of arrows, Yunshang finally noticed that she was still somewhat unable to shake the top-notch martial general Wu Siyou in a frontal confrontation.

The girl’s eyes changed expression for the first time.

But the battle had only just begun.

Wu Siyou suddenly clenched double swords. A terrifying aggression flowed from her swordtip, full of a blood-light.

Yunshang sensed danger. WIthout hesitation, she flung the greatsword at Wu Siyou. Then, her wrist flipped and showed a black, monstrously formed crossbow. That ugly mask’s appearance was ferocious.

Dark Technique.

Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck.

Wu Siyou vanished.

The greatsword split apart. Twin sabers directly flashed for Yunshang’s neck. 

Yunshang at this time did not hold back her attack.

An arrow fired, forming numerous densely packed phantoms.

Wu Siyou’s sword slashed, but the second and third arrow followed immediately after. She fired continuously without pause, firmly suppressing Wu Siyou’s Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck. The Harm Star had no choice but to terminate her attack.

She took a step back.

Wu Siyou’s eyes narrows, and the corner of her lips curled.

“Prominence Star Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Zan,7 I have been looking forward to meeting you!!”

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  6. 連珠毒刃
  7. 地傑星醜郡馬宣贊


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