Chapter 529: Ksetra of Heaven: Borderless Sword Array

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Although Prominent Star Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Zan was not that sort of first-rate martial general, without even the fame of the Earthly Stars’ Four Heavenly Kings, her continuous stream of arrows was executed to perfection. Among the Star Generals, this was her unique skill. Even Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong’s arrow arts were inferior.

To bump into the Ugly Prince Consort, regardless of whether one was a top-notch martial general like Lu Junyi or the weakest Bai Sheng, there was unanimous opinion about the succession of arrows. Underestimating the enemy would only bring certain death.

Xuan Yunshang’s hands gripped a pitch-black short bow. She held three arrows that were like shadows of billowing black qi. Five Stars flowed around on it. This was Ugly Prince Consort’s famous Destined Star Weapon, “Demon Bow”1 and “Monster Arrow.”2

“Wu Song, it is I who have waited long to meet you.” Xuan Yunshang’s voice was gloomy, without any feeling. “Can you tell me, why you would sign a contract with a man?”

“Does Your Servant need a reason to do anything?!” Wu Siyou twirled her sword, disdaining to reply. Immediately, she sneered: “Your Servant is actually curious, Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Zan, you surprisingly will not sign a contract?”

“You have committed a blunder. The Ninth Generation Star Duels can allow us Sisters to meet again, to ascend Maiden Mountain together. Those contractors merely are burdens to us.” Xuan Yunshang’s pace slowly shifted.

The two circled one another, their gaits absentminded, but each step concealed great murderous intent.

“What did you say?” Wu Siyou’s brows furrowed.

“If I was to say you can scale Maiden Mountain without the need for any Star Master, Wu Song, would you be willing to join us?” Xuan Yunshang continued.

“Is there such a possibility?” Wu Siyou sneered at her.

“Do you accept?”  Xuan YUnshang said: “So long as you agree to join us, I will tell you the greatest secret of these Star Duels!”

Wu Siyou raised her eyebrows, unimpressed. “This generation’s Uprising?”

“You know.” Xuan Yunshang showed slight surprise.

Wu Siyou naturally knew about the matter of the Uprising. Although this was indeed somewhat strange and she was also indeed curious as to what the Uprising actually was, to make her part of the Uprising was something she could not do. “What does that have to do with Your Servant.”

Her cool and elegant figure vanished from where she was.

“That is a pity.” Xuan Yunshang coldly spat out four words. Her hand movements were extremely quick, and the three Monster Arrows promptly fired.

The arrowheads spun out indistinct shadows, their constantly changing trajectories making them untrackable, completely as untraceable as its bow. 

Wu Siyou evaded two arrows consecutively, and the last arrow was also deflected by Noble Frost Demonic Lotus.

Xuan Yunshang somersaulted into midair.

Whooshing shadows once again shot out.

Not good.

Xuan Yunshang suddenly noticed that Wu Siyou had vanished without a trace.

“Where are you looking?” WU Siyou appeared behind her, slashing.


Her protective armor cracked. Xuan Yunshang raised her hand, and an steel saber appeared that swept out. 

As nimble as a dragonfly skimming the water’s surface.

Wu Siyou gently stepped on the steel saber, and her sword’s power fell.

Sword-qi exploded on Xuan Yunshang’s body.

The burst let Ugly Prince Consort incessantly suffer.

If Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang had a Star Master, she could at this time make the Star Master use Flying Swords to obstruct and create an opportunity for her Demon Archery, but for her alone to face Wu Siyou was not so easy.

Xuan Yunshang was forced to a sorry figure. She used her Dark Technique without any hesitation.

East Wind Breaks!!3

The Monster Arrows let out ghastly shrieks, and a ring appeared in the air.

Black light directly shot towards Wu Siyou’s chest. At this moment, regardless of whatever dodge Wu Siyou used, she would be struck without fail. Wu Siyou clenched the sword before her chest.


The arrow slammed into the sword, shaking it.

A wave burst out from within the arrow. The ring previously in the air suddenly enlarged, moving towards Wu Siyou to trap her.

An enormous thud.

The Five Star Monster Arrow finally forced away Noble Frost Demonic Lotus.

Wu Siyou’s expression changed.

The airflow exploded, rolling a tidal wave-like qi boiled.

Did it hit? Xuan Yunshang stared, still somewhat not daring to believe. But following the air wave dissipating, her flowing green hair heavily settled, and Xuan Yunshaung’s heart sank. 

Wu Siyou slowly turned her head back. Her hair was aflutter, and in her mouth, she had caught the Monster Arrow that had been fired at her.

“Incredible. As expected of a martial general that is top-notch in battle, to be able to surprisingly block my Eastern Wind Breaks under that situation.

Xuan Yunshang let out an ice-cold, gloomy sigh.

Wu Siyou spat out the arrow, her expression ice-cold.

Xuan Yunshang knew that she could not hold an advantage fighting any further. At this moment, she sensed that the Purple Thunder Monster was approaching this place, and a thought flashed past her mind.

“I will not keep you company any longer.”

Xuan Yunshang suddenly called. A pitch-black, cloud-treading, fanged, crimson-eyed, grotesque and sinister monster horse appeared from out of thin air. This horse was known as “Ugly,” Xuan Yunshang’s Star Beast. It was in accordance with her title as the Ugly Prince Consort.

Xuan Yunshang flipped onto the horse. Ugly whinnied and spat a dark, black fog at Wu Siyou. This black fog was not able to harm her in the slightest, but it nevertheless could blind her eyes.

Xuan Yunshang glanced towards Su Xing. She spurred her horse to charge at him. As she rode, she drew her bow, killing intent in her eyes. Since she could not kill Wu Song, then killing this Purple THunder Monster right now was also an absolutely good opportunity.

However, before Xuan Yunshang could fire her arrow, Gongsun Huang already noticed her. The little girl’s Pinebrand Ancient Sword pointed and used Wind Rolls the Clouds.

A gale blew, gusting like blades.

“Little White!”

She heard Wu Siyou yell.

A white shadow tore apart the black smoke and fiercely pounced.

Xuan Yunshang could only turn her head back and fire an arrow at it. She continued to spur Ugly into stepping on black clouds upwards. Black fog pervaded the sky and earth.

Su Xing summoned his Flying Swords in defense. Such a miserable black fog made it difficult to chase. By the time Gongsun Huang used her Star Magic to blow away the black fog, Prominence Star Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang had already disappeared.

“That just now was?” Su Xing asked.

“Prominence Star Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Zan.” Wu Siyou answered.

“Ugly Prince Consort, never expected to run into her.” Su Xing knew that in spite of Xuan Zan’s ranking as fortieth, that rapid fire archery received no small measure of respect. 

“Wifey, are you unhurt?” Su Xing looked her over.

Wu Siyou glared at Su Xing, to make him stop randomly feeling her up. “No issue, but it is a pity Your Servant could not take revenge for Lord Husband.”

“This doesn’t count as revenge at all.” Su Xing smiled: “Don’t take it to heart, it’s fine if you’re alright.”

“Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang suddenly looked in another direction.

They stopped their conversation. With a glance, countless cultivators were currently flying in from every direction.

Prominence Star Ugly Prince Consort returned to the Virtuous Diagram Pavilion. She just happened to see large numbers of cultivators moving in the direction of Su Xing. Xuan Yunshang did not have any faith in these cultivators against the Purple Thunder Monster, but to make him surrounded by enemies on all sides in the Black Turtle Territory was not a bad thing.

“Second Imperial Empress, according to your instructions, the surrounding sects’ cultivators have already gone to intercept the Purple Thunder Monster.”

“As they wish. We will not interfere!” Xuan Yunshang was indifferent.

“As you order.”

Ugly whinnied several times, puffing out black smoke. Xuan Yunshang looked at her Star Beast, “Do you want a name, too?”

Ugly bawled.4

Xuan Yunshang wrinkled her brow. She suddenly recalled the Purple Thunder Monster’s compliment, “Yunshang is a wisp of a dream, a flower tribute yet carefree.” She wondered where he composed this, but it was interesting.

“Then, from now on, you are called Flower Tribute.” Xuan Yunshang calmly said. She turned her head back to issue Feng Ying orders: “Go inform the Queen, Wu Song has already been captivated by that man and has no sisterly sentiments…” Pausing, Xuan Yunshang shook her head.

“Forget it. I will go myself. It has been very long since I chatted with her.”

“Purple Thunder Monster!!!”

All of the cultivators surrounded him from up in the sky down onto the ground without leaving any gaps. Everyone was angered. Among these cultivators were several Supercluster Ancestors, but Su Xing did not place them in his eyes.

His three dozen Flying Swords revolved about. Green light, golden rays, and white rainbows reflected each other, showing an ancient and formidable aggression.

“Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.”

“The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo!!”

Everyone cried out in shock. One section of Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was enough to profit them endlessly, let alone that this was an extravagant set of twelve Flying Swords.

“I have no interest in willfully slaughtering innocents, but if you wish to die, then I will not be polite.” Su Xing coldly said.

Although a hundred cultivators was a lot, some greedy characters thought that with numbers, they could rely on others to take action yet still enjoy a share of the harvest. Su Xing saw through this kind of greedy mentality at a glance, Su Xing’s palm ignited an “Instant Frost Flame.” The surrounding air immediately turned cold.

Everyone looked at each other in bewilderment. Their thinking was the same as Su Xing’s. After they heard the news about the Purple Thunder Monster, they rushed over in a mob. They knew that the Purple Thunder Monster was classified by the Devil Palace as its number one enemy in the Black Turtle Territory, the archnemesis of the Black Turtle Territory. As a result, when the call for action came down, Black Water City’s cultivators completely assembled together, however, after their fury passed, they found an embarrassing fact. 

Though their numbers were great, the Purple Thunder Monster’s cultivation was Supercluster Middle Stage. It would not be so easy to face him, let alone that the Purple Thunder Monster’s side also had the absolutely terrifying top-notch martial general Wu Song at his side. No one dared to make the first move.

Thereupon, several thousand Flying Swords soared about in the sky, their imposing manner grand, as if they were a sword array come to shake the heavens and earth, yet it was without any intense murderous intent. 

“Wifey, let’s go.” Su Xing smirked.

The thousands of Flying Swords fluttered. All of the cultivators were indefinitely uncertain. Among them, a Supercluster Late Stage Great Cultivator furiously said: “Purple Thunder Monster, do not think you can leave.”

A hundred Flying Swords became a sword array that activated.

Su Xing pointed. Heaven Tearing broke his sword array, and when the other cultivators saw this, they immediately were agitated. They wanted to use their Flying Swords when at this moment, the surrounding airflow was suddenly disturbed. A gale howled.

A white cloud like a dragon, a northern wind like a blade. The several thousand Flying Swords wobbled in the gale. Let alone forming a sword array, even Divine Intent control had become difficult. Everyone’s expressions changed.

“What is happening??”

“Huh, this is Star Magic???”


The cultivators cried out involuntarily.

The wind became increasingly berserk, and without any warning, the blue light suddenly sprinkled down onto the world. The world turned blue, and the entire Black Water City seemingly vanished. The sea in Su Xing’s eyes became a blue and green plain, rustling.

A voice that broke out of the ground.

A stalk of jadeite bamboo shot nonstop out of the ground towards the sky. In the blink of an eye, several thousand jadeite bamboo stalks had sprouted from the ground. Those cultivators’ faces paled, and they wailed, their hearts having been run through by the bamboo. Blood rained down, becoming raindrops to the jadeite.5

The scene was extremely bizarre.

In a mere instant, a hundred cultivators had been completely destroyed. When the Supercluster Late Stage Ancestor saw this array, his expression was shocked, and he screamed: “Impossible, this is ‘Ksetra of Heaven: Borderless Sword Array.’”6

The ancestor immediately used full power to avoid having his heart pierced. He fled towards the horizon, but this forest was endless. That ancestor was then also killed by the bamboo forest.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou were both astonished. They subconsciously looked to Gongsun Huang, believing this was Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic.

The little girl shook her head and pointed above them.

Above the sea of bamboo appeared a man and woman.

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  1. 魑魅弓
  2. 魍魎箭
  3. 東風破, also the title of a Jay Chou song, the English title of which I don’t know
  4. It is a quite a pitiful name
  5. Kazikli Bey. Anybody else remember Lancer of Black from Fate/Apocrypha?
  6. 天之剎.無涯劍陣


    1. Probably Gongsun Zhuqing’s way of repaying Su Xing for gifting her Bamboo Clarity Stone. Now she can begin his trial with a clear conscience…

  1. “East Wind Breaks”? Is the Prominent Star Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Zan breaking wind during battle? How rude.

  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    “To bump into the Ugle Prince Consort, regardless of whether one was a top-notch martial general like Lu Junyi or the weakest Bai Sheng, there was unanimous opinion about the succession of arrows.”
    Ugle -> Ugly
    “ALthough this was indeed somewhat strange and was also indeed was curious as to what the Uprising actually was, to make her part of the Uprising was something she could not do. ”
    ALthough -> Although
    was also indeed was curious -> the second “was” not needed i think.
    “If Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang had a Star Master, she could at this time make the Star Master use Flying Swords to obstruct and create an opportunity for her Demon Archery, but for she alone to face Wu Siyou was not so easy.”
    for she alone -> not sure, but maybe “her”?

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