Chapter 530: Yuwen Xingliang’s Defeat

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Su Xing was taken aback. He was astonished to recognize that the green-haired woman was exactly the girl previously pining for the Bamboo Clarity Stone. Compared to just then, the current Zhuqing carried a sort of exceptional majesty. Her forehead had a Star Crest, and there was also a green dragon beside her appearing from time to time in the blue light. The expansive Black Water City Island seemed to disappear under her imposing aura. 

The man beside Zhuqing had a face as elegant as jade. He was attractive, and his expression appeared to carry a bit of indifference. That Ksetra of Heaven: Boundless Sword Array was his work. Each stalk in the sea of endless bamboo forest displayed a Flying Sword’s True Spirit. They continuously spun, emitting a sharp aura. Su Xing saw that his cultivation had surprisingly reached Supervoid Middle Stage.

Don’t tell me…Su Xing flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline without any hesitation.

As he thought, the Birth Treasure Outline showed a reaction. The pages fluttered, and golden characters manifested.

Star Position: Leisure Star 

Star Name: Gongsun Sheng 

Nickname: Dragon in the Clouds 

True Name: Gongsun Zhuqing 

Rank: Fourth 

Star Weapon: Pinebrand Ancient Sword (Four Star) 

Star Beast: Azure Cloud Dragon1 

Realm: True Phoenix Second Stage 

Innate Skill: Wandering The Clear Skies 

Five Elements: Wood 

Yellow Rank Special Technique: Cloud Traveling Azure Dragon Turn 

Dark Rank Special Technique: Half-destroyed Landscape 

Earth Rank Special Technique: Sun Moon And Stars2 

Heaven Rank Special Technique: Candle Dragon Extinguishing3 

Current Status: Trace Of True Spirit (Cannot be conquered) 

Detailed Materials… 

“Heaven Rank Technique??!” Su Xing’s heart shuddered. Compared to the identity of Zhuqing as second overlord Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng, seeing the Heaven Rank Special Move on the Birth Treasure Outline was much more alarming to Su Xing. 

A Star General’s Heaven Rank was their strongest technique, famous in Liangshan Continent, making people turn uneasy.

Legends said that this Heaven Rank Special Move was placed above Transforming Star of Annihilation, and even peak Supervoid Cultivators would be somewhat pressed to manage something against one. The first to comprehend a Heaven Rank in the Star Duels often could secure a position in the Seven Stars Assembly. However, Heaven Ranks were extremely difficult to comprehend. Other than relying on the “Heaven Book,” Star Generals that wanted to comprehend a Heaven Rank on their own required first-rate talent. The fact that even First Overlord Jade Qilin Lu Youyou was unable to comprehend her Heaven Rank demonstrated the difficulty.

Seeing the Heaven Rank, Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang stretched their bodies taut, not daring to be careless.

Su Xing was already considering first fleeing back to his Immortal’s Abode. He had already decided to do this upon encountering the Second Overlord, anyways, however, for the Second Overlord to appear right after the First Overlord ended, time truly left him somewhat unprepared. Su Xing had originally thought this would occur more or less at the Treasure Banquet.

“Never expected that I would unexpectedly walk right into a previous Overlord. I ought to be mocked right now.” Su Xing chuckled.

“I am not mocking you.” Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Zhuqing calmly said, “I am very thankful for your Bamboo Clarity Stone.”

Su Xing smiled: “To be able to receive the Second Overlord’s gratitude, it seems this was worth it.” He took a deep breath, and his mind was already thinking rapidly. If the Second Overlord was Dragon in the Clouds, powerful Star Magic would take away their advantage in numbers. The sole possibility was to keep close to Gongsun Zhuqing as much as possible and then catch her off guard. Although magic energy type Star Generals were powerful, their close combat was their weakness.

However, upon seeing the extraordinary sword array of the Star Master beside Gongsun Zhuqing, displaying considerably brilliant sword arts, perhaps he would be somewhat thorny.

“Your Servant is Yuwen Xingliang, Gongsun Zhuqing’s Star Master.” Yuwen Xingliang introduced himself. The surrounding bamboo sea changed into the forms of several thousand Flying Swords. His hand pointed, and a jadeite bamboo sword was gripped in his fingers.

“You must be the target of the trial then.”

“Your Servant is Su Xing.”

“Do you dare to receive the trial Your Servant has set for you.” Yuwen Xingliang calmly said.

“En? What trial?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

“I have already discussed this with Zhuqing. We do not wish to take advantage of your difficulties at all. You have two choices. First choice is to kill us!” Yuwen Xingliang’s first choice was obvious to Su Xing.

“The second choice?”

“The second choice, you and I will duel. If you can defeat Your Servant, the next part is to have your Star General set out. If she can withstand Zhuqing’s three moves, ‘Earth, Dark and Yellow,’ then you will be considered as having passed this trial.” Yuwen Xingliang’s conduct was righteous. He knew that the current Phase of the Star Duels was the time to comprehend Earth Ranks. If Gongsun Zhuqing used her Heaven Rank, perhaps none of them could make a lucky escape.

Su Xing did not reply, rather, he looked to Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang.

“Is your word any good?” Wu Siyou coldly said.

“A gentleman does not go back on his word.”

“Then the second.” Since they could avoid facing Gongsun Sheng’s Heaven Rank, Su Xing naturally would not foolishly put his life on the line.

Yuwen Xingliang actually was not surprised.

He walked on the air, his expression calmly staring at Su Xing.

“Lord Husband, be careful.” Wu Siyou exhorted.

Gongsun Huang left Su Xing’s shoulder, her eyes full of concern.

“Relax.” Su Xing smiled. Even if his martial arts could face some Earthly Star martial generals, this naturally became a card up his sleeve against a Star Master.

He gently leapt, similarly using Wandering the Clear Skies and stood face to face in midair with Yuwen Xingliang.

“You only have two Star Generals?” Yuwen Xingliang was bewildered.

“They are still resting. There’s no need to disturb them.” Su Xing faintly smiled.

Yuwen Xingliang seemed to smile: “Oh, you actually are considerate of them. But I wonder if you have the ability to be considerate, or if that is merely nothing more than words…” His Flying Swords revolved, and a green rainbow appeared.

“Try and find out.”

Su Xing’s eyebrows rose.

“Then witness Your Servant’s Ksetra of Heaven: Borderless Sword Array!!!” Yuwen Xingliang’s hand pointed. The serene bamboo forest surged in a split second. Countless green bamboo shoots shot up, surrounding Su Xing. A hundred Flying Swords transformed constantly, indecipherable.

Sword arrays, the strongest ability of Flying Swords.

From just the instant slaughter of a hundred cultivators and the Supercluster Ancestor, the might of this Borderless Sword Array could be seen. With Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation, his execution would naturally be extraordinary. It was a pity that Su Xing had only three of the Immemorial Sword Chants, but the most fundamental of the Five Elements had yet to take form and neither could he use any powerful sword array with them. Seeing sword-lights suddenly burst all around him, any person with even a slightly weaker sense of awareness perhaps would disintegrate here without doubt.

Su Xing’s hand seals formed. Heavenly Abyss spun, and countless sword-lights rushed against Heavenly Abyss, exploding. Su Xing felt a heavy pressure hit him in the face, however, he would not sit and wait for death. He resisted the sword array’s destruction. His hands once again formed a hand seal, and the metal element Heaven Tearing Swords drew a golden dragon that broke through the bamboo forest’s encirclement.

Yuwen Xingliang’s eyes flashed with a sharp light.

The Borderless Sword Array showed a sea of bamboo and ten thousand arrows, continuous and endless. The golden dragon was pierced through mercilessly. It was instantly trapped, unable to move.

What a formidable sword array.

Su Xing took a deep breath. Suddenly, he spotted his opportunity and struck with his right hand.

Purple Fiend attacked.

The bamboo forest was cut down by Purple Fiend. The attack shot straight towards Yuwen Xingliang. The Boundless Sword Array’s sword-light magnified, and layers of bamboo forest rushed forth to barely block. This Purple Rose Transforming Qi ability was extremely thorny to begin with, and now that Su Xing had practiced it to the Purple Fiend level, even a sword array could barely trap it.

The sea of bamboo was cut down into a complete mess by Purple Fiend. Yuwen Xingliang’s expression changed. The “Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword”4 in his hand once an Immemorial Divine Weapon that had been passed down to him by a Sword Saint. The Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword danced, and seven blue lotus flower flames contorted, flickering. They were about the size of a pot, like seven blue lotus flowers. They spread into an array, simultaneously emitting large pillars of fire that shot upwards. They split into thousands of different paths, just like fireworks. They appeared up and down at the same time and pounced. The entire bamboo forest’s sky was suddenly resplendent.

This fire was known as “Green Lotus Karma Fire Sword Array,”5 the second treasure of this Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword.

Su Xing knew from just a look that this ability was formidable. He thought to himself that this was worthy of the Star Master of the Gongsun Sheng who was number one in magic energy. Its power really was incredible, otherwise they could not have possibly become overlord.

However, Su Xing naturally was not afraid. He merely sneered, flipped his wrist and showed a green jade. Then, a humming whistle resounded. Countless green Demon Beasts flew out. These were the Essence Swallowing Dragons that An Suwen had raised.

Su Xing naturally came prepared this time. After he realized that the second overlord could be Gongsun Sheng, the Essence Swallowing Dragons were temporarily lent to Su Xing. By relying on the Essence Swallowing Dragons’ ability to devour the world’s supernatural fires and spiritual power, the flames before him were no problem.

The green light on the Essence Swallowing Dragons glowed bright, protecting their whole bodies. They were not afraid of the Green Lotus Karma Fire’s burns in the slightest. The ferociously charged into the Karma Fire Sword Array. Su Xing and An Suwen had their Star Nest contract, linking them together. Controlling the Essence Swallowing Dragons was not out of his reach, but suddenly he felt his whole body stiffen at this moment, as if a net had bound him. He circulated his magic energy, which was somewhat clogged. He was inwardly shocked.

Yuwen Xingliang had already shook that Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword again.

A green rainbow flowed from the swordtip, becoming thousands of threads, forming a large net that wrapped up the Essence Swallowing Dragons.

“This Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword  has gathered and refined spirit materials from Maiden Mountain that Liangshan does not have. It is anything but a treasure of Liangshan.”

The green rainbow net wrapped up heaven and earth, completely capturing Su Xing’s Flying Swords and the Essence Swallowing Dragons. Su Xing pointed his finger, and he exerted all of his Star Energy. Purple Fiend shot out with several bangs, not holding back at all, ripping apart that net that was flying over. With an earth-shattering buzz, it directly surged towards Yuwen Xingliang. That fire net covering the worlds seemed to scatter into sparks, shooting ten thousand zhang away, fading away into the air at the end. The originally luminous world suddenly dimmed. The Green Lotus Karma Fire Sword Array had met with the Essence Swallowing Dragons’ nibbling. The flames immediately depressed.

“You have some tricks.” Yuwen Xingliang saw that his own Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword was unable to seize the advantage, and he was inwardly shocked. This man’s abilities and tricks were honestly strange. Not saying anything more, he also circulated his Star Energy at the same time. His sleeves fluttered, and the Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword broke out of his hand, flying high above him and hung there.

The fourth ability of the Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword was a serene qi that protected Yuwen Xingliang’s whole body. Light concentrated and did not disperse.

Su Xing knew that his own advantage was in close range. If the light destroyed his powers, he clearly had no chance of winning against a Supervoid Middle Stage. Relying on the Essence Swallowing Dragons’ ferocity, he prepared to approach in one go.

But upon seeing Yuwen Xingliang raise the Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword in his hand, Su Xing immediately sensed danger and directed the Essence Swallowing Dragons to rotate. He ordered them to prepare for recall back into their Astral Stone. At the same time, his hand flung, and an Earth Book of yellow dust flew out. Empress Tu manifested her True Body, her peerless magnificence and graceful complexion from the Earth Book. Empress Tu waved her sleeves, turning into a glaring yellow light flow that rushed in among the Essence Swallowing Dragons.

The Earth Book that had undergone care had now mostly recovered. Empress Tu had even cultivated “External Projection” before and already had intelligence. She was just one final step away and no longer needed Divine Intent control. Empress Tu directly flipped over yellow dust and earthly qi. In an instant, she had wrapped the Essence Swallowing Dragons.

Then, Su Xing consecutively formed hand seals. After several loud wails, the slender Essence Swallowing Dragons were dyed with yellow dust. The Earth Book’s powerful defenses protected the Essence Swallowing Dragons as they wildly flooded out.

The green hurricane seemed to transform into a giant, fluttering sandstorm. Terrifying shrieks reverberated like continuous thunder. The dragons were crowded tail to head, inseparably piled together. They flew higher and higher, and from afar, they seemed to be one of the Five Sacred Mountains. Thunderclaps burst, rolling down, directly clawing towards the Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword above Yuwen Xingliang’s head.

At the same time, Su Xing used the Innate Bagua Escape.

The Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword withstood along with Yuwen Xingliang’s incancation. The entire bamboo forest’s space suddenly changed. The Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword split off ten thousand rays of thin light rays. Yuwen Xingliang pointed the sword, and Su Xing immediately sensed a powerful pressure push down all at once. The earthly qi protecting the Essence Swallowing Dragons was firmly pinned, immobilizing them.

Yuwen Xingliang was far from finished. A green light on the sword shot out, unstoppable. The Flying Swords hovering around him moved at the same time, washing past the Earth Book like a flood.

The Supervoid Middle Stage cultivator’s Star Energy was frighteningly powerful, even the strong Earthly Qi had been slightly chipped.

“Scar of Earth: One Muddying Clear Stream Sword Array!”6

Yuwen Xingliang fiercely shouted.

In a split second, space itself rebelled. The scene of the bamboo forest vanished. Then, endless green light pounced over.

Su Xing only felt his head hurt, and his Divine Intent was nearly destroyed. His heart was shocked. He had contracted a dozen Star Generals, had an extremely powerful Divine Intent, yet it unexpectedly was nearly defeated in an instant. This sword array really was terrifying.

Su Xing’s expression changed. He was forced to use his escape technique.

Empress Tu flew into the Clear Stream to protect the Essence Swallowing Dragons. Su Xing at this moment also put his palms together, creating a sudden change.

A giant golden lotus the size of a thousand chi unfolded behind Su Xing. A golden lotus blossomed in the endless Clear Stream world, and Su Xing’s whole body showed a golden color. This was the Acala Wisdom King Chant.

The golden lotus released millions of rays of light and faced off against the rushing Clear Stream.

Yuwen Xingliang’s heart that had just calmed was once again jolted.

The strength of the Supercluster Stage cultivator before him was honestly ridiculous. Each and every one of these abilities were outrageous, insufferably arrogant. If it was not for Su Xing being merely Supercluster, if Su Xing had reached Supervoid, then Yuwen Xingliang did not have the confidence to withstand him.

Yuwen Xingliang sensed powerful pressure. He no longer dared to slight Su Xing and continuously urged on the sword array.

Golden light blossomed on one side, and a clear stream flowed on the other. Each was entangled, seeking dominance over the other.

“Lord Husband!!” Wu Siyou’s knuckles were clenched white. She was very scared and on edge, gripping Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, ready to take action at any second.

When she looked again to Gongsun Zhuqing, that Star General was very calm, as if she did not mind at all what was happening inside. She merely stared blankly at the Bamboo Clarity Stone in her hand, lost in thought.

At this time, Gongsun Huang straddled the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix and flew in front of her.

“Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix?” Gongsun Zhuqing showed astonishment when she saw the Star Beast.

“Little Huang cannot allow His Highness to be the only one fighting.” Gongsun Huang raised her Pinebrand Ancient Sword. She gently waved it, and without another word, she used Cloud Traveling Azure Dragon Turn.

Space was suddenly broken by Star Magic, and white clouds turned into a dragon.

Gongsun Zhuqing softly grunted. She simultaneously used her own Cloud Traveling Azure Dragon Turn.

The Yellow Rank Star Magic that True Phoenix Realm Gongsun Zhuqing used naturally was far stronger than Gongsun Huang’s Each of their Star Magics clashed for no more than the blink of an eye. Little Huang’s Star Magic was completely destroyed, and the remaining white dragon flew over.

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix flapped its wings. Beautiful flames danced and broke the leftover Star Magic.

Gongsun Zhuqing’s Azure Cloud Dragon also roared and scuttled over.

Phoenix and dragon struggled against one another.

Gongsun Zhuqing’s Pinebrand Ancient Sword danced, using Wind Rolls Away Life. Gongsun Huang also used a Wind Rolls The Clouds. “Since you agree to the trial, I will not be lenient. This is what Zhuqing has promised Xingliang.” Gongsun Zhuqing said. Her Star Crest suddenly glowed.

Wind Rolls Away Life shredded Little Huang’s Wind Rolls The Clouds. An enormous green gale cut towards her like a sharp blade.

Her Phoenix Perching Red Clouds Clothes released red light that obstructed the Wind Rolls Away Life. Gongsun Zhuqing indifferently moved her Divine Intent, and another Star Magic trapped Little Huang. Just as she was about to attain success in one stroke, at this moment, a swordtip met her.


Gongsun Zhuqing’s reactions were extremely quick, and she erected a barrier to stop this attack.

The cool and elegant Wu Siyou inwardly grit her teeth, “There is also Your Servant accompanying you.”

“Then attack together.”

Gongsun Zhuqing calmly said. She fired a ray of Star Magic, and two swords blocked it. Just as Gongsun Zhuqing was about to continue her attack, the mountains suddenly rocked, and the world split apart. The entire space rumbled with a quaking motion.

Space seemed to crumble.

Gongsun Zhuqing looked. Gongsun Huang had already used her Dark Technique.

Half Destroyed Landscape.

Space squeezed powerfully, the force crushing towards her. Gongsun Zhuqing had no choice but to defend with full power, but Gongsun Huang’s plan was not her. There was a crumbling sound that Gongsun Huang turned her line of sight to look at. Yuwen Xingliang’s sword array immediately broke.

“Truly smart.” Gongsun Zhuqing faintly smiled. Although she said that she could not take action for Su Xing, the wide area destruction of Half Destroyed Landscape could not be considered help. However, this was somewhat cheating. Gongsun Zhuqing could not help but show slight praise for the little girl in front of her.

Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower broke, and at the same time, the already ebbing One Muddying Clear Stream Sword Array suffered the effects of Half Destroyed Landscape, ending at the same time.

Su Xing spat a large amount of blood. The strength of a Supervoid CUltivator was formidable, as expected. He nearly was about to be crushed to pieces. That Earthly Qi was thin as a cicada’s wing, as if it would break at the slightest touch. Several hundred Essence Swallowing Dragons had been completely blasted to pieces, nothing more than ash, slain by the sword array.

“A good trick, relying on Supercluster Middle Stage to surprisingly be able to withstand Your Servant’s attack. No wonder Maiden Mountain would issue you a trial.”

Su Xing had squandered much of his Star Energy to resist as much as possible, and this Yuwen Xingliang was extremely ruthless. He used a sword array to try and kill the Essence Swallowing Dragons while trapping Su Xing had suffered failure. Yuwen Xingliang had originally thought that the Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword’s three great sword arrays used at full power could be able to defeat Su Xing. How could he have known that Su XIng’s powers would be so mysterious and varied. Even if that was not Half Destroyed Landscape just now, Yuwen Xingliang could guess that this guy definitely still had tricks up his sleeve. 

Considering this, Su Xing already could not muster up any more qi. In a spurt of energy, he flew to Yuwen Xingliang’s side. The twelve Heaven Tearing Swords combined pairs into one, breaking the green light protecting his body. Then, the Bagua Mirror shined. Yuwen XIngliang completely did not expect Su Xing to still have strength.

Just as Yuwen Xingliang was about to raise the Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword to block.

How could he have foreseen that Su Xing would unexpectedly turn out a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. Because this Bagua Mirror had suffered prior damage, its might was not as great as it was before, but it was still fierce. The Bagua Mirror shone and froze Yuwen Xingliang.

Su Xing rushed forth. Without saying another word, his fingers snapped together. First, he struck with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

Yuwen Xingliang saw this attack was formidable, yet he was too late to put up a defense, too late to dodge, and was covered by the Bagua. Then, the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder numbed his whole body. As if it was ripping him apart, the attack exploded upon him.

Fortunately, this Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword and Yuwen Xingliang were linked from being Life-cast. His final treasure was activated.

Blue light surged, and its rays filled the sky. It rolled and contracted, sweeping aside the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Then, he waved the sword and knocked Su Xing aside.

Slowly, Yuwen Xingliang showed an excited smile.

In the second generation of Star Duels, Yuwen Xingliang could say he was the absolute genius of that era. The Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Flying Sword was practically unsurpassed in those Star Duels. From the very beginning, he left everyone in his dust, and he did not know how many plots his powerful teamwork with Gongsun Zhuqing had crushed.

“To be able to fight this well, I am also satisfied.” Yuwen XIngliang chuckled.

“If you have any other tricks, don’t hesitate to them.” Su Xing lowered his breathing, somewhat exhausted. Out of the corner of his eye, he sensed that Gongsun Huang and Wu Siyou were already engaging Gongsun Zhuqing. His heart only wanted to quickly settle this battle with Yuwen Xingliang.

However, this Star Master truly was difficult to deal with. This was the first time that Su Xing had used all of his techniques, but could only barely fight evenly with the opponent. The Five Dragons Lantern and the Four Symbols Seal were kept tucked away, ready to fight at any moment. However, these Prehistoric Spirit Treasures could not be used unless as a last resort. Upon use, all of his energy would be sucked dry. Similarly, this would exhaust Gongsun Huang as well.

“Last trick?” Yuwen Xingliang’s hand gripped the Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword. “Since you are the Star Master of the Star General that is number one in magic energy, then the most fundamental close combat prowess is absolutely necessary…”

As he expected, the Yuwen Xingliang in front of him was also an expert sword cultivator.

“Just what I was looking for.” Su Xing shouted.

His silhouette dissipated, and a number of afterimages appeared.

“A Star General’s Ten Thousand Techniques Realm?” Yuwen Xingliang was taken aback. He coldly grinned: “The pleasant surprises truly never end.”

Clang, clang.

Sparks burst forth in the air.

A ray of sword-light instantly unraveled. While the air was still frozen, it was ripped apart by a sword-net of golden light. Bearing Su Xing’s full power slash, he acted naturally without any mercy, leaving no openings.

So fast.

A dragon screeched, and the concentrated air was torn apart by the flurry of lights, letting out a vague scream. The swordtip that was just almost within reach was just like a bloodthirsty fang. Yuwen Xingliang blocked it in amazement, nearly missing altogether. He looked at Su Xing in astonishment, then, in Yuwen Xingliang’s eyes, Su Xing’s gaze was nevertheless tranquil as water, as if everything was inevitable. That pure expression was just like a frail, yet sharp, razor blade, slicing his soul bit by bit.

Yuwen Xingliang honestly did not expect that Su Xing’s martial arts would be far more superb than he had imagined.

This made him recall a Star General he had once fought.

As the Star Master of GOngsun Zhuqing, Yuwen Xingliang naturally had battled often against Star Generals, from top-notch martial generals to Earthly Star martial generals. Yuwen Xingliang had experience with them all. Without mention of victory or defeat, just that battle experience absolutely could not be compared to an ordinary person.

Fortunately, it was an experience of that sort. Yuwen Xingliang was deeply aware of the abnormality of these Star General battles. He could not be even a bit careless. Perhaps he was deficient this time, Yuwen Xingliang thought to himself. He promptly waved his hand to block. The Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword was raised in front of his chest without any wasted movements. 

The next instant, the time between the two of them seemed to disintegrate.

Sword-qi shot out from one another.

Yuwen Xingliang nodded, bearing slight fear. “Truly superb martial arts. No wonder you can make Wu Song follow you.”

“Your Servant’s first wife is but Lin Chong.” Su Xing threw his shoulders, suddenly shooting over with his sword.

If he had wanted a surprise attack just now, then he was too late.

“You indeed have Lin Chong??” Yuwen Xingliang’s eyebrows rose, and his heart was shaken because he did not see Lin Chong present. He had even thought that was no more than a rumor. He suddenly recalled their conversation earlier. It seemed this man truly wanted to protect his Star Generals.


The next moment, along with a dazzling slashing movement, sword-qi wildly shot out from his swordtip. It directly launched towards Yuwen Xingliang. The latter hastily stepped back, raising his sword to defend.

Green light protected his body.

The next moment, Su Xing’s attack slashed back from another angle like a wind’s shadow. This time, the sharp blade broke through Yuwen Xingliang’s defenses without stopping at all. The Heaven Tearing Sword ripped apart his defense. Yuwen Xingliang was considerably surprised about the trajectory of this sword-shadow. 

However, Yuwen Xingliang’s next movement similarly made Su Xing a bit surprised.

Yuwen Xingliang’s power exploded. Supervoid might stifled his chest, making Su Xing instinctively freeze for an instant, but it was this instant that he began his counterattack. The man’s silhouette similarly manifested afterimages. The next second, that divine weapon already obstructed Su Xing’s line of attack. Hooking and stabbing, Yuwen Xingliang’s swordsmanship was similarly displayed, a stunning counterattack.

Su Xing smiled. His footwork suddenly changed. He evaded Yuwen Xingliang’s counterattack with Light Smoke Dance Steps.

Yuwen Xingliang’s eyes widened as he cut empty space.

A chill shot through him. Superb body techniques and swordplay suddenly made the Yuwen Xingliang who had seized the initiative unable to help but defend.

Su Xing turned defense into offense completely not giving him an opening!

Blades slashed at each other with speed too fast to track for the naked eye, and the combatants wandered all over the place. Then, they beautifully fought while activating Wandering The Clear Skies. From time to time, a sharp slash passed through the air. After that, there was immediately a wretched ripping sound. Not only this, but even the bamboo forest that had been manifested was sucked into the berserk sword-wind, successively falling from high up down low.

Glaring sparks and afterimages were dazzling. The Yuwen Xingliang who was in the middle of the sword-shadows seemed to bear the pressure of a mountain!

He was forced back step by step.

Such formidable martial arts.

Endless, continuous, uninterrupted!

Is this Lin Chong’s legendary Innate Skill that can surpass Star Generals, “Battle Doctrine???”

Just as he thought this, a prick of cold light suddenly flit past his eyes. With a crisp sound, Yuwen Xingliang hacked with his sword, once again mobilizing his Supervoid power to jolt back Su Xing.

At the same time, he finally ended Su Xing’s continuous assault.

Yuwen Xingliang did not feel any ease. His face wore an unprecedented sternness.

Despite that this was merely a continuous attack, in fact, each slash’s technique made Yuwen Xingliang startled, as if he was back fighting a top-notch Star General. Instantly, there was unexpectedly a kind of feeling that he was fighting Majestic Star Ling Chong.

But how can this be?

Yuwen Xingliang stared at Su Xing, his gaze ice-cold.

How can this man have grown to such a frightening degree at this phase.

“What? Want to end the trial??” Su Xing saw he was staring and could not help but mockingly ask. Of course, he was not at all clear about Yuwen Xingliang’s current doubts. His heart was currently speechless about his responses just now.

He had staked all of his strength to go attack, yet Yuwen Xingliang’s defenses were still methodical, impeccable.

“You are so strong. Maiden Mountain would fear…No, she ought to be even happier…” Yuwen Lingliang showed an odd grin. “Truly a pity…”

“En?” Su Xing stared, concentrated on his every move. This man was very strong. He could not be heedless.

Yuwen Xingliang’s deep as water expression that completely lacked ripples made Su Xing’s heart shiver slightly with unease.

Just what was this guy saying?

In a moment, Su Xing realized Yuwen Xingliang’s plan.

A blue and green light enveloped Yuwen Xingliang. His cheat-like Supervoid Stage Star Energy began to reach its greatest, protecting him His swortip pointed directly at Su Xing. It shot out during the sharp sound of metal cutting apart the air.

All of the surroundings instantly seemed to freeze. The words that Su Xing wanted to say were frozen. The sword he wielded before that instant was stiff as iron, the air no longer flowed, and energy stopped its transmission. Yuwen Xingliang explosively shouted, displaying several shadows that attacked.

Su Xing shouted, acting at the same time without holding back. At the instant he came back to himself, Su Xing already raised his speed to the fastest he could. Then, in the eternity of this instant, Su Xing nevertheless discovered he had no possibility of dodging.

Yuwen Xingliang’s attack that stopped everything practically made Su Xing amazingly recall top-notch Star Generals!!

In fact, what Su Xing was thinking was correct. This attack was the quintessence that Yuwen Xingliang had refined from countless life or death battles with Star Generals. All of his attacks were under this sword. Ordinary Star Generals would meet their end with only a moment of carelessness.

But Su Xing had already fought numerous times.

The sparring he had done with the girls suddenly flashed across his mind. The blades that flit by like afterimages were immediately blocked, and he used this possibility.

At the first moment, he stirred up all of his body’s Star Energy. Heavenly Abyss protected him.

With a sneer, Yuwen Xingliang arrived. His wrist twisted the Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword. The sword’s jadeite sword-light drew trail after trail in the air at high speed, twisting across Su Xing’s arms, chest and whole body like a gale, but at this instant, his insufferably arrogant defense was torn to shreds by sharp rays of light. Su Xing’s expression froze. Yuwen Xingliang’s attack was far more terrifying than he had imagined. His senses very quickly knew that against a Supervoid Sword Saint, holding back was only a dead end. He promptly withdrew.

He retreated with Light Smoke Dance Steps.

Yuwen Xingliang did not hesitate at all to pursue.

Sword-light twisted from behind him, forming an absolutely large net. Up until this moment, Su Xing only then reacted. Turning his head back, he stared at Yuwen Xingliang with an expression of disbelief at his sword that seemed to dominate time and space.

“Watch the final treasure, ‘Seven Doppelgangers Sword Array!’”7 Yuwen Xingliang shouted.

Instantly, seven of Yuwen Xingliang’s figures surrounded Su Xing.

Each appeared like the real one, drawing identical smiles on the corner of their lips, wearing the same mocking expressions on their faces. Even their attack power, pace and breathing were identical.

One Yuwen Xingliang was enough to give Su Xing a headache, let alone seven.

What a cheat.

The seven Yuwen Xingliangs raised swords and slashed at Su Xing. Each angle and trajectory, Su Xing could not ponder any more. Heavenly Abyss protected him, and Heaven Tearing flit by at the same time. Although there were seven, this was no more than an illusion of speed. Su Xing’s hand pointed.

A silver frost flame flew out.

Instant Frost Flame.


Yuwen Xingliang cried out in shock. Instant Frost Flame immediately stopped his real body completely. The only one capable of activity was the real one.

This is bad.

Yuwen Xingliang saw Su Xing’s smirk.

The next instant, Su Xing and his sword had already become a bolt of lightning. They shot directly towards Yuwen Xingliang again. The Ten Thousand Techniques Realm Su Xing’s speed was absolutely fast.


His whole body hurt. Yuwen Xingliang clanged backewards.

“Hey, can’t go on like this? I’m only getting started.” Su Xing was very excited. His eyes were full of an unprecedented triumph.

“Originally, I thought no one among the Star Masters could have done this, but today I realized. I was a bit overconfident.” Yuwen Xingliang curled his lips with difficulty. Even when he faced a top-notch Star General, he had never cut such a sorry figure.

Too sorry.

“It seems you have inherited Lin Chong’s Innate Skill considerably perfectly.” Yuwen Xingliang’s superb cultivation was completely useless, at least when battling the enemy from the front.

“Ling Yingmei is my first wife, what do you say?!” Su Xing licked his lips, and his figure suddenly vanished.

Yuwen Xingliang noticed that he completely had no chance to keep up.

The battle had only just begun.

Su Xing’s assertion did not have any intent to be kidding.

Yuwen Xingliang curled the corner of her lips. Conceding defeat was not his style!

The next second, both of them attacked again.

Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing Swords emitted golden light. Along the way, the swordtips changed randomly, as if they could appear at any moment. Each attack would draw a long and stiff trajectory in the air, and after that, they swept forth with the weight of ten thousand catties.

YUwen Xingliang barely resisted, so much so that he was already unable to consider any further Su Xing’s attack pattern. He could only rely on his Supervoid might to suppress Su Xing’s frenzied assault. Against this sort of Star Master, he unexpectedly could only rely on Supervoid cultivation. The excellent martial arts he thought he had completely were useless. 

Each strike, each impact made his blood vessels swell. Each time their naked blades crossed bluntly – each metallic exchange spilled forth sparks. Yuwen Xingliang would shudder backwards under each enormous recoil, but not long after, the next collision would bring an even heavier, an even more violent momentum, bursting with sparks that were even more blinding.

Yuwen Xingliang had waited for this. Despite the gradual numbness in his hand from each impact of his weapon, his mind still maintained absolute calm, just like with those Star Generals he had fought before. THe man was very clear, that such a battle required him to waste extremely great amounts of energy. Finally, a gap would appear, and so long as this gap appeared, that would be his advantage.

As expected, not long after.

Su Xing showed exhaustion in his tidal wave-like sequence of attacks. The Heaven Tearing Sword’s tips passed by the side, showing just a crack of a gap.

Yuwen Xingliang promptly seized this opportunity. Like a panther, he excitedly pounced.

The Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword released its final strength. How could he have anticipated, Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing Swords blocked the gap.

Yuwen Xingliang was stunned.

Not good, I have been fooled.

Light Smoke Dance Steps circled around, and Yuwen Xingliang retreated.

Just at this moment, Su Xing raised the Heaven Tearing Sword. Yuwen Xingliang had no choice but similarly raise his own Flying Sword, yet everything was in Su Xing’s calculations. Just when he raised his Flying Swords, Su Xing had already instantly arrived right under his nose, his fists waving.

“A Supercluster Cultivator thinks he can suppress a Supervoid Cultivator?” Yuwen Xingliang was forced back by Su Xing’s outburst.

His fists punched.


Their fists clashed with one another. Yuwen Xingliang suddenly felt the power in that fist was extremely powerful. Su Xing used the Monster Strength Innate Skill to catch Yuwen Xingliang’s fist and nearly crush his bones. Pulling backwards, Yuwen Xingliang could not help but be pulled along. Immediately afterwards, Su Xing’s boxing began his assault.

Punch after punch landed on his chest, striking Yuwen Xingliang like a sandbag, making him vomit blood.


He surprisingly completely lost to a Supercluster Cultivator.

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