Chapter 547: The “Leader Star” Song Qingci

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Su Xing’s words were stuck in the middle of Qingci’s mind. Because Qingci’s wish was to end the Star Duels, she desired more than anyone else did a reason for the Star Duels’ existence. Su Xing’s conjecture about the four Birth Treasure Outline was merely a means, but Qingci did not doubt him. Seeing Su Xing already bring out his Birth Treasure Outline, she also prepared to do the same. 

Li Longkui grunted to stop her. She still maintained absolute hostility towards Su Xing’s glib tongue, his flowery words. Qingci shook her head. Perhaps she felt Su Xing was worth her trust, or perhaps due to the sight of the Sisters following Su Xing so dearly, or perhaps for some other reason, in short, Qingci gestured with her hand to summon the Birth Treasure Outline. The two books of golden characters hovered, orbiting each other like stars. Golden light twinkled, and the book pages flipped rapidly though there was no wind.

After a moment, there were no changes at all. Qingci was somewhat disappointed and recalled the Treasure Outline.

“Looks like we may need all four in order to work.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

Qingci shook her head: “This is perhaps a mission impossible to achieve. The Black Turtle Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline is with the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, and the White Tiger Territory’s has already disappeared.”

“Xinjie mentioned that the White Tiger Territory’s book is in the hands of a Star Master named Han Bing. Her Star General is Heaven Shaking Thunder Ling Zhen.” Lin Yingmei said.

Qingci showed a grateful smile, however, she still felt that this complete set of four Birth Treasure Outlines was not too likely.

The two chatted for awhile longer, and then seeing that the day was already late, they departed.

Su Xing kept watching that picturesque back until it disappeared. Only then did he put away his ponderings.

“Young Lord, she has already left.” Lin Yingmei pursed her lips.

“Yingmei, she’s Song Jiang, as I expected.” Su Xing expressionlessly said.

Lin Yingmei was startled. She blinked at Su Xing. “Your Servant also feels that this Qingci is different from the rest, but the past Song Jiang have never had Uprising…”

Su Xing smiled and shook his head. He pointed with his hand, and the Birth Treasure Outline flew in front of them. The pages fluttered until it reached the first page. He looked at this page in deep contemplation. Lin Yingmei walked forward and looked. Immediately, the Majestic Star was shocked.

A row of golden characters had already appeared on that first page.

“This is…”

Lin Yingmei shuddered.

“Everything is truly miserable because our successor assassin Star Generals were all killed first as a priority by tacit understanding.” Xuanle Feifei slowly walked about the Crystal Palace. Her hands held up several scrolls that she had just bought from a store. This Treasure Banquet was fine, for Xuanle Feifei very easily understood the rough knowledge regarding the Star Duels after the Fourth Generation. 

Mu Wuyu wanted to know who else could ascend after them assassins, but they had taken one look only to discover that because Xuanle Feifei’s “Third Watch” assassinations were universally shocking, unblockable, by the time the Seven Stars Assembly began, there already was not a single trace of an assassin left. Afterwards, there was never again any assassin Star General that could ascend.

“These Star Masters were honestly dirty.” Mu Huiyu gloomily hung her face. Although she knew that the later Star Duels had nothing to do with them, to know that the Sisters that held the same ranks they did had fallen to such a degree, any Star General would feel anger.

“Are the Star Duels not dirty?” Mu Wuyu dully agreed.

Mu Huiyu remained silent.

“Shall we find this generation’s assassins, help out our down and out sisters?” Fairy Xuanle pondered. Although she was a Trace of True Spirit, she had her own consciousness to do as she pleased. Though her time was not long, it was enough to do some things that, so long as they did not disturb this generation’s Star Duels and that Chao Gai, she believed Maiden Mountain would not object.

The Mu Huiyu and Mu Wuyu Sisters undoubtedly approved. Regarding their so-called trial, they completely disregarded Su Xing, putting him neither in their eyes nor on their mind. Rather than go do this sort of boring assignment, it was better to help this generation’s assassins to ascend Maiden Mountain and wash away the disgrace of Investigative Star Unrestrained and Guardian Star Little Restrained. This was a trip well worthwhile.

Fairy Xuanle slightly smiled. Just as she debated how to go about this, suddenly, she heard the leisurely sounds of a flute and melodious qin. The two kinds of instruments were in perfect harmony. The song never stopped, and it was captivating. 

Fairy Xuanle closed her eyes to listen. She had been born in Heavenly Sound Valley and was inherently quite skilled with music. Her own Flying Swords were the Crown Prince Long Qin Heavenly Sound Swords. Listening, she felt that the “qin and flute combination” brimmed with elegance, ease and remote heroism. 

Those like Xuanle Feifei who had passed through the cruel Star Duels and ascended felt particularly intense, and even the Mu Sisters were moved.

Xuanle Feifei seemed to recall that scene as if it had happened just yesterday, especially when she brazenly picked a fight with the alliance of Majestic Star Lin Chong and Wu Song, making a narrow escape. In that battle, both Mu Sisters were sent back into the Star Nest, and Xuanle Feifei was hard-pressed into nearly Starfalling. But in the end, she still emerged victorious and in that battle laid the path for herself to become Overlord.

Unknowingly, Xuanle Feifei’s eyes had become wet. Only after the flute and qin music ended did she recover her composure.

“It seems a pair of Star Cultivators acting as a couple has appeared in this generation.” Xuanle Feifei heard the tacit understanding and ambition in the players’ harmony. Her lips curled, carrying a slight sorrow: “However, what use is that. In the end, only one can live to be Overlord, to ascend, correct…” 

“Fairy.” Huiyu and Wuyu showed concern.

Fairy Xuanle smiled, hinting to them that they did not need to worry. She originally wanted to see the combination of that couple, but it now seemed she would never find them.

“The ancient flower’s fall can increase aroma, wind and rain completely blow hate away, yet it hides away passion; back and forth who pities the fallen flower, ask the gentleman to collaborate to the end of the world, see not the gentleman’s answer…” In the drawn out night, the gentle song echoed, carrying an unshakable melancholy…Chai Ling came to the Crystal Dragon Palace on the second day of the Treasure Banquet.

The Great Circle Castle’s power naturally did not need explaining. The Crystal Dragon Palace specially arranged for a lone “Noble Star Palace” for the Great Circle Castle’s Noble Star. This Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling nevertheless was extremely low-profile. There was no ceremony, and other than Jinzhi and Yuye, there were now an additional two women beside her.

Konghou and a girl who, at first glance, appeared a bit ditzy.

“Duiying, do you actually want to go?” Chai Ling stroked Xing’er, gently asking as she raised her brows. 

That girl clad in black skintight clothes had a black panther laying at her feet. She was Guardian Star Little Restrained Mu Duiying. “Many thanks for Elder Sister’s concern. This time, I will definitely kill Elder Sister.” Mu Duiying clenched her fist and swore. Suddenly she felt this sentence was phrased a bit wrongly, and she immediately waved her hands to clear things up. “Duiying does not want to kill Elder Sister,1 but Duiying is too eager to kill Elder Sister2 and said it like this…Wait, no…Aiya.”

Chai Ling was speechless. Ever since she saved the Guardian Star, she knew that the assassin in front of her was quite imbecile-tier. She truly was very worried whether that Mu Duiying would get lost just by walking could truly accomplish what she wanted. Seeing Mu Duiying was flustered, Chai Ling sweetly smiled: “This Palace knows. The one you want to kill is Investigative Star Unrestrained Mu Hong. This Palace has already heard you mention it numerous times.”

“En. Aye, Duiying definitely will surpass Elder Sister.” Mu Duiying was resolute.

Chai Ling wanted very much to laugh. She truly did not understand just where the confidence of this little sister came from. She was obviously and Earthly Star assassin, but she unexpectedly wanted to challenge a Heavenly Star assassin. Furthermore, she did not have a contract. Truly, she had overinflated guts. “Your chances of victory are but very low. Even if you lose your life, have you planned for this?” Chai Ling seriously asked. She was unable to interfere in a Star Duel and could only cheer from the sidelines.

“Yes, and Duiying has already promised someone else that I would achieve it. Duiying will go do this even if I lose my life.” Mu Duiying was earnest.

“You unexpectedly would believe in an idiot Star Master’s words.” Chai Ling knew that Mu Duiying would do this because she met with the assistance of a Star Master in Evil Smiting Hall while capturing her Star Beast. She swore an oath to that man, and the result was that Chai Ling could not dissuade her no matter what. In the future, she would have Su Xing go mercilessly teach that man a lesson.3

“He is no idiot, he treated Duiying very well.” Mu Duiying stuck out her lip, somewhat unhappy.

Chai Ling smiled wryly: “Then good. Do your best. Although This Palace cannot interfere in the Star Duels, she can help you prepare several things to save your life. If you cannot defeat her, then flee.” 

Yuye stepped forward and produced a treasure box.

There were two purple talismans on it.

Mu Duiying blinked.

“This talisman is a Supreme Grade ‘Bagua Temple In Heaven Talisman,’4 and this is a ‘Seeking Heaven Talisman.’5 If you encounter danger, then open the box and use the two talismans. It can temporarily preserve your life.” Chai Ling said. The Noble Star carried an air of queenly dignity, not accepting any refusal.

“Thank you, Elder Sister.” Mu Duiying was somewhat embarrassed.

“Take care of yourself. If you want to find a Star Master, This Palace can introduce you. He but has Wu Song.” Chai Ling opened her Golden Thread Feather Fan with a kind of sly smile.

“No way. If I sign a contract, I would be the same as Elder Sister.” Mu Duiying giggled. Then she waved her hand and quickly departed. The Yin Room Black Panther became a dark shadow and slinked away.

Chai Ling actually was somewhat fond of this dumb, little assassin.

“Those two talismans, one opens the Temple in Heaven’s Bagua, and the other transmits the user’s whereabouts…Chai Ling, are you planning to help Su Xing receive the Little Sister?” Konghou said.

Chai Ling did not answer.

“Milady, a woman named Qingci requests an audience. She says that she has something important related to the Star Duels she would like to discuss with you.” Jinzhi said.

“Qingci, a Sister?” Chai Ling nodded.

Regarding the visit of any Sister, the Noble Star treated everyone equally and would not decline them.

A moment later.

A picturesque woman daintily walked forth. Her aromatic scent wafted, filling the cart. Even Chai Ling was taken aback. Her gaze concentrated, and she extended a hand to pet Xing’er, lowering her brow in deep thought.

“Little Sister Chai Ling, I trust you have been well.”

Qingci was very refined.

Before her, Chai Ling found that her own Noble Star queenly aura had ceased to exist. Qingci clearly was very elegant, her every smile and frown, her every word and gesture giving Chai Ling pressure.

“You are…”

Qingci showed a tender smile. Her hand suddenly brought out a banner.

The banner depicted myriad stars descending into a starry river. The palace brightened up. Qingci shook the flag, and a resplendent light flashed, as illusory as if a Star General had emerged from a Star Master’s Star Nest. But the bangs over Qingci’s spotlessly white forehead parted, and an absolutely beautiful Star Crest manifested.

Chai Ling’s gracefulness disappeared, and she thoroughly lost herself.

“Impossible…You are Leader Star Timely Rain Song Jiang!!!!”

“Qingci is Leader Star Timely Rain Song Jiang, this means her True Name is Song Qingci??”

All of the girls were in disbelief after hearing Su Xing’s words.

Su Xing nodded.

“Is this true? Although the Uprising is indeed strange, the past Song Jiangs have never gathered such a thing.” Hua Wanyue was unconvinced. “I do not believe this generation’s Song Jiang can change the rules.”

“It is true. Your Servant saw Young Master’s Birth Treasure Outline. On it is Qingci’s record.” Lin Yingmei was serious.


All of the girls looked at Su Xing in astonishment.

Su Xing did not say anything. He directly flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline and showed the first page.

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  1. Chai Ling
  2. Mu Qingying
  3. LOL, refer to chapter 276, 277
  4. 八卦天宮符
  5. 尋天符


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