Chapter 548: The Girl’s Mood

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Star Position: Leader Star

Star Name: Song Jiang

Nickname: Protector Of Righteousness/Timely Rain1

True Name: Song Qingci

Rank: First

Star Weapon: Justice On Heaven’s Behalf Uprising Gathering Banner (Zero Star)/Heavenly Star Birth Banner (Zero Star)2

Star Beast: None

Realm: Matchless First Stage

Innate Skill: Uprising

Five Elements: Metal/Water

Yellow Rank Special Move: None

Dark Rank Special Move: None

Current Status: Uprising (Cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: Protector of Righteousness

“Young Lord…How did you do this…” Wu Xinjie could not close her mouth. Owing to Qingci’s Uprising, she and Su Xing were skeptical that Qingci was Leader Star Song Jiang, but at the time, Su Xing had tested the Birth Treasure Outline several times without any reaction. Therefore, despite their doubt, they were always unable to determine this matter.

Now that they saw the Birth Treasure Outline manifested completely the Leader Star Protector of Righteousness Song Jiang’s material, Wu Xinjie still thought that her eyes were deceived.

“How did it appear this time?” Wu Xinjie asked in disbelief.

“Big Brother, was the Birth Treasure Outline not able to show anything?” An Suwen was confused.

It was actually very simple. Since Su Xing felt that it was extremely likely that Qingci was Song Jiang. The reason that Birth Treasure Outline was unable to show Qingci’s information was because there was a magic weapon or such protecting her. Considering the special nature of  the Birth Treasure Outline that came from Maiden Mountain and that there were no records of this kind of data in Liangshan Continent, Su Xing hypothesized that Qingci perhaps had a Purple Rose Astral Treasure or such that she obtained from the Birth Treasure Outline. Then, when he saw Qingci’s Birth Treasure Outline, Su Xing thought of a possibility. 

Leaving out every complex “if,” “possible,” or “maybe,” the biggest reason the Birth Treasure Outline did not show Qingci’s information was because Qingci similarly possessed one of the Treasure Books. According to the Occam’s razor principle that Su Xing knew – If not essential, do not overcomplicate. Thus, Su Xing found and excuse to ponder making the Birth Treasure Outline temporarily leave Qingci.

When he fooled Qingci by saying that combining the two Treasure Books could reveal a mystery of the Star Duels, Su Xing was naturally cooking up an excuse. His goal was only to make Qingci bring out her Birth Treasure Outline in accordance with her own will. Then, the result and what he planned would be the same. If Qingci was really Song Jiang, then she inevitably would be related to the Star Duels’ inside secrets. After he showed sincerity, Qingci had no reason or intent to decline.

What happened afterwards was much simpler. Without the Birth Treasure Outline on her person, Su Xing’s Birth Treasure Outline was able to illuminate Qingci’s true identity.

After hearing Su Xing’s explanation, all of the girls were astonished.

Though it seemed simple, how could this be noticed unless he had paid attention to the smallest detail.

“Uprising, I never imagined this generation’s Song Jiang is surprisingly able to start an Uprising. Is that not the same as you?” Hua Wanyue felt this generation of Star Duels was somewhat perplexing. Could it truly be the so-called “because nine brings about variables?”

“Su Xing isn’t Uprising. We have actual contracts, no need for that kind of trick.” Shi Yuan pursed her lips, disapproving. 

“But the Song Jiangs from before have never had Uprising?” Xi Yue softly asked.

This question stumped Su Xing.

“I fear only Maiden Mountain or Qingci herself knows.” Su Xing spread his hands.

“Did Dear Husband not ask her?”

“I asked Qingci, and she didn’t answer. Apparently, she doesn’t want anyone to know, so I didn’t ask anymore.”

“However, she truly is as Young Lord surmised. Perhaps Song Jiang indeed is a variable, but Xinjie does not know if she is a blessing or a calamity upon us…” Wu Xinjie muttered. The Knowledge Star was still digesting all the information she just obtained – This information was truly a bit shocking. She never expected that the chief of the Star Generals Song Jiang would unexpectedly be like Su Xing, able to contract multiple Star Generals.

Just what this never before seen Uprising in the Star Duels represented, Wu Xinjie vaguely had an ominous premonition.

But now with Su Xing’s currently superb Star General formation, even if in the future they fell out with Qingci, they had no need to fear.

“Compared to Song Jiang’s Uprising, I feel that investigating why you are able to break the rules of the Star Duels is far more significant.” Zhang Feiyu both loved and hated this. Liangshan Continent’s Star Duels had never seen such a change in its nearly thousand years.

Perhaps because I crossed over to Liangshan, that’s the reason why I don’t have restrictions?

How could Su Xing ever say this reason aloud.

Since they knew that this generation’s Song Jiang had already metamorphosed from “incompetent” to practically “unmatched,” all of the girls did not dare to neglect grasping for every second they could. With the Three Heavenly Books coming closer and closer, the time they had left was already becoming short.

“I am Yueying, Little Sister’s honorable name?”3

“The shopkeeper’s, this Taiyi Essence Gold is so expensive, are they extorting us?”

“This Prehistoric Material of mine was dredged from the White Tiger Territory, it can be exchanged for at least several hundred billion?”

Hu Mi’s luxurious purple skirt trailed along the ground, accentuating her graceful figure, like a bundle of budding lotuses in the water. In her hand, she played with a white seal. She was currently passing leisurely through the Treasure Banquet’s exchange festivities. In the sea of people, a Supervoid Cultivator naturally would issue a might that made all other cultivators maintain a certain distance.

“The Treasure Banquet honestly is lively.” Gold Lancer Xu Jingshu changed her previous indifferent attitude and showed an interested appearance.

“The Treasure Banquet is but the final banquet for Star Masters before the Three Heavenly Books. Jingshu, you must pay attention, perhaps we can find an opponent you want. Her, for example.” Hu Mi wore a charming expression as she swept her eyes over the crowd. The girl wore a low-cut top and short skirt. Even in this Treasure Banquet where female cultivators competed fiercely against each other, that girl appeared especially eye-catching. 

Especially that bodice-like top, two pieces of cloth merely half-covered her snow-white chest, off-setting her perfectly round wonders. Every man they passed could not help but stare wide-eyed. 

A Star General?

The girl glanced at Hu Mi. Her alluring and hazy eyes glanced back at Xu Jingshi and continued to chat nonchalantly with the girl in front of her.

“Shall Your Servant greet them?” Xu Jingshu was eager to try.

“No need, this sort of thing is best left until afterwards,: Hu Mi did not want to create side issues in the Treasure Banquet.

“However, if Lin Chong is spotted, Your Servant shall definitely go fight her.”

“I also happen to want to acquaint myself with the Purple Thunder Monster…Just what abilities he has.” Hu Mi’s slender fingers gripped tight the seal.

The crowd in front of them stirred, erupting into excited shouts.

“Another new Prehistoric Spirit Treasure has ranked in the top ten.”

“Why does this ‘Seven Feathers Fan’ sound a bit familiar.”

“Could it be that Prehistoric Spirit Treasure created from the plumage of the Vermilion Bird, Clinging Heavenly Vermilion Jian, Fire Phoenixes, Burning Luan, Sun Golden Bird, seven types of fire-category divine bird?”

“Some Divine Birds are already extinct. Should these seven feathers not already have disappeared?”

“Right, this Seven Feathers Fan is very awesome. Legend says that several dozen years earlier, a counterfeit Karma Fire Fan was able to rank eighth on the Spirit Sealing List.”

“Tsk, tsk. Never expected it would surprisingly actually appear. This Treasure Banquet is interesting.”

Hu Mu wrinkled her brow and looked at the Spirit Sealing List.

She never expected that in the mere two days of the Treasure Banquet, the top ten of the Spirit Sealing List would surprisingly have earth-shattering changes. Three never before seen Prehistoric Spirit Treasure had appeared. The first was still the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, the second was the Five Dragons Lantern, the third was the Three Clarities Banner, the fourth was the Empress Tu Earth Book, the fifth was the Boundless Bell, the sixth was the Seven Feathers Fan, the seventh was the Four Symbols Seal, the eighth was the Six Paths Plate…The originally ranked fourth Six Paths Plate had unexpectedly fallen to eighth.

“Five Dragons Lantern, Empress Tu Earth Book, Seven Feathers Fan…” Hu Mi muttered. “No wonder the Purple Thunder Monster can move through the Four Territories unhindered. Never expected him to have Spirit Treasures so defiant of the natural order on his person.

Gently grunting, Hu Mi extended her hand and sent in several rays of Divine Intent.

The Spirit Sealing List rippled.

The Black Turtle Seal was ranked sixteenth.

“Look quickly, there is another new Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.”

“Black Turtle Seal, a pity it is only sixteenth.”

All of the cultivators felt pity.

“This Black Turtle Seal is actually quite powerful,” Hu Mi’s eyes glinted. She never expected the Black Turtle Seal to place in the top sixteen. That Purple Thunder Monster honestly had assets. These never before seen Prehistoric Spirit Treasures were each formidable.

“However, no matter what, they will not compare to the Supreme Ultimate Diagram.” Xu Jingshu yawned.

“Yes.” Hu Mi slightly smiled.

“Elder Sister Chuhe, our Yin Yang Twin Swords have been displaced from the Spirit Sealing List’s top ten by the Dual Modes Ruler.” Sikong Dangniu worriedly said.

“This generation’s never before seen Prehistoric Spirit Treasures truly are innumerable, does that have something to do with the Purple Thunder Monster…” Sikong Chuhe was more deliberate than her younger sister. Her younger sister looked only at rankings, yet she saw a bit of danger from that.

“Elder SIster, we must quickly increase the ranking of the Yin Yang Twin Swords.” Sikong Dangniu was impulsive and unresigned. The Spirit Sealing List ranking was only a reference, but she was vain.

The higher the rank of the Spirit Treasure at hand always filled a cultivator with indescribable self-confidence. 

This was also why cultivators would be so willing to enter.

“Do not do this.” Sikong Chuhe was indifferent, aloof.

“Elder Sister!”

“The Yin Yang Twin Swords was previously entered into the Spirit Sealing List by a Supervoid Stage cultivator. Our cultivation is merely Supercluster Late Stage, far from comparison to our seniors. Testing now will only rank even lower.” Sikong Chuhe said.

Sikong Dangniu was unconvinced. “We sisters are of one mind, we can definitely make the Yin Yang Twin Swords even stronger.”

Unable to overcome her younger sister’s obstinance, Sikong Chuhe followed her along as she herself did not care at all for the Spirit Sealing List ranking. The two girls simultaneously sent in  the Yin Yang Twin Swords’ Divine Intent. The entire plaza was first stunned, then they immediately burst into uproarious laughter.

As Sikong Chuhe foresaw, the Yin Yang Twin Swords fell directly from eleventh place to more than thirty.

“Shit.” Sikong Dangniu was dumbstruck.

Sikong Chuhe rolled her eyes: “We sisters have one mind. Although we can allow the Yin Yang Twin Swords to be even more powerful, the Spirit Sealing List looks at a cultivator’s cultivation and powers in its evaluation. Supervoid Stage and Supercluster Stage have a disparity like that of Heaven and Earth. But more than thirty is already considered pretty good.”

“It angers me to death.” Dangniu grieved, heartbroken.

Wei Ranxin and Shan Meng’er looked at each other and helplessly shrugged.

“Do not mind this kind of trifle. The lower the ranking, the more careless the opponent will be in future Star Duels, which is even better.” Sikong Chuhe slightly smiled, happy instead of bitter. “Now, let us immediately go gather materials for the ‘Heaven Earth Shears.’ Once we refine the Heaven Earth Shears, we sisters inevitably can rise above the others.

“I understand, Elder Sister.”

“Xi Yue!” Zhang Feiyu’s expression was ice-cold as she looked at the Spirit Sealing List.

The three big words “Black Turtle Seal” cut painfully into Xi Yue’s heart like a sharp dagger.

“Has that Hu Mi also come?” Xi Yue’s face was covered in a layer of frost. The Black TUrtle Seal that Su Xing gifted her had been stolen, making the Water Illusion Fairy brood deeply. She treated the Black TUrtle Seal that Su Xing had gifted her the first time as an engagement item, something to particularly treasure. She did not expect that after only just receiving it that it would be stolen. Although Su Xing was indifferent, Xi Yue felt this was a disgrace. Her heart was in incomparable suffering, unable to be resolved. 

“There she is.” Zhang Feiyu spotted the young woman in a purple skirt.

The Supervoid female cultivator’s additional stunning beauty was very eye-catching in the crowd.

“Let us go.” Xi Yue grit her teeth, her eyes spouting flames, as the pair walked towards Hu Mi.

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  1. 呼保義/及時雨
  2. 替天行道聚義幡(零星)/天星生辰旗(零星)
  3. I have no idea what this sentence is right here.


  1. How could Su Xing ever say this reason aloud.”

    I wonder why, tho. I mean, it’s not like the girls will like him less nor does it prove disadvantageous in any way. Hell, should he tell them, it’d be invaluable info for Xinjie as she ponders on the mysteries of the Star Duels. There’s not really any valid reason I can think of to not telling them, aside from them getting mad over him hiding it for so long.

    He could also have more avenues of interacting with the girls, so at this point it’s kinda strange that he hasn’t told them.

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