Chapter 554: Is There Any Distinction Between Us

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Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom’s Ghost Martial Cultivators had invaded several times. Daoist Master Xuan Tian had led everyone in the Four Styles School into war against the ghost cultivators. Afterwards, his vitality was injured, and he was currently in secluded cultivation. Currently, Daoist Master Xuan Tian already drained his life force. Ju Yueke’s trip here was also to find some life force prolonging items to bolster Daoist Master Xuan Tian’s vitality.

“The Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom has invaded? Is the Four Styles School the only one holding them back?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

“Four Styles Island is located in the channel for the Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom to enter the Azure Dragon Territory. Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom’s ghost martial cultivators have always wanted to seize Four Styles Island to act as their foothold into opening the Azure Dragon Territory. Emperor Liang has actually planned for this, but Four Styles Island is our sect’s foundation. In any case, we cannot hand it over to the imperial family.” Ruan Hongde explained.1

Thus, Four Styles Island became a chess piece in standing against the ghost martial cultivators. This was also the reason why when Ancient Senior Arriving Nine Dragons’ Great Sect was originally destroyed, the refined Four Styles School could still survive.

Su XIng showed an expression of admiration. To lead the sect alone in fighting off a country’s incursion gave Su Xing a very good impression. Su Xing had a Life Extending Flat Peach that was perfect for prolonging his vitality, so Su Xing said: “Disciple just happens to have a Life Extending Flat Peach that can be given to Headmaster.”

Everyone was shocked, “You have a Flat Peach…” Ruan Hongxue was tongue-tied.

Ruan Hongde and the other elders looked at Su Xing in shock, full of disbelief. However, the most shocking thing was that Su Xing even wanted to give this Life Extending Flat Peach to Daoist Master Xuan Tian. They that ambivalent tone of his, as if it seemed like an ordinary peach to him. That was but a Life Extending Flat Peach, the one labeled a holy fruit by Supervoid Cultivators. 

“Is what you said true.” Ju Yueke calmed down.

Su Xing nodded. Regardless of the Life Extending Flat Peach’s value, it was no more than a holy fruit used to bolster vitality. It was useless to Su Xing, so he felt giving it to Daoist Master Xuan Tian was fine as well. In any case, the Four Styles School had treated him generously.

Ruan Hongde swallowed. He looked at Ju Yueke. Decision-making authority clearly rested with this tool refinement master. 

“You may not.” Ju Yueke said coldly.

“Master?” Tang Lianxin was confused.

“I heard that this Treasure Banquet has the Double Sevens and a new Prehistoric Magic Weapon. If you have the Life Extending Flat Peach, that is an enormous advantage for you. Su Xing, you are participating in the Star Duels. This Sect has treated you unfairly somewhat, how can we take such an important thing from you.” Ju Yueke was very firm: “Even the Headmaster would not agree.”

“Master, don’t be tangled up over the particulars. I have my own ideas for the Star Duels.” Su Xing smiled and said.

Ju Yueke pondered for a moment, but she declined again. The Life Extending Flat Peach was too important. Often, Supervoid Cultivators would use Life Extending Flat Peaches to break through to Transforming Star of Annihilation using the Life Extending Flat Peaches, and they were precious for this reason. Supercluster Cultivators using it honestly was too wasteful. “Our sect understands your kindness. Daoist Master Xuan Tian is already Supercluster Peak and at the bottleneck to breaking through to Supervoid Stage. We have come this time to search for medicines that will help Headmaster breakthrough his cultivation. The Life Extending Flat Peach is best left with you. It is very useful for your Star Duels.”

Seeing Ju Yueke truly did not want to take it, Su Xing muttered. “Medicines for a breakthrough in cultivation, Disciple just happens to have some.” Saying this, his fingers snapped, and an Astral Bag flew into Ju Yueke’s hand.

Ju Yueke searched inside, and her beautiful face nearly drained of color.

Inside, there were unexpectedly several legendary Good Fortune Pills and Thousand Year Empress Wa Tears.

“Good luck, good luck.” Su Xing fake coughed.

“Master Aunt Yueke, what is it?” Ruan Hongde curiously asked.

Ju Yueke forced herself to calm down, but upon looking at Su Xing, her heart flustered. Just what had this man been doing. Good Fortune Pills and Empress Wa Tears were not just Spirit Medicines cultivations yearned for day and night to breakthrough their cultivation, but they could only be found in the Black Turtle Territory’s Black Turtle Temple and Temple Of Empress Wa. How did he venture between two Territories? Ju Tueke felt faint. Could it be that he had killed other Star Masters to obtain these? If that was the case, it could explain how he could cross a thousand li in a day.

How could Ju Yueke know that Su Xing was the Purple Thunder Monster who made people in two territories tear their hair out over.

Seeing Su Xing was serious, Ju Yueke did not shrink back. With the Four Styles School’s assets, their original wish to buy panaceas for breakthrough to Supervoid Cultivation in this Treasure Banquet was utterly remote. Ju Yueke knew that things were serious, so she gratefully said: “For Su Xing’s kindness today, this sect thanks you. Master will first take these medicines back to the sect and will take leave first.

Ju Yueke hurriedly left. Ruan Hongxue scratched her head. “Master Aunt has never been so emotional. Su XIng, just what did you give Master Aunt.”

“Some medicines that can perhaps allow for a breakthrough to Supervoid.” Su Xing answered.


Ruan Hongxue was tongue-tied.

The Four Styles School had already declined in the Azure Dragon Territory. After Su Xing entered the sect he had painstakingly suppressed his cultivation, to avoid attention. Su Xing also took this chance to size up the best of Azure Dragon Territory.

Regarding the Alliance of Ten Conference, it was a very interesting affair.

After Emperor Liang took power and turned the imperial family into a power that surpassed the sects, the Alliance of Ten Sects then distinguished themselves, and the other small sects thoroughly degenerated under the halo of the Alliance of Ten Sects into subordinate existences. For this reason, every ten years they would convene an Alliance of Ten Conference to draw up a major commotion in the Azure Dragon Territory. The grand occasion did not lose to the Treasure Banquet.

One Path, Two Halls, Three Palaces, Four Sword Sections, Five Lakes, Six Oceans, Seven Mountains, Eight Directions in the Azure Dragon Territory were already universally appreciated, but to rise in the Alliance of Ten was not a simple task. In this Alliance of Ten, there was at least one Supervoid Cultivator standing watch, and those above the Three Palaces had at least two. The Most High Path of the Alliance of Ten had five Supervoid level cultivators. 

Originally, with the Most High Path’s overwhelming capital, this number one path would sit stably for at least a hundred years, but no one expected that the Ninth Star Duels would unexpectedly have abnormalities. The Purple Thunder Monster’s birth had overturned the Most High Path, and the latter had lost Ancestral Masters to an impasse. 

However, Northern Darkness Has Fish still appeared steady as always. No one could see what he was thinking of. He sat upright and still upon the throne of number one, lightly chatting with the Ancestral Masters of the True Immortal Hall and Lifeless Hall that had left seclusion 

This harmonious scene was rather somewhat displeasing.

Right now, everyone under Heaven knew that the Most High Path wanted the Purple Thunder Monster eliminated as soon as possible, and they wondered whether or not Northern Darkness Has Fish would summon those Ancestors truly in seclusion. After all, there was the precedent of the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Ancestor Wanli at the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

If something like this happened again, Su Xing honestly would feel this was very troublesome.

Any way it was put, Supervoid Peak Cultivators were Liangshan’s best. Even with so many Star Generals, he could not be careless.

Su Xing sized up the top notch cultivators of the Two Halls. The Lifeless Hall’s was a refined and elegant man. He had a bookish air, cultured and smart. At first glance, the impression he gave was very refined, the more he acted like this, the more it made others feel that he was unfathomable. The True Immortal Hall’s was even more awesome. She was a woman wearing a  pretty white palace dress. Her skin was like snow, absolutely beautiful.

Every frown and smile, every word and action, each and every move, her temperament was  like a kind of Xuan Nü.

“That man’s name is Shu Xindao, one of the True Immortal Hall’s Supervoid Stage Great Ancestral Masters. What he has trained in is the ‘Not Known Cool Breeze Sword’2 and the ‘One Phrase Soul Technique,’3 and he has a magic weapon named ‘Yellow Springs Brush.’ He is quite upstanding, and he has never been known to initiate an attack on others, so you do not need to worry about him interfering with Northern Darkness Has Fish.

“The True Immortal Hall’s Ancestral Master is ‘Outer Void Immortal,’ the first woman to cultivate the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords to the True Spirit Realm. Her skill with the Heavenly Immortal Swords is outstanding, and even Emperor Liang cannot compare. She has practiced the ‘Immortal Mind Chant’ and the ‘Nine Days Outer Void Divine Light.’ Her magic weapon is named ‘Dragon Slaying Sword,’ and she has previously dueled Ancestral Master Northern Darkness several times. She is evenly matched with him. Outer Void Immortal is purportedly at the Supervoid peak bottleneck, so there is no need to worry about her interfering.”

A voice gentle as snow leisurely spoke, as if she had seen though everything on Su Xing’s mind.

Su Xing turned around and slightly smiled.

A young girl whose clothes surpassed snow stood there the same way when they had first met, cool and with a slight warmth in her arrogance.

Gong Caiwei!

The Immortal Hero Princess’ gaze again glanced at the others.

“The Extreme Ice Holy Palace of the Three Palaces will not meddle in your affairs. The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s position is not clear. In this Treasure Banquet, they only dispatched the Supervoid Early Stage Fairy Kong.4 Associating with that they never held power, they had practically no dealings with the Ten Great Sects. They have unintentionally showed interest. What you need to take note of is the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Long Wanxin. She and Northern Darkness Has Fish have a very deep friendship. Owing to the Crystal Dragon Palace’s neutral stance, they probably will not interfere, but the Crystal Dragon Palace has countless rare treasures. She will secretly help him,  so you had best keep your guard.”

Su Xing was dumbfounded listening. As it turned out, the girl was already helping him understand. “Gong Caiwei, you know so much in detail…You can’t have investigated this just for me?” He was a bit embarrassed.

Gong Caiwei’s cheeks flared with a bit of red. She expressionlessly said: “Do not forget that Zhu Sha is the Resourceful Strategist. I only asked her.” The stone-like woman next to Gong Caiwei then blinked – as if she was informing Su Xing that she was very innocent.

Su Xing smiled, “Many thanks. If these Supervoid Peak Ancestors team up, then that honestly would not be so easy to deal with.”

Gong Caiwei cast a glance at him, her expression seemingly saying – You can only blame yourself for being too defiant of the natural order.

“Have you prepared what to do?” Gong Caiwei walked to Su Xing’s side. She spoke gently, the young girl’s fragrance lingering nearby like butterflies.

“If Northern Darkness Has Fish wants to take revenge, then I won’t hold back.” Against an enemy, Su XIng had never been benevolent.

Gong Caiwei gently shook her head. She did not worry about this. Su Xing’s Star General battle formation was so big that even if the Most High Path did its utmost with the sect’s tens of thousands of cultivators, they were helpless against Su Xing. What Gong Caiwei worried about was something else.

“The Third Overlord may be the peerless twin assassins that have comprehended their Third Watch. This must be a problem?” Gong Caiwei said.

“This actually is true.” Su Xing nodded. He had investigated some records of the Third Star Duels, a Star Master named Xuanle Feifei who had contracted two Stars. She had studied under an ancient sect – the Heavenly Sound Valley, and she possessed a very powerful sword chant – the Crown Prince Long Qin Heavenly Sound Sword and a mysterious ability, “Heavenly Sound Realm, Illusion Of Confusing Sound.”5

“Assassins who have comprehended Heaven Rank will have no chance to assassinate you…I can help you…To be on alert…” Gong Caiwei paused, as if she was carefully considering her phrasing to feel not so ambiguous. “Zhu Sha’s arrays can be laid anytime. Other than Wu Song, assassins will have no way to vanish.”

“Caiwei, I appreciate your good intentions, but I think it’s enough for me to resolve the Third Overlord myself…”

“Do you feel that I am unable to help you?” Gong Caiwei rolled her hairbun, her tone apathetic, a bit unhappy.

“This is trouble I brought on, involving you is never good.” Su Xing shook his head.

“Is there any distinction between us.” Gong Caiwei softly said.

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  2. 不識清風劍
  3. 一言心法
  4. 箜仙子
  5. 天音界,迷音幻象


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