Chapter 555: Futu’s Game Of Chance

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Su Xing scratched his head. Gong Caiwei’s words were somewhat unexpected. He seriously said: “I already have a plan to handle the two assassins. If I really need your help, I won’t be modest with you, Caiwei.”

Gong Caiwei grunted in affirmation. She heard his intent.

The girl said nothing else, and the atmosphere fell into silence. Su Xing found a topic and spoke up: “Right, the Bright Moon Longevity Palace has already been opened. Caiwei, do you want to move in?”

Gong Caiwei was taken aback. The red clouds that had just abated once again flew across her cheeks. If it was before, Gong Caiwei definitely would face him with cold eyes, however, she noticed that whenever she faced this man in front of her, she already could no longer be as tranquil as before. Feigning nonchalance, “Why invite me?”

Only then did Su Xing notice that his question seemed too ambiguous, “The Bright Moon Longevity Palace has an abundance of spiritual power, very helpful for cultivation. Right…You can cultivate the Longevity Art any time you wish in the Longevity Palace. How about it, want to consider it?”

Gong Caiwei nodded. It was unclear if this was agreement or agreement to consider.

As the two chatted, they already attracted the attention of other cultivators. The Immortal Hero Princess of the Azure Dragon Territory was very famous, and her cultivation had broken through to Supervoid, which added even more to her refined, heroic air. She made countless male cultivators submit, and to see the legendary girl who was as cold as ice and snow surprisingly conversing with a man honestly made them envious. However, that man was a Supervoid Cultivator, so there was no helping their jealousy.

Just when they were somewhat timid, somebody refused to be so.

“Elder Brother, he is Su Xing!!” The Lingdong Countess Ye Lingxi recognized her nemesis, Su Xing. She indignantly appealed to Ye Futu for justice.

Ye Futu was currently patrolling for the Star Masters of the Four Oceans Halls in consideration of Star Duel plans. Hearing his little sister’s words, he cast his glance at Su Xing. His eyes narrowed. “The one you spoke of who disrespected you is him?”

“Exactly him. Even in disguise, I can recognize him.” Seeing Su Xing was chatting cheerfully with Gong Caiwei, Ye Lingxi was completely red in the face with fury. This damned man had seduced the Ling Yan Princess and was surprisingly seducing the Immortal Hero Princess.

“Supervoid Cultivator, a Star Master?” Ye Futu stroked his chin.

“He angers me to death. I definitely will tell Sister Caiwei, that man’s shameless, true face!!” Ye Lingxi ground her teeth. She had just taken two steps forward when she was grabbed by Ye Futu.

“Elder Brother?” Ye Lingxi was unhappy he had stopped her.

“Look at what he is saying first.” A slight grin flit across the corner of Ye Futu’s lips.

Ye Lingxi did not understand.

“If he is your enemy, then observe him. From his words and actions, his manners and expressions, you can deduce his weakness. Know thyself, know thy enemy to emerge victorious through a hundred battles.”

“So annoying.” Ye Lingxi wrinkled her brow.

Ye Futu sternly glanced at her. Ye Lingxi knew her Elder Brother’s temperament and stayed her mouth even though she was unhappy.

Ye Futu took out a wine cup, drinking as he monitored Su Xing’s behavior, leaving no sign by using the corner of his eye. He had a sort of intuition, that man was hiding something. After three rounds of drinking, Ye Futu had yet to see anything. Su Xing and Gong Caiwei’s chat seemed very ordinary, however, that man absolutely was not as simple as he appeared in order to be able to attract the attention of the Immortal Hero Princess.

“Elder Brother.” Ye Lingxi was impatient. “You have to avenge Little sister.” She would never forget this.

Ye Futu smiled: “Since this is the case, let us personally meet him.”

When Ye Futu approached Su Xing, Su Xing had already been monitoring this red-haired man. Gong Caiwei had also been secretly using Sound Transmission to inform him of all information pertaining to Ye Futu – because of an accident, this cultivator who once possessed superb talent had degraded into a cripple. Now, after all traces of him vanished, he once again rose abruptly, having once again found his talent. THough his Supercluster Peak cultivation was not high, as far as a Star Master was concerned, breaking through to Supervoid was only a matter of time.

Gong Caiwei mentioned that he was a Star Master, however, Su Xing did not see his Star General. At least, she was not following at his side.

“Elder Sister Caiwei, stay far away from this man…” Ye Lingxi flew over and grabbed Gong Caiwei’s hand to pull her away from the close distance she was at beside Su Xing.

“Ye Lingxi, what are you doing?” Gong Caiwei wrinkled her brow.

“Ye Lingxi, we meet again.” Su Xing smiled.

Ye Lingxi glared at him and coldly snorted: “Shameless pervert.”

“You are acquainted?” Gong Caiwei said in surprise.

“Elder Sister Caiwei, do not be deceived. The Ling Yan Princess’ man is him. You had best stay away from him. He definitely is thinking of harming you.”

Gong Caiwei stared oddly at Su Xing.

“I made a boring bet with her, and the result is she lost.” Su Xing shrugged his shoulders.

“Ye Lingxi, your shouting is unbecoming of the Ye Clan.” Gong Caiwei was expressionless.

Ye Lingxi’s mouth hung agape. She thought that she had misheard, for Gong Caiwei unexpectedly defended this man.

“Little Sister, do not be noisy and carefully listen to Caiwei’s words.” A transient glint flashed by Ye Futu’s eyes as he very quickly put on a very amicable smile.

“Your Servant is Ye Futu, Ye Lingxi’s Big Brother.”

Su Xing nodded: “I think you also know my name. But, as her Big Brother, you honestly should properly teach your Little Sister. She and I definitely do not have such enmity.”

“You shameless pervert, you have reversed black and white.” Ye Lingxi’s eyes spouted fire.

Ye Futu did not answer, but he smiled and asked, “May Your Servant ask, Brother Su Xing, do you have a Little Sister?”

“Yes, however, they are very good at understanding others.”

“Since Brother Su Xing also has Little Sisters, then you must be very understanding of the feeling of being a Big Brother?” Ye Futu continued.

“En.” Su Xing knew what he was thinking of.

“My Little Sister indeed has been somewhat in the wrong, however, she generally wants to make me, as her Elder Brother, get her out of predicaments. Even if she is not right at all, any way it is put, she is my Little Sister. Besides that she and Fellow Su Xing had something happen before, the misfortune is hers.”

“En. As a Big Brother, helping a Little Sister out is only right. Brother Futu, if you have something to say, just say it directly. If it is a rude and unreasonable request, then forgive Your Servant for his powerlessness.” Su Xing said bluntly.

Ye Futue smiled, “Good, Brother used a bit of psychology to best my Little Sister. Today, I only want to bet three rounds with you.”

This request was the same as Su Xing’s own idea, but he was somewhat apprehensive of Ye Futu’s three bets: “Brother Futu wants three bets. Can we not settle with one bet?” 

“Your Servant and Brother Su Xing are somewhat of kindred spirits. Your Servant fears there will not be much time to make merry in this Treasure Banquet. It would be a bit better to enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

“Then good, I also was thinking of savoring this.” Su XIng’s eyes flashed with a bit of cunning.

This Four Oceans Hall was currently holding the Alliance of Ten Conference. So as to not influence things, Su Xing and Ye Futu went to an adjacent hall. Su Xing turned his head back and spoke to Tang Lianxin briefly, making Tang Lianxin take note of the situation in the Four OCeans Hall before he turned and went into the side palace.

Regarding the bet between these two men, Gong Caiwei did not issue any opinion from start to finish, however, she tagged along out of slight interest and to also act as a witness.

Ye Futu whispered into Ye Lingxi’s ear. Hearing that her Elder Brother wanted to best SU Xing in a bet, Ye Lingxi was incomparably excited, and she promptly dispatched someone to prepare.

Not a moment later, everything had been prepared.

In the palace, a table and a chess set were arranged, with red pieces acting for white and black as black.

Su Xing furrowed his brow.

“For this first round, we shall play chess. How do you feel?” Ye Futu asked.

“Chess?” Su Xing thought this was even stranger. He did not expect for the most ordinary chess. Rather than say a game of chance, it would be better to say this was recreation.

“To be evenly matched, to make a friend.” This was Ye Futu’s intent.

“Of course.” Su Xing did not have an opinion.

“Elder Brother, you must beat him silly.” Ye Lingxi excitedly pounded her fist.

From her confident expression, Ye Futu’s chess skills perhaps were not simple.

Su Xing chose the red pieces.

Red went first.

Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved, and a cannon advanced.

Ye Futu smiled. He eyed the board and moved his Divine Intent.

Without any hesitation, after Ye Futu made his move, Su Xing quickly shifted his own.

Ye Futu followed closely behind, but before he could take a careful look, SU Xing seemed to have already finished thinking. He moved his horse, and Ye Futu continued to wear a forceful chill and did not hesitate to move.

In that second, both of them took several dozen turns. Ye Futu noticed that Su Xing seemed to be doing this deliberately. Each move had not opportunity for consideration. As if the moment he moved, Su Xing would immediately pressure on. The board was full of tyranny and oppression.

“Brother Su Xing’s chess style truly makes Your Servant expand his horizons.” Ye Futu took a deep breath and maintained his calm. He nearly was about to be dragged in by Su Xing’s rapid tempo.

A bit of vigilance was in his eyes, yet his expression still smiled slightly.

“Ancient people played chess as they enjoyed tranquility, but I feel victory through speed is not bad.”

“Fast is good, but fast also signifies needless consideration. In chess, renouncing pondering signifies a complete and total loss.” Ye Futu kindly said. 

Su Xing declined to comment.

Thus, the next move was very interesting.

Su Xing calmly looked at the chessboard, making his move immediately after Ye Futu’s without any thinking. Ye Futu maintained his own deliberate manner, not being influenced by Su Xing’s provocative chessplay. He worked according to his own style, occasionally carefully looking at Su Xing’s positioning, occasionally looking at Su Xing’s appearance as he moved his pieces, as if he was trying to discern something.

“How can this be, Elder Brother has been suppressed.” Ye Lingxi was dumb as a wooden chicken, as if she had been dunked with a bucket of cold water.

Ye Futu had enjoyed chess ever since he was little, considerably elaborate and meticulous with his arrangements. Even the Great Liang’s national chess master was ashamed of his own inferiority. Ye Lingxi had thought she could see her Elder Brother suppress the loathsome Su Xing in chess, yet she saw the complete opposite scene.

Ye Futu were locked tight. Su Xing was heedless. The expressions of the two were the difference between Heaven and Earth. In Ye Lingxi’s eyes, it seemed her Elder Brother had become a rookie, and that leisurely Su Xing was like an old master teaching him. The reason for this misconception was that Su Xing’s moves were honestly too quick.

“Elder Brother, make your moves faster.” Ye Lingxi shouted.

Ye Futu did not hear her. He still continued in his own way, neither fast nor slow.

“So incredible.” The eternally silent Zhu Sha suddenly spoke.

Gong Caiwei saw that the Zhu Sha who would not even blink if the sky came crashing down was unexpectedly showing shock. She knew that there was something significant on the inside and asked: “Have you seen something?”

“He has been deceived.” Zhu Sha said.

These four words were a bit vague. Who has been deceived?

“He.” Zhu Sha looked at Ye Futu then back at the chessboard.

Gong Caiwei suddenly understood. So that is how it is.

On the surface, Su Xing seemed to be using pressure to hold an advantage over Ye Futu, not considering any move on the chessboard, but in fact, Su Xing’s considerations were perhaps far more extensive that Ye Futu. Just as Ye Futu began to meditate every move, Su Xing also had time for leisure. It was precisely during this time that Su Xing already saw through the trend of the game, and when it came time for his turn, he naturally did not need to think much.

Therefore, Su Xing was then cleverly passing the time back to Ye Futu, creating the odd image of a Ye Futu in contemplation and a Su Xing that did not need to do so.

“He has won.” Zhu Sha said.

“Su Xing, just who are you after all?” Gong Caiwei murmured.

The following game was not unsurprising. Along with the passage of time and the trend of chess, the atmosphere grew increasingly heavy. Although Ye Futu racked his brains and reflected for counterplay, his countermeasures had already fallen into the “lost defense trap.” The more time he had to ponder, the more certain Su Xing’s victory became, and even if at this time Ye Futu wanted to match Su Xing’s speed, because he had lost the initiative, he was already too late.   

Their game made the Yan Yizhen in the Star Nest begin to admire Su Xing. The result was obvious. 

A scarlet edge extravagantly cut open a line in the sky.

Black lotuses suddenly swayed, and the first petal was ripped apart under a bloody edge.

Ye Futu could not hold on and revealed gaps. His gaze gradually chilled, but he still maintained his calm. He concentrated full force on the game, his super fast thinking analyzing the whole situation. His next move was also to take one of Su Xing’s pierces. 

The black piece was just like a stable sluice gate, adopting an airtight defensive stance. The bloody red sword under Su Xing’s intent was unstoppable in its assault, forcing Ye Futu to change strategy each and every time. 

Iron chains stretched across the river. They instantly disintegrated. Red cavalry danced bloodily, charging forth unhindered.

Military defeat.

Ye Futu took a very deep breath. He raised his head to look at Su Xing, his eyes a complex mix of different things. “Amazing, amazing. This Ye has never seen such a game. Today, This Ye’s horizons have expanded. The loss was well worth it.”

“You flatter me.”

After their duel, Ye Futu was drenched in cold sweat, yet Su Xing was carefree.

“What is the second bet?”

“Having sat for so long, our bodies are somewhat stiff. How about we move around for the second bet?” Ye Futu slightly smiled.

“A competition then? That’s fine as well.” Su Xing nodded.

As expected, this Ye Futu was only gambling on the surface. In actuality, he was using this as an opportunity to probe Su Xing. However, as with the chess game, Su Xing was also currently thinking of probing him back. This Ye Futu, like a male lead in a Xuanhuan novel whose life had turned around, was definitely concealing something. Su Xing was also very interested in unearthing that.

“Truth be told, This Ye has trained from a young age to be a sword cultivator and really is not ordinary like other cultivators. My martial arts are not bad. Brother Su Xing, do you wish to accept this challenge?” Ye Futu asked.

Su Xing knew he could not refuse.

“Elder Brother Futu, fix him up without mercy, take my anger out on him.” Hearing that this was a martial arts contest, Ye Lingxi regained her liveliness from her gloom at Ye Futu’s defeat in the first round. She happily pranced about, nearly shouting that her big brother Ye Futu was a genius. She probably thought that compared to chess, using his martial arts prowess was the proper way to teach Su Xing a lesson. Her Elder Brother had just lost the chess game on purpose, so as to make Su Xing arrogant enough to agree.

Seeing the Lingdong Countess so excited, Gong Caiwei did not make a sound.

The two stood at opposite ends of the hall. The red-clothed Ye Futu was still smiling, but his eyes already had slight reservation. He raised his hand, and his fist was wrapped in flames.

“Brother Su Xing, for my Little Sister, I will not hold back. Forgive me…”

Then, Su XIng nodded.

A blinding fire spurted forth, immediately closing in on Su XIng.

The fluttering flames were like a shirt covering Ye Futu’s whole body. As he had said, Ye Futu appeared to indeed not be planning on holding back. But the moment he acted, displaying a distinctive fire ability, Su Xing committed this to memory. The corner of his lips slightly curled – he had just been thinking of knowing Ye Futu’s secrets. He could not pass this up.

The Ye Futu who had become a fireball in midair let loose a wave of fire. Su Xing’s fingers were like blades, instantly striking, using Long Aotian’s Dragon Claw. 

His killing intent was severe. Ye Futu easily evaded, instantly rushing in front of SU XIng.

“Go!” A flaming sword appeared in his other hand, swiftly slashing.

“Fire Clothes Break!” In the instant they attacked at close range, the intense flames on Ye Futu’s body were like a coat. They suddenly broke away from his body, fire and person splitting apart. Su Xing’s eyes nevertheless were left with the afterglow of flames. Under a situation of not being able to react in time, a violent killing intent clambered over the remaining flames in the air, and the air burned with a crackling sound.

If it was not for her knowing that Su Xing had Majestic Star Lin Yingmei’s Innate Skill, Gong Caiwei would have intervened.

This Ye Futu clearly had ill intentions..

Ye Futu took this chance to slash.

However, this time, Ye Futu bumped into a so-called iron plate. He wanted to rely on his innate martial force to challenge Su Xing. In this second round, victory had been decided from the very start.

Su XIng used his profound body techniques, leaning past the sword. The flaming coat that flew over also was dispersed by Su Xing’s power. Then, one kick penetrated the layers of flame, and flipping, he kicked heavily into Ye Futu’s jaw. The power that charged from an angle struck directly, violently rocking his brain.

The Fire Clothes Break and other flames dispersed. Ye Futu’s body briefly left the ground.

Ye Lingxi’s smile stiffened.

She thought she had gone blind and forcefully rubbed her eyes. Her own Elder Brother had surprisingly been kicked by a cultivator.

But Ye Futu was also very valiant. When struck by such a heavy kick, he did not shrink back. He dropped in the air, unbelievably arriving above Su Xing. His right hand rose, the fingers open, as a claw of flame roared out. Hanging like a galaxy, it fell towards Su Xing’s head.


Just when he was on the verge of success, Su Xing struck in passing. Just as he was about to use Purple Fiend, he firmly stopped. That was a close call, he nearly exposed his identity.

In this hesitation, Su Xing suffered a head-on repulsion. Ye Futu followed closely, kicking with his left leg. Su Xing seized this opportunity and blocked quickly with one hand, letting out a frightening thud. Su Xing winced, closing one eye. The battle willpower he had tempered through sparring with Star Generals could not be compared.

Bewilderment flashed through the eyes of the Ye Futu tossed back into the air. Borrowing this impact force, he rapidly turned his body, and his other leg kicked towards Su Xing’s jaw in a hooklike manner.

The Su Xing who had just landed back on the ground once again used his elbow to block, dispersing this kick.

But Ye Futu’s trump card had just begun.

“Vermilion Bird’s Soaring Feather!!”1

Ye Futu’s fingers continuously formed hand seals!

A bird cry.

Large and wide wings of fire unfurled behind Ye Futu. The swirling flames burned red, lighting the entire hall. Flames sparked fiercely off, lunging towards Su Xing as if to embrace him, directly burying Su Xing in this broiling blaze.

Ye Futu somersaulted down. Just as he wanted to launch a second wave of consecutive attacks on the Su Xing engulfed in flames, countless rays of chilling cold qi split apart from within the flames on Su Xing’s body.

Shuffle, shuffle.2 Instantly, only black scorch marks and smoke were left.

Ye Futu instantly stopped.

Su Xing’s whole body radiated a dense, cold qi. Even from very far away, Ye Futu felt this was bone-chilling.


Ye Futu was astonished. He did not dare believe there would surprisingly be someone able to so easily break his Vermilion Bird’s Soaring Wing.

“Brother Su Xing, you are very secretive.

He narrowed his eyes.

“It’s nothing, only the Heavenly Water Heart Flame, that’s all.” Su Xing smiled. His hand opened, and a water-flame burned.

Ye Futu’s expression sunk.

This man in front of him was far more secretive and reserved than he had imagined. Each segment of his series of attacks just now could be said to be perfect. An average cultivator would inevitably be endlessly miserable in close quarters, but his opponent had handled everything with room to spare. Ye Futu even felt that Su Xing was simply not using full strength.

“Brother Futu, I wonder what that fire ability was just now? I have never heard of it.” Su Xing spoke.

“This Ye was fortunate enough to obtain an unknown Strange Fire from an Immemorial Ruin. However, it seems to be a bit lacking against Brother Su Xing.” Ye Futu smiled, speaking vaguely. He clearly was somewhat cautious.

“Then shall we continue?” Su Xing said.

“Although This Ye is at a disadvantage, that does not mean I am limited to only this.” Ye Futu smiled, suddenly taking action.

The cold air was biting, and Su Xing launched an attack.

Ye Futu leaned and let loose a fire arrow. Su Xing’s clawing Heavenly Water Heart Flame immediately met the fire arrow. The Heavenly Water Heart Flame used was far from being as pure as a smelting fire, however, Su Xing secretly added Instant Frost Flame, easily breaking the fire arrow.

Just when Su Xing cut apart the fire arrow, Ye Futu already leapt up.

Su Xing’s speed instantly followed.

“Birds Revere The Phoenix!!”3

Ye Futu leapt up into the air. His arms spread open, and the fire wings behind him abruptly enlarged. Flapping his wings, fire feathers then flew out, becoming a hundred fire arrows that then attacked Su Xing from all sides using the flames.

This guy’s got some moves.

Su Xing saw the might of the Birds Revere The Phoenix. He did not dare underestimate it, but for the sake of avoiding exposing his identity, he did not use Purple Fiend. The Heavenly Water Heart Flame once again flew out, however, he was already unable to hold back on the Instant Frost Flame this time and formed countless ice rings.

Following Ye Futu’s intense attack, Su Xing continuously tore apart his flames while paying attention to his movements at the same time.

When he grew familiar with Ye Futu’s attack patterns, Su Xing indifferently intercepted where Ye Futu was about to land. 

His figure moved, spinning and attacking. The cold air strangely spun about, sweeping a big whole in the atmosphere.

Ye Futu suddenly leaned away and avoided this terrifying power, brandishing his sword.

A chance!

Su Xing’s eyes glinted with a cold light. His entire person shot like a sword towards his opponent, and an ear-splitting sharp whoosh poured into everyone’s ears. The radiance in his eyes suddenly dimmed. This attack was faster than he had imagined, and by the time the dodging Ye Futu sensed danger, Su Xing’s figure had already vanished without a trace from his sight like mist. Then, a sword-like figure was already in front of him. However, Ye Futu’s reactions were extremely quick. Ye Futu possessed Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin’s Innate Skill, “Battle Potential.”4 This Innate Skill could allow Ye Futu to display his own potential at critical moments in battle. As they say, one’s courage mounts as the battle progresses.

His hands promptly folded in front of him to form an absolute defense. He firmly received the entirety of the blow’s force. The powerful impact made the ground and table behind his body disintegrate. Ye Lingxi was flabbergasted at their exchange of attacks.

It was already impossible to describe the shock in the girl’s heart.

Su Xing sneered in his mind, once again acting without any mercy.

He closed in and punched.

The completely uncushioned impact made Ye Futu suddenly lose his balance. The Su Xing whose eyes flowed with a cold light did not let go of this opportunity at all. His arm suddenly rose, and then attacked again with the entire force of his body. Ye Futu’s reactions far exceeded Su Xing’s presumptions, and flames flew out from his body.

The air burned with a crackling sound.

Just when Ye Futu thought he could repel his opponent with fire, he suddenly felt his back go cold.

Su Xing had strangely circled around his field of view and appeared behind him.

What cultivator was this?

Supervoid Sword Saint???!!

Ye Futu was suddenly shocked.

“Excuse me!!” Su Xing said.

Ye Futu struck a hand seal. The swirling flames became a cold light. Freezing ice and fire slammed into each other in the air, unexpectedly clashing with the sounds of weapons. The next instant, Ye Futu did not hesitate at all to use both hands as his sharpest weapons to face off against Su Xing.

Battle Potential had been completely stimulated, and he would not concede defeat even in death.

Ye Futu completely did not expect that his first Battle Potential would be used on this young man.

The hall suddenly raged with intense noises. Zhu Sha opened an array, just barely averting affecting the entire hall.

Just when Ye Futu felt grim, Su Xing was astonished.

He had Battle Doctrine and believed handling a cultivator would not be difficult. Although he was holding back a bit against Ye Futu, his opponent nevertheless took his attacks time and time again. Furthermore, he was becoming more and more courageous in this rapidly changing battle, maintaining unforeseen battle ability. 

He was not an ordinary Sword Cultivator.

What made him even more shocked was that ever swing of his opponent’s sword changed, becoming even more quick, even more skilful, even more lethal.

As if noticing Su Xing’s surprise, Ye Futu’s ordinary expression finally curled into a slight sneer. He used an even fiercer attack to continue his advance, not intending to retreat at all.

He refused to retreat!

Pretty good battle energy.

But that was all.

Su Xing was impressed. His pupils burned with an ice-cold blaze that was more scorching than this fire. Ye Futu’s heart had an indistinct feeling of danger. The soaring flames washed away the cold air and icy chill, and his sharp eyes and his weapon became one line. He suddenly charged forwards, his sword stabbing with a roar. In the air, an arc of crimson that was red as blood was drawn.


Flame and ice collided!

Suddenly, a freezing chill and the flame’s stifling presence rocked like a shockwave.

The two of them crossed.

The hall fell into silence.

After a while, they turned around the same time, and Ye Futu laughed aloud.

“Did Elder Brother win?” Just as Ye Lingxi was about to shout in excitement, suddenly, Ye Futu coughed, vomiting blood. He fell to a knee. Ye Futu forced a smile – he had lost.

“How can this be…” Ye Lingxi sat on the ground in a daze.

Gong Caiwei narrowed her eyes, not at all surprised at this outcome. However, she saw that Ye Futu’s battle display had surpassed her imagination. His progress was faster than before. In the days he had disappeared, just what had happened to him?

“Impressive, This Ye wholeheartedly accepts defeat.” Ye Futu cupped his fist.

“You let me win. However, Brother Ye has a Star General. If she had taken action, Your Servant would have undoubtedly died.” Su Xing modestly said. Gong Caiwei wanted to laugh when she heard this – This man was truly shameless.

“This is our contest. Naturally, I would not count Star Generals.” Ye Futu did not conceal anything: “If we had actually Star Dueled right now, Your Servant would truly have died.” 

“On this, you can relax. I have nothing to do with the Star Duels.” Su Xing did not lie. The Star Duels indeed were unrelated to him, as long as those people did not provoke him. Su Xing’s goal was to end the Star Duels, not to engage in internecine strife.

Ye Futu thought that Su Xing was saying he himself was not a Star Master, and his eyes held an odd glint.

“Brother Su has won two games. Your Servant has nothing to say. This Ye shall inform Little Sister later to make her stop bothering Brother. However, if I could have a brother-in-law like yourself, Su Xing, that would be better. Ha, ha.” Ye Futu teased.

Ye Lingxi, strangely, was not angry. The girl at this moment was dumb as a wooden chicken, unable to accept that the Elder Brother she was so proud of had been defeated in two of the aspects he was best in to a person she loathed. 

“It would be better if we continued with the third game.” Su Xing suddenly said.

Ye Futu was taken aback.

“Brother Ye said before, there is no time after the Banquet to play around like this. You might as well take advantage of this chance, enjoy ourselves to the fullest.” Su Xing said: “Of course, if Brother Ye is willing, let us add a new bet to the third game to satisfy your little sister.”

Ye Futu wrinkled his brow. He could not understand what Su Xing was plotting, but he still nodded, “How shall we bet?”

“If I win, may I meet Brother Ye’s Star General? Liangshan Continent’s legendary Star Generals are somewhat interesting.” Su Xing explained.

Ye Futu did not say anything. He contemplated for a while, staring at Su Xing.

Thinking carefully, there was apparently no big deal. Star Generals were very important to a Star Master from a Star Duels perspective. To know of their identity beforehand, there was the possibility to prepare countermeasures, but now that the final phase was nearly upon them, hiding was no longer needed.

After a light flickered, a petite and cute girl emerged. She was like a lovely ceramic doll, uniquely delicate. Even Gong Caiwei showed a bit of delight.

“Hmph, do you seek me?” Hao Bingxin was already impatient. In fact, when Ye Futu and Su Xing were dueling, Ye Futu had previously made Hao Bingxin wait for an opportunity to kill Su Xing. However, Gong Caiwei’s Resourceful Strategist Zhu Wu’s formation was nearby, staying their hand. Otherwise, how could both sides be bullshitting each other with false friendship.

“Who are you? To surprisingly be able to defeat Futu.” Hao Bingxin pursed her lip angrily.

“What a cute little sister.” Su Xing chuckled. His hand held a bag of treats, like a standard weird uncle.

“Your Servant is Hao Bingxin, the Magnificent Star, hmph, hmph!” Hao Bingxin raised her head, arrogant like a lion.

Su Xing looked to Ye Futu.

“If Brother Su is interested in meeting, then that is naturally This Ye’s honor.” Ye Futu smiled. “Regardless of the victor in the third game, This Ye ought to introduce her.”

“What shall we bet for the third game? I just happen to be bored.” Su Xing asked.

As they spoke, they each sat down. Ye Futu first tidied the disintegrated hall, and then he called for someone to go fetch a table. This time, it was a long table. The two of them faced each other, and this time, Gong Caiwei stood behind Su Xing.

“Since ancient times, gambling has constantly changed forms. However, even with those changes, the core essence remained the same. Whatever the change, that was merely on the outside. Today, I do not wish to play with these boring styles. What I want is the most primordial Nine Palaces Array. How about the Nine Palaces bet?” Ye Futu’s eyes contained a profound intent.

“Nine Palaces Array?” Su Xing had never heard of this.

“You truly are unsophisticated, to have not even heard of this.” Ye Lingxi finally grabbed onto an opportunity to look down on him. The so-called Nine Palaces Array was one of Liangshan Continent’s very mainstream gambling methods. That was to arrange nine pavilions, placing in them nine red and black blocks. Guessing correctly won the bet.

The rules were very simple, the explanation very easy. In actuality, the Nine Palaces Array was one of the most difficult types of betting, and the reason was precisely because it was so simple. It was simple to the point that it completely lacked meaningful and varied data and material for you to calculate and analyze.

You could only rely on intuition about the atmosphere. Gambling skill also relied on luck to win, it could be said, and to Su Xing, the type of gambler that used calculations, this happened to be his greatest weakness.

Of course, this was the most original and most fair to both sides.

Su Xing was pensive. He used three fingers to tap the desk. He had just finished tapping when nine porcelain bowl-like palaces appeared on the table.

Then, Ye Futu placed the red and black blocks into the nine palaces. Of course, Su Xing could not have known which, and the Nine Palaces had a special array. It was incapable of being seen through, meaning, other than Ye Futu himself, no one else would know under which of the pavilions the red and black blocks were positioned.

Looking at Su Xing, his right hand stretched level, unfolded and drew one character in front of him, “Please speak. You only need to guess half correctly.”

From the very start, there was no psychology to analyze, just a simple red and black differentiation, so Su Xing did not think too much at all. Without any expression or any hesitation, he guessed the first was black.

“Your luck seems to be a bit bad.” Ye Futu smiled and said as the first of the nine palaces was revealed. Inside, there was a red block. “The first was a mistake. It looks like this is not a good sign.”

At the same time he spoke, the casino’s grandeur began to progress as Ye Futu anticipated.

This was the psychological warfare that Su Xing was familiar with, using speech to disturb the enemy’s reasoning. This move was very familiar to him, so he did not mind this at all. He sat upright in his chair and said: “In all his life, a person needs only to be correct ten times in a row to already be unequalled in the world. What is so amazing about one mistake.”

Su Xing’s words made Ye Futu smile, “It appears I should address Brother Su as Senior. Please name the second.”

This round, Su Xing did not decide so quickly. He began to ponder, but after considering for a long while, he apparently did not obtain a result. The reason was very simple. The ways he could choose were honestly too few. It was either red or black. Any more accurate calculation and speculation, in this world of black and red, appeared to be of no avail.

Furthermore, this was something arranged beforehand. There absolutely could not be any cheating. Even if Su Xing’s Divine Intent was any stronger, he could not possibly see through this.

During this time, if he wanted to accurately know just what color was under the porcelain bowls, there was only one way, and that was to see into Ye Futu’s mind, to make this master that had set up the game of chance tell you the answers. This made Su Xing recall the bet he made that day with Ye Lingxi. He had similarly used a mind trick, but he did not expect Ye Futu to return the favor.


However, despite his interest, guessing the red and black blocks still gave Su Xing a headache. In battle, he could exploit his target’s attack movements, their rhythm, tone, and other aspects to advance his judgment in all aspects. However, once at the betting table, especially against this shrewd Ye Futu, Su Xing found that his understanding of his opponent was no different from a stranger – he completely did not know what Ye Futu was thinking of.

And this Ye Futu from start to finish wore an unfathomable smile. It seemed he would not leave a gap.

In such a blank state, Su Xing shook his head. The direction he pushed towards was still black.

This kind of bet appeared exceedingly innocuous. Even the most average gambler would play like this, however, at this very moment, Su Xing could only do so. Even if this move made him feel gloomy.

“The truth is painful, but the truth is the truth.” Ye Futu was expressionless as before when he opened the bowl. The block inside was a flaming red.

Su Xing solently looked at the second red block, not saying anything for the longest time.

This time, Su Xing’s expression became one of knowing. He nodded.

“Gamblers can be divided into two types. One type bets according to science and logic, the other bets according to feeling. It seems Brother Su is the former. However, betting on feeling is certainly not a good portent.” Ye Futu smiled. Furthermore, Su Xing could not possibly permit himself to act according to his impulses.

On Ye Futu’s evaluation, Su Xing did not say anything. When  guessing the third, he ought to select red, but Su Xing did not have such an urge. He selected the other path.

Again, he selected all black.

The third bowl opened to reveal another red. At this time, Ye Lingxi’s dejected expression was ecstatic, her eyes glowing.

You are just a rookie after all, hm, hm, Elder Brother had deliberately lost those two games just now, definitely.

The fourth bowl was still black.

The result was shocking again, still red.

If it was not for her Elder Brother losing twice before, Ye Lingxi very much wanted to ridicule him without restraint. Now, Su Xing had already guessed 4. Another one wrong, and he would lose.

Now, Gong Caiwei was somewhat impatient, and she inquired Zhu Sha.

The Resourceful Strategist’s stone-like face appeared to see through the mundane world. Not saying anything, her gaze was already aimed on Su Xing. 

“Guess another one, and you will lose. Still black, correct? This, you will win.” Ye Futu seemed to be saying a very simple thing.

“Well spoken.” Su Xing looked and shrugged his shoulders. He somewhat dully said: “All black! Open the rest together. Don’t waste time.”  Like a shattered pot, if each and every one of those was opened, then the chance that the bowls were black or red was half.

But for the six bowls to all be black, the probability was low at twenty percent.

This was a simple application of probability. It did not appear too brilliant, but under the current situation, this was the best path Su Xing could find according to the logic he reflected over.

But this logic had a fatal flaw. This was that he could lose on any one of the next five bowls. Ye Lingxi had never seen such an unbelievable betting style. She thought that he finally was about to lose to her big brother.

If they were opened one by one, he would still have a chance. Opening all five together, this was apparently a dead end.

But the result was outside of everyone’s expectations.

They were surprisingly all black.

Without exception.

The smile on Ye Lingxi’s face vanished. Immediately, she was flabbergasted, shocked beyond words.


Ye Lingxi wanted to scream, this was too unfair.

“It appears that luck is on my side.” Su Xing smiled.

Ye Futu could not smile. He merely sighed – Up until the end, he had never swayed Su Xing’s thinking. He had originally thought to use the first four reds to confuse him.

“Elder Brother, what were you doing??” Ye Lingxi screamed.

“Nothing, I lost.” Ye Futu narrowed his eyes.

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