Chapter 556: The Heart Of Caiwei

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Ye Lingxi was beside herself. She had yet to free herself of the situation that her Elder Brother had completely lost, but it was actually Ye Futu himself that appeared quite unperturbed. He had wanted to pry into Su Xing this time. He did not view victory as important at all. Although he had lost all three games, his little gain was not a trifle. Ye Futu actually somewhat understood why Immortal Hero Princess Gong Caiwei would walk so close to this man. Indeed, he was somewhat capable.

After a few more words, Ye Futu excused himself, and Ye Lingxi was dragged away, muddleheaded. Before leaving, those eyes that could once spout fire were already completely lightless. That the Big Brother she adored the most in her heart was defeated was a significant blow to her.

On the road, Ye Lingxi grasped at some last remaining straws, unwilling to give up and asked: “Elder Brother, you must have lost to Su Xing deliberately, right? To let him be arrogant and counterattack later. It must be this, right?”

Ye Futu glanced at her: “Lingxi, do not cause any more trouble. He is a Supervoid Cultivator. If you irritate him, even Father cannot protect you.”

Ye Lingxi did not cultivate. Ever since she was little, she had grown up in an ivory tower. She was not like the Immortal Hero Princess or the Ling Yan Princess who participated in the cruel Star Duels, and she had no knowledge of a Supervoid Cultivator was. However, seeing her Big Brother speak so seriously, Ye Lingxi knew that revenge was impossible.

The girl begrudgingly agreed.

“Bingxin, what is your perspective?” Ye Futu secretly posed the question to Bingxin.

“Very formidable, and he can contract multiple Star Generals.” Hao Bingxin muttered. Star Generals all had a psychic recognition for cultivators that matured after the Star Duels they were part of began. Based on this, they could know whether or not their counterpart could sign a contract. The reason Ye Futu allowed Hao Bingxin to appear was to one, give Su Xing the impression of a favor, and the second reason was to let her sense Su Xing’s identity.

As expected.

Ye Futu’s expression became profound.

“But his cultivation is so high, Supervoid Stage. Currently, the Azure Dragon Territory only has Xie Zhenyuan and Zhao Hanyan as the two Star Masters that are this high, correct?” Hao Bingxin was speechless.

“If he has contracted multiple Star Generals, and he has very good luck, reaching Supervoid is not odd.” Ye Futu sneered.

“Does Futu know who he is?” Hao Bingxin could hear his implication.

“Of those currently shocking Liangshan Continent, who else could he be but the Purple Thunder Monster.” Ye Futu stroked his chin.

“He is the Purple Thunder Monster? I felt that he was a very good person.” Hao Bingxin blinked her eyes, crossing her arms and pondering pensively.

Ye Futu was not guessing groundlessly. In fact, he had concealed some elements in the three betting games. “In chess, his thinking was very fast. This demonstrates that his Divine Intent is very strong and that he is a strategist. Is this not like the Knowledge Star’s Innate Skill?”

“En, and what was the second bet?” Hao Bingxin asked.

“The second was martial arts, and the answer was even more clear.” Ye Futu narrowed his eyes, and his smile became awe-inspired. “Even when I have your Innate Skill, with life-long cultivated martial arts and the ‘Stupa Blackened Flame’1 I obtained from the Immemorial Ruin ‘Vermilion Bird Ring’ was surprisingly unable to overcome him. Even a Supervoid Sword Saint could not possibly make me so powerless. Furthermore, several aspects of his actions have a Star General’s feel.” Ye Futu carefully thought. Those mist-like body techniques, his swift and severe boxing, his excellent combat thinking and even his concealment ability all seem to originate from this reason.

After returning to the Azure Dragon Territory, Ye Futu investigated information about the Purple Thunder Monster, and he was vaguely aware of his situation, like those hazy body techniques that were possibly due to Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Sanniang, the boxing from Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing, and of course, there was that Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong’s Battle Doctrine that no one in Liangshan was oblivious to.

“If this is the case, Futu, you losing is not unjust.” Hao Bingxin sighed, still feeling that Su Xing appeared relatively benevolent, unlike that star-killing, blood-sucking mad demon from legend.2

“Futu, and what was that third game?” Hao Bingxin asked.

“The third Nine Palaces was just that I actually wanted to beat him.” Ye Futu grinned wryly, so he deliberately arranged for the first four to all be red. By doing so, anyone would have, after seeing four consecutive reds, chosen a red for the last five. If the other player did this, they would have undoubtedly lost, but he did not expect that Su Xing would choose black all the way, in the end, surprisingly opening all five, leaving no room for leeway.

If he truly was a Star Master, Ye Futu unexpectedly felt fear.

“Some time ago before the Longevity Palace, the Purple Thunder Monster’s cultivation was merely Supercluster Middle Stage. There is no reason for him to be able to advance so quickly, and the Purple Thunder Monster was proficient in a sort of Purple Qi or Purple Thunder. Though I did not see it, perhaps I am being oversensitive.” Ye Futu muttered, unclear whether or not this was to console himself.

The petite porcelain-like girl turned her head back when she heard his words – her cute expression seemed to be thinking: Is he actually the Purple Thunder Monster?

“Are you actually the Purple Thunder Monster?” Gong Caiwei stared at Su Xing.

Su Xing was taken aback. He smiled: “Caiwei, you mean to say, Futu is currently thinking about my identity?”

Gong Caiwei nodded.

“Even if he was not, he probably would have also guessed this.” Su Xing objected. In chess, Ye Futu displayed too much caution and care. In their spar, he also demonstrated exceptional martial arts. The last Nine Palaces game was also considerably coincidental. In the end, Su Xing also had a certain understanding of Ye Futu.

Hearing him say this, Gong Caiwei knew that her worries were superfluous.

The two of them returned to the Four Seas Hall. At this time, the banquet had already been underway for some time. Emperor Liang had already finished his speech and was sitting straight and upright on the platform. The other sects began to chat with each other, conversing.

The atmosphere was heavy.

“Lianxin, how is the banquet progressing?” Su Xing returned to the Four Styles School.

Tang Lianxin summarized what had happened.

For this Alliance of Ten Banquet, other than what was scheduled concerning the Alliance of Ten Conference, Emperor Liang had specially come with an announcement – the Along the River During Qingming portrait of the Great Liang Imperial Palace’s forbiddance has been stolen, and the Emperor has compelled the Azure Dragon Territory’s sects to unite and pursue the enemy.

“Apparently, there were several Star Masters, their cultivations all at Supervoid Stage. They easily avoided the Imperial Palace’s eyes and ears to arrive at the forbiddance. Afterwards, they triggered the forbiddance’s array, but they still stole away the Along The River During Qingming. Now, everyone is discussing this matter.” Ruan Hongxue pursed her lips and said: “I feel that the Purple Thunder Monster’s helpers have appeared. Otherwise, what is the point of stealing that Along The River During Qingming? If not to raise a reign of terror, releasing that Prehistoric Liao Emperor.”3

“There was even something like this?” Su Xing was taken aback.

“The Star Masters were all Supervoid Stage?” Gong Caiwei wrinkled her brow.

“Aye. The Supervoid Puppets of the Great Liang National Scholar were no match. The cultivators that the imperial palace’s ‘Star Sifting Pavilion’ had nurtured were beaten into utter defeat. I heard those Star Generals were very formidable. Their martial arts were excellent, perhaps Heavenly Star level.” Ruan Hongde sighed: “I fear the Purple Thunder Monster has finished searching for the information he wanted in the Azure Dragon Territory. He has called the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Cults in preparation for an invasion of the Azure Dragon Territory.”

“It must be. That Purple Thunder Monster by himself has made humiliating the Ten Great Sects a common occurrence.” Ruan Hongxue pursed her lips.

Su Xing felt quite wronged. Just as he was about to say something.

Suddenly, a stern voice boomed through the Four Seas Hall.

“That Star Master is not the Purple Thunder Monster and has absolutely no relation with the Purple Thunder Monster. We4 shall reaffirm that!”

Emperor Liang coldly spoke, and the entire place was shaken into speechlessness.5

“Your Highness, why are you so certain of this?” Northern Darkness Has Fish gently smiled, leisurely drinking his wine.

“The Star Generals who attacked the forbiddance were not Lin Chong or Wu Song. They were all never before seen faces, and the Star Master who broke the array was an old man. If the Purple Thunder Monster is collaborating with the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Cults and the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi Clans, then We invite everyone to not forget that the Vermilion Bird Territory and Black Turtle Territory both hold enmity deep as the ocean against him. We have informed everyone of this to hear your thoughts, not to simply jump to conclusions.” Emperor Liang indifferently said. Every single one of his moments was quite imposing.

Northern Darkness Has Fish objected: “These words are a mistake. Your Highness also should be aware that the Purple Thunder Monster’s background has always been a mystery, but his conduct and deeds have nevertheless raised a foul wind and bloody rain in the Three Territories. He knows that he has already become the target of everyone in the Star Duels. Perhaps stealing the Along The River During Qingming is an attempt to pull against the tide, to handle the other Star Masters. Emperor Liang, do not forget, he previously released the Ghost Cavalry King.”

Emperor Liang’s forehead wrinkled. His heart was a bit gloomy. He clearly knew that the Purple Thunder Monster could not possibly go steal the Along The River During Qingming, but upon careful thought, the Purple Thunder Monster’s actions honestly left him with nothing to say.

“The Along The River During Qingming has been suppressed with the True Dragon Imperial Qi. Even if it is the Purple Thunder Monster, he would have no way to open it. And those Star Masters are all Supervoid Stage. We can actually investigate first, to know of the Vermilion Bird Territory and Black Turtle Territory’s Supervoid Stage Star Masters.” Shu Xindao said calmly. 

“Do not forget about the White Tiger Territory’s Prehistoric Demonkin.6 Perhaps the Purple Thunder Monster’s true identity is that he originated from the White Tiger Territory.” The True Immortal Hall’s Outer Void Immortal said with icy arrogance.

“The Fairy’s words are extremely true.”

“However, the interlopers have stolen the Along The River During Qingming. Perhaps he knows the Along The River During Qingming like the back of his hand, perhaps he does have some way to open the seal.” The Outer Void Immortal continued.

Shu Xindao agreed: “En, the White Tiger Territory has always been very mysterious since ancient times, but it is actually strange that the White Tiger Territory would also have Star Masters.”

“In short, We ask everyone present to lay down their grudges. First, we investigate clearly the intruders. Everyone does not want the Azure Dragon Territory to be destroyed, correct? The Vermilion Bird Territory and Black Turtle Territory have always been tigers eyeing prey. If they unite with the White Tiger Territory…Sigh…” Emperor Liang glanced at Northern Darkness Has Fish, as if warning him.

Everyone changed expressions. Some cultivators showed their hands, and wine splashed.

Northern Darkness Has Fish’s face still hung an indifferent smile. If this was before, the Most High Path would perhaps have been the first to join in alliance against a common enemy, to issue grand and heroic words, but now that the Most High Path had been broken into disarray by the Purple Thunder Monster, even if the Azure Dragon Territory were to be destroyed, Northern Darkness Has Fish would not bat an eye.

The other sects were actually worried sick at heart, changing from their previously merry scene.

Su Xing listened nearby with a head full of sweat.

Along The River During Qingming.

True Dragon Suppression.

Prehistoric Liao Emperor.

He had never heard of these before. Seeing that the hall was frozen in an unprecedented feeling of crisis, Su Xing curiously asked Tang Lianxin. The Solitary Star shook her head. How could she know what this was.

“Do you not know?” Gong Caiwei showed a surprised expression, as if she felt disbelief that Su Xing was unaware of what the Along The River During Qingming was. This was the dark history that everyone in the Azure Dragon Territory knew about. Even a three year old child would be frightened by the name of the Prehistoric Liao Emperor.

“Su Xing, you do not actually come from the White Tiger Territory, do you?” Gong Caiwei blinked.

“If I actually am from the White Tiger Territory, what will you do?” Su Xing curiously asked.

“If you actually are, and you want to release the Prehistoric Liao Emperor, then I – “ Gong Caiwei’s expression suddenly became sharp.

“Will kill you!” She did not hesitate to spit out those three words.

Before Su Xing could feel hurt, Gong Caiwei then calmly added on another sentence.

“And then I will take my life to follow you!!”

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  1. 浮屠涅焰, the 浮屠 is his namesake
  2. WTF kind of rumors has the Purple Thunder Monster evolved into?
  3. 洪荒獠帝
  4. Imperial usage of the world.
  5. Emperor Liang standing up for Su Xing, reason to be revealed in just a bit 😛
  6. 妖族, different from the Demi Clans


  1. …Um… Shouldn’t Emperor Liang already know that it was his 8diot son who releast the Ghost Calvary King and n9t Su Xing? Okay, yeah he took the Ghost’s Godsbane… but what did you expect he should’ve done… leave it there? I mean, stuck around and fought the thing off, cleaning up said idiot son’s mess!

    And uh… why did the rumor mill get worse?

    1. Emperor Liang can’t keep speaking in defense of Su Xing, otherwise, he demonstrates bias at a time when he has to unite the Alliance of Ten. He is forced to tread very carefully to avoid arousing doubt and mistrust.

    2. Yeah he knows, I am sure about that.
      But should he really say that his, the EMPEROR’S SON is such a major fuckup… Well he should, but won’t

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