Chapter 557: Yearning Day And Night

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“If you would truly put justice before friends and family, then you’d better forget about dying together for love.” Su Xing laughed.

Gong Caiwei was silent. Only then did she explain the Along The River During Qingming.

A thousand years ago, fifty years before the start of the Star Duels, the White Tiger Territory’s Demon Clans once launched a desperate invasion, and there was an Ancestral Demon that came out of the White Tiger Territory. This one declared the name “Liao”1 and was addressed as the Prehistoric Liao Emperor, leading more than a thousand Demon Beasts and Demi Clans in a massacre of the Azure Dragon. In those years, the Azure Dragon Territory’s blood flowed like a river, with corpses strewn everywhere. Blood-red clouds covered the Azure Dragon Territory eight-hundred eighty-eight days2 without scattering. The entire Azure Dragon Territory was submerged in a sea of blood.

Thousands upon thousands of sects united together. The cultivators’ casualties were countless, but they finally repelled the Liao Kingdom’s invasion. However, that Prehistoric Liao Emperor and co. were nevertheless extremely formidable, already at Transforming Star of Annihilation, a stage of indestructibility and immortality. At that time, the Azure Dragon Territory had no way of taking them down. Afterwards, the Great Liang’s national scholar Zhang Zhengdao3 used a magic weapon that he had cultivated for all his life. This magic weapon was that Along The River During Qingming. More than a hundred Supervoid Cultivators united to erect the array, finally sealing the Prehistoric Liao Emperor within the portrait. So as to avoid the Prehistoric Liao Emperor ever again emerging as a scourge to the Azure Dragon, they placed it into the Great Liang Kingdom’s leyline suppression, exploiting the leyline and the imperial family’s True Dragon Son of Heaven qi to attempt to refine away the Prehistoric Liao Emperor.

Although that nightmarish, bloody history had already passed a thousand years ago, it was still carved deeply into the depths of the minds of everyone in the Azure Dragon Territory. Today, the Along The River During Qingming had been stolen. It was no wonder all the cultivators would discuss this change. With the current decline in the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators, the number of Supervoid Cultivators could be counted on fingers. If the Prehistoric Liao Emperor emerged, who could defy her?

Could the legendary Star Maidens of Maiden Mountain?

Perhaps not a single Star Master would involve themselves in this. After they scaled Maiden Mountain, whatever happened to the Azure Dragon Territory was none of their concern.

“Transforming Star of Annihilation cultivator?”

Su Xing was interested. No wonder the atmosphere was so heavy. Just hearing Gong Caiwei’s description, Su Xing could feel chills on his back. One Transforming Star of Annihilation cultivator could sweep across Liangshan, but several? That was indeed helplessness in the face of a crisis.

“Does that White Tiger Territory Liao Kingdom still exist??” Tang Lianxin asked.

“That was the first state to arise in the White Tiger Territory since the beginning of recorded history. It was named Great Liao Kingdom. It was perhaps founded by that Ancestral Demon, a country-toppling power to invade the Azure Dragon Territory. With the Prehistoric Liao Emperor sealed, the Liao Kingdom was destroyed. After this, the White Dragon Territory was quiet for a thousand years.” Gong Caiwei answered.

“This means that those cultivators who stole the Along The River During Qingming may be a few remnant fangs of the Great Liao?” Su Xing muttered.

Gong Caiwei precisely felt this, so she asked Su Xing if he had come from the White Tiger Territory.

“Relax, I won’t let you die with me in the name of love.” Su Xing patted Gong Caiwei’s shoulder.

“Could she have been refined with such a long amount of time?” Tang Lianxin asked.

This was a difficult question to answer, after all, that Liao Emperor’s realm was terrifyingly high. All of Liangshan Continent had no way, who knew if the True Dragon Imperial Qi was capable of refining him.

The originally spirited banquet now had a somber atmosphere because of this Along The River During Qingming matter. Finally, when the banquet adjourned, everyone was brooding, each and every person had strained faces. Even the Ancestral Masters of the Ten Great Sects had grave expressions.

“Su Xing, I am going to buy some things. Do you want to go together?” Ruan Hongxue asked.

“You go on ahead.” Su Xing watched Emperor Liang. After Emperor Liang left, he absentmindedly followed along. In the Alliance of Ten Banquet, he did not see Zhao Hanyan’s figure. Su Xing had an increasingly uneasy feeling of foreboding.

In a studio, the fragrance of tea.

Emperor Liang stood straight in front of the window, his arms behind his back, deep in contemplation. “Your Distinguished Self, what have you planned, following me here?” Emperor Liang said aloud, his voice neither loud nor soft, neither cold nor warm.

Su Xing’s Hiding was already considerably brilliant, yet Emperor Liang easily saw through it. He was not the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one without reason.

“Your Majesty, I have something I would like to consult on.” Su Xing deferentially said.

Emper Liang turned around, his brow wearing a lifetime of augustness, “We wonder what that would be?”

“Your Servant has a matter to discuss with the Ling Yan Princess. May Your Servant ask why she has not come?”

When Su Xing finished asking, he immediately felt a seemingly substantive pressure pounce into his face, as if a towering mountain was pressing heavily upon him. Emperor Liang was still extraordinarily mighty, but those sharp eyes were locked firmly on Su Xing.

Su Xing remained calm and unruffled. He had a strong feeling of “cool breeze brushing against a hill.”

“So you are that Su Xing?” Emperor Liang’s brow slightly wrinkled, not nearly recognizing him. This boy was surprisingly already Supervoid Stage. This speed was rather too fast.

“Precisely.” Su Xing was calm.

His killing intent immediately disappeared without a trace. Emperor Liang slightly smiled: “So it is you. We heard Hanyan mention you before. En, it appears that thou art actually exceptional. Her eyesight seems to be very good.”

“If Your Servant offended Your Majesty before, then Your Servant asks for forgiveness.” Su Xing chuckled. This old man could not resist flaunting his father-in-law face.

Emperor Liang’s smile became somewhat profound. He indifferently said: “What matter do you seek her for?”

“Personal matters that cannot be mentioned. Your Servant wonders if Your Majesty could inform as to whether Hanyan’s most recent situation is well?”

Emperor Liang smiled. He no longer had that imposing air of an emperor that stood above the populace. On the contrary, he had a bit of benevolence. “For you to be able to be so concerned about Hanyan, We feel grateful. It appears that your relationship exceeds Our imagination.”4

Pausing, Emperor Liang suddenly turned cold: “Then We had better inform you, the Ling Yan Princess engaged a Star Master in a Star Duel…She has already passed away…Your concern is far too late…”

“What did you say!!” Su Xing was suddenly jolted. His chest was stifled, and in that instant, his heart seemed to rend apart in pain. Su Xing spied a slight craftiness in Emperor Liang’s eyes. Immediately, he composed himself. Gritting his teeth, Su Xing completely disregarded this Great Liang Emperor’s majesty and coldly said: “Your Majesty, Your Servant asks that you not joke like this.”

Emperor Liang laughed, “We merely wanted to see if you were sincere or not. Not bad, not bad. It appears the Ling Yan Princess’ eyesight is not bad.”

Su Xing cursed inwardly, Fuck.

“However, how do you know that what We said is a lie? Falling in the Star Duels is a very normal matter.” Emperor Liang said.

“Hmph, with Hanyan’s abilities, who could make her fall in the Star Duels.” Su Xing pursed his lips. The Five Tiger General Dong Junqing and a Supervoid Cultivation, any way it was put, Zhao Hanyan was already the number one Star Master in the Azure Dragon Territory. Whether it was the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon or Lady Snake Scorpion, neither were capable of making the Ling Yan Princess Starfall.

“Could it be you have forgotten about the Purple Thunder Monster?” Emperor Liang ruminated.

“The Purple Thunder Monster is impossible.” Su Xing chuckled.

“Are you so certain? That Purple Thunder Monster has disturbed three Territories, and even the Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Sheng of the Black Turtle Territory fell by his hand.” Emperor Liang smiled and asked.

“Bullshit. Of course I am very certain.” Su Xing twitched his mouth, “Zhao Hanyan is the Purple Thunder Monster’s wife, what husband kills his own wife.”

“I am the Purple THunder Monster!!” Before Emperor Liang could ask his next question, Su Xing explosively issued this declaration. Seeing Emperor Liang conducted himself shrewdly, he knew that Emperor Liang was most likely aware of his identity. Pretending any further was completely meaningless, so he might as well calmly inform him; let alone that with his intimate relationship with Zhao Hanyan, he did not fear Emperor Liang would make things difficult. Furthermore, that reaffirmation of his at the banquet demonstrated his position.

As expected.

Emperor Liang was not surprised at all. He indifferently replied, “Su Xing, if your words were heard by the Most High Path or the others, the Ling Yan Princess will have great trouble.”

“Is Hanyan cultivating something in seclusion?” Su Xing asked.

“She indeed was heavily injured by a Star Master and nearly died.” Emperor Liang calmly said.


The unease in his heart finally came true. Su Xing worriedly asked: “How is she now.”

“Her condition is not very good. The enemy used a type of Prehistoric Thunder. Currently, the Ling Yan Princess is recuperating in the Warm Phoenix Pavilion. The Intertwined Branch Sword her mother left her is currently protecting her life, but her condition is not optimistic. We have already asked for the Queen Mother to come look after her, but the Queen Mother still needs several days in order to be able to arrive at Bian City. If only she could last until that time.”

The always unruffled Emperor Liang showed slight worry.

“I want to go see her!” Su Xing coldly said.

“And she wishes to see you as well.” Emperor Liang gave Su Xing an amulet that could allow him to travel unimpeded. “If you can provide my daughter with critical care this time…” Pausing, Emperor Liang suddenly smiled: “We shall allow you to become Hanyan’s Prince Consort and recognize your Purple Thunder Monster identity.”

Taking several steps, Su Xing suddenly turned his head back and asked in a low voice: “Is the Star Master that Star Dueled with Hanyan that old man who stole the Along The River During Qingming?”

“Most likely him.” Emperor Liang nodded: “What, do you know him?”

“I fear he is the Thunder Spirit of the White Tiger Territory’s Seven Spirit Stars!!” Su Xing sneered, turning around and leaving the study.

Outside the door, Gong Caiwei saw Su Xing exit, his expression a bit unsightly. She asked: “What has happened? Is Emperor Liang unfavorable to you?”

“Something has happened to Hanyan. I’m going to see her. Caiwei, sorry, but I can’t accompany you for another stroll.” Su Xing apologetically said.

Gong Caiwei’s heart gushed forth with an indescribable complexity: “Hanyan’s matters are urgent. I shall go with you.”

“But what about the Treasure Banquet?” Su Xing pulled his hair. This back and forth, the Treasure Banquet was perhaps already at the end of the show. It would be a bit of a shame to miss out on the final, majestic auction.

Gong Caiwei’s smile was like winter snow: “This Princess has already purchased the arrays and materials she ought to have in this Treasure Banquet. As for the Supervoid Banquet, I originally did not have plans to involve myself, let alone, Zhao Hanyan and I are considered acquaintances. This Princess also wishes to know what happened to her.”

“Then good.” Su Xing did not shirk any further.

Walking out of the Four Seas Palace, Su Xing first sought out An Suwen and simultaneously activated his Divine Intent to inform the other wives. Very quickly, all the girls gathered together. Su Xing then summarized what had happened to Zhao Hanyan. The wives naturally did not oppose, and finally discussing a bit, Su Xing, Lin Yingmei, Gongsun Huang, Hu Niangzi and An Suwen would first move for Bian City. The others would remain at the Treasure Banquet to continue plans for the Star Duels.

Lin YIngmei, Gongsun Huang, and Hu Niangzi mainly were to guard against the Third Overlord’s sneak attack, and An Suwen was to treat Zhao Hanyan. By the time that Queen Mother of West Lun arrived, the food would have already gone cold.

“Papa.” Bai Yutang blinked her eyes and extended her hand. There were several bottles of wine.

Zhang Yuqi explained: “This is the Dark Rank Wine ‘Yearning Day And Night’5 that Tangtang newly refined over the past few days. Perhaps it will be useful. Tangtang is certainly attentive of you, Papa.”

The Damage Star giggled.

“Thank you, Tangtang.” Su Xing stroked her head. He smiled at Wu Xinjie and the others: “And many thanks to the other wives for your care.

“Since when am I one of your wives.”

The Hua Wanyue in the crowd that had been called back frowned in bewilderment.

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  1. 888 in Chinese is usually regarded as an auspicious number
  2. His name literally means “righteous path.”
  3. OH, BOY, does he really want to know the nature of their relationship?
  4. 魂牽夢縈


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