Chapter 558: Junqing

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The clanging sounds of battle echoed in the wide street. Powerful killing intent flowed in every direction, and no one else existed in a range of four to five hundred meters.


Throwing daggers glinted, and a cool and elegant, general-like girl appeared. The young girl’s hands held a pair of clubs, coldly looking at her opponent.

The tall, mature woman standing in front of her held a Golden Eagle Dragon Devouring Spear. Several flying daggers were sheathed on her back. She was Striking Hawk Li Qingqiao.1

“Careful, Li Ying’s Star Master already has Supervoid Cultivation.” Xie Chang’an shouted. He controlled his Flying Swords and magic weapons, barely withstanding Shijiu Ying’s suppression.

Shijiu Ying evilly sneered. “It truly is a waste for a pretty boy like you to contract a Five Tigers Generals. You look so out of place.”

Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Shuang’s face was like frost as her figure swayed. She once again suddenly pressed in close. She had barely flashed past those oppressive Dragon Slaying Flying Dagger when a slim lance already appeared in front of her, completely without any noise. Her rippling attack was so close.

Yellow Rank Flying Dagger.

Dark Edge!!

Li Qingqiao unleashed her full power. The Dragon Slaying Flying Daggers vanished into the air. When they reappeared, they thrust into Huyan Shuang’s armor. Huyan Shuang grunted, and her figure suddenly turned around and recoiled. At the same time, her double clubs became whips that danced. Rippling, wave-like killing intent followed closely behind. Li Qingqiao stopped in midair, her hostility suddenly magnifying, her speed increasing. She unexpectedly straddled across the twisting killing intent, easily shredding this attack. 

Li Qingqiao accelerated the instant she attacked. Her speed was already fast beyond reason, and Huyan Shuang was unable to perceive her. Under such an attack, Huyan Shuang unexpectedly could not evade. One took a step back, the other a step forward. They moved like a swift wind, surprisingly nearly reaching the edge of the street in several breaths’ time.

Li Qingqiao had the support of a Supervoid Cultivator. With this, the ranked eleventh Wealth Star had sufficiently powerful Star Energy to contest a Five Tigers General. No longer able to hesitate, Huyan Shuang grit her teeth, and her body quickly spun around. In midair, she abruptly shifted, and the Wind And Moon Unmatched let out a hiss in the air. In that ear-piercing shattering sound, Huyan Shuang’s attack ripped apart Li Qingqiao’s Flying Daggers.

A sneer appeared on Li Qingqiao’s face. This was the first time she had seen an opponent who was still capable of counterattacking under her extreme speed. It had to be mentioned that in instantaneous speed at short range, she believed herself a paragon without equal.

As expected of a Five Tiger General, she could not be underestimated at all.

Huyan Shuang was inwardly shocked.

Her beautiful black hair was blown into a mess by the wind pressure. She stamped her foot and crouched, spinning away to dodge as she wielded her whips in one smooth motion. Huyan Shuang instantly completed an evade and counterattack motion. The Wind And Moon Unmatched wrapped around Li Qingqiao’s Golden Eagle Dragon Devouring Spear. The other whip mercilessly lashed at her.

“Bright Mind Dragon Carving!!”

Li Qingqiao did not hesitate to use her Dark Rank Spear Technique.

Huyan Shuang’s attack was already so skilled, but Li Qingqiao’s spear was faster. A dragon-like shadow shot out from her spear, as if it possessed its own intelligence and consciousness. Li Qingqiao practically did not stop in midair as she somersaulted. Metal rang, and the spear moved back and forth to block the Wind And Moon Unmatched’s attack.

Huyan Shuang sneered.

Her attack had only just begun.

The Prestige Star’s double whips rose simultaneously. In a split second, she raised a blizzard and dead leaves. She had used her Yellow Technique – “Wind Flower Leaf Fall, Snow Moon Without Scar.”

Enormous power immediately made Li Qingqiao lose her balance. Her hand loosened in passing, and the double whips brought a graceful wave of encirclement. In midair fights, Li Qingqiao’s Realm was raised several levels. She avoided Huyan Shuang’s right whip, but Huyan Shuang was not done yet. Her left whip quickly followed. The glittering golden whip that was like sunlight brilliantly pulled Li Qingqiao’s leg, throwing this Wealth Star Striking Hawk onto the ground.

The hawk that lost the sky seemed to have had its wings clipped. Li Qingqiao’s Innate Skill instantly lost its usefulness.

Immediately afterwards, Huyan Shuang’s “Firework Turning Into Cold” was used without mercy. A foehn wind roared and followed her whip’s attack, its power visible.

Li Qingqiao could only subconsciously evade.

Circling around, Huyan Shuang’s left whip nevertheless followed once more. In this way, the double whips alternated their sweeps, fluttering up and down, looping around one another, not stopping at all. She did not give Li Qingqiao any room to think, and at the same time, she made Huyan Shuang stop her thought process. Wind And Moon Unmatched practically spun like a windmill, endless.

Like a firework blossoming, the instant dimness and brightness were magnificent. This practically made the cultivators forget the danger of these double whips.

Li Qingqiao was shocked.

Suffering through several bouts, her internal organs burned as if they had been struck to pieces by the whips. How could the Five Tigers General let her go. Huyan Shuang was just about to obtain success in one stroke when suddenly at this moment, a figure appeared in front of Li Qingqiao, like a divine tree from ancient times. Shijiu Ying’s eyes released a ruthless glint. Smirking, green leaves like blades repelled her. Yuan Shuang retreated, raising her double whips.

She smashed apart the falling leaves, and at the same time, the enemy already took this chance to escape.

Huyan Shuang stowed her whips and took a deep breath. She looked down to discover her chest was in slight pain. A leaf had apparently pierced through her armor and stuck into her flesh. Huyan Shuang was shaken. She extracted this leaf, which emitted a faint, Demon Qi.

“Shuang’er, are you alright?” Xie Chang’an ran over.

“This is?”

“Interesting, a Demonkin Star Master has surprisingly appeared.” Huyan Shuang laughed.

Seeing that the Crystal Dragon Palace’s law enforcement cultivators were making their way over, Xie Chang’an and Huyan Shuang left.


“Can it be that you just cannot know your place?” Han Bing coldly stared at the Shijiu Ying who returned in a sorry shape.

“Five Tigers General. Such a Star General is very difficult to encounter, it would be a shame to not battle.” Shijiu Ying sneered.

Ling Feixue twitched her lips and blinked. “Judging from Qingqiao’s injuries, it seems they fought back.” 

Li Qingqiao harrumphed.

“True Star Generals can only grow by Star Dueling those top-notch Star Generals. Otherwise, there is no meaning.” Shijiu Ying objected.

Han Bing was completely aware that this bastard was being pompous. Just from merely seeing that the Birth Treasure Outline indicated Huyan Shuang’s Star Master was not very strong, he wanted to take this chance to kill a Five Tigers General and obtain Star Energy to bolster his own strength. The White Tiger had Seven Spirit Stars, but they knew that only one could rise above the rest. Although everyone listened to Taisui’s orders, this Shijiu Ying’s personality was merciless, crafty and shifty. She feared that he was unwilling to stay behind.

“If you bring trouble, I will not hesitate to get rid of you.” Han Bing spat out every single ice-cold world.

Shijiu Ying’s expression changed. He was almost indignant, but in the end, he did not say anything.

“Taisui has come.” Xin Lao calmly spoke.

Only then did the two of them put away their hostile appearances.


Han Bing wrinkled her brow. She noticed that Xiang Chenxing was injured, and she did not see his Star General Zhou Zhiyun. “Were you unsuccessful?”

“The Impatient Vanguard attacked during the process. Zhou Ziyun was killed into the Star Nest.” Cang Feng said. He and Xiang Nongmei were actually unscathed.

“However, that Zhao Heng has been heavily injured by Taisui. If it was not for that national scholar’s intervention, he would have already Starfell. What a pity.” Cang Feng clicked his tongue.

“Grandfather, did you obtain that Along The River During Qingming?” Shijiu Ying expectantly asked.

Grandfather Li wore a slight smile. Clearly, things were under control.

Cang Feng laughed: “How can the Great Lian Imperial Palace resist Taisui. The Along The River During Qingming is already in our hands.”

“When can we break the seal?” Shijiu Ying ruthlessly smiled, somewhat impatient to see a bloody carnage in the Azure Dragon Territory.

“With our Seven Spirits Absolute Destruction Array, we ought to be able to break the True Dragon Imperial Qi on the portrait, right?”

“Keep calm, Shijiu Ying. Your temper is a bit impulsive. Grandfather has a plan.” Can Feng said.

“I understand.”

Su Xing urgently arrived in Bian City. Carrying the amulet Emperor Liang gave him, he directly entered the Warm Phoenix Pavilion.


Dong Junqing was standing guard beside Zhao Hanyan. Seeing an intruder, she was immediately furious. However, upon seeing it was Su Xing, her fury became astonishment. “Why have you come?”

“Is Hanyan alright?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow as he sat at her bedside.

Zhao Hanyan’s face was pale, colorless, and her breathing had become a bit labored.

Su Xing felt her meridians. He had barely touched Zhao Hanyan’s skin when he felt numbness: “This is the Thunder that Emperor Liang spoke of?”

“The Princess has up until now been unable to awaken. This Thunder has sealed all of her meridians.” Dong Junqing had originally been a bit worried, but the strange thing was that after she saw Su Xing had arrived, she suddenly felt enormous relief. Although she did not like this man stealing the Ling Yan Princess’ heart, she admitted that he could definitely save Zhao Hanyan.

“Suwen, you take a look.” Su Xing said.

Efficacious Star Divine Physician An Suwen first used Spiritual Aura Distribution. Then, Good Fortune appeared and released its dense Essence Qi for protection. An Suwen felt her pulse for a long while, and the Star Crest on her forehead twinkled.

Taking advantage of this time, Su Xing inquired Dong Junqing about the sequence of events.

The Steadfast Star did not wish to speak about this embarrassing matter at all, but following Su Xing’s promise that this could be critical to saving Zhao Hanyan, she had no choice but to tell Su Xing everything about that day.

To be instantly dispatched, Dong Junqing had never felt more disgraced. Her face burned. Before, she could still maintain a kind of arrogance in front of Su Xing. Now, she had been torn to pieces.

“You were surprisingly killed into the Star Nest in one strike?” Lin Yingmei’s brow locked tight.

Dong Junqing nearly ground her teeth apart: “This General was careless. This General had originally thought her to be a not so impressive Star General, but her speed was extremely fast. The instant she unsheathed her blade, her power was ample. I completely did not foresee this.”

“How could you be so careless. How can you protect Hanyan like this.” Su Xing rebuked her.

Fuck you.

Dong Junqing truly felt wronged. She hatefully glared at Su Xing. Seeing the concern he had for Zhao Hanyan on his face, the Steadfast Star grunted and did not go bicker, but she knew that she had indeed lost face in this incident. No matter how it was put, she was but a Five Tigers General. To be surprisingly killed instantly, this was simply a disgrace. Dong Junqing was very clear that she perhaps would not have the confidence to climb into the Ling Yan Princess’ bed after this.


Gong Caiwei’s expression was strange. Seeing the Steadfast Star of the Five TIgers General surprisingly be lectured by Su Xing, who would have believed this.

Upon seeing Dong Junqing’s cold face, Su Xing did not mind her. After all, it was somewhat difficult for Su Xing to accept that Dong Junqing had been defeated this time.

“Yingmei, This General wishes to duel with you!!” Dong Junqing had no place to let out her anger. Seeing Ling Yingmei, she was both jealous and eager. “If I lose, Junqing will no longer oppose the matters between your master and Princess from this point on, but…”

“You will not win.” Lin Yingmei interrupted her.


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