Chapter 559: Warm Phoenix

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Lin Yingmei and Dong Junqing went to the back garden for their contest. Gong Caiwei asked Su Xing: “Is this good? To let Dong Junqing duel Lin Yingmei at this stage?”

“It’s fine. Dong Junqing had an enormous shock this time. Just let Yingmei help her vent.” Su Xing looked at Dong Junqing’s back. He knew of the dejection in this proud Five Tigers General’s heart. Otherwise, how could the Steadfast Star remain silent and not retort when he rebuked her.

“With things as they are now, the White Tiger Territory’s Seven Spirit Stars are growing increasingly bold. Their Star General’s martial arts are also very exceptional. If Lin Yingmei cna help Dong Junqing promote her martial arts realm, then that is a good thing.” Su Xing pondered.

“You thought of this for her sake. She definitely will realize it.” Gong Caiwei slightly smiled.

“She ought to.” Su Xing smiled, and his gaze looked to Zhao Hanyan as he again sunk into silence.

An Suwen was still using her magic for treatment. The electricity in Zhao Hanyan’s body occasionally leapt out terrifyingly from her flesh, “Just what method did that Star Master use, to surprisingly be able to reduce Zhao Hanyan to this state.” Gong Caiwei’s brows were very deeply wrinkled.

To instantly dispatch the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master, even if she was a bit careless, any way this was put, this was absolutely impossible unless his power was outstanding. Gong Caiwei asked herself if it had been her that encountered that enemy, would she have been any better off than Zhao Hanyan.

“You have to be a bit more careful, too, Caiwei.” Su Xing said with concern: “Move into the Longevity Palace. I don’t want to see something like this happen to you.”

“Do you truly wish for this?” Gong Caiwei whispered.


“Why?” Gong Caiwei raised her head. Those two eyes of ice and snow were limpid. The girl was rather earnest.

“What why?” Su Xing did not understand.

“Since you have the Ling Yan Princess as a wife, just what place do I have at all in your heart.” Gong Caiwei slowly spat out each word. The Immortal Hero Princess appeared indifferent, but her slightly shuddering body still betrayed the anxiousness in her heart.

Hearing Gong Caiwei’s outrageous declaration, Su Xing could still understand her thoughts even if he was any more sluggish, but he honestly did not know how to respond to Gong Caiwei’s question, “Of course you are my confidante.”  

Gong Caiwei cast a sidelong glance at him. He could not tell if she was angry or delighted. The Immortal Hero Princess indifferently nodded.

“Big Brother, Suwen fears that examining Zhao Hanyan will take some time. Does Big Brother want to go watch Sister Yingmei and Sister Junqing for now?” An Suwen wiped her sweat, somewhat apologetic.

Su Xing knew her intention. The Efficacious Star probably required a quiet environment.

“Sorry.” Su Xing apologized.

“No, Big Brother, you misunderstand. Suwen only wants to make Good Fortune activate its magic to examine the state of Zhao Hanyan’s body. No one can disturb it.” An Suwen promptly explained.

Su Xing smiled and said: “Little Sister, I leave everything to you.”

“Suwen knows.” An Suwen nodded.

Courtyard. The maids and bodyguards were currently scared witless, maintaining a far distance from the battle.

The powerful sounds of battle raised by their strength scattered sparks in the surroundings. The rock garden, river, and myriad flowers shuddered uncontrollably under this fury. Occasionally, they shook with an ear-piercing rumble.

“Yingmei, do you feel that Junqing is very incompetent?” Dong Junqing yelled, venting the anger in her heart during battle.

Lin Yingmei stepped back, her hand gripping the Arctic Star Serpent Spear. The girl calmly said: “Rage is unable to resolve any problems…But the current you needs this…”

“Yingmei, in fact, This General needs to make love to you even more.” Dong Junqing chuckled.

“Use your ability and try it.” Lin Yingmei pointed the spear at her.

Dong Junqing’s expression was a lewd smile, yet her eyes were full of grimness and seriousness. Perhaps this was her true nature. Dong Junqing’s hand gripped her Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears and attacked.

Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear pierced the sky, and an ice-cold chill suddenly spread in all directions. The girl shouted, her power fierce. Countless icicles shot forth, and killing intent flowed on the spear’s tip, directly forming a small, localized storm.

The Majestic Star’s Innate Skill was Battle Doctrine, so she naturally knew what Dong Junqing needed now was a battle to her heart’s content in order to increase her Realm. She would not hold back at all against the Panther Head.

On the other side, Steadfast Star Double Spears Dong Junqing showed a sharp expression. Her warm colored Dragon Spear drew a winding line in the ice and snow. The speartip of the Destined Star Weapon was like a budding flower, each thrust full of a stifled beauty.

At this moment, countless snowflake-like red lights fluttered about Lin Yingmei’s body, like a swarm of never-sleeping fireflies. The combined attacks of the two Great Five Tiger Generals Lin Yingmei and Dong Junqing displayed the beautiful extremes of red and white.

One had dance steps of snow-like grace!

One had a fiery soul of icy arrogance!

When Su Xing and Gong Caiwei walked over, they just happened to see this scene and showed satisfied smiles.

This feeling was not bad.

Lin Yingmei spun and brandished her spear in passing. First contact was with Dong Junqing’s glinting eyes full of licentiousness, but these black pupils were not like before. Instead, they were full of a deep tranquility. Each and every moment, she swept with the formless lightning of thunderclouds.

That was an expression Lin Yingmei could not be more familiar with, the eyes that only a true martial general could possess.

The corner of Lin Yingmei’s lips slightly curled, but even she herself did not notice. “Take this!” The Majestic Star was clearly very immersed in this battle. Compared to the internecine strife of the Star Duels, perhaps a battle to lecture a Sister made the Panther Head very happy.

And each blow was full of the swiftness and severity of one acting with the love of an older sister.

I do not want this kind of love from you.

Dong Junqing shouted.

The double spears and the single long spear crossed in midair time and time again. Lin Yingmei continued to stab sharply. Dong Junqing beautifully sidestepped away, and she immediately descended like a hawk. The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears let out the cries of a dragon and phoenix. She attacked with both spears. It appeared as though Lin Yingmei could not avoid this.

A metallic ring.

Lin Yingmei’s speed suddenly accelerated, greatly shocking Dong Junqing. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear flashed by. The Majestic Star easily evaded this pincer attack, the power upon her spear blowing away the combination attack of the double spears. Tremendous strength at the girl’s side let out a thin beam of light, “Dong Junqing, this is not enough!” 

Lin Yingmei coldly asserted.

The spear in Lin Yingmei’s hand easily waved about, shooting towards her opponent like lightning. The attack suddenly changed en route, unfathomable as the afterimage of moonlight. Dong Junqing promptly crossed her arms amidst her amazement, attempting to block, but such a profound trick was nevertheless unable to hinder the Majestic Star’s thoroughly cold pace. The speartip that was knocked aside instantly counterattacked like a viper, completely not leaving any breathing room at all.

Like a snow leopard wandering within a blizzard, Lin Yingmei’s attac instantly became stiflingly fast.

So fast.

Dong Junqing was stunned, as if she had returned to the scene of that day.

In but an instant, that cool and elegant figure was in front of Dong Junqing. The spear’s tip that was wrapped in ice and frost suddenly slashed downwards, bringing a blue light before Dong Junqing’s eyes.

With flourishing anger, Dong Junqing’s blood was thoroughly rushing at this time. She sidestepped this attack, the killing intent of her double spears suddenly changed direction upon touching the ground, shifting from vertical slashes into horizontal sweeps, slicing towards the girl who had jumped into the air.

The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears flourished in a dance, bringing a large expanse of warm yin light sprinkling towards Lin Yingmei, like an unstoppable foehn wind, tightly trapping her prey.

Yellow Technique.

Yin Yang Cross Slash.

Lin Yingmei wore a slightly approving expression, but she was aloof, dashing through.

Several bouts later, a hole was finally ripped open in Dong Junqing’s defenses. Lin Yingmei saw her opportunity, slashing her spear with a sonic boom. An arc of light bright as snow swept towards Dong Junqing, completely without any room for evasion. Dong Junqing had no choice but to block with the spears in her hands at full power, yet the surly spear’s power did not stop in the slightest because of this. It was merely slightly deflected. 

She pushed down like a mountain.

Lin Yingmei fiercely roared, her power suddenly magnifying.

Dong Junqing felt her wrists grow heavy, and her pace started turn chaotic. She caught sight of Lin Yingmei’s spear right in front of her face.

Dong Junqing helplessly retreated, pulling back a distance away.

So powerful!!

Following Dong Junqing’s response, the air suddenly let out a shrill cry. The first thrust raised an ice-cold blizzard that appeared beside her, as if it had already existed in this place. The blizzard flowing on the spear wrapped around her.

Such quick speed!!

Dong Junqing’s pupils suddenly contracted. As if she had been struck by a giant, invisible hand, her entire body was suddenly flung backwards. At the same time, the spears in her hands advanced.

But Lin Yingmei’s second attack followed close as a shadow. Like a sudden storm, with a crisp cry, that Arctic Star Serpent Spear instantly twisted over, forming a large net.

Next, each of Lin Yingmei’s attacks became increasingly powerful.

This is…Dong Junqing was taken aback.

“Long Blizzard Nights!!”

A blizzard blew past the flower garden. The flowers and plants were covered in frost, and the rock garden froze solid, as if there was winter. Dong Junqing stood in the cold and shuddered. She felt chills and staring complexly at Lin Yingmei – she recalled when they first met in Evil Smiting Hall, she could still evenly match with Lin YIngmei. Now, she had already fallen far, far behind.

As expected, had she become weak from being too absorbed in loveliness?

Dong Junqing lost her spirit.

Lin Yingmei stowed her spear. Battle Doctrine ended.

“Junqing, how are you, awake yet?”

An indifferent voice resounded through the cold weather.

Dong Junqing regained her composure and spotted Su Xing. The Steadfast Star knew this was his kindness.

“Your Servant certainly does not want to hear your lecture.” Dong Junqing chuckled and pointed at Su Xing.

“Very good, as long as you have the resolve to protect Zhao Hanyan with your life, I can be at ease.” Su Xing nodded.

Dong Junqing’s expression was unfathomable. She concentrated on Su Xing, something dubious filling her eyes. Su Xing had thought that he was seeing things.

“You will realize Your Servant’s resolve. At that time, do not be like a coward.” Dong Junqing coldly said.


Su Xing blinked, not understanding what she was saying.

Just as he was about to say something, An Suwen happened to finish. Su Xing and the others quickly returned to the Warm Phoenix Pavilion.

Zhao Hanyan was still in a state of unconsciousness, yet her complexion was much better, with a bit of color to her face.

“Suwen already knows how to cure her, however, Suwen fears this will trouble Big Brother.” An Suwen said softly.

“Little Sister, just say the word.” Su Xing said.

“This requires the resonance between Big Brother and the Ling Yan Princess’ Intertwined Branches. You will transfer spiritual power to the Ling Yan Princess, and then she can recover. But Big Brother’s cultivation will diminish. Suwen fears Big Brother will fall to Supercluster Stage.” An Suwen hesitantly said.

Dong Junqing was astonished. This was indeed troublesome. Cultivators did not easily break through into Supervoid Stage. No one would be willing to drop their Supervoid Cultivation to Supercluster Stage. The two realms were worlds apart. She had originally thought that Su Xing would think for a moment. She had just wanted to say something, but how could she have expected that Su Xing would instantly answer: “So simple, then let’s begin.”

Su Xing did not waste his breath.

All of the girls knew Su Xing’s personality and promptly began to occupy themselves.

Like An Suwen, everyone had to keep away for something like the Intertwined Branch Sword’s resonance to avoid disturbing Su Xing.

After they left, Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved, and the Intertwined Branch Sword flew out.

When the sword appeared, the Intertwined Branch Sword hovering over Zhao Hanyan’s body immediately resonated, letting out a serene green light. A green bridge opened, connecting them. Su Xing’s heart felt a kind of unprecedented chill. Zhao Hanyan also groaned in her dream.

Su Xing shut his eyes and began to form hand seals. A tree of jade seemed to grow on the Intertwined Branch Sword. Its luxuriant branches and leaves bloomed, and the tree enclosed Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan. Countless translucent, serene green lights followed Su Xing’s Intertwined Sword and flowed into Zhao Hanyan’s body.

Su Xing immediately sensed his Star Energy was rapidly draining. What An Suwen said was completely correct. Perhaps his cultivation would fall to Supercluster Stage before he could help Zhao Hanyan avert her crisis. Su Xing actually did not care that much, and he continued to add more strength.

Suddenly, the two of them immediately entered into a supreme realm of perfect harmony.

Outside the gate to the main hall, the girls were currently waiting.

“Yingmei, have you lost your virginity?” Dong Junqing suddenly asked.

Gong Caiwei nearly choked. Her expression was odd.

Lin Yingmei’s face was slightly red. She had a girl’s mature charm. Glancing at Dong Junqing, she did not deny this.

“As expected, it was this. Your Servant sensed something was different about you in our battle just now.” Dong Junqing nodded in epiphany.

“A Star General that has lost her virginity?” Gong Caiwei felt very odd, “Could it be you have not thought of the Star Duels?”

Lin Yingmei was cold: “Your Servant, as the Majestic Star, has no need for a Star Nest.”

Gong Caiwei smiled. It appeared that her relationship with Su Xing was truly harmonious, otherwise, no one would have believed that the thousand year Star General Majestic Star would not only sign a contract but even willingly give her virginity to Su Xing.

“Could it be because of this that you are so powerful, Yingmei?” Dong Junqing wrinkled her brow. Because of their fight just now, she discovered that Lin Yingmei’s progress was astonishingly quick, and her realm was far higher, to the extent that she was already unable to completely sense her chances of prevailing against Lin Yingmei. 

“Protecting Young Master is what Your Servant ought to do.”

A wicked glint flashed past Dong Junqing’s eyes.

“Sister Yingmei, Big Brother requires a very long time to help Hanyan recover. Afterwards, perhaps she will still need spiritual medicine to heal the thunder. Suwen is missing an ingredient and wants to seize this time to go harvest. Suwen already knows the place.” An Suwen said.

“I shall accompany you.” Hu Niangzi said.

“Elder Sister Yingmei, Elder Sister Little Huang, I shall leave Dear Husband to you. We shall return tomorrow morning.”


When Lin Yingmei and An Suwen left, Dong Junqing pursed her lips, quite envious.1

Inside the Heavenly Sound Realm.

Slipstreams filling the skies became a foehn wind that attacked Mu Qingying.

In the shadows, a bone-chilling intent broke out. Following close as gangrene on bone, a dagger attacked.

“This is an assassin’s ‘Shadow Dance Steps.’ It uses superb body techniques to confuse the opponent. Help create a diversion with killing intent.” Mu Zhiyu faintly smiled. Her dagger twisted from her hand, and the airflow broke in succession. Killing intent spread through the air and assumed the shame of a perfect combination attack.

As expected of a first-rate assassin.

Mu Qingying was surprisingly dumb as a wooden chicken, completely losing the intiative.

“How are you the same sort of stupid as your little sister? This is not good.” Mu Zhiyu mocked.

Mu Qingying shouted.

She immediately recovered from her shock, the killing intent she raised in fury unexpectedly destroying this berserk shadow. Vanishing into the air, Mu Zhiyu’s legs arched, immediately leaping a distance a zhang away.

The killing intent’s power twisted at the place where Mu Zhiyu had been before, exploding and evaporating the boiling airflow.

Mu Qingying had yet to transition when, suddenly, a baleful aura roared at her from every direction simultaneously, like a thousand daggers attacking her, “Elder Sister, watch this.” Mu Duiying also launched a sneak attack. This Bing Qingxuan was gloomy. Could it be that this Star General did not realize they were learning sneak attacks right now? To unexpectedly counter sneak attack in the middle of a sneak attack…Mu Duiying’s sneak attack was very swift, but an even faster figure blocked her.

“Little Sis, first pass through my checkpoint. Behold Little Restrained’s Third Watch!”

An insipid voice blew out the killing intent on Mu Duiying’s dagger, evading the edge. Tearing at the girl, her dagger was like a viper.

Mu Duiying snorted, for she had been struck.

“Learn earnestly.” Mu Wuyu smiled.

On that side.

Mu Qingying was worthy of being called a Heavenly Star Assassin. She very quickly mastered the subject matter, swiftly striding forward. She stepped on shadow, and her shadow split apart.

Mu Zhiyu sprung to the side.

An imposing attack.

This layer of ground completely disintegrated.

Seeing so many of her sneak attacks unable to handle Mu Zhiyu, Mu Qingying’s expression was even more sullen.

Mu Zhiyu used extremely quick speed to close the distance, the edge of her dagger wrapped in lightning as she bombarded.

Mu Qingying quickly turned her dagger back.

But at this time, Mu Qingying’s dagger seemed to vanish like a shadow. Then, a heavily painful strike pierced her chest.

Mu Qingying flew away.

“Can you two actually learn anything? No matter what, you must first comprehend Earth Rank.” Mu Zhiyu’s fingers spread open. Her killing intent hacked open the flooded air.

Killing intent was swallowed by empty space.

Mu Zhiyu instantly vanished from where she was standing.


Mu Qingying saw this and launched a wild attack.

Countless shadows sneak attacked Mu Zhiyu’s surroundings. It appeared her nimbleness and assassination technique had improved considerably.

Mu Zhiyu slightly smiled. This actually was not bad.

“Wrong Kill!”

The shadows bloomed in the air. As if sensing Mu Qingying’s determination, Mu Zhiyu suddenly shouted and raised her killing intent.

A dagger’s blade drifted around Mu Qingying’s surroundings. Then, these dagger qi gathered and dispersed, becoming seven, eight Mu Zhiyu doppelgangers that simultaneously stabbed. If this was only comparing thinking and reactions, how could Mu Qingying surpass the third generation overlord assassin.

An even faster instant movement.

Daggers flew over from who knows where, falling in increasing numbers. After Mu Qingying’s cold shout, the falling dagger-qi bore her killing intent.

More and more dagger-lights formed a blizzard that attacked Mu Zhiyu.

The dagger-qi was unparalleled, her killing intent stormy.


Mu Qingying did not think at all, and a defense suddenly opened. 

The dagger-qi disintegrated, and the killing intent disappeared.

Mu Qingying clearly knew that Mu Zhiyu would block this.

She instantaneously moved in front of Mu Zhiyu. Her eyes were chilly, and the daggers whirled and stabbed. Dagger-qi strangely spun and spouted, sweeping a hole in the rainwater. Dagger-light once again fluttered and descended.

So violent?

A grin flashed past Mu Zhiyu’s face. She leaned past this terrifying assassination. She suddenly gripped her dagger, abruptly exerting force.

Soundlessly, she instantly shattered Mu Qingying’s genius level high speed assassination. The dagger this time cut into Mu Qingying’s shoulderblade. In the end, she stopped at her windpipe. As long as Mu Zhiyu was willing, Mu Qingying could die here.

“You are still a bit reckless.”

Mu Zhiyu assessed.2

“Just who are you?” Bing Qingxuan looked at this shocking assassination, asking Xuanle Feifei somewhat in astonishment: “Could it be that you are the third generation assassins? Impossible.”

Xuanle Feifei wrinkled her brow. Suddenly, she raised her head, her brow locked tight.

A figure appeared in the Heavenly Sound Realm.

“Fairy Xuanle, you truly have given a lot of thought about carrying through with this.”


 Was Chao Gai.

Su Xing slowly opened his eyes. His field of view was somewhat blurry. He spotted a gorgeous room and lay atop a warm bed. His consciousness was still a bit heavy. Su Xing carefully thought, recalling that he was helping Zhao Hanyan heal last night by using the Intertwined Branch Swords. The result was that it took a very long time, and when he finally finished, he had fainted. Up until now, his head seemed to be filled with mercury.

The sound of flowing water drew Su Xing’s attention. He looked and found that a bath was behind the bed, and a glass pane acted as a partition. He could vaguely see a slim figure.

Su Xing got up and walked over. Now, he only felt a strange feeling, and he only wanted to find someone to ask just what was going on.

The bathroom did not have a lock. He very easily could open the door from the outside.

The figure of a girl that could be described with every beautiful word appeared before him.

But his eyes were still a bit muddled.

The girl did not cry out. Without even guessing, Su Xing knew who she was.

“Hanyan, are you better?” Su Xing sighed in relief.

“Ha, ha…You really completely forgot.” Just as the girl was enjoying this, she saw Su Xing standing in front of her. She also confidently emerged and displayed her secret scene. 

“???” Su Xing did not understand.

Zhao Hanyan’s lips curled: “Could it be you actually forgot?”

This voice was suddenly a bit strange. Su Xing rubbed his forehead.

Last night????

Su Xing thought carefully about last night. It seemed that after he slept, Zhao Hanyan got up, and then she embraced him.

“You are honestly a fickle man.” The woman walked out.

“Huh, you’re?” Su Xing’s face turned red, and he stared.

The steam dispersed. Only then did he see clearly that she was not Zhao Hanyan, but surprisingly Dong Junqing.

“Why’s it you!!”

Su Xing’s details about this made Dong Junqing curl her lips in rumination: “Do you want to bathe together?”


Dong Junqing suddenly pressed Su Xing against the wall. Her springwater eyes were full of charm. Dong Junqing’s skin was like silk, sticking her satiny softness against him. Her towering twin peaks brushed Su Xing’s chest.3

Only then did Su Xing notice that he was completely naked.

“Su Xing, do you still want to? Your Servant knows you are not satisfied.” Dong Junqing breath was like an orchid. She kissed Su Xing’s lips, and then she kissed more passionately. Her serpentine body writhed upon Su Xing’s, provoking all of the blood vessels in his body to expand.

His lower body was instantly hard as iron.4

“Dong Junqing, are you drunk?” SU Xing seized her shoulders, still not understanding the situation before him.

“A man’s taste is not bad at all. You stole away Your Servant’s Princess, so This General will take you as compensation.” Dong Junqing once again kissed him, and her hands began to stimulate him.

Su Xing could not help but moan. Dong Junqing’s technique was exceptional. This feeling was too good, and in an instant, Su Xing’s brain slightly short-circuited. He still did not understand how he and Dong Junqing were doing this.

At this time, the Steadfast Star faintly panted and licked her lips. She gazed charmingly at Su Xing, and then her legs that were as wonderful as jade spread open. He straightened his back, and that surging desire of his immediately entered into a warm orifice.5

Dong Junqing softly moaned.

“This is This General’s resolve. Properly accept it, you man.”

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