Chapter 560: Intimate Passion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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That Dong Junqing would impose upon Su Xing could be explained by her quick defeat, and then she saw Lin Yingmei who had the hint of one who had undergone rebirth. Losing her virginity meant losing her Star Nest. By doing so, Dong Junqing was forcing herself into a situation where she absolutely could never lose again. For a Five Tigers General, this perhaps was not a good realization.

Because of Zhao Hanyan, Dong Junqing had always treated Su Xing with hostility, however, upon seeing him not hesitate to lower his cultivation to help her master, she actually felt that this man had some redeeming qualities. Giving him her body could be considered a favor representing Zhao Hanyan. Of course, Dong Junqing did not dismiss the idea of getting close with his thousand year wives after she got intimate with him.

As stated above, this was why Dong Junqing would force “force herself onto” Su Xing while he was unconscious.1 When she seduced him in the bath, she wanted to make this man experience a bit of her skill at giving pleasure. Hm, hm, hm, let us just see how he can go and have intercourse with Princess and the other Sisters after this. But… “You man, you would unexpectedly dare use this position on This General…Bastard…” Dong Junqing’s complexion was a charming red, colorful as the sunset. How could the current Steadfast Star General of Double Spears have known that Su Xing would let out a simply beast-like desire. After several battles, she nevertheless practically did not even have the strength left to budge.

Dong Junqing lay continuously on the ground, her smooth and round butt pointed upwards towards the sky. Her arms were already unable to put forth any strength to support her body. As a proud Five Tigers General, this kind of position made Dong Junqing feel considerably humiliated.

Su Xing did not care for her grievances. How could he have not known Dong Junqing’s thinking. He knew that this mirror-polishing woman had bad intentions, but he wanted to show her a bit of his power, so as to avoid her harming his wives.

Having gone through Dong Junqing’s initially tyrannical mounting, after he stood, it came Su Xing’s turn to take the initiative. Thus, it was inevitable that Su Xing would use his most favorite doggy style position to mercilessly penetrate her from behind.

Dong Junqing was unable to suppress her own moans. Each time he attacked her rear, he slammed into the softness of her deepest parts. She never had this feeling when she polished mirrors with Zhao Hanyan. A sort of pleasure from having her body dominated made Dong Junqing hover between life and death.2

So this is the feeling of a man?

But neither was willing to concede defeat. Dong Junqing was thinking of using this opportunity to let Su Xing’s other wives realize her power. Su Xing was thinking of making this amorous mirror-polishing woman Dong Junqing curb her evil instincts, to reform her strange interests.3

However, back on topic, Su Xing knew that whenever he romped with Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, and Hu Niangzi together,4 Wu Xinjie often liked to take the chance to fondle and caress Lin Yingmei or the other girl as well.5 To her good name, she could not treat a Sister coldly.

“My darling Junqing, are you still unwilling to be satisfied…Otherwise…You’ll look really unsightly passed out later!” Su Xing continuously circulated a dual cultivation art so that they both could enjoy some benefits at the same time they enjoyed their pleasure from making love.

“Big talk…Do not hesitate to say it! Do you still have any strength? Hmph, allow This General to be your slave…There isn’t, isn’t any harm…Ahn…But if you lose, your wives in the future will be…Handed over…To This General to look after, ah…Look after properly…Ahn…”

Su Xing spanked Dong Junqing’s butt.6

Dong Junqing’s body quivered.

Suddenly, Su Xing grabbed her arms. By doing so, Dong Junqing’s upper body that had been laying down was inevitably pulled upwards, her body forming a sexy bow. This position made the sexiness of the girl’s curves even more unmistakable, and her lower body was tightly pinned by Su Xing.

Su Xing launched a fierce assault, using the stormy torrent he poured to get through. Dong Junqing was very unwillingly pushed to a climax. Her whole body jerked and spasmed, and a bit of blood leaked from where she bit open her lip in order to not cry out.

Coquettish panting echoed in the bathroom.

So good!

Dammit, she wanted that moment to last forever.

Dong Junqing did not want to move even a finger.

“Finished?” Dong Junqing turned her head back, not even able to put up a bit of her familiar expression. Obviously, her face had an expression of being pleasured to death, her body also at the end of its rope, yet she did not concede defeat.

Su Xing admired her to death. He took the initiative to seize her red lips, making Dong Junqing’s words completely swallowed.

This tender kiss was full of a Yang qi. Dong Junqing had never undergone such an ordeal, and the feeling of the kiss was even more intense than their intercourse.


“Su Xing, you had better let Junqing off.”

A sweet giggle echoed in the bathroom.

“Princess, you have awakened…” Dong Junqing spotted Zhao Hanyan’s flattering figure walking in, and her face then turned even redder. However, immediately afterwards, two absolutely beautiful girls walked out from behind Zhao Hanyan. Dong Junqing suddenly felt stifled.

The graceful figure of Lin Yingmei wearing only a white bodice was completely visible. A single glance could make a man’s beastly nature erupt, and the other girl wearing only a see-through silk bra was even more stunning. The sights beneath her undergarments were faintly visible, like a mist that made people unable to help but want to peep.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi was indeed the most beautiful of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens.

I really want to love them…Dong Junqing’s heart had the impulse.

“Ah.” Su Xing was awkward.

“The sounds of your lovemaking were too loud. This Princess cannot stand it any longer.” Zhao Hanyan smiled. She gently undid her garments, and her purple bodice fell off.

Dazzling breasts, a captivating hidden valley.

The face of Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi were slightly red. Because they had sex with Wu Xinjie so many times, the two girls actually were not conflicted.7 Let alone that Su Xing dropped his cultivation from Supervoid to Supercluster in order to save Zhao Hanyan, Zhao Hanyan had said dual cultivation could compensate. Thus, they came in together.

Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi glanced at each other, undoing their last undergarments and embracing Su Xing from the left and right in succession.

“Yingmei…” Dong Junqing extended a hand to caress that snowy skin.

“Su Xing, you really are clingy.” Zhao Hanyan stroked Su Xing’s face, her gaze full of deep love. Because Su Xing used the Intertwined Branch, the compatibility between their spirits had reached a whole new realm.

Su Xing powerlessly said, “Don’t you care about your Star General at all?”

Her Star General had lost her virginity, and thus, she lost her Star Nest. This problem was certainly a bit serious.

Zhao Hanyan’s hand was quite graceful in her touch. She smiled sweetly, not caring one bit that Dong Junqing had lost her virginity. Perhaps Zhao Hanyan had already wanted this done. To be able to improve Su Xing and Dong Junqing’s relationship perfectly settled her vexations. As for the Star Nest, the similarly Five Tigers General Lin Yingmei did not have one, could it be that Dong Junqing was inferior then?

She slyly said: “Dong Junqing, be properly satisfied with this. This Princess is somewhat jealous. Su Xing, carry her to the bed to rest for now.”

Su Xing nodded.

“No…” Dong Junqing was powerlessly carried away by Su Xing. The Steadfast Star glared at this man’s gentleness, indignantly saying: “This General is not satisfied yet…This General…” She looked at Lin Yingmei.

“You should rest well.”

Lin Yingmei was blunt.

“En, worry about that later.” Su Xing shook his head, finding that he had provoked some trouble.

Watching Lin Yingmei’s figure that was worth drooling over get farther and farther away from herself, Dong Junqing was very indignant.


She was unexpectedly exhausted by this man.

If she had known earlier that she would be so embarrassed, she would rather have had that Zijin kill her…

Ye Futu walked into the restaurant’s top floor booth. He saw that the White Tiger’s other six Spirit Stars had already arrived. The Thunder Spirit old man Grandfather Li’s eyes were shut, and he sat cross-legged. His Star General Zijin was also indifferent as a flower like before, wearing a white robe as she stood beside the old man. She was like a pine tree on a sheer cliff, standing proudly upright.

Ye Futu never could see through this Grandfather Li, and his Star General Zijin was full of even more mystery. From Ye Futu’s perspective, this Star General combination, if it was not for the Purple Thunder Monster, perhaps the White Tiger’s Six Spirits could not take him down.

Ye Futu cupped his fist respectfully.

Shijiu Ying sneered. He did not hide his loathing for this human. The others were relatively indifferent. Cang Feng rose, smiling and saying: “Brother Futu, you have come. Quickly, sit…”

Ye Futu had a very favorable impression of him. He smiled but did not sit.

“Congratulations, Taisui, for fulfilling your wishes and obtaining the Along The River During Qingming. Emperor Liang convened a banquet. Every single cultivator turned pale with fright. It is a pity that Fellows did not see it. Truly, it was too marvelous.”

“Brother Ye flatters.” Cang Feng said.

“This Ye originally doubted Taisui. That Imperial Palace Forbiddance is not easy to break through.” Ye Futu acted careless to probe him.

“Ye Futu is honestly looking down on Taisui. Taisui had secluded himself for a thousand years, what is a trifling forbiddance to him. Even that Emperor Liang…” Shijiu Ying jeered.

“Hey, we sought out Brother Futu this time precisely for this Along The River During Qingming.” Cang Feng interrupted Shijiu Ying.

Ye Futu gazed at Taisui.

The old man slowly opened his eyes. That tempered expression heavily pressed on Ye Futu. Such an imposing aura, without even moving his hand, was enough to overwhelm a person’s consciousness.

Ye Futu’s heart was startled, and he became even more careful and deferential. “If Taisui has any instructions, do not hesitate to say them. This Ye will go through water and fire to complete them.”

Shijiu Ying taunted: “Shall we have you become enemies with the Azure Dragon Territory?”

Ye Futu’s heart shuddered. He did not hesitate to answer. “This Ye’s objective is only that Maiden Mountain. What does the Azure Dragon Territory count for in This Ye’s eyes. Originally, when Your Servant’s cultivation was completely ruined in one night, Your Servant recognized the hypocrisy of this world. The Azure Dragon Territory has no relation with Your Servant.” 

“Well said. Brother Futu and us have a common enemy. Shijiu Ying, if you still feel that Brother Futu is not one of our brothers, today, Cangfeng shall be the first to not forgive you.” Cang Feng loudly protested.

The youth coldly glared at him, an even more derisive expression in his eyes: “Compared to Ye Futu’s ruthlessness, Cang Feng, your flattery has even more gracefulness, ha, ha.”

“You do not understand flexibility. Blind arrogance is the thinking of a mere bug. Shijiu Ying, do not think like this.” Cang Feng smiled.


“Enough, how long do you plan on arguing!”

An ice-cold voice made their bodies go cold. Han Bing coldly spoke.

Shijiu Ying said nothing more.

“Other than for the Seven Stars Assembly, there is another reason that our White Tiger Territory gathered the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars, and that is to use the Seven Spirits Absolute Destruction Array to break the Along The River During Qingming. Ye Futu, are you clear on this?” Han Bing was expressionless.

Ye Futu’s brows slightly rose. He smiled: “So this was the case? Emperor Liang surmises that Taisui is capable of breaking the Along The River During Qingming very simply. Are we using the Seven Spirits Absolute Destruction Array now?”

Han Bing looked to Taisui, apparently waiting for Taisui’s instructions.

A long while later.

This silent old man spoke only then.

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  1. Yes, she raped Su Xing when he was out cold.
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Now, this I don’t approve of. If her inclination is towards lesbianism, then I’d leave her be. But this is a Chinese WN, and the Party…doesn’t appreciate “deviants.”
  4. It appears he has had foursomes…
  5. I don’t know if this is simply just fondling, or if she is also trying to polish mirrors XD
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Su Xing bringing the dom and sub play
  7. Ah, so Wu Xinjie confirmed bisexual.


  1. 1. [“No…” Dong Junqing was powerlessly carried away by Su Xing. The Steadfast Star glared at this man’s gentleness, indignantly saying: “This General is not satisfied yet…This General…” She looked at Lin Yingmei.

    “You should rest well.”

    Lin Yingmei was blunt.]
    Translation: ‘Begone, thot.” Yingmei clearly showed not a fuck. I straight up chuckled at that cold refusal.
    2. Xinjie being bi was pretty obvious… like when she kissed Yingmei to get her to leave back when they split up. Also, she gives more of a very… selectively bi kinda feeling, like… cuz they’re fellow wives and that Xinjie is both a pervert and OBSSESSED with Su Xing… almost on par with Little Huang. In short, if it’s to maintain harmonious interwife and sisterly relations, all bets are off. She’s been very consistent about that and her character doesn’t prove otherwise. At least, not in any narration up to now.

    As for Junqing…
    What the hell is the author’s deal with her? Is she a lesbian manhater, or as stupidly naive about men as Hanyan was? At least Hanyan had the benefit of not coming off as a very convincing lesbian… on top of being a catty bitch.

    Whatever. I still dislike both of them.
    I still say Caiwei is best non Star Maiden Wifey!

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  3. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Yeah, even if it’s against the author’s wish if they don’t add those little “buts” to please the Party there’s a chance the novel might get cancelled. Hope someday they’ll be able to write without those kinds of worries.

    1. I heard this was finished before cancel culture really sunk in.

      To be fair though, even here in the states is getting kinda bad. Fucking twitter puritans, media psychos and other procensor/woke/cabcel culture cucks are coming outta the woodwork in droves!

  4. This was a really good chapter, since author didn just have us imagine everything.
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    I guess she will want the D from now on. And the ladies ofc, I do as well

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