Chapter 561: The White Tiger’s Secret Plan

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The always silent Grandfather Li slyly observed Ye Futu for a long while before he finally spoke.

“This Old Man wants to give the Azure Dragon Territory a lesson.”

Such an arrogant tone, to unexpectedly want to give the Azure Dragon Territory a lesson. Ye Futu’s heart trembled, but he indifferently said: “Does Taisui wish for Futu to do such a thing?”

“I want you to go find that cultivator from the Most High Path and bring him a message.” Grandfather Li’s smiled wholeheartedly.

“What message?” Ye Futu could already guess what it was.

“The Purple Thunder Monster’s head!”

Ye Futu could no longer pretend to be calm: “Taisui, could it be that you want to go kill the Purple Thunder Monster?” Even if this Grandfather Li villain was peerless, he could not possibly be the Purple Thunder Monster’s opponent. Wu Song, Lin Chong, none of them were weak. A lesson to the Azure Dragon Territory was already sufficiently obvious, “But how is this related to teaching the Azure Dragon Territory a lesson?”

Grandfather Li smiled but remained silent.

Han Bing then said: “The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet has an enormous opportunity before us for the Star Duels. No one has ever seen it in a million years, could it be that you have not seen it either, Ye Futu?”

If no one has seen it in a million years, how the hell am I supposed to have seen it? Ye Futu was bewildered. He muttered: “The Treasure Banquet is the gathering of the absolute majority of the Azure Dragon Territory’s, maybe even the Three Territories’, cultivator sects, but what relation does this have with the Star Duels? Futu does not understand.”

Suddenly, Ye Futu recalled something: “Could it be that Taisui truly wants to release that Prehistoric Emperor Liao to terrorize the Azure Dragon?”

Shijiu Ying showed a slight sneer: “Are you concerned about the Azure Dragon Territory?” 

“No. However powerful the Prehistoric Liao Emperor is, Taisui must think carefully if he was to enter the world and we have no guarantee for ourselves.” Ye Futu gravely said.

“Ye Futu, do you know what comes after the Seven Stars Assembly?” Grandfather Li asked.

“Selection of the overlord.” Ye Futu did not understand why he would suddenly ask this.

Grandfather Li nodded and then said: “Then you must know in your heart that even if we White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars ascended Maiden Mountain, there will inevitably internal strife at the end. Only one person can live, which is to say, let alone that you are reverent towards This Old Man for now, when that time comes, would you kill without so much as saying a word?”

Ye Futu did not retort. This logic was clear to everyone, and a retort would actually appear hypocritical. But Ye Futu still was not clear on what intentions this old man had by saying this so frankly? If it was a warning to him, Ye Futu did not believe he would be so bored with it.

“So we must release the Prehistoric Liao Emperor.” Han Bing was serious.

“Eh?” Ye Futu was even more confused: “Could you explain a bit more clearly? Futu honestly does not understand how the Seven Stars Assembly and the Liao Emperor have anything to do with one another.”

“The Liao Emperor, in fact, fell from Maiden Mountain. You should know that their1 cultivations already surpass Transforming Star of Annihilation. If it can release them,2 then we can rely on them to break Maiden Mountain’s barrier and assault Maiden Mountain together. By doing so, not only us, even the other Star Masters of the Azure Dragon Territory, Vermilion Bird Territory, and the Black Turtle Territory are merely so.” Grandfather Li slightly smiled, and Ye Futu only felt his whole body tremble.

He had heard an unbelievable thing.

“The Liao Emperor came down from Maiden Mountain?”

“In these Star Duels, we will not only become the Overlord, we will also attack Maiden Mountain and show those people our power!!!” Grandfather Li showed a cold and fanatical smile. The old man glanced at the woman Zijin beside him. His expression recovered its softness: “This is something This Old Man and Zijin decided.”

Zijin grunted, a tacit confirmation.

Ye Futu was greatly astonished. He had never thought that the White Tiger Territory’s Seven Spirit Star would be unexpectedly have this secret. No wonder that Ziin would sign a contract with this old monster. It turned out she wanted to overthrow Maiden Mountain…This…This was too ludicrous. Even the Ye Futu who had seen gales and billows felt that the events unfolding before his eyes were somewhat outside his common sense.

“Attack Maiden Mountain…This…Could this Liao Emperor truly do such a thing?” Ye Futu asked in shock.

“This Old Man is certain.”

“But why take action against the other Star Masters. If we work together…”

“Humans are ridiculous. Star Masters are loyal to no one. Rather than making those sects join in, it is better to seize the opportunity to make them Starfall, hmph. To be honest with you, this time, the Azure Dragon Territory will inevitably be destroyed, here and now. We are already prepared to collaborate with the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Palace and the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi-kin to subjugate the Azure Dragon Territory. The greatest bloodbath since the beginning of Liangshan Continent’s history will be on the Treasure Banquet’s final day. Ye Futu, you must not stand on the wrong side of things.” Shijiu Ying laughed wildly, his mood very refreshed.

Cang Feng said: “Brother Futu, just relax. This time, we will only act against those Ten Great Sects and Star Masters gathered in the Dragon Palace. After all, the Great Liang Dynasty is already arrogant, different from the past, but does Brother Futu not want to take this opportunity to slay the Purple Thunder Monster?”

Ye Futu only then understood Grandfather Li’s plan – use the climactic festival of the Crystal Dragon Palace Treasure Banquet to massacre all in one fell swoop. This was a bold style, but this signified becoming enemies with all of the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators at the same time. Was this old man so confident in that Prehistoric Liao Emperor???

“But Star Masters with the Outlaw Jade Pendant would flee, would they not? Even if afterwards the Liao Emperor meddled in the Star Duels, that Chao Gai would definitely handle her.”3 Ye Futu said.

“Therefore, this time, we want you to go see the Ancestral Master of the Most High Path. According to what we know, the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Imperial Empress Long Wanxin has already lent out twelve of the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls to him. This is a golden opportunity. This time, no Star Master will be able to escape. They will die, without doubt, and that Purple Thunder Monster naturally will, too.” Han Bing indifferently explained.

“En. A servant like yourself would not want to wait until that Purple Thunder Monster actually obtains the Three Heavenly Books, correct? When that time comes, what chance of victory would we have?” Xiang Chenxing also spoke up.

Ye Futu forced down the shock in his heart. He looked at this group of metamorphosed demons in shock, particularly the old man sitting in the center.

At this time, no matter how sluggish he was, he ought to be able to deduce these demons’ plan.

What a terrifying scheme!!

To turn the tables and exploit the four territories’ banquet in a way that justified collaborating destruction with the other two territories, and to also use the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls to block off the escape routes of all cultivators, this strategy could be said to be cruel.

“But Old Daoist Northern Darkness has no way to control the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Heaven Connecting Ocean Settling Pearls?” Ye Futu took a deep breath, asking again.

It appeared his questions were too numerous. Grandfather Li impatiently wrinkled his brow and then closed his eyes.

Cang Feng smiled and said: “So this time, Grandfather has made Your Servant accompany Brother Ye to go see Old Daoist Northern Darkness to bring that message to him!”

“Understood.” Ye Futu nodded.

Ye Futu and Cang Feng departed. Xiang Chenxing’s tone was upset as he said: “Is that man trustworthy?”

“Precisely, Grandfather. Why should we want this human man to join the Seven Spirit Stars? He ruins our plans.” Shijiu Ying felt one human in their camp was honestly a very big change.

Han Bing smiled: “Everyone, be at ease. Grandfather in his grace and power does not fear this Ye Futu will not stand with us.”  Since explaining the Liao Emperor’s might and promising that there would be no need for mutual slaughter upon ascending Maiden Mountain, even an idiot would know what to do. After all, Star Masters were people who would break away from Liangshan Continent in the future. What should a destroyed Azure Dragon Territory have anything to do with him.

“Sweeping the snow from the doorstep4 is human nature. Even Ye Futu is like this.” Han Bing was certain.

“But if he actually renounce this? How do we break the seal without the Absolute Destruction Array?” Shijiu Ying coldly asked.

“Grandfather naturally has a contingency. If this Ye Futu continues to persist in the wrong way, we will kill him!”

“If he dies, then would the Absolute Destruction Array not be…???”

“If Ye Futu dies, then Your Servant shall take his place.”

An unruly laugh suddenly echoed in the room. Shijiu Ying was startled. A man of slight build strode into the room, cupping his fist in a salute to everyone present. “I5 will absolutely not disappoint Grandfather.” Saying this, space contorted, and a young girl appeared. She had long, pink hair, a servant girl’s attire, an adorable face, and a pair of adorable purple eyes anyone would let their guard down around.

Star General!!

“Whatever Senior Grandfather Li orders, Your Servant Mishe Chilie6 and Qianrou7 will definitely listen and obey.”

Mishe Chilie respectfully said.8

“Futu, we…” Hao Bingxin in his mind was somewhat anxious. After hearing Grandfather Li’s plan, the girl felt lost.

Ye Futu was stupefied, as if he was wearing a mask. His heart was contemplating just whether or not to help these Demon complete the Absolute Destruction Array and release the Liao Emperor, but seeing that Grandfather Li had more or less leaked the inside story to him and left him unsure. Since their counterpart was so frank, this showed that he was not afraid of betrayal, or perhaps this was a bluff…Ye Futu could not get a grasp of him and inwardly cursed this wily old fox.

“Brother Futu, what are you thinking of?” Cang Feng’s warm voice interrupted Ye Futu’s thoughts.

Ye Futu was startled. He laughed, “Your Servant merely feels that Grandfather’s plan is a bit too bold. That Liao Emperor has been trapped in the Along The River During Qingming for a thousand years. Perhaps he has long already been refined away.”

“Brother Ye thinks too much. Even if he was, to be able to obtain the aid of the Most High Path is a good thing, is it not? We are also collaborating with the Black Turtle and Vermilion Bird. At that time, no matter how powerful the Purple Thunder Monster is, he would be helpless.”

“Exactly, the Purple Thunder Monster variable in these Star Duels has always been too unreasonable.” Ye Futu agreed.

Cang Feng looked at Ye Futu and knew he was still hesitant. The man vaguely said: “The Ninth Star Duels were bound to have variables. The Purple Thunder Monster is one, Grandfather is one as well. Otherwise, a Star General as exceptional as Zijin would never follow Grandfather.” 

“But is overthrowing Maiden Mountain not too overconfident?” Ye Futu nearly wanted to say arrogant.

“Once the Liao Emperor breaks Maiden Mountain’s barrier, we will inevitably end the Star Duels. At that time, we will force our way in together. Whether or not we were overconfident will be seen when the moment comes. Could it be that your Star General Bingxin does not want to change these Star Duels? Your Servant feels that Brother Ye is a very close kindred spirit. It is hard to find a brother like yourself.” Cang Feng’s words were very enticing and seemingly pointed. Ye Futu had to admit his eloquence was astounding. Just as Shijiu Ying said, this Cang Feng was unlike a Demon; he was more human than a human. 

“Your Servant as well, en. Futu understands, but the Most High Path boasts itself as an upright sect, a cultivator of outstanding righteousness. Will Old Daoist Northern Darkness actually agree to ally with us?” Ye Futu felt his own doubt and was a bit uncertain.

At the banquet, Northern Darkness showed indifference towards the Liao Emperor. If they actually used the Purple Thunder Monster’s head as enticement, Northern Darkness Has Fish perhaps would be eager to take revenge. There was a very good chance he would agree.

If he actually agrees, what more does This Ye have to consider. Ye Futu found an excuse to clear his conscience.

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  1. Unclear who the “their” is referring to, but it is referring to a group of females. This chapter is full of unclear noun references.
  2. Referencing males
  3. Another unclear noun. Is the Emperor male or female?
  4. Minding one’s own business
  5. 小的
  6. 秘蛇熾烈, lit. Secret Snake Burning.
  7. 淺柔
  8. Ye Futu, the dunce doesn’t realize that he’s completely expendable at this point. This Chilie character appears to be a replacement for the Fire Spirit position.


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Looks like the star duels might end extra early this time around lol. Su Xing’s appearance has forced everyone’s hand.

    1. Mmm, Su Xing is a definite anomaly, but it seems that Taisui has been planning this for a very long time.

  2. I think they will create insane chaos and bloodshed, but overthrowing Maiden Mountain is probably just a pipe dream…

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