Chapter 562: The Spirit Sealing List’s Number One Magic Weapon – Good Fortune Prayer Mat

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Since the number one Ancestral Master of the number one Great Sect Clear Void Most High Path was able to take the risk, what did he, Ye Futu, have to consider. Thinking of this, Ye Futu suddenly relaxed.

“Ye Futu, did Your Esteemed Father1 not attend the Treasure Banquet today?”

Northern Darkness Has Fish currently sat on a prayer mat, reading a section of the Three Clarities Scroll. Beside him was a green lamp, extremely relaxed. His vast qi struck Ye Futu in the face, and Ye Futu was very skeptical that Northern Darkness Has Fish would actually reply.

“Senior is aware of everything. The Great Liang’s Three Great Martial Kings have already not attended the cultivators’ banquet for a long time.” Ye Futu deferentially said.

“Ever since Emperor Liang ushered the imperial family’s golden age, he has nevertheless secretly restricted the nobility. Could it be he still fears he will be unable to quash a rebellion against him and the secure Three Great Princes?” Northern Darkness Has Fish smiled.

Ye Futu was startled. He sensed that this old Daoist was discontent with Emperor Liang’s speech, and he suddenly felt that even if there was no Purple Thunder Monster, that Grandfather Li would probably use Emperor Liang as bait.

“This is?” Northern Darkness Has Fish put down the scroll, staring at Cang Feng.

“Your Servant is Cang Feng.” Cang Feng smiled.

“In actuality, the reason Your Servant came today is because there is something Your Servant would like to bring up with Senior.” Ye Futu said.

“What matter?”

Ye Futu hesitated a moment. This was a matter that was still a bit difficult to speak of. Cang Feng directly opened negotiations: “To be quite honest, does Senior Northern Darkness not wish to kill the Purple Thunder Monster?”

Northern Darkness Has Fish’s gaze concentrated, and an imposing pressure clamped down.

Even Cang Feng felt his body turn heavy. “Your Servant is a Star Master who, like Senior, wishes to kill this scourge known as the Purple Thunder Monster.” Xiang Nongmei brought out her Star Weapon and glared at Northern Darkness Has Fish, completely fearless of him.

“So this is the case.” Northern Darkness Has Fish’s expression dramatically improved. “The Purple Thunder Monster has broken the rules of the Star Duels, yet Maiden Mountain sits idly by and watches. This is indeed very unfair to the other Star Masters!”

“Exactly, so Your Servant wishes to take advantage of the last opportunity before the Three Heavenly Books. Unite the other Territories, Star Masters to kill the Purple Thunder Monster right here.” Cang Feng smiled.

“And you would have This Daoist aid you?”

“No, but Your Servant wants to bestow to Senior an incantation to control the Heaven Connecting Ocean Settling Pearls. So long as Senior uses it when the time comes, the twenty-four Heaven Connecting Ocean Settling Pearls will definitely trap the Purple Thunder Monster and leave him with no way to run.”

Northern Darkness Has Fish was alarmed. He suddenly shouted. “Just who are you!!” A Three Clarities Qi immediately rushed out. Ye Futu’s whole body had been continuously trembling up until now. The Most High Path’s number one Ancestral Master was fully deserving of his title, for he was extremely powerful.

Northern Darkness Has Fish fixed his eyes on Cang Feng and sneered: “How could anyone just randomly know about the secret script on the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure Heaven Connecting Ocean Settling Pearls. If you do not speak, This Old Daoist shall hand you over to Long Wanxin today.”

“Senior, quell your anger.” Cang Feng was calm. “This matter is absolutely harmless to Senior. Does Senior not want to take the Purple Thunder Monster’s head as an offering to the sect? This is an absolutely golden opportunity.

Northern Darkness Has Fish muttered for a moment. In the end, his aggression completely receded. He waved his hand, and tiredly said: “This Old Man is exhausted. See yourselves out.”

Cang Feng slightly smiled. He knew that the number one Ancestral Master of the Most High Path before him had already agreed, “Junior bids farewell and wishes Senior peaceful sleep.” 

Han Bing and Xiang Chenxing separated to go find the number one Star Masters of the Vermilion Bird Territory, Lady Snake Scorpion, and the Black Turtle Territory, Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, to discuss their alliance. With the might of the Prehistoric Liao Emperor, they believed that neither the Vermilion Bird Territory nor the Black Turtle Territory would refuse something as good as a bloodbath in the Azure Dragon. Furthermore, toppling the Crystal Dragon Palace meant that countless treasures could be theirs. Who would miss out on something this good.

“Grandfather, Xin Lao’s All Things Bracelet has reached third place on the Spirit Sealing List. Does Grandfather want to test his own Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, to make the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators broaden their horizons at death’s door?” Shijiu Ying said.

“Oh, the Spirit Sealing List?” Grandfather Li spotted that tall signboard.

“This Treasure Banquet has displayed many new Prehistoric Spirit Treasures. These Azure Dragon Territory Cultivators truly have not seen the world. Like us Demonkin who refine magic weapons, who would not use Prehistoric materials.”2

“I heard that ever since the Spirit Sealing List opened, that number one Supreme Ultimate Diagram has never changed its ranking. Why not Grandfather make them witness our power?” Shijiu Ying’s eyes shifted.

“You just want to see it?” Grandfather Li faintly smiled. How could he not know his shallow thinking.

Shijiu Ying promptly denied this in a panic.

Grandfather Li was like a kindly old man: “What harm is there, This Old Man also wants to know which is superior, the ‘Supreme Ultimate Diagram’ or the ‘Good Fortune Prayer Mat.’”3 Saying this, Grandfather Li closed his fan and pointed at the Spirit Sealing List. A ray of light entered.

From faraway, there was a scream.

An unprecedented, bloodcurdling scream.

Shijiu Ying looked. The number one position that had not moved in a million years had already begun to change. The Supreme Ultimate Diagram fell to second, and a new magic weapon entered first – Good Fortune Prayer Mat.

Grandfather Li looked at the distant crystal pagoda, his fan pointing at the faraway east, “Zijin, if we are still no match when we reach Maiden Mountain, what do we do?”

“Die fighting!”

Zijin merely replied with two words.

These two words made the old man knowingly smile.

“What? The Supreme Ultimate Diagram has dropped from number one on the Spirit Sealing List?” Wi Xinjie was especially shocked upon learning of this news.

“Yes, the entire Crystal Dragon Palace has gone crazy.” Zhang Yuqi felt the same.

This Treasure Banquet was constantly changing, and the ranking on the Spirit Sealing List had changed numerous times. Several never before heard of Prehistoric Spirit Treasures had suddenly being born was already exciting enough for everyone. Now, even the number one Supreme Ultimate Diagram had already been succeeded, which was honestly inconceivable.

“Why does Xinjie feel this Treasure Banquet has danger.” Wu Xinjie tightly wrinkled her brow. She suddenly felt somewhat uneasy. The All Things Bracelet and Good Fortune Prayer Mat had entered the top three. Perhaps this was the doing of those White Tiger Territory Star Masters. Would they flaunt their magic weapons so ostentatiously?

“The Treasure Banquet cannot possibly have any danger.” Xi Yue disagreed. As everyone knew, the Crystal Dragon Palace had the Heaven Connecting Ocean Settling Pearls for protection. Add on that the Azure Dragon Territory’s most powerful cultivators were mostly all gathered here, only an idiot4 would want to cause trouble in the Crystal Dragon Palace. “Elder Sister must be overthinking things because she heard of the Prehistoric Liao Emperor matter.” Xi Yue consoled.

“Perhaps…” Wu Xinjie muttered.

“The Treasure Banquet has two more days until closing. The last Supervoid Banquet is supposed to display serious things like the Double Seven. We should prepare.” Xi Yue said. “When Su Xing returns, we will definitely shock him.” Xi Yue smiled.5

“While Young Lord is not here, let us see what we can do.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Could something have happened to that Ling Yan Princess?” Zhang Yuqi worried about this.

“Little SIster Yuqi, just relax. Young Lord has an Intertwined with her. So long as she does not die, Young Lord will have a way to resuscitate her. The Thousand Year Divine Sword Intertwined Branches’ ‘Together To Hell’ is an honest fact.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Zhang Yuqi said in astonishment: “Su Xing has an Intertwined with a Star Master?”

“En, Xi Yue, do not be jealous.” Wu Xinjie covered her mouth.

Xi Yue’s face reddened, and she promptly shook her head.

Su Xing sat cross-legged on a bed. He was currently cultivating in meditation. A wisp of clear qi lingered around his head, gathering and dispersing. Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi stood guard nearby, and An Suwen was monitoring Su Xing.

Dong Junqing lay weakly on another bed. Zhao Hanyan sat on her bedside, gazing at Su Xing.

“Princess Highness, Junqing was selfish.” Dong Junqing’s voice was very weak. The price of wildly losing her virginity was indeed not light. Even with the Efficacious Star Divine Physician An Suwen and the Great Liang Imperial Palace’s myriad secret medicines, she would take at least half a month to recover.

Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan looked at her beloved. Hearing Dong Junqing’s words, she returned to her senses. She waved her hand: “No matter. This Princess was responsible this time as well. If it was not for This Princess being too arrogant, we would not have fallen like this. To even force Su Xing to drop his cultivation to help me.” She sounded frustrated.

“To be frank, seeing you connect with Su Xing,6 This Princess is actually somewhat happy.” Zhao Hanyan stared at Su Xing’s expression, full of happiness.

Dong Junqing pursed her lips, an expression that said, This General really was a dowry girl.

Zhao Hanyan’s smile was like a flower: “Junqing, if you know Su Xing long enough, you will like him. At least, you will like him in that aspect…”6 The Ling Yan Princess said dubiously.

Even the Dong Junqing with skin thick as a rampart felt embarrassed enough to die. She had originally wanted to conquer her partner, but she never thought that she would be the one conquered.

After a while, Su Xing opened his eyes.

“Su Xing, what is the situation?” ZHao Hanyan stepped forward, asking with deep concern. Having undergone this affair, she was considerably warmer.

“Dual Cultivation has already made my cultivation reach Supercluster Peak, but Supervoid Stage is still very difficult.” Su Xing pursed his lips. His body’s Supercluster Star Energy bubbled forth, but to form a void to enter Supervoid was nevertheless being inhibited by something, preventing him from ascending.

Su Xing had originally relied on the Nü Wa Tears to soar into Supervoid in one step from Supercluster Middle Stage. Now that he had fallen to Supercluster, he naturally felt at a loss of what to do. 

“Do you want to return to the Treasure Banquet to find some spirit medicines?” Gong Caiwei was still by the door. She expressionlessly asked a question, gazing at the women inside the room who all were in fact husband and wife with Su Xing. The eyes of the young woman of ice and snow were somewhat rueful.

It was precisely because of that sort of thing from back then that made Gong Caiwei always feel Su Xing was unforgettable.

Zhao Hanyan pondered: “If Su Xing goes back, the Treasure Banquet will have already ended.It would be better to seize this chance to break through to Supervoid from dual cultivating to peak state. This Princess has the Purple Smoke Confusing Sky Lantern that Su Xing can borrow.”

“Oh, right.” Zhao Hanyan suddenly recalled something. Her finger pointed, and a bottle flew out.

“These are Thousand Year Tears that Queen Mother of West Lun had refined. Su Xing, this is perfect for you to ingest.”

“No need, this is your thing.” Su Xing shook his head.

“There is no need to be modest between us. Lord Husband ascending to Supervoid is the most important.” Zhao Hanyan said.

An Suwen said: “Right, Big Brother. Your cultivation dropped to Supercluster. A breakthrough will perhaps be very long in coming.”

“Take it. If you do not want it, this bottle of Thousand Year Tears, This Princess will throw it into the ocean, to avoid seeing you troubled.” Zhao Hanyan pursed her thin lips. Her brows feigned anger, appearing serious. 

Because Su Xing had used the Intertwined Branches’ Star Energy imbuing relationship, Zhao Hanyan’s cultivation had not only been maintained, it had actually greatly increased. No wonder she would be so worried.

“Then I must thank Wife Hanyan.” Su Xing was no longer modest, so as to avoid feeling somewhat unfamiliar.

Zhao Hanyan curled the corner of her lips: “A Star Master marrying another Star Master. In all the world, only you would dare to do this. When the time comes for the Seven Stars Assembly, let us see what you will do…”

“We are husband and wife. I actually want to see what that Maiden Mountain will do about us…” Su Xing smirked.

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  1. 令尊, This honorific is referring to Futu
  2. There’s some confusion here. I can’t really tell if his statement is one about Demon Beasts being victimized as materials, or if he is scoffing at the quality of the cultivators’ works.
  3. 造化蒲團
  4. Or someone super powerful
  5. So she is now on a name basis with him.
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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