Chapter 563: The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Auction

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“I fear that there has been a change in the Treasure Banquet.”

At her imperial residence, Song Qingci abruptly said this.

“Why would Elder Sister arrive at this conclusion?” Wang Jingzhi was confused. This was nothing more than information that Dai Xingyue obtained as she wandered all over the land, that some people were secretly meeting with the Devil Star Palace. She could understand how an association was drawn to the Treasure Banquet having changes.

“The Along THe River During The Qingming has been stolen, but Qiongyu does not believe that whatever Prehistoric Liao Emperor.” Jin Qiongyu snorted.

“Think carefully. Is the Treasure Banquet a danger or opportunity for Star Masters?” Song Qingci said.

The girls were not like Song Qingci, who thought things through as finely as an embroidery needle. They all shook their heads. The Treasure Banquet was famous for having every kind of material, and many Star Masters and Star Generals would come to the Banquet in search of items to upgrade Star Weapons, particularly the climactic auction of the Treasure Banquet at the very end was even more spectacular. As far a Star Master was concerned, how could such an opportunity be dangerous.

“Since it is an opportunity, it is also dangerous. On the other hand, if someone deliberately took advantage of the gathering of all Star Masters under one roof and laid a trap to handle the Star Masters?”

Guo Fang1 laughed, “Elder Sister thinks too much.”

“En, however, even if someone was collaborating, Elder Sister forgets that the Crystal Dragon seems to have some whatever Ocean Settling Pearls for protection. If a battle actually broke out, I hear those will form a space to trap the person in.” Guo Fang laughed.

Song Qingci’s eyes glinted, “Correct, this is exactly the point.”

All of the girls were stupefied.

“Could Elder Sister’s meaning be that the Crystal Dragon Palace and the Azure Dragon Territory Sects are collaborating to face us?”

“More appropriately, this is to face the Purple Thunder Monster.” Jin Qiongyu sneered. “But that Su Xing seems to have already left the imperial residence. Elder Sister is truly wasting her kindness. Let alone that Elder Sister must be aware that even if there is danger, that will not involve us. Elder Sister and that Purple Thunder Monster have a very good relationship, do you not? Other than the Purple Thunder Monster, who else knows Elder Sister’s identity. And how can any of the other Star Master be our opponents.”

Song Qingci generally felt that things were not so simple. It was already very suspicious that the Along The River During Qingming would be stolen at such a critical time, and add on the fact the appearance of Star Masters whose origins were unclear, who were also quietly working with the Devil Star Palace, there would perhaps be a change in this Treasure Banquet. But when Jin Qiongyu and Guo Fang said this, Qingci then felt hesitant.

On second thoughts, Emperor Liang and those Azure Dragon Territory top-notch cultivators were still in the Crystal Dragon Palace. No one would dare to turn this tide.

The Prehistoric Liao Emperor?

“The items on the last day of the banquet will be the most expensive. The Nine Dragons Palace has already waited very long for this day. Jinglun will not give up. If Elder Sister is afraid, then you can leave with those Sisters from the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion.” Jin Qiongyu pursed her lips. Ever since she discovered that the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion had a good relationship with Su Xing, she did not have a very favorable impression of these Sisters.

“Perhaps Qingci is being overly cautious.” Song Qingci muttered to herself, her forehead always covered with an unshakable overcast.

“Mama!!” Bai Yutang happily spread her arms when she spotted Gu Tong, like a bird throwing itself into the forest.

Gu Tong showed a happy smile. The Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion’s Sisters knowingly smiled. Ever since the Black Turtle Temple, they very rarely saw Gu Tong so happy. “Tangtang, have you been well?”

“Papa is very good to Tangtang. This is Big Sister Yuqi.” Tangtang tugged on Zhang Yuqi.

“So you are Tangtang’s Mama, huh? Why aren’t you together with Su Xing?” Zhang Yuqi asked in astonishment.

“I have no relation to him.” Gu Tong stiffened her face and said.

“Su Xing is Tangtang’s Papa.” Zhang Yuqi teased.

The pair sat together and chatted. Seeing that the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion’s Sisters had a very good relationship with Tangtang, Zhang Yuqi was puzzled and asked: “Why don’t you sign a contract with Young Su?”

“Why should we sign a contract with him?” Gu Tong pursed her lips, objecting.

“Can’t you be together with Tangtang like this? Don’t tell me you will stand against Tangtang at the Seven Stars Assembly?” Zhang Yuqi shrugged.

“Does Su Xing not want to end the Star Duels? Big Sis Qingci is as well.” Li Shuangfei said.

“That Leader Star? However, Yuqi is very curious as to how you were able to sign a contract with the Leader Star? This is unprecedented.”

The truth was very simple, just like signing a contract except Qingci used an Uprising Banner. So long as the counterparty verbally agreed, they could join the Uprising. “Do you know why this generation’s Leader Star is capable of the Uprising?” Zhang Yuqi could not think this through.

“I seem to have heard Elder Sister Qingci mention that it is because she defeated Killer Star Longkui. Afterwards, she had the Uprising Banner.” Li Shuangfei muttered.

“No way. The incompetent Song Jiang was able to defeat the true Fiend Star?” Zhang Yuqi did not dare believe this.

“What is so impossible about this. Qingci was a Dragon Births Nine Sons magic weapon. When the time comes, even Lin Chong would find it very difficult to defeat her.” Gu Tong disapproved.

Zhang Yuqi still did not understand what Song Qingci defeating Li Kui had anything to do with the uprising. Zhang Yuqi wanted to understand more, but owing to their opposing standpoints, the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion did not say anything more.

Then, after they chatted for a long while, Tangtang gave them her newly brewed wine and bade farewell.

“Tangtang, your Mama is very happy, yes, very proud. Ha, ha.” Zhang Yuqi hugged Bai Yutang along the way back, smiling.

Bai Yutang lay against Zhang Yuqi’s chest. She sniffled, and Baibai2 jumped onto the little loli’s face to lick the corner of her eyes.3

“Will we become enemies with Mama?” Bai Yutang weakly asked.

“Your Papa isn’t this sort of person. Even if we really became enemies, he would definitely try everything to bring her over here. Who let her be your Mama.” Zhang Yuqi giggled.

Only then did Bai Yutang turn her tears into laughter.

Treasure Banquet, the Crystal Banquet’s final day came at the climax. Seven consecutive days of the Treasure Banquet entered the coda, and at the same time, the last auction officially began. This auction had long been speculated fervently by people. The Crystal Dragon Palace pushed today’s items onto the stage, and already very early in the morning, countless cultivators had gathered.

This Crystal Dragon Palace could be said to be wave after wave. The Spirit Sealing List constantly changed, a feast for everyone’s eyes, and it made everyone’s glitter in even greater anticipation of what magic weapons the Crystal Dragon Palace would auction.

The Crystal Palace was a hall of splendid blue waves. To be able to enter signified one’s experience and cultivation were illustrious. Average cultivators did not have these qualifications, however, for the sake of promoting the atmosphere, the Crystal Palace would open the crystal wall today, allowing other cultivators to spectate the events of the auction. This was considered a small trick to draw in attention.

What separated the girls from the other cultivators was that owing to Su Xing’s patronage with the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, after Xi Yue and the others walked through a corridor for special guests, they directly arrived at a private booth. This booth was similar to a small building, and its hall was separated into many walkways. Other than the lowest level of seats, along the walls of the hall were many balcony-like booths. A person could sit inside and be able to see the entire venue.

The Crystal Palace’s decorations were gorgeous, but without losing their gracefulness. Upon walking into the hall, it was like reaching an art museum. It was filled with a pleasing atmosphere.

“Sister Xinjie, the people sitting inside the booths are all very exceptional.” Shi Yuan gazed at those rows of small structures. The Ten Great Sects, the Four Great Families, and the Great Liang Imperial Family as well as popularly known scatter cultivators and powerful cultivators from each territory were present.

Each box booth leaked Supervoid dignity, making people feel stifled from just a glance.

For this, Su Xing was not present. He gave full authority to the Knowledge Star and Xi Yue.

“This Crystal Dragon Palace’s design is actually not too bad.” Wu Xinjie looked down on the crowd of people. Although those people were certainly very rich, comparing in this aspect could distinguish them at a glance. Wu Xinjie noticed that her luck was not bad. If it was not for Su Xing’s patronage, they would perhaps be squeezed together with those people.

“It’s a pity Sisters Wanyue and Siyou didn’t come.” Shi Yuan was depressed.

“Su Xing is not here, and what interest would they have in something like an auction.” Wu Xinjie smiled. Originally, loner Star Generals did not have much interest in highlight events.

At this moment, the Nine Dragons Palace’s Shi Jinglun caught sight of Wu Xinjie. She raised a cup of wine to express her curiosity, and Wu Xinjie slightly smiled. Xi Yue suddenly felt a chilling gaze stare at her.

This gaze came from a cold booth. That was the Devil Star Palace’s Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, and from that cold and gloomy stare, Xi Yue could sense her counterpart’s anger, shock and also a sort of indescribable pity.

“Xi Yue, your cultivation has now surpassed the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s. There is no need to pay attention to him.” Zhang Feiyu disdainfully said.

Xi Yue nodded.

The noisy hall abruptly fell silent after a brief moment. The girls that had been chatting were a bit curious about this sudden change. Shi Yuan blinked and asked: “What happened?”

“Oh, Emperor Liang has come.”

As the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one cultivator, Emperor Liang’s appearance on stage always would attract the gazes of everyone.

The Emperor Liang wearing a Five Clawed Golden Dragon Robe leisurely took a seat. When Emperor Liang emerged this time alone, he wore the august majesty of the imperial family. That was a kind that subjugated all under heaven. This was a temperament that a cultivator was unable to achieve through training. His face that was as grave and stern as a sculpture was very warm. Under his sternness, there appeared to be someone full of love.

His deep eyes were mysterious yet keen.

Not only Wu Xinjie and the other girls, but other people sitting in booths showed him deep veneration.

The Azure Dragon Territory’s Emperor Liang immediately stole away all of the gorgeous Crystal Hall’s glory the moment he appeared. However, there were still many regretful and doubtful voices. “That is strange, why do I not see the Ling Yan Princess?”

“En, to not be able to see the Ling Yan Princess with my own eyes is truly a pity.”

“This auction has lost much of its delight.” 

Emperor Liang was unmoved.

He looked around, and his Divine Intent unfolded, probably scanning for uninvited guests. Then, when he faced Wu Xinjie, his sharp expression slightly warmed. Emperor Liang nodded.

He was probably telling her about Su Xing’s matters.

Following the dimming of all lanterns, on the auction platform, the steady Long Wanxin personally assumed the role of auctioneer this time.

This imperial empress of the Crystal Palace and the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one cultivator acting as auctioneers brought everyone a vain satisfaction. 

“It is the great honor of the ‘Crystal Palace’ to once again welcome everyone’s attendance. Over the course of several thousand years, the Crystal Dragon Palace and the Long Clan have always maintained the best banquet in Liangshan Continent…” Long Wanxin issued a passionate and proud speech. This beautiful woman’s voice spoke every word very softly, yet everyone could hear her. That voice was full of a charm that was somewhat captivating.

And as she recited her speech, Long Wanxin was also sweeping her gaze of the expressions of all the cultivators present. According to these expressions, Long Wanxin judged which cultivators would perhaps stir trouble in the auction. 

A long while afterwards, Long Wanxin then started the actual event.

She first took out several fragments, which glinted lustrously. The dazzling, profound light immediately shook the entire place. Astonishingly, they were Star Fragments.

Shi Yuan indignantly said it was no wonder that the Star Fragment harvest these days were few enough to be counted on fingers. As it turned out, they were already handed over to these imperial empress.

These Star Fragments were useful for Star Weapon ascension. The Star Masters of each of the Great Sects fell over each other in their eagerness to bid.

The price of these Star Fragments opened at twenty billion.

Then, stupefied bidding commenced.

“Elder Sister, let’s not bid.” Shi Yuan stopped her.

Xi Yue did not understand.

“You will not be able to steal it. A Star Master’s things, it will be very difficult for you to get close.” How could Wu Xinjie not see what she was planning.

“This Young Lady has but very professional ethic.” Shi Yuan cried foul.

Wu Xinjie shook her head, not minding her.

Very quickly, the Star Fragments were bidding at fifty billion, far above the expectations of everyone.

“The Great Sage Falling Sky Roc Demon King hailing from Falling Dragon Mountain has already bid fifty-five billion. Will anyone bid a bit higher? This are but very rare Star Fragments. Although their effective usage time is brief, they can settle a decisive victory.” Long Wanxin’s low tone instigated people. 

“Sixty billion!” A voice suddenly called out on the third time. Suddenly, this high price attracted the eyes of everyone.

Sixty billion!

These Star Fragments were about to exceed a hundred billion.

Everyone saw this came from the Devil Star Palace’s position.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon complacently curled the corner of his lips, thoroughly enjoying these shocked gazes. He felt like a star. Sixty billion appeared to be a lot, but it was worth it for these Star Fragments. In exchange was merely some top-notch talismans and medicines. The Devil Star Palace still had capital.

Coming to this Treasure Banquet, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had secured several hundred billion in riches.

“Sixty billion, going once!” Long Wanxin slightly smiled. “Will Great Sage Falling Sky renounce the Star Fragments for his Wife.”

The Roc Demon King glanced at the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. He snorted and shouted: “Seventy billion!”

“Seventy billion!! These came from the legendary Star World – could these Star Fragments only be worth seventy billion? Or are you saying the Devil Star Palace will use the Star Fragments as proof of even more glory.” Long Wanxin’s eloquence was honestly incredible. Wu Xinjie was truly impressed. In just a few sentences, she had ignited the mood, taking advantage of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s temper to inflate the price further.

“Eighty billion!” As expected, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon perfunctory announced his bid.

The Roc Demon King wrinkled his brow, his heart somewhat unhappy: “Ninety billion.” THis time, the Roc Demon King let out an ice-cold bid. Some people could already hear the Great Sage Falling Sky’s hidden displeasure.

“Many apologies, Great Sage of Falling Dragon Mountain. I am thankful Your Distinguished Self is interested in these Star Fragments, but the Devil Star Palace also wishes to use these Star Fragments to solve the mystery of Star World. No matter what, these fragments will belong to the one most determined.” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon politely said. Immediately, he indifferently said: “A hundred billion!!”

Everyone present was shocked. Even Long Wanxin herself could not help but cast an astonished expression at him.

“A hundred billion!” Long Wanxin said. Her voice was enough to make every person excited. “As expected of something from Star World, a hundred billion. Any higher?”

Everyone cast a glance at the Great Sage of Falling Dragon Mountain. It appeared he was at a pivotal point.

The Lady Snake Scorpion beside him whispered something. Then, this Roc Demon King had no choice but to snort to signal his disengagement. “Since the Devil Star Palace wants it, then give it to that old man Dark Nether. My Wife is very compassionate.”

“Many thanks!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was very pleased with himself. He was confident no one else would bid higher.

Just when everyone thought that the Star Fragments belonged to the Devil Star Palace, a calm voice suddenly interrupted Long Wanxin’s third call.

“One hundred and ten billion!!”

Everyone gasped. All flabbergasted gazes were placed upon booth number two.

That was a very beautiful young woman. She sat upright and still, refined and elegant, slightly smiling.

The girl was exceptionally young, but her Supervoid Cultivation gave people a big shock.

And this bidder was naturally Xi Yue.

“Hmph, what now, Xi Yue. After becoming the Purple Thunder Monster’s property, you also have so much money?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon coldly said, his eyes shooting fire.

“Lord Husband also has use for these fragments. Since they are already at the highest price, I will naturally need to take action.” Xi Yue indifferently said.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon glared at her. What did she mean by taking action at the highest price. Could it be that she thought he waited all this time, not bidding until no one bid? He coldly laughed, already somewhat willing to give up. After all, one hundred billion was the bottom line. “I hear that the Purple Thunder Monster is exceptionally wealthy. As expected, he is both in name and fact. Very good.”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had originally wanted to give up, but Xi Yue’s seemingly insincere sentence raised his fury.

“Xi Yue feels very sorry to have made you waste so many of your bids. How very amusing.” Xi Yue smiled.

“Water Illusion Fairy. You are too arrogant.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon said with disdain, “Perhaps I should let you see the power of the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Star Palace, something that the Purple Thunder Monster who popped out from who knows where cannot contend against in saving the beauty.”

“A hundred and fifty billion!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon said without any hesitation. Then, he looked provocatively at Xi Yue.

Xi Yue shrugged her shoulders, “I shall yield this honor to you.”

Long Wanxin hung her mouth open. Even an idiot could see at this time that Xi Yue had deliberately provoked the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Four Great Law Protectors were somewhat irritated, and he himself was even more gloomy.

The first item Star Fragments were sold at an astronomical one hundred billion and fifty. Immediately, the whole place was tongue-tied. At the same time they lamented that the Devil Star Palace was indeed overbearing and affluent, they also anticipated the next item!

The whole place’s lighting completely dimmed. Immediately afterwards, Long Wanxin cautiously opened a box. The originally dark auction house was instantly enveloped in a gorgeous rainbow light.

The seven colored light shone onto everyone’s shocked faces, and even Emperor Liang could not help but shift.

“Living in the legendary Star World, surpassing the strength of the mundane world…A powerful permit for travel, this is the Crystal Palace’s second item to auction – stone from Star World and the Seven Kills Ravenous Wolf!”4 Long Wanxin’s serene words floated in the darkness. Immediately after she finished speaking, the auction house was suddenly illuminated, and that glowing Astral Stone on the auction platform still emitted an extremely alarming light. 

Seven Kills Ravenous Wolf!!!

Everyone was shaken.

The power of that kind of Star World Immemorial Demon Beast was unfathomable. No one could have expected that the Crystal Palace’s second item would be so superb. There was surprisingly an Astral Stone containing a Seven Kills Ravenous Wolf.

“It appears we will have to take action for this.” Wu Xinjie muttered.

At this very moment, outside the hall.

At a certain corner, there was a fiery battle on display, silhouettes chaotically flitting about.

A young girl was currently engaging Ling Feixue in combat. That young girl was none other than Zhang Yanran. After several bouts, Zheng Yanran’s defenses were finally torn open with a whole. Ling Feixue spied her chance, opening fire with her cannon. With an air-shattering sound, an arc of thunder swept towards Zheng Yanran, leaving completely no leeway. Zheng Yanran had no choice but to grip her weapon with both hands and block with all her strength, yet the tough power did not slow in the slightest from this. Her blow was merely deflected slightly. 

Ling Feixue smiled. Her strength suddenly magnified, and then she attacked.

The Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannon fired with a muffled boom.

It smashed over like iron.

Zheng Yanran felt her wrists turn heavy, and her pace began to turn somewhat flustered, not as resolute as before. A whoosh shrieked through the air. Zheng Yanran’s smile disappeared, for she caught sight of Ling Feixue fireing her cannons directly at her.

Zheng Yanran helplessly retreated, pulling away a certain distance.

“To think you are actually an Earthly Star? Very amazing.” Ling Feixue praised.

Immediately after Ling Feixue spoke, the air suddenly rang with a sharp noise. A silvery bullet suddenly appeared at Zheng Yanran’s side, as if it had always existed there. The bullet flashed.

It stabbed at her like a knife.

Such swift speed!!

Zheng Yanran raised her saber, and a cold light slashed apart space.

Ice Breaker Snow Slicer!!

With a bang, the incoming bullet was cut in two.

The saber-light was fast to the extreme. Her entire figure instantly attacked. At the same time, the straight saber once again advanced.


As if there was a sudden explosion, there was a crisp ring. Ling Feixue once again fired, using her Yellow Rank, Flashing Brilliance Heaven Shaking Thunder. The seemingly exploding shells instantly flew forth, and countless fine fire-thunder scattered in all directions like sharp knives.

The sound of thunder attacked. Zheng Yanrang quickly turned about, her speed extremely quick.

Ling Feixue was stunned, for her cannon was already avoided. She caught sight of a Han dress arrive in front of her.

At the same time, Ling Feixue spotted a pair of eyes, a pair that contained not a shred of emotion. An ice-cold that was like the nine hells existed in those eyes. Zheng Yanran’s eyes were brimmed with a cold intent.

Cold air flourished.

“Hè.” Ling Feixue lost her smile and fired again.

The corner of Zheng Yanran’s lips curled. She suddenly slashed, moving a step closer rapidly.

The beauty of this saber-light was completely indescribable. In fact, when this saber-light fashed, the air even froze solid. That ray of perfect saber-light seemed to be the most beautiful thing in the world, captivating everyone instantly.

It could even make everyone forget the meaning it represented.

Dark Technique.

Saber Drawing Water Breaking.

Her armor cracked open. Ling Feixue showed a startled expression, for she was in cutting distance. As far as Heaven Shaking Thunder was concerned, this was a fatal distance. Zheng Yanran showed an ecstatic sneer. Despite her immaturity, her actions were nevertheless decisive.

Just at this moment, a chill billowed behind her.

Zheng Yanran perceived this immediate flash.

The thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Swords attacked. 

“Courting death!”

“Resonance!!” Han Bing said coldly.

Meanwhile, Ling Feixue fired, using Dark Technique – Thunder Clap Fire Rain!!

Several hundred bullets became a rain of fire, rays and tongues of flame that pounced towards Zheng Yanran. Under resonance, her power was increased a hundredfold. The two had tacit understanding in their teamwork. Zheng Yanran had no place to run, and she was immediately completely struck, groaning in suffering.


Han Bing raised the Evil Cleanup Knife and followed up the attack.

Zheng Yanran raised her hand and blocked. Immediately, she indignantly grit her teeth. Her forehead’s Star Crest flashed, and she was killed into the Star Nest.

“Are you alright? Feixue.” Han Bing asked.

“What a powerful Little Sister, it was almost over.” Ling Feixue stuck out her tongue. “And her Star Master?”

“Escaped.” Han Bing said.

Han Bing looked at her surroundings, “We must hurry and complete the array. There is not much time left.”

“Very well.”

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